Which Xiaomi Phones work with Verizon, Which Xiaomi Phones Work with Verizon

Which Xiaomi Phones Work with Verizon? | List of Xiaomi Phones in USA That Work with Verizon

Are you considering a feature-packed Xiaomi phone but unsure about compatibility with Verizon? You're not alone.

Unlike some manufacturers, Xiaomi doesn't offer all its models for US carriers like Verizon. This article cuts through the confusion and helps you identify Xiaomi phones that work seamlessly on Verizon's network.

We'll explore key factors to consider, recommended Xiaomi models for Verizon, and alternative solutions if your preferred Xiaomi phone isn't officially supported.

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Which Xiaomi Phones work with Verizon?

In short, Xiaomi phones do not work with Verizon’s network. This is mainly because Verizon runs on Band 13 which is not supported by Xiaomi phones.

This also means that if you’re planning on using Xfinity with your Xiaomi phone, then that would not work as well since it's powered by Verizon.

It’s the same with the global variant of Xiaomi phones and unfortunately, if you wish to use a Xiaomi phone in the US, then you will have to opt for other network carriers such as T-mobile and AT&T as these offer bandwidths such as 2, 4, and 12 that Xiaomi phones are compatible with.

Why Won’t Xiaomi Phones Work with Verizon Network?

A key part of any phone specification is its operating frequency bands. The supported frequency bands measure how fast the network can communicate with your phone and if a particular network carrier does not offer the bandwidth that’s compatible with your phone, then your phone won’t connect to the internet properly.

That being said, Xiaomi phones are built primarily around bands 8/12/20 and if you take a look at the bands offered by Verizon in the table below, you will notice that the provider does not offer these bands and you would get Band 13 instead of 2/8/20. 

Carrier 5G Band 4G Bands 3G Bands
Verizon Wireless 28 GHz: Band n26139 GHz: Band n260 700 MHz: Band 13850 MHz: Band 51700/2100 MHz: Bands 4/661900 MHz: Band 2 1900 MHz: Band 21700/2100 MHz: Band 4

This is a result of Xiaomi phones being manufactured with the Chinese market in mind and most of the network bands offered in China don’t include 13. 

Therefore, if you do try inserting a Verizon sim into your Xiaomi phone, you will not receive any signal and the phone will not be able to connect to any 3G or 4G network even if you have a valid plan running on your Verizon sim.

Will Xiaomi Global ROM Unlocked Phones Work with Verizon?

Even if the Xiaomi phone you buy has been carrier unlocked and can take in CDMA networks, Verizon will not work as it’s not compatible with Xiaomi’s supported network bands. 

As explained earlier, the phone has to support the same network band as what’s offered by the carrier in order for you to connect to the internet or make calls and send messages.

How Do You Check if a Xiaomi Phone is Compatible with Verizon?

There are two main ways you can check and see if your Xiaomi phone will support Verizon or any other network provider. One is by checking the technical specifications on the box to see if the device is compatible and the second method is by opening the website - WillMyPhoneWork

This website lets you check if a particular network in your country will work with a certain mobile device. Here you will get to know whether your device is compatible with three networks; 2G, 3G, and 4G. It’s easier to use the site, but they don’t have most of the latest models available.

Which US Network Provider is Best for Xiaomi Phones: AT&T vs T-Mobile

Since Xiaomi phones don’t work on Verizon’s wireless network, it’s wise to opt for a different carrier especially if you don’t want to change your phone just for the sake of the carrier. Luckily, within the US, there are two network providers that offer similar bands that Xiaomi phones run on. 

Here are some of the best-performing carriers that work on Xiaomi phones.

  • T-Mobile - It’s one of the most frequently used carriers for Xiaomi phones and all Xiaomi phones work on T-mobile. It’s one of the only network providers in the USA that sort of matches the band requirements of Xiaomi and with which you can operate your phone smoothly.
  • AT&T - AT&T is a decent provider and wonderful if you’re using it on an iPhone or a Samsung. However, AT&T only supports ⅔ bands on Xiaomi and you will not receive the best network connection possible.

How to select the best network provider for your Xiaomi phone?

Choosing the eBay network provider is important as it can determine how fast you can connect to the internet on your mobile device. In order to find the best provider for Xiaomi smartphones, there are certain things you have to consider.

  • The first thing you have to do is check the availability and if the provider covers the area you’re residing in. You should also check and see if the network provider offers bands that are compatible with your smartphone or else you will not be able to do much with your phone.
  • Next, when you’ve found the network providers that are supported by your Xiaomi phone, check and see which offers the best network plan, speeds and if they are affordable.
  • Finally, make sure you choose a network provider that’s reliable both indoors and outdoors. Choose one that lets you connect to the internet or play online games on the go.

Why doesn't Xiaomi sell phones in the US?

Xiaomi officially doesn't sell smartphones in the US. You can buy Xiaomi smartphones in the US but only through resellers on Amazon and other e-commerce sites. Though Xiaomi is the 3rd largest smartphone brand, it is mindblowing that they haven't sold a single phone in the US officially. 

Xiaomi only sells its ecosystem products like power banks, Air Purifiers, earbuds, projectors, and more. The reason why Xiaomi doesn't sell its smartphones in the US is that they have very low-profit margins. 

Xiaomi only makes around 5% profit from smartphone hardware sales, and this allows them to offer excellent value-for-money smartphones. This strategy has worked for Xiaomi in Asian countries like India and China where the customers want the most value for their money. 

In a market like the US, which is dominated by carriers and carrier integration into smartphones, Xiaomi will have increased its investment a lot. This along with what happened to Huawei, I don't think Xiaomi or any other Chinese smartphone manufacturer will be comfortable investing heavily in the US.

