How to Check Xiaomi Mobile Warranty and Serial Number | Xiaomi Smartphone Warranty Check Guide

How to Check Xiaomi Mobile Warranty and Serial Number | Xiaomi Smartphone Warranty Check Guide

Owning a Xiaomi phone comes with the peace of mind of a warranty, but verifying its status and locating the serial number can sometimes feel like a mystery.

This guide cuts through the confusion and provides a clear, step-by-step process to check your Xiaomi mobile warranty and find its unique serial number.

With this information readily available, you can ensure your phone is covered in case of any unforeseen issues and access important details for future reference.

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How to Check Xiaomi Mobile Warranty and Serial Number?

Here's a quick rundown on how to check Xiaomi Mobile Warranty and serial number. Start by going to Xiaomi's official product authentication website and click on "Verify your Phone Purchase" tab and then enter the "IMEI or Serial number" followed by the verification code. Now click on "Submit" to verify your warranty status and authenticity.

What is IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a unique identifier assigned to mobile devices, including Xiaomi phones.

It serves as a digital fingerprint that provides important information about the device, such as its manufacturer, model, and origin.

IMEI numbers are used by Xiaomi and other smartphone manufacturers for various purposes, including tracking and identifying stolen or lost devices, providing customer support and warranty services, and ensuring device authenticity.

Xiaomi phones use the IMEI number to verify warranty status, track repairs, and provide customer service assistance. Additionally, IMEI numbers are also used by regulatory authorities to monitor and manage mobile devices in the market.

How do we find the IMEI number on a Xiaomi smartphone

Getting an IMEI number for the Xiaomi Mobile Warranty check of your smartphone is rather easy, the manufacturer has thought this through and provided you with numerous methods on how you can retrieve the IMEI number.

#1 -- On the Box

How to Check Xiaomi imei number
Check the Box

On Xiaomi smartphone boxes the IMEI number can be found on the sticker containing the specifications of the smartphone. It would be located below the barcode and you will find either one IMEI number or two depending on if the smartphone is a dual sim card device or not. Along with the IMEI number, you will see a MEID (mobile equipment identifier) and the Xiaomi serial number.

#2 -- On the Phone/In the Box

Xiaomi has started placing IMEI stickers within the box for safekeeping. You’d normally have a set of two white stickers found within the owner's manual in the box. These stickers would contain the IMEI, MEID, and Xiaomi serial number that can be kept aside in a safe place in case you may lose the phone and box.

How to Check Xiaomi Warranty and Serial Number
Check the back of the phone
  • IMEI numbers are also found on stickers that are stuck at the rear of the smartphone. These are important stickers that include information like the phone’s IMEI number (Identity), SAR value (Specific Absorption Rate for cellphone radiation), serial number, storage and model information, and other details about the device. 

The stickers do not pose any threat if they’re removed from the phone, the reason multiple are provided is just in the instance you happen to lose the phone and box you’d be able to track your phone down using the extra stickers that were provided to you.

#3 -- Via the Smartphones Settings option

Another way to find the Xiaomi IMEI or serial numbers is via the settings option. To access the serial numbers you will have to 

  • Unlock your device and open the “Settings Menu”
  • Scroll down and tap on “About Phone” followed by “Status
How to Check Xiaomi phones warranty
Settings > About Phone > Status > IMEI Information
  • Within “status”, scroll down to “IMEI Information”. The next page will provide you with your MEID and IMEI numbers. Most Xiaomi devices will have two IMEI numbers based on the number of Sim Card slots available in the smartphone. 

#4 -- IMEI through the dial pad

How to Check Warranty xiaomi phones
Dial *#06#

Locating the IMEI number on Xiaomi via the dial pad is the same procedure to be followed for any Android device, all you need to do is punch “*#06#”. Upon hitting dial, a pop-up message appears on the display with the Mobile Equipment Information that includes the IMEI number and MEID of that smartphone.

Benefits of the IMEI number for your Xiaomi smartphone

Manufacturers like Xiaomi have been registering their devices with IMEI numbers for 4 major reasons:

Block a stolen device 

Ever since smartphones started getting increasingly popular, thefts increased tenfold. In the case of theft of your mobile phone, you can use the IMEI number registered to your device to block network connectivity to your stolen phone by reaching out to either the police or your network service provider.

Identify the model and origin of the Xiaomi smartphone 

An IMEI is designed uniquely for each phone and manufacturer. The first 8 digits represent the TAC (Type Alllocation Code) and would be used to determine the origin and make/model of the device.

