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How to Pair Xiaomi Airdots & Reset Xiaomi Airdots | How to use Xiaomi Airdots in 2024

Wireless earbuds have revolutionized the way we listen to music, take calls, and interact with our smart devices.

Among the plethora of options available, Xiaomi's Airdots stand out as a popular choice due to their blend of quality, functionality, and affordability.

However, for new users, the initial setup and operation might present a bit of a learning curve. If you've recently acquired a pair or are considering a purchase, you might be wondering how to use Xiaomi Airdots effectively.

Learn the ins and outs of your Airdots and maximize your audio experience with this handy tutorial.

By single taping the touch panel of the earbuds, the user can pause audio playback. This applies to both music and phone calls. If the user wants to mute the call then double-tapping the touch panel will result in the microphone switching off. To completely cancel a call, the user simply has to hold the touch panel for a few seconds.

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How to Pair Xiaomi Airdots & Reset Xiaomi Airdots

The Xiaomi Airdots are top-end when it comes to entry-level earbuds. So, if you want to start with a simple pair of TWS earbuds that offer stellar performance these are the perfect earbuds. It not only has a beautiful design and sleek carry case but it also comes with a sensitive touch panel that makes it easy to operate these beauties. Most importantly, the battery life will leave you stunned as it can do a 14-15 hour stretch without any issues.

Sound is an issue as it's not super great. It does have some irritating beeps that it can do without. However, for a 19$ pair of wireless earbuds, it's amazing. This must-have Xiaomi earphone will stun you when it comes to performance.

Now when it comes to operating these earbuds, it can seem a little daunting as it may seem a bit complicated. So, refer to our guide on How to use Xiaomi Airdots for all the specific details.

redmi airdots

I've used the Xiaomi Airdots for more than a year and I've put it through a bunch of stress tests and it's performed steadily throughout. There haven't been any stutters or lags concerning music or overall audio. Although it may seem complicated when it comes to usage. It's extremely convenient once you start using it:

How to Pair Xiaomi Airdots

If you're using the Xiaomi Airdots for the first time, then this guide will help take you through all the steps from pairing to usage in a comprehensive manner. I've used it for an entire year.

How to Pair Xiaomi Airdots & Reset Xiaomi Airdots

To pair the Xiaomi Airdots with your smartphone start by turning it on by pressing the touch panel for one second. And to turn it off you simply have to long-press the same panel for 5 seconds. However, it should automatically, turn on once, take it out of the box and turn it off when you put it back in.

  • Once you take it out, press the touchpad of both earbuds simultaneously and wait for three seconds for the light on the right earphone to flash. This is an indicator that the earbuds are ready to be paired.
  • Now, open up your Bluetooth on your smartphone and search for visible devices. Once you find a device titled "Mi Airdots Basic_R", click on it to pair and follow the prompts to pair the device. Since the right Airdot is the primary device, you don't have to worry about pairing the left one.
  • It automatically pairs both earbuds. However, you do have the option to pair individual earbuds as well. if you place the right one in the charging case and only want to pair it with the left piece. Then press the touch panel and click the device "Airdots Basic_L" on your phone Bluetooth UI to pair with your left earbuds.
  • In case the connection fails, then place the earbuds back into the charging box and keep repeating the steps until you secure yourself a connection. Make sure to have charged your earbuds before executing all the above steps.

Once, you've paired the earbuds to your smartphone, it'll automatically connect to the same device whenever you remove it from your case. In case you want to pair it to a different device, you will have to manually disconnect the connection on your phone's Bluetooth UI.

How to use Redmi AirDots

Wearing headphones

Firstly, gently tuck the ear cap into the ear canal. It is preferable if you shake your head but do not shake your headphones.

2. Please be mindful to turn the earphones so that the microphone is exposed during the call.

3. To improve the clarity of the call, place the headset microphone closer to your mouth when speaking. A medium ear tip is included with the earphone itself. It is advised to swap out the large or tiny ear tip whenever you feel sick.


Please remove the isolation film from the left and right headphones' charging contacts before using the device to allow the charging box and headphones to finish charging. - Connect the charging cable to the charging box and the headset to begin charging. -While the charging indicator light is consistently red, the charging box is not fully charged. The charging indication is turned off after the battery is fully charged. - The red light of the earphone light is prolonged while the headset is charging. The white earphone light illuminates for one minute after reaching full charge before turning off.

Starting Up

1. The earphone automatically turns on from the charging box when it is in the charging box.

2. Press and hold the multi-function button for around one second when the headset is off, out of the charging box (the white light is on).

Shut Down

When placed in the charging box, the headset will turn off automatically. 2. Hold the multi-function button down while the power is on for approximately 5 seconds (the red light is on for 2 seconds).

How to reset the Xiaomi Airdots

To reset the Xiaomi Airdots all you have to do is press and hold the touch panel of both earbuds simultaneously for 10 seconds till you see red and white lights alternately flash. Do this three times in a row and it's successfully reset.

You also need to make sure to delete the connection record on your Bluetooth UI on your phone. In the list of Bluetooth devices, ignore or unpair Redmi AirDots, delete the connection record, and complete the reset.

After the headset is reset, you need to pair it to your phone again using Bluetooth.

How to operate the Redmi Airdots?

How to operate the Redmi Airdots

It's extremely easy to use the Xiaomi Airdots. These earbuds are controlled through various gesture movements. Specifically, touchpad gestures. There are various gestures for different functions. This method of operation is extremely convenient as you don't need to keep flipping out your phone for every minor action.

  • To answer or reject a phone call you simply have to single tap on the right earbud. If your wearing both earbuds then the right one is the main earbud. So, you have to control all actions through it. You can also single-tap to hang up a phone call.
  • In case you want to mute the call, all you have to do is double-tap the right earbud.
  • If you want to play or pause music, then all you have to do is single-tap the touch panel. Unfortunately, it does not support volume control, which is a bummer. It also doesn't allow you to change songs through the touch panel. You'll have to do that manually or using the voice assistant.
  • To turn on the voice assistant, all you have to do is double-click the touchpad.

How to charge Xiaomi Airdots

To charge your Redmi Airdots, follow these steps,

Step 1 Remove the product from the packaging and all the protective tape and stickers.

Step 2 Place Airdots back in the charging case and plug in the USB to allow them to charge for an hour. It should be light red when charging. The red indicator light also means that it is disconnected from Bluetooth.

Step 3 If the white light stays for a minute and then goes out, it means the earphones are fully charged.

How do you know if Redmi AirDots are fully charged?

When the Airdots are completely charged the LED indicator light will turn white and when the charging case is still in the process of charging you will be able to see the same LED light blink in red. Check out our guide on How to use Xiaomi Airdots for more details.

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