What Does Xiaomi Game Turbo Do? An Efficient Performance Enhancer Explained

What Does Xiaomi Game Turbo Do? An Efficient Performance Enhancer Explained

Xiaomi, a leading smartphone manufacturer, offers a unique feature for gaming enthusiasts called Game Turbo. This functionality, introduced in MIUI 10 as Game Speed Booster and later revamped as Game Turbo with the release of MIUI 12, aims to optimize the gaming experience on Xiaomi devices. Game Turbo focuses on enhancing the performance of both CPU and GPU, ensuring that gamers can fully immerse themselves in their virtual world without any performance-related hiccups.

The Game Turbo feature achieves this by employing a framework enhancement that results in smart allocation of CPU and GPU resources, delivering more power to the games while they are being played. Additionally, Game Turbo restricts certain system functions to reserve more resources for the smooth gameplay, providing an even better experience for game lovers.

Apart from resource optimization, Xiaomi's Game Turbo introduces features such as strengthened Wi-Fi connections and reduced data usage rates for background applications. This enables users to enjoy a seamless gaming experience with minimal lag and latency issues. Ultimately, Game Turbo serves as a valuable tool for Xiaomi smartphone users who are passionate about gaming and demand high-quality performance from their devices.

What Is Xiaomi Game Turbo

Xiaomi Game Turbo is a feature introduced by the company in 2019 to enhance the gaming experience on their smartphones. It is a framework enhancement designed to optimize CPU and GPU allocation, ensuring more system resources are dedicated to running games smoothly.

The main goal of Xiaomi Game Turbo is to improve gaming performance, reduce lag, and provide a more enjoyable experience for users. It achieves this by smartly allocating resources, limiting unnecessary background processes, and adapting to the specific needs of each game. Moreover, it is equipped with additional features such as quick toggles for commonly used functions and real-time monitoring of device performance.


To activate Xiaomi Game Turbo, users can find it in the settings of their MIUI-based device. They can add specific games to the Game Turbo list so that the feature is automatically enabled when playing those games. This customizable approach allows users to tailor the experience to their preferences and select which games receive the performance boost.

While Xiaomi Game Turbo may not provide a drastic increase in gaming performance for all users, it does offer a more focused gaming experience by reducing CPU throttling and prioritizing the game over other tasks running on the device according to Reddit users.

In summary, Xiaomi Game Turbo is a valuable feature aimed at enhancing the gaming experience on Xiaomi devices, making it a preferred choice for gamers who demand optimal performance and smoother gameplay on their smartphones.

Key Features of Xiaomi Game Turbo

Xiaomi Game Turbo is a software enhancement designed to improve the gaming experience on Xiaomi smartphones. The tool offers various optimizations and enhancements that aim to make gaming smoother, more responsive, and more enjoyable. Here are some of its most notable features.


Performance Mode: Game Turbo allows users to optimize their system performance for gaming. For example, it includes Wi-Fi optimization to reduce network delays, optimized touch controls to increase touch response and sensitivity, as well as enhanced audio settings to improve audio quality and reduce ambient noise during conversations1.

Memory Clearing: Before starting a game, Game Turbo clears the RAM to free up resources, ensuring a smooth gaming experience2. This helps allocate more memory to the game, allowing for better overall performance.

Notification Management: While gaming, Game Turbo ensures users don't get distracted by notifications. It intelligently manages incoming alerts to prevent interruptions during gameplay, helping users stay focused on the action2.

Visual Correction: One key aspect of Game Turbo is its ability to enhance graphics in supported games. Players can access visual correction tools to adjust the in-game brightness and contrast, making games more visually appealing3.

In-Game Shortcuts: Game Turbo also offers several in-game shortcuts, enabling quick access to settings and other useful tools while in the middle of gameplay4. This feature aims to make it more convenient for the user to adjust settings without having to leave the game.

