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How Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent Works? | How Does the Mijia Smart Mosquito Repellent 2 Work?

Mosquitoes can turn a relaxing evening into an itchy nightmare. If you're looking for a safe and effective way to reclaim your home from these pesky insects, the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Mosquito

Repellent 2 might be the answer. This innovative device offers a high-tech approach to mosquito control, but how exactly does it work? Is it the buzz-banishing hero you've been waiting for?

Explore the science behind the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Mosquito Repellent 2 and discover if it's the right fit for your pest-control needs.

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How Does the Mijia Smart Mosquito Repellent 2 Work?

How Does the Mijia Smart Mosquito Repellent 2 Work?

The Xiaomi Mijia Mosquito Repellent 2 is a game-changer in pest control. Crafted from eco-friendly materials, it ensures both safety and durability.

Its compact size and independent operation make it incredibly versatile, fitting seamlessly into any space or accompanying you on travels.

Designed for rooms up to 28m3, this repellent uses a metofluthrin-based repellent which lasts an impressive 1080 hours, providing protection for the entire summer.

What sets this device apart is its intelligent features. You can control it effortlessly through the Mi Home App which comes with a 10-hour timing mode for energy conservation.

The built-in fan ensures uniform volatilization, outperforming traditional methods and even does a better job than its predecessor the Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent (1st gen).

In short, you place the repellent sheet in its compartment, insert the battery and turn on the device. Once the fan powers up, it will convert the liquid on the repellent pad into vapor which will get dispersed around the room.

How Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent Works

How Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent Works

Xiaomi has mastered the art of producing smart products that are affordable and stylish and mosquito repellent is no exception. 

  • The Xiaomi mosquito repellent is an eco-friendly device that is simple and convenient to use. This latest version is equipped with a non-heating, fan-type mechanism that is odor-free and smoke-free. It's one of the latest gadgets by Xiaomi. In fact, Xiaomi has started launching solutions to combat health-related issues on the planet.
  • The Xiaomi mosquito repellent uses battery-driven fan-type evaporation. This is different and more effective than the traditional heated type mosquito repellents. This also means better battery life and portability. The device consists of openings on the top and bottom to effectively repel mosquitoes and other bugs. The placement of the fan below the repellent tablet is intentional as it dispenses the medicine effectively. 
  • The film on top is manufactured by the Chinese subsidiary of Aspen pharmaceutical ltd. The film uses a honeycomb design that helps volatilize the medicine in the repellent tablet.

The medicine used is called transfluthrin and each tablet contains 500 mg of the medicine. Another interesting aspect is a button battery that is built into the repellent sheet which records how much medicine is being used at any given point. Cool, right?

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Design of the Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent

Xiaomi has maintained the same design minimalistic scheme with the Xiaomi Mijia Mosquito repellent. It is completely white in color with a slightly grey top cover. As far as the texture is concerned the body is smooth to the touch whereas the top cover has a matte finish.

  • This mosquito repellent looks quite nice and easily blends into the environment without standing out. So it can easily be used in any room you see fit. It's also quite small, only weighing about 133 grams. As mentioned earlier, the entire external casing of the Xiaomi Mosquito repeller is made of an ABS + PP material which is environmentally friendly.
  • Xiaomi's Mosquito repellent is essential and comprised of three layers. The top grey portion is removable and is used to access the mosquito coil slot. This top portion also functions as a non-slip pad and is made of organic silicone.
  • When we come to the middle portion, which is the body of the device. It contains a mosquito coil slot and a fan below it. Although the coil fit in perfectly without any gaps, it is quite a nuisance to pop it out.
  • Below the fan, you'll find two slots for batteries. You can only access these slots by twisting the lower panel.

The Xiaomi repellent coil itself is proprietary. It uses a honeycomb design to volatile the chemical. This repellent is designed to be as effective as possible. Especially with the addition of the fan and the mesh holes at the bottom.

Xiaomi Mijia Portable Mosquito Repellent - Set up

how to setup the Xiaomi Mijia Portable Mosquito Repellent

The Xiaomi mosquito repellent not only looks good from the outside but is also very simple to set up.

  • To get to the internal workings of the device, we need to open the top lid which comes free with a gentle push of the palm and an anti-clockwise rotation. The repellent tablet and the battery case are revealed and we can also see the noiseless fan below it.
  • The battery case has a strap to remove the batteries which is convenient and all you have to do is gently pull the strap to change the batteries. 

