How Does the Amazfit Watch Detect Sleep | Ultimate Guide for 2024

How Does the Amazfit Watch Detect Sleep | Ultimate Guide for 2024

A good night's sleep is vital for our physical and mental well-being, but understanding our sleep patterns can be tricky.

Enter the Amazfit smartwatch, a powerful tool that tracks your sleep and provides valuable insights.

This guide, delving into "How Does the Amazfit Watch Detect Sleep?", will unveil the secrets behind this technology.

We'll explore the science behind Amazfit's sleep tracking, examining the sensors and algorithms used to detect your sleep stages, from light sleep to deep REM.

You'll learn how the watch interprets your movements, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels to paint a picture of your sleep quality.

So, if you're ready to unlock the secrets of a better night's sleep, continue reading.

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How Does the Amazfit Watch Detect Sleep?

Amazfit watches detect sleep using a combination of motion detection and heart rate monitoring. The built-in accelerometer measures physical activity and recognizes when the wearer is sleeping based on decreased movement.

Meanwhile, the watch's Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor tracks the user's heart rate, which aids in distinguishing different sleep stages: light sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep.

The collected data is then processed by Amazfit's sleep tracking algorithm, factoring in elements like age, weight, and gender to offer a comprehensive report on sleep quality.

This includes total sleep duration, time spent in each sleep stage, and frequency of wake-ups.

Sleep Tracking Feature of Amazfit watches

Amazfit has manufactured some of the best budget smartwatches in the market and is loaded with plenty of features.

The Amazfit series was designed to help you track your SPO2, sleep cycles, and GPS apart from other functions and this can be done simply by strapping the smartwatch onto your wrist. 

  • In order to have your Amazfit paired with your smartphone you will have to download and install an application, Amazfit tools from the Play Store.
  • Currently, Amazfit Tools provide you with full integration of Sleep with Android application and is the best sleep tracker available on the Android platform. The Sleep with Android integration allows your Amazfit smartwatch to keep track of the deep sleep phase, REM sleep, anti-snoring, and lucid dreaming amongst others. 
  • This feature is available on Amazfit devices that are running on Amazfit Tools 4.0.0 and above or on the Amazfit T-Rex, Amazfit GTS, Amazfit GTR, Amazfit Verge Lite, Amazfit Bip, Amazfit Bip Lite, Amazfit Bip S, Amazfit Cor, Amazfit Cor 2 and Amazfit Arc.

Enabling the Amazfit sleep tracker on Android is a simple two-step task.

  • Start by accessing Sleep as Android > Settings > Wearables > Sleep tracking
  • With the Amazfit smartwatches, you’re guaranteed a long battery life (20-30 days), which allows you to track your sleep cycles for longer durations before having to charge your Amazfit. 

Make sure you enable the Sleep tracking option under wearable so Amazfit can begin tracking your sleep cycles.

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Daytime naps

With the update in the firmware version of the Amazfit GTR and GTS, you are now able to track your daytime nap sessions.

This update will monitor any sporadic naps you may have during the day as long as it’s a minimum of 20 minutes. This feature is available on firmware of the Amazfit GTR and of the Amazfit GTS.

The Amazfit Tools app also comes enabled with a “Take a Nap” feature that helps you set up power naps to revitalize your mind. All you have to do is tap on Take a nap and don’t touch any other button on the smartwatch.

Any additional button pushed on the watch will add a pre-configured number of minutes to the overall time set for your power nap. The best thing about enabling “Take a Nap” is that all notifications are shut off while power-napping.

Amazfit Tools/Zepp

Amazfit Tools is a one-stop app that links your smartphone with your Amazfit smartwatch. Similar to many smartwatch applications, the Amazfit Tools for Android can help you track a wide range of data from your steps taken each day to the duration and quality of your sleep cycles.

  • As of last August, Amazfit is now known as Zepp and would be found on the Google Play Store under that name. This is due to the fact that in 2018 Huami bought the sports tech company, Zepp.

The sleep tracking mechanism on Zepp is pretty accurate and creates daily records of your sleep cycles. 

While installing the app and configuring it to your liking, you’re provided with an option to set your sleep goals, a number of hours per day that you’d like to sleep.

Once in, the App gives you information like the overall sleep score by taking into account your pre-sleep state and wake-up moods apart from the stages of sleep you experience. 

The Zepp application lets you decide if you wish to receive personalized advice related to your sleeping cycles by enabling Sleep Smart Analysis.

Amazfit GTS

The Amazfit GTS is a low-budget smartwatch with high specification making it one of the cheapest reliable smartwatches around.

With a square-faced design and a 1.65-inch AMOLED display, the GTS is pretty impressive in terms of the quality and accuracy of the data it tracks.

The Amazfit GTS has a heart rate monitor and GPS, which allows you to track your steps and workout and set goals while tracking your sleep.

  • The GTS uses heart rate tracking along with your motion to generate a standard sleep score.  The Heart rate tracker has to be enabled in order for the sleep score to be generated. Though wake-up periods were quite accurate, the watch lacks the feature to track REM sleep accurately.
  • The Amazfit GTS even provides the user with details of your stats and this can be viewed via the Zepp app and primarily focuses on sleep consistency.


The notable features of the Huami Amazfit GTS are:

  • The GTS houses a customized 1.65” AMOLED display, offering a larger display area to provide focus on what matters the most.
  • The GTS comes with a 14-day battery life allowing you to charge it lesser than others.
  • Being water resistant is a required feature, especially for swimmers alike, the GTS is 5 ATM water resistant and can function at a depth of 50 meters.
  • With 12 sports modes, the GTS will keep a track of every single activity you take part in. The GTS supports outdoor running, walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, treadmill, elliptical trainer, climbing, trail running, pool swimming, open water swimming, skiing, and exercise. 
  • The GTS includes a round-the-clock heart rate monitoring and heart-rate interval monitoring feature which will detect if the heart rate levels are dangerously high and warn the user.