These key features make Xiaomi's Game Turbo a valuable tool for smartphone gamers who desire better performance, increased responsiveness, and a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Interface and Navigation of Xiaomi Game Turbo

Xiaomi Game Turbo is a dedicated interface designed to enhance the gaming experience on Xiaomi devices. The main purpose of the feature is to optimize the CPU and GPU performance while gaming, allocating more system resources to prioritize smoother gameplay. This interface provides an array of customization options and settings for users to fine-tune their experience.

The Xiaomi Game Turbo interface showcases a sleek and intuitive design, enabling users to swiftly navigate through various optimization options. Upon launching the application, users are presented with a list of supported games, which can be easily customized by adding or removing titles as desired. In addition, the interface displays real-time information about CPU and GPU usage, allowing users to monitor their device's performance during gameplay.

Within the settings options of Xiaomi Game Turbo, users have access to a range of features to fine-tune their gaming experience. Some of these features include Game Speed Booster, In-game shortcuts, and Visual correction. Game Speed Booster focuses on optimizing the device's performance, while In-game shortcuts allow for easy access to essential settings without needing to exit the game. Visual correction, on the other hand, ensures the best possible in-game graphics, improving the overall visual experience for the user.

Furthermore, users can also configure how specific system functions behave during gaming sessions. For instance, they can restrict background processes, disable auto-brightness, or tweak the sensitivity of touch controls. This level of customization allows Xiaomi Game Turbo users to create an ideal gaming environment, tailored to their individual preferences and device capabilities.

In summary, the Interface and Navigation of Xiaomi Game Turbo offer a user-friendly experience that caters to both casual and hardcore gamers. With its array of customizable options and performance-enhancing features, this dedicated gaming interface is an invaluable tool for Xiaomi device users seeking an optimal gaming experience.

Comparison With Other Gaming Modes

Xiaomi Game Turbo is a feature in MIUI designed to enhance the gaming experience on Xiaomi phones. It achieves this by optimizing CPU and GPU allocation and providing more system resources for games. As a result, the overall gaming experience improves source. In this section, we compare Xiaomi Game Turbo with other gaming modes available on different devices.

OnePlus Gaming Mode is a similar feature available on OnePlus smartphones. It optimizes the device for better gaming performance and adjusts the network settings for an uninterrupted gaming experience. While both Xiaomi Game Turbo and OnePlus Gaming Mode aim to enhance gaming performance, Xiaomi's solution is more focused on CPU and GPU optimization while OnePlus prioritizes network stability.

Samsung Game Launcher offers a suite of gaming tools for Samsung smartphones. It organizes games, manages notifications, and optimizes resources for enhanced gaming performance. Just like Xiaomi Game Turbo, Samsung Game Launcher also focuses on optimizing the CPU and GPU but extends its features with notification management and additional customization options.

ASUS Armoury Crate is a dedicated gaming management app on ASUS smartphones. It lets users customize the performance, display, and audio settings for each game and provides real-time hardware monitoring. ASUS Armoury Crate goes beyond optimizing the CPU and GPU; it provides game-specific customization and hardware monitoring, making it more comprehensive than Xiaomi Game Turbo.

In summary, Xiaomi Game Turbo, OnePlus Gaming Mode, Samsung Game Launcher, and ASUS Armoury Crate all strive to improve the gaming experience on their respective devices. While they share similarities in their objectives, each gaming mode offers unique features and optimizations tailored to their specific device ecosystem.

Benefits and Limitations of Xiaomi Game Turbo

Xiaomi Game Turbo is a feature designed to enhance gaming experience on Xiaomi devices. It comes with several advantages for avid gamers. First, it optimizes the CPU and GPU performance, allowing games to run smoothly and providing a more enjoyable gaming experience1. Second, it offers features such as in-game voice recording and in-game screen recording, adding more flexibility and options for gamers2. Lastly, the Game Turbo mode can improve battery consumption, helping users play their favorite games longer without needing to recharge2.

Aside from these benefits, Game Turbo also addresses common issues experienced by gamers, such as overheating2. Moreover, it has customizable options like Wi-Fi optimization, enhanced touch controls, and improved audio quality in conversations during gaming3.