The manufacturer of the device can be identified by using the last 6 digits of the IMEI number. This lets you know how old the smartphone is and if the phone is a new (fresh-off-the-shelf) or an older second-hand smartphone.

Track the device in case it’s lost 

The IMEI can be used in instances where you’ve lost your device and want to try and find it instead of giving up hope. By handing over the IMEI number of the smartphone you lost to the police, with the help of network service providers they will be able to track your phone's current whereabouts and would end up retrieving your phone for you.

Full phone report

Other than determining the warranty status of your Xiaomi Smartphone, the IMEI number can also give you a complete report of the phone. Of course, this report will only contain information that is unique to the phone. It will not have any personal information or user data.

However, you can find out the network and location that is transmitted by the IMEI number. This is primarily to ensure the safety of the device in case it is stolen. The number will provide you with the make and model of the number.

It will also additionally tell you the date of manufacture so you won't be scammed. You can also find out the specifications of the phone. You will be able to figure out the capabilities of the phone.

Of course, it can not only give you information regarding the hardware but it can also let you know the software details. Including the current firmware.

You can even figure out the country of origin of the phone, in addition to the carrier information and even the purchase date. However, the most important information that you can expect is the blacklist status of the Phone. This will let you know if the device is authentic or stolen.

Warranty Status

The IMEI number is extremely beneficial as it can keep track of the warranty status of your device. As the months go by, people tend to forget the warranty period and the IMEI number is a convenient way to figure out the phone's warranty and other important information.

Read our guide on How to check Xiaomi Mobile Warranty and serial number for specific details. Xiaomi warranty check method can be used for Redmi warranty check and Mi warranty check too.

Activation Date and Xiaomi Mobile Warranty

What is the Activation date on a Xiaomi smartphone?

The activation date is a specific date that indicates the first boot up of the phone. This helps in reflecting the phone's usage and age. New phones will have a more recent date whereas older models will have dates from maybe a year or two ago.

How to Check Xiaomi Warranty
  • When a Xiaomi smartphone is taken off the production line and packed to be shipped, the phone is basically set to factory settings and powered down. The first power-up of the smartphone post-purchase sets the activation date for that particular model. This helps the company (Xiaomi) and the customer know if the device falls within the warranty and is a new phone.

What does Warranty have to do with the Activation date of your Xiaomi?

Xiaomi’s smartphones come with a one-year warranty and this means that within one year of purchasing the device, Xiaomi will have any software/hardware changes made for free or at a minimal cost 

The reason why Warranties and Activation dates are interlinked is that the Activation date acts as the timestamp from when the device was first booted and when the warranty started on the device. 

How to Check the Xiaomi Mobile Warranty and Activation Date?

Check the Activation date of the Xiaomi smartphone is a rather easy process to follow and Xiaomi has made it easier with the Official Product Authentication webpage.

  • Start by searching for the IMEI number on the Box of the smartphone. However, if you’re unable to locate the IMEI number on the box then you can try any of the alternate methods listed above and retrieve your IMEI number.  
  • Proceed to copy or write down the IMEI number on a piece of paper if you’ve taken the IMEI from the phone settings tab and not the box. 

Open Xiaomi’s Official Product Authentication webpage 

How to Check Xiaomi Warranty and Serial Number
  • You are provided with two major selections; Verify your phone purchase and Xiaomi Product Authentication. Upon selecting Verify your phone purchase, you’ll be asked to key in your IMEI number or S/N number followed by a verification code. 
  • Upon entering the relevant details, hit “Verify”. The page will reload with the basic specifications of our smartphone, production date, and activation date. Read our guide on How to check Xiaomi warranty and serial number for specific details.

There are essentially three easy methods to find the activation date:

  1. You can find the IMEI number on the bar code sticker that is usually found on the packing. In case, it doesn't exist or if you don't trust the sticker. You can try this next step.

2. You can find the IMEI number and activation by dialing *06#. This would be a relatively accurate method to find out the IMEI information.

3. Then, of course, you can always head to the About phone section and find the IMEI Information under status.

To check the Warranty status of your Xiaomi smartphone you can try three different methods.
  • Start by checking the purchase date on the physical receipt of the smartphone. Usually, purchase bills include warranty information and the purchase date. Similarly, you can also refer to the warranty booklet found within the smartphone box.
  • However, there are instances where you won’t be able to find the bill or may have lost it while shifting houses, in this case, you can check the Xiaomi Mall App by logging into your registered account and proceeding to “Service centre” > “After-sales service”. Here you’ll be notified if you still have a valid Xiaomi Mobile Warranty or if it has expired.

