Tips & Tricks on How to Make Your Xiaomi Phone Faster

Tips & Tricks on How to Make Your Xiaomi Phone Faster

Is your Xiaomi phone feeling sluggish lately? Over time, smartphones can accumulate clutter and data that slows them down.

But don't worry, there are steps you can take to reclaim your phone's speed and boost its performance.

This guide will walk you through a variety of techniques, from optimizing built-in features to managing storage space, to help you get your Xiaomi phone running smoothly again.

Let's Begin!

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How to Make Your Xiaomi Phone Faster?

If you find your Xiaomi phone running slower than usual, there are several strategies you can adopt to enhance its speed and performance:

  1. Regularly Clear Cookies and Cache: Over time, temporary files and cached data can accumulate on your device, consuming valuable memory and slowing down operations. Regularly clearing cookies and cache can free up space and improve performance.
  2. Utilize Recommended Third-Party Software: Consider using reputable third-party software like DU Speed Booster and Phone Master, which are designed to optimize system performance by clearing junk files, managing background processes, and optimizing memory usage.
  3. Keep Your Phone Updated: Always ensure your Xiaomi phone is running the latest software version available. Software updates often include performance enhancements and bug fixes, which can help improve overall speed and stability.
  4. Adjust Animation Speeds: If you're comfortable tinkering with advanced settings, you can adjust animation speeds in the Developer options menu. By reducing animation durations, you can achieve a snappier user interface experience.
  5. Use Memory Extension Feature: Take advantage of features like Memory Extension, if available on your device. This feature optimizes memory management, allowing for better multitasking performance by efficiently allocating resources to active applications.
  6. Activate Automatic Cache Cleaning: Many Xiaomi phones come with built-in features for automatic cache cleaning. Enabling this option allows your device to periodically clean up cached data and temporary files, helping to maintain optimal storage and performance.

Why Do You have Slow Xiaomi Phone?

Before coming up with an accurate solution for upgrading your slow system, we need to know first the reasons behind your Xiaomi’s poor performance so you will know what to avoid next time and how you will maintain the quality of your phone afterward.

How to make Xiaomi Phone faster
  • Malware that is usually pre-installed on your Android could have been the leading actual problem.

Nevertheless, another principal factor of this reduction in speed is the extent to which shoppers interact with their electronics.

Quite so many programs downloaded, much more junk data, and unknown malicious applications could enable your phone to behave poorly.

  • Too many mobile applications or programs (in the background) are active at a relatively similar time.

The more you utilize your device, the more you've undoubtedly downloaded so many applications.

A few of them try to start autonomously and remain operating in the background.

If you think that you have a bunch of hidden services activated, they can potentially decimate computational power, load up memory space, and slow things down within your smartphone.

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  • A dynamic theme or a multitude of widgets on your homepage, such things consume your processor, graphic elements, and storage capacity.

There will be a performance boost and even battery life status will improve once you minimize the dimensions of your start menu.

best way to make xiaomi phone faster
  • Strong and full storage makes it hard for your operating system to function adequately as they keep filling.

If the system software is pretty much full, transferring it to the file system may be exceedingly difficult.

As a consequence, android and programs tend to be typically extremely slow.

How to Make Your Xiaomi Phone Faster?

making xiaomi phone faster

Now that we are done talking about the causes of why your phone is acting inappropriately, it is time to have some advice on what you need to do.

Listed below are some ways that you can try to enhance the condition of your Xiaomi phone:

Note: Ensure to yourself that you perform these steps regularly for better results and maintenance of your mobile phone.

First Way: Clear your Xiaomi Phone's Cookies and Cache

Cached data refers to momentary documents, javascript, graphics, as well as additional entertainment that are saved on your phone once you initially launch an application or access a web page.

way to make fast xiaomi phone

photo from 3 Secret Tips To Speed Up Your Xiaomi Phone | Cashify Blog

The memory on your device is dominated by tiny pieces of data that various software and internet browsers get to start improving overall activity.

Certain metadata is then incorporated to display content regarding the actual e-commerce website promptly any moment it is accessed.

Within several years of continuous activity, the smartphone accumulates a significant amount of junk file storage.