Insert the repellent tablet in the case and click the ON button and the Xiaomi mosquito repellent is operational. It is as simple as it sounds. 

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Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent - Mi Home App

Since the Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent is smart, it has app functionality too. The Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent works with the Mi Home app. You can use the app to control the device through Bluetooth. 

The app also provides you with data like battery life, schedule list, etc. The app shows the battery status for the repellent and the cartridge separately which is helpful to know if you need to replace the cartridge. 

You can turn on/off the Repellent, you can set schedules and you can also purchase cartridges from the app. So if you own a Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent, I would suggest getting the app as well. 

Mijia Portable Mosquito - Functions

With a size of 11.00 x 11.00 x 6.00 cm, the mosquito repellent is a portable powerhouse that fits into your handbag or suitcase with ease.

  • The white body and a greyish top cover come with a matte finish and are made of high-grade ABS and PP. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and Polypropylene are eco-friendly thermoplastic polymers that look and feel great when handling. 

To make your life easier, the mosquito repellent has a small indicator above the ON/OFF button that indicates the status of the device. Different colors indicate different statuses and this makes tracking usage easy. 

Let’s take a look at what each color indicates:

  • White LED light (Constant): The device is working normally
  • White LED light (Flashing): You can now use timing mode to set the desired number of hours
  • Orange LED light (Flashing): The repellent tablet needs to be replaced
  • Blue LED light (Flashing): Bluetooth mode is on

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Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent Review - Performance

how does the Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent perform

The Xiaomi mosquito repellent is eco-friendly and odorless and works in rooms and offices up to 28m3/ cubic meter. Even though the area is not huge, it is quite effective on mosquitoes and smaller bugs like moths and flies as I confirmed it myself.  The repellent does not produce any noise or buzzing so you get a good night’s sleep.

What more you may ask?

  • The Xiaomi mosquito repellent comes in two versions, the basic and the smart with the only difference of control. With the basic version, you need to click ON/OFF to operate whereas the smart version can be controlled via Bluetooth on your phone with the MIJIA home app.
  • The product also has a timing mode through which you can control the number of hours you want the repellent to be on. The repellent tablets have a hive design and contain up to 500mg of the repellent source which is effective against small insects and mosquitoes. The company certifies the repellent source as safe for adults but it is advisable not to use the product around babies. 
  • The repellent tablet lasts up to 90 days at 8 hours of usage a day which is phenomenal for a product of its size. 
  • The Xiaomi Mosquito repellent uses battery-driven fan-type evaporation. This is different and more effective than the traditional heated type mosquito repellents. This also means better battery life and portability. 

It is very easy to change the repellent tablets and the battery. The upper cover can be opened with a gentle press of the palm and anti-clockwise rotation.

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Mosquito Repellent Review - Key features

  • The Xiaomi Mosquito repellent is about 133 grams which makes it ultra-portable and an ideal companion for a modern home. The exterior is made from a combination of ABS plastic and PP. So, not only is it sturdy but it is also environment friendly.
  • The mosquito repellent is odor-free, smoke-free, and noiseless. It is also equipped with a LED status feature that alerts you if the device is running in the normal mode or the timing mode. This LED feature also alerts you if the repellent needs to be changed or if its time to change the battery. Honestly, it's super convenient.
  • The product is easy to operate and takes two steps to change the tablet or batteries. The battery life lasts up to 35-45 days dispensing on the usage. Most importantly, it has a feature that is built into the mosquito repellent itself that tracks the time of use of the repellent.
  • The repellent tablets last up to 90 days when used with the timing option of 8 hours a day. The mosquito repellent film on the product uses a honeycomb design that helps dispense the repellent effectively. These tablets are produced by a Chinese subsidiary of the Japanese Ash Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, which is known to use powerful hive designs and tetrafluoride to achieve the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Each repellent contains up to 500mg of tetrafluoride and other chemicals. So, it is considered relatively unsafe and toxic to humans as well. While Xiaomi states that it has the certifications of various safety agencies and that it doesn't pose any risk to humans. It's still best to not stay in the room when it's running. Most importantly, it should not be running near a baby.

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How Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent Works? - What’s in it for you?

The Xiaomi mosquito repellent is a portable, easy-to-use repellent with useful features like LED status and timing mode. The wireless design lets you carry it anywhere and the long-lasting batteries make it a must-buy for homes.