So for now you can buy Xiaomi ecosystem products in the US from Xiaomi themselves, while you won't be able to buy smartphones. YOu will need to go with resellers if you want to have a Xiaomi phone in the US. Here is a list of the best Xiaomi smartphones in the US and where to buy them. 

How to check if the Xiaomi phones work in the USA

There is only one way to check if your Xiaomi phone will work in the USA or not. And that is by checking if the bands available in the Xiaomi phone are compatible with any carriers in the US. 

You can check any Xiaomi phones supported band list from the Mi Global website. 

Go to the specs section of any smartphone and scroll down to Network & Connectivity section and check if the Network bands available are compatible with your carrier. Here is the band list supported by T-Mobile. 

Best Xiaomi Phones in USA That Work with Verizon

Xiaomi 12S Ultra

The Ultimate Xiaomi phone for 2022 is the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. The Xiaomi 12S Ultra can go head to head with the likes of the Samsung S22 Ultra and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The phone features all the best specs and features that make it an attractive option for anyone who wants the best of the best.


The Xiaomi 12S Ultra is easily the best Xiaomi phone thanks to its 120Hz AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, and a 1-inch Leica sensor. These are currently the best specs you can get on a smartphone, and they translate well into real-world performance as well.



Model Xiaomi 12S Ultra
Display 6.73 inches 1440 x 3200 pixels 120 Hz
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
RAM 8/12 GB
Internal storage 128/256/512 GB
Camera 50 MP Wide
48 MP Ultrawide
48 MP Periscope Telephoto
32 MP Front Camera
Battery 4,860 mAh
Operating system MIUI 13 over Android 12
Connectivity Wi-Fi/Bluetooth v5.2/GPS/Infrared/USB Type-C/5G
Sensors Fingerprint/Compass/Magnetometer/Virtual Proximity sensor/Accelerometer/Gyroscope

Xiaomi 11T Pro

The Xiaomi 11T is the best Xiaomi phone you can buy in the US right now without having to worry about importing and other problems. The phone has a beautiful AMOLED screen and competent cameras for the price. 

The phone is powered by Snapdragon 888, which is still a ridiculously fast CPU. The 11T Pro supports 5G along with all the bands (14 bands) you will need. This is easily one of the best Xiaomi phones you can buy in the US right now. 

Model Xiaomi 11T Pro
Screen size
Refresh Rate
6.28 inches
1080x2400 pixels
120 Hz
Internal storage
Qualcomm Snapdragon 888
8/12 GB
128/256 GB
Rear camera

Front Camera
50-megapixel (f/1.88) Wide 
5-megapixel Telephoto
13-megapixel (f/2.4) Ultrawide
Battery capacity (mAh)
Fast charging
Wireless charging
120W Wired
Operating system MIUI 13 over Android 12
Connectivity Wi-Fi/Bluetooth v5.2/GPS/Infrared/USB Type-C/5G
Sensors Fingerprint/Compass/Magnetometer/Virtual Proximity sensor/Accelerometer/Gyroscope

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G

The new entry in the famous line of Redmi Note smartphones, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G is an upgrade over last year's hugely popular Note 10 Pro 5G. 

As the name suggests, this is a 5G phone. And what is impressive is that the Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G supports 13 5G bands unlike the others in its price category that only support a few. 

Model Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G
Display 6.67 1080 x 2400 pixels 120 Hz
Internal storage
Qualcomm Snapdragon 695
6/8 GB
64/128 GB
Cameras 108 MP Wide
8 MP Ultrawide
2 MP Macro
16 MP
Battery 5,000 mAh
Operating system MIUI 13 over Android 11
Connectivity Wi-Fi/Bluetooth v5.1/GPS/Infrared/USB Type-C/5G
Sensors Fingerprint/Compass/ Magnetometer/Proximity sensor/Accelerometer/Ambient light sensor/Gyroscope

Which Xiaomi Phones Work with Verizon - FAQs

Will Redmi Phones Work With Verizon?

No, Redmi phones will not work with Verizon as Redmi is a subsidiary of Xiaomi and quite like their parent company, the phones are manufactured with the Chinese market in mind and will not work on Verizon’s network bands.

Will Xiaomi Phones Work With Xfinity?

Xfinity is a network provider that’s owned and operated by Verizon which means that it uses the same network bands as Verizon. So, you will not be able to run the Xfinity network in your Xiaomi or Redmi phone and if you do happen to use an Xfinity sim, then you will not be able to connect to the internet, send messages, or receive voice calls on your Xiaomi device.

Does Xiaomi Mi 11 Work on Verizon?

The answer is no. Xiaomi Mi 11 will not work on Verizon and if you do happen to manually add APN settings then though the device might connect to the internet, you won’t receive a stable connection.

Which Xiaomi Phones work in the USA?

All Xiaomi phones work in the USA. However, you need to choose the right network provider that’s compatible with Xiaomi phones like T-Mobile and AT&T.

Is Xiaomi a good brand to buy even if it doesn’t connect to Verizon?

Xiaomi is currently one of the top 3 best mobile brands in the world with millions of users in over 200+ countries. Xiaomi smartphones are affordable and have been made to target budget buyers and the younger generation. You can use Xiaomi smartphones with different mobile networks in the States and you need to check if the device is compatible with your preferred network provider.

Will I be able to use Google Apps on Xiaomi in the USA, if I use a US network provider?

While using a US network provider ensures that you have access to websites and content demographically locked for Americans, unless your smartphone comes with Google Services pre-installed it will not be able to install or run Google Apps. This is the case with Xiaomi phones as they run on MIUI which is their proprietary software that is based on Android. So even if you do use a US sim card, the device hardware restrictions prevent the phone from running Google Apps.

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