Each of these unnecessary data is of no monetary worth to you so they will disrupt your smartphone's production process and appropriateness. With that, emptying your Xiaomi smartphone's cookie on a permanent schedule will potentially improve overall quality.

Second Way: Use Third-Party Softwares For Your Xiaomi Phone

We say third-party apps or software when it pertains to the one generated by a programmer not being the leading producer of the gadget from which it operates or the creator of the platform under which it is readily accessible.

Some Kinds of Third-Party Apps Include:

  1. Apps created for official app stores - designed by companies other than Google (Google Play Store) or Apple (Apple App Store) that adhere to the app webshops' creation standards.
  2. Apps offered through unofficial third-party app stores - internet sites managed by people who are not closely correlated with the gadget or system software.
  3. An app that connects with another service - offers exceptionally broad unique qualities or authenticates user personal data.

Best Third-Party Apps For Your Xiaomi Phone

If you are undecided and have not yet fully thought about which third party app will work well with your Xiaomi phone, below are some considerations that you may take:

DU Speed Booster- Battery save (hover to download) – this app is the best acceptable approach for Xiaomi users who are starting to experience quality problems with regard to their phones.

This program is thoughtfully intended to give your resistive Xiaomi touchscreen an exorbitant amount of boost in the system. This service can be easily configured which continues to improve its relative advantage and satisfaction of the users.

Phone Master - indeed proven to be beneficial for enhancing your Xiaomi’s functionality.

It also serves as an essential and powerful antivirus for your system, keeping it from spyware and hazardous internet sites. This web browser is still really convenient and ready to install.

Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer - without a doubt, it is one of the top Xiaomi cleaning programs available, and the correct method to discover by yourself is to install it.

As well as since Avast Cleanup continues providing what other cleaning software applications don't seem to, this is the finest Xiaomi phone cleaner application.

Third Way: Your Xiaomi Phone Should Always Be Up To Date

guide to make xiaomi phone faster
photo from 3 Secret Tips To Speed Up Your Xiaomi Phone | Cashify Blog

Your Xiaomi phone upgrade offers a variety of security patches and advancements, particularly at a time when you modify your smartphone to the most recent software.

Updates will not only certainly assist you to optimize your Xiaomi phone and also

because they will also include a collection of different new capabilities and functions offered.

Those certain new versions could further enable you to eliminate errors that are moving your smartphone slowly, affecting productivity, and maintain your gadget up with the latest operating system.

How to check Updates on your Xiaomi smartphone

Follow these steps to check for software updates on your Xiaomi phone,

Step 1 Open the Settings app on your phone.

Step 2 Scroll down and tap on About Phone.

Step 3 Tap on System Updates.

Step 4 Tap on Check for Updates. If it says No updates available, then your phone is up to date.

Step 5 If there is an available update, then tap on Download to download and install the update. 

Fourth Way: Factory Reset your Xiaomi Phone

Conduct a Factory Reset to provide your smartphone with a clean slate.

reset xiaomi phone

Then that will bring back the gadget to its prior configuration whilst also retaining it reconditioned on the new windows operating system.

You could therefore install and configure your programs and restore your available information by creating a backup beforehand.

Be assured that right after the process, your Xiaomi phone will be significantly more powerful and speedy to use.

Fifth Way: Lower your Xiaomi Phone’s Animation Speed

Lower your Xiaomi Phone’s Animation Speed

Reducing the animation of your Xiaomi phone is not a hard step.

Steps to Reduce your Animation:

  1. Start looking for "Build Number" under Settings.
  2. When you've already found it, press on it seven times in quick succession.
  3. "Developer options" will now be fully accessible.
  4. Locate the "Drawing" section under "Developer settings."

Three motion graphics levels should be included in this section (Window, Transition & Animator duration).

  1. Typically, they're set to "1x." Modify those into ".5x" and your user interface will now be twice as quick.
  2. Nevertheless, do not really completely convert them altogether.

That would be entirely the point. It makes no difference on whatever Xiaomi unit you have such as Redmi Note 7 Pro, Mi Mix 3, or the like. These are generally recommended.