  • The coverage area is a matter of concern but it makes up for its effectiveness. It not only repels mosquitoes but also small bugs like moths and flies.
  • The material used is eco-friendly and does not produce odor or smoke which is a big plus. The repellent is kid and pet friendly though it’s advisable to not use it around infants. The inbuilt fan has an excellent capacity to ensure volatile dispensing and greater repellency. 
  • The product is wireless and comes with extended battery life due to the smart timing functionality. 
  • Different from the traditional heated volatile mosquito repellent, Xiaomi mosquito repellent uses the battery-driven fan-type evaporation. The evaporation of mosquito repellent tablets is effective and it can be used for about 90 days if it is used for 8 hours a day. 

The only drawback I felt is the availability of the repellent tablets. These can only be purchased online and you might have to plan in advance. The fact that they last up to 90 days makes life a little easier. I can personally vouch for the battery and repellent tablet life. The LED status does remind you of this though. Now, that’s some smart technology at work, isn’t it?


  1. Top-quality build (ABS+PP)
  2. Compact and portable design
  3. Repellent and battery included
  4. Odor and smoke-free
  5. Timing mode


  1. New repellent tablet availability
  2. 28m3/ cubic meter working range is limited

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What To Do If Your Mijia Smart Mosquito Repellent 2 Stops Working?

If you're encountering issues with your Mijia Smart Mosquito Repellent 2, fret not! Let's embark on troubleshooting to restore its effectiveness and keep those pesky bugs at bay:

Power Problems:

  • Check the power connection: Ensure the USB-C cable is firmly connected to both the repellent and a power source.
  • Battery status: If using batteries, confirm they're correctly inserted and have ample charge.
  • Decode the indicator light: A blinking red light signals low battery, while a consistently lit orange light may indicate a power supply issue.

Connectivity Concerns:

  • App glitches: Restart your phone and the Mijia app, or try reinstalling the app to address any software issues.
  • Bluetooth connection: Ensure Bluetooth on your phone is active and the repellent is within range for a stable connection.
  • Verify pairing: If initial pairing is problematic, double-check the instructions in the user manual or app.

Repellent Performance:

  • Refill status: Assess if the refill pad needs replacement for optimal effectiveness.
  • Ideal placement: Position the repellent in enclosed spaces for best results; open areas or strong air circulation might diminish its efficacy.
  • Be patient: Allow the repellent some time to establish a mosquito-free zone after activation.

Further Assistance:

If challenges persist, consider additional resources:

  • Consult the user manual: It may offer specific troubleshooting guidance tailored to your issue.
  • Contact Mijia customer support: Seek further assistance and diagnostics through their official channels, listed on the Mijia website.


Does the Xiaomi mosquito repellent really work?

Yes, the Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent works pretty well. It's a fantastic device that is super effective and worth the price as each repellent tablet lasts for 90 days if used for 8 hours each day.
The Xiaomi mosquito repellent has amazing features like led indicators, modes, and smartphone connectivity that truly make it a smart product. Honestly, it works amazingly well for the size it comes in. The effectiveness is evident when you close your windows and doors. Check out our How Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent Works? article for all the details.

How is it different from the other electronic mosquito repellents?

When compared to traditional heated volatile mosquito repellents, Xiaomi mosquito Repellent uses battery-driven fan-type evaporation. This avoids overheating odor and smoke.
It's also part of the Xiaomi smart home ecosystem of products. So, it has unique modes such as timing modes, and most importantly, you can control this device through your smartphone. Check out our How Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent Works? article for all the details.

How long do the repellent tablets last?

The evaporation of mosquito repellent tablets is effective and it can be used for about 90 days if it is used for 8 hours a day.

How does the timing feature work?

With the timing mode, you can set the mosquito repellent to work for 8-10 hours. The product shuts down automatically so you don’t have repellent and battery wastage.

Is electric mosquito killer effective?

Bug zappers are super effective but they are quite noisy because of the sound it makes. A repellent on the other side is less effective but less noisy too. Ultimately having a clean environment that is cool and windows closed is the best solution to keep away mosquitoes combined with a repellent.

Is the Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent Odorless?

Yes, the Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent is odorless. You won't be able to smell it when it is in use. The cartridge does have a smell, but you won't notice it when in use unless you put your face close and smell it intentionally.

Does it work against other Insects?

Yes, the Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent is effective against other insects like flies and ants too. These are not claims by Xiaomi but from personal experience. It worked against flies and ants in my home.

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