Lastly, using the Product Authentication webpage, you’ll be able to check if your device is still within its warranty.

How to Check Xiaomi Warranty and Serial Number
  • While checking for your warranty on the Product Authentication page, you’d be asked to enter a security code. This security code is found on the authentication label, a holographic Mi sticker that has a small coating on its side. Scratch this coating off to reveal the security code. 

Why is it important to know your Xiaomi Phone Serial Number?

Xiaomi Mobile Warranty and Serial Number are important as you will need them to claim the warranty, or if you have lost your device. You can use the serial number to lock the device if you lose it. Police will also ask for this information when you lose the device. They need this information to track the location of your device.

The Serial Number and IMEI numbers are used to identify a smartphone down to the model details. This is important for warranty claims and for reselling the phone. When you are trying to exchange your phone, e-commerce websites like Amazon will ask for the IMEI number for verification of the device model.

And finally, you can use the Serial Number and IMEI to check the warranty status of your smartphone. I have explained how to check Xiaomi warranty and serial number in this article. 


Having several methods to validate the authenticity of your device is ideal. With a fake market that’s rampant and millions of smartphones getting stolen or lost, it’s a good idea to understand why these numbers are plastered over the device and why there are many such stickers found within the box.

IMEI, serial codes, identification numbers, and warranties are what make each smartphone unique. These help you in ways you never imagined, from a lost smartphone to one that’s been stolen. Recovering phones and blocking lost phones are now an easier process than earlier. 

We hope this guide helps you understand How to check Xiaomi warranty and serial number. Feel free to hit us up with any questions by using the comment section below.

How to contact Xiaomi for Warranty and Service?

Xiaomi has over 2000+ service centers spread across the county. You can find a Mi Service center near using the details below,

Mi Customer Care: 1800 103 6286

Mi Support Email:

Mi Official Website for India:


How do I claim a Xiaomi Mobile Warranty?

A Warranty Service Order from Xiaomi must be requested during the Warranty Period from the date of shipment receipt. Contact the Xiaomi Service Team at to get a Warranty Service Order.
To receive warranty servicing, you must bring the product to Xiaomi's designated address in either its original packaging or packaging that provides an equivalent level of protection. Before receiving warranty assistance, Xiaomi may demand the client to provide evidence of purchase and/or complete registration procedures, as required by law.
Any data, software, or other things you may have stored or saved on the device are your responsibility to back up. Any data, software, or other materials are likely to be lost or reformatted during service, and Xiaomi will not be liable for any damage or loss.

How long is Xiaomi Mobile Warranty?

During the warranty term, Xiaomi assures the user that their Xiaomi phone will be free of defects in materials and workmanship when used properly. The guarantee is valid for two years unless otherwise specified by applicable law.

How can I check my Xiaomi Mobile Warranty online?

You can check your Mi warranty online by heading to the Product Authentication webpage. Here you’ll be able to check if your device is still within its warranty. However, you will be asked to enter a security code. This security code is found on the authentication label, a holographic Mi sticker that has a small coating on its side. Scratch this coating off to reveal the security code. Check our guide on How to check Xiaomi warranty and serial number for more details.

How do I know if my Xiaomi Phone is Original?

You can check if your Xiaomi phone is original or not by using the Xiaomi Product Authentication Portal. When you enter your Security Code here, you can find the code by scratching the coating beside the holographic Mi Sticker.
When you enter the code on the website, it will display some of your phone specs along with the Production Date. If it tells you to check your code then your Xioami is not an original one.

Should you Trust Third-party warranty check websites?

There are many third-party websites that claim to offer Warranty details and other info about your Xiaomi phone if you provide them with your device’s IMEI or Serial Number. And while these websites work, it is recommended that you don't try them because giving away your device's IMEI or Serial Number is not safe. The official Xiaomi Product Authentication Portal works well, it is safe and provides the information you need, so stick with it.

How do I know if my Xiaomi phone is under warranty?

You can check your Xiaomi phone's warranty easily by visiting Xiaomi’s Product Authentication site. On the site, you have to enter your serial number or IMEI number to check the warranty and other details of the phone.

How can I check my Redmi serial number?

You can find the serial number of your Redmi phone from 3 different places. You can visit the Settings app, check if there is a sticker on the back of your phone, or you can check the phone's packaging box. Check our guide on Xiaomi Warranty Check to know more.

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