How to Use the Memory Extension Feature on a Xiaomi Phone?

Turn on the Memory Extension Feature on Xiaomi

With newer smartphones, they have the ability to convert some of the storage (ROM) into RAM. This will definitely be slower, but it will push background tasks to ROM so you have more RAM for active tasks.

On Xiaomi phones, this feature is called Memory Extension. Eligible devices can increase RAM capacity using this feature. This will improve speed when you are multitasking on your Xiaomi phone. 

Follow these steps to turn on the Memory Extension feature on your Xiaomi phone to make it faster, 

Step 1 Open the Settings app on your phone.

Step 2 Select Additional Settings.

Step 3 Tap on Memory extension

Step 4 Toggle on the Memory extension feature. 

Doing this will reduce your phone's storage but will increase RAM capacity. 

How to Turn on Automatic Cache Cleaning on Xiaomi Phones?

Turn on Automatic Cache Cleaning on Xiaomi

We have explained why the cache can slow down your Xiaomi phone. But we might not always remember to clear the cache. So Xiaomi has included an automatic Cache Cleaning feature to clear cache when needed. 

This is a new feature and it helps clear up space on your Xiaomi phone by deleting older cache data. Follow these steps to set automatic cache cleaning on your Xiaomi phone,

Step 1 Open the Settings apps on your Phone.

Step 2 Go to Battery.

Step 3 Tap on Battery.

Step 4 Tap on the Gear icon in the top right corner.

Step 5 Tap on the clear cache when the phone is locked option and select a time. If your Xiaomi phone is locked for longer than that time, it will clear the cache. This will speed up your phone the next time you unlock and use it. 

Speed up your Xiaomi Phone now

Mentioned ways and steps in this article are all legitimate and reliable so try at least one of them to improve the operational system of your Xiaomi phone.

Keep in yourself that one trial is not enough for maintaining a soft and quick mobile phone so it has to be done regularly.

Now that your concern about this matter has been given a possible solution, you may ease your mind from thinking that having a degrading Xiaomi phone means that you have to purchase a new one again.

To store and carry your necessary documents everywhere, either for your profession or personal things, you must be needing your phone. For your phone to operate efficiently, it has to be properly taken care of.

If there’s a will, there is a way. Improve your Xiaomi phone and make it faster using the guides above!


How to remove pre-installed apps on Xiaomi phone

Usually, you won't be able to remove pre-installed apps on a phone. But for Xiaomi, there are a few ways you can do it.

The first way is to root your phone. Rooting your phone is getting administrator privileges to your phone. This means that you can remove any app you want, even the default ones.

If you don’t feel like rooting your phone, then you can still use an alternative method. You can use an app called “Xiaomi Mi Recovery”, which is a recovery tool. If you are stuck in a boot loop, it will help you get back to normal.

So, it is installed on your phone by default. If you go to Settings and tap on “Additional Settings”, then you will find this app. Go to that app and you will see a menu called “Install any app”, which is the one you want. From there, you can uninstall any app you want.

What is the best way to make Xiaomi phone faster?

This applies to all phones, there is no best way to make your phone faster.

There are many ways to make your phone faster, and some things will be more general to all phones/operating systems/etc, while others are specific to Xiaomi.

In other words, there are many ways to get faster performance out of your phone, so it's worth knowing about them.

How to remove bloatware from Xiaomi phones?

Xiaomi phones have several preinstalled apps from Google and other developers, on top of the MIUI apps, and these are known as bloatware.

Bloatware can be a nuisance, but it's not impossible to remove. If your Xiaomi phone is rooted, you can remove the bloatware. If your phone is not rooted, then the bloatware can be disabled or uninstalled.

You can get rid of bloatware by uninstalling it or by disabling it.

The first option is to delete the bloatware's application files. You can use the uninstall program to remove these files. However, some bloatware is installed in the system area, and you can only uninstall it by the use of special software such as Revo Uninstaller.

The second option is to disable the bloatware instead of deleting it. Disabling a program means that it won't appear in your taskbar or your start menu. It won't be able to run in the background either, so your phone will be a lot more efficient.

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