However, there are also some limitations to Xiaomi's Game Turbo feature. For example, it may not necessarily increase the processor performance4. Instead, it works by clearing the RAM before starting a game, ensuring a smoother experience by eliminating unwanted notifications and background tasks4. Due to this, the overall improvement in performance might not be as significant as expected.

Another limitation is that Game Turbo may not be as effective for all types of games and users. Depending on individual preferences and gaming habits, the difference between playing with or without Game Turbo may not be readily noticeable.

In conclusion, Xiaomi Game Turbo provides several benefits for gaming enthusiasts and helps address common gaming problems such as overheating and battery consumption. However, it is essential for users to understand its limitations and manage their expectations accordingly.


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Supported Devices and System Requirements

Xiaomi Game Turbo is a feature introduced by Xiaomi in 2018, aimed at enhancing the gaming experience on their devices. It does so through CPU and GPU optimization, allocating more system resources to games and boosting overall performance1.

The Game Turbo feature is designed to work with a range of Xiaomi devices. Some of the compatible devices include:

  • Xiaomi Mi-series devices
  • Xiaomi Redmi-series devices
  • POCO devices

It is essential to note that the Game Turbo feature may only be available on select models within these device series2.

Device requirements for Game Turbo's smooth operation include:

  1. A compatible Xiaomi device
  2. An adequate amount of RAM and storage
  3. A powerful GPU and CPU for efficient optimization
  4. The latest version of MIUI, Xiaomi's custom Android skin3

Having updated software is crucial, as newer versions of MIUI often come with improved features and optimizations to enhance the gaming experience further. It is recommended to keep your Xiaomi device updated to the latest MIUI version to make the most of Game Turbo and other features.

Users must also ensure that their devices have sufficient storage and RAM for smooth gameplay. Some high-end games may be resource-intensive, requiring a robust device for optimal performance.

In conclusion, Xiaomi Game Turbo is a performance enhancement feature aimed at providing a better gaming experience on Xiaomi devices. To enjoy this feature, users must have a compatible device, sufficient resources, and an updated MIUI version.


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What is Xiaomi Game Turbo?

Xiaomi Game Turbo is a feature introduced by the company in 2019 to enhance the gaming experience on its devices. It optimizes CPU and GPU performance, allocating more system resources to games and ensuring smooth gameplay 1.

How can I enable or disable Game Turbo?

To enable or disable Game Turbo on your Xiaomi device, go to the Settings menu, and follow the instructions provided in the Xiaomi Manual. Note that you can also add individual games to Game Turbo for better optimization.

Does Game Turbo actually boost performance?

While Game Turbo doesn't directly increase processor performance, it does clear the RAM before starting a game, restricts notifications, and optimizes system resources to provide a smoother gaming experience 2.

What are some key features of Game Turbo?

Game Turbo offers features such as performance optimization to prevent overheating and hardware-related issues, ensuring your device remains cool during intense gaming sessions 3. The mode also allocates resources evenly among running processes, allowing complex applications to run smoothly while controlling device temperature 4.

Can I use Game Turbo while screen mirroring or casting?

Yes, you can enjoy enhanced gaming with the Game Turbo function enabled while screen mirroring or casting your Xiaomi device to a monitor or TV, ensuring faster transmission and smooth gaming 5.


Xiaomi introduced the MIUI Game Turbo feature back in 2019, with the aim of enhancing the overall gaming experience on Xiaomi devices. This framework improvement focuses on optimizing the performance of the CPU and GPU, thereby allocating more system resources for a smoother gaming experience.

The effectiveness of Xiaomi's Game Turbo is debatable, as some users have reported improvements in gaming performance, while others have found no significant difference. Regardless of individual experience, it cannot be denied that MIUI Game Turbo is an ambitious effort by Xiaomi to cater to the gaming community by providing a better overall experience.

In conclusion, while MIUI Game Turbo may not necessarily turn a Xiaomi device into a dedicated gaming powerhouse, it does offer some level of optimization and system resource allocation that can potentially contribute to a smoother, more enjoyable gaming experience for users.

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