With Sleep tracker, the GTS enables you to achieve your sleep goals and get the most from your night's sleep. 


  • Body Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Waterproof Rating: 5 ATM
  • Sensors:
    • BioTracker
    • 6-axis accelerometer
    • 3-axis geomagnetic sensor
    • Air pressure sensor
    • Ambient light sensor
  • Battery: 220mAh
  • Touch Screen: Corning Gorilla Glass 3

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Amazfit GTR 4 Sleep Tracking

The Amazfit GTR 4 is not just another smartwatch; it's your sleep guardian. Understanding the importance of sleep in overall well-being, the GTR 4 has been designed to provide a comprehensive insight into your nightly rest.

Sleep Tracking Features:

  • Advanced Monitoring: At the heart of its sleep tracking capability is the BioTracker 4.0 PPG biometric sensor. This sensor enables you to have a precise 24-hour monitoring of your heart rate, which plays a significant role in understanding your sleep patterns.
  • In-Depth Analysis: With its cutting-edge technology, the GTR 4 provides you with a breakdown of your sleep stages, helping you understand the quality of your rest. Whether it's deep sleep, light sleep, or those moments you're awake in the night, the GTR 4 captures it all.
  • Health Management: Beyond just sleep, the GTR 4 extends its tracking to blood-oxygen saturation and stress levels. Both these metrics have a direct impact on your sleep quality. By monitoring them, you get a more holistic view of your night.
  • Smart Notifications: Your GTR 4 doesn't just monitor; it educates. Receive insightful tips and notifications on how to improve your sleep quality, based on the data it collects.
  • Consistent Updates: Integrated with the Zepp App, the GTR 4 consistently updates your sleep data, ensuring you have up-to-date insights every morning.


  • Health Tracking: BioTracker 4.0 PPG biometric sensor
  • Display: 1.43" AMOLED
  • Body Material: One-piece aluminum alloy
  • Waterproof Rating: 5 ATM, withstands up to 50 meters' water pressure
  • Battery Life: Up to two weeks

What is defined as good sleep?

Contrary to popular belief, getting eight hours of sleep does not mean you have slept for a long enough duration. Sleeping without a tracker does not take into account the number of times you wake up during the night. 

A good night's sleep comprises 4 stages that are accurately tracked on Amazfit. These are:

  • Initial sleep or the drowsiness you may experience as you’re about to doze off.
  • A deeper state of rest is where your overall body temperature drops lower while you disengage from your surroundings.
  • Deep sleep is recorded to be the state of mind where there is the least amount of activity taking place in your body. This is the most important phase as the body tends to rebuild itself by releasing hormones and restoring depleted energy levels.

You will slip back into stage 2 for a brief moment before entering dream sleep or REM. Each phase should last an average of 1.5 hours or 90 minutes in order for the body to feel replenished when you wake up.

Actigraphy or the science of sleep tracking

Actigraphy is a method to monitor the resting cycle in humans. Using movements to determine if a person is asleep or not, smartwatches especially those from Amazfit have this feature embedded and are activated automatically on a daily basis when the body is at rest.

  • Owning a wrist device that tracks your sleep cycles and patterns is much less expensive than having the tests conducted at a hospital. It’s convenient that manufacturers have taken the time to have this feature included within their smartwatches allowing even the common man to track his sleeping routine from the confines of his/her home.
  • With wearable devices, the easiest method to figure out if you’re sleeping is by tracking your movements throughout the night and can pinpoint when you sleep, how long you spend sleeping, and when you wake up in the middle of the night for a glass of water or to use the washroom.

These motion detectors can track if you’ve had a restless night's sleep and store all the data in the app on your smartphone so it can be reviewed at a later time.

How to Set up Sleep Tracking

Check out how to set up sleep tracking for your Amazfit smartwatch in this section. Follow the steps below,

Step 1 Open the Zepp app on your smartphone (Android or iPhone).

Step 2 Go to the Profile tab.

Step 3 Tap on your Amazfit device (Smartwatch or band).

Step 4 Now, tap on “Heart rate detection.”

Step 5 Here, tap on the Detection Method option.

Step 6 Now, choose “Sleep Assistant”.

How to Sync with Apple Health

Did you know that you can sync your data from Amazfit watches and bands to Apple Health? IF you didn't, learn how to do the same here.

To do this, you need the Zepp app installed on your iPhone as well. Once you have Zepp, you can sync Amazfit Sleep Data to Apple Health App by following these steps,

Step 1 Open the Health app on your iPhone.

Step 2 Go to the Browse tab and then tap on Sleep.

Step 3 Scroll down and select Data Sources & Access.

Step 4 Toggle on Zepp from the next window.

This will let your iPhone Health app collect data from Zepp which includes Sleep tracking. This means you can get all your data in one place, especially if you are using multiple smartwatches/trackers. 

How does the Amazfit watch detect sleep - Takeaway

I was able to get over my insomnia and figured out that it was actually ruining my health. This was after picking up the Huami Amazfit GTS and using it to track my sleep cycles.

I received a lot of information regarding my sleeping patterns which has helped me understand the things I need to do in order to get a good night's rest.

Check out our guide on How does the Amazfit watch detect sleep for details on how to track your sleep, the beneficial uses of the sleep tracking feature, features of the app, and more.

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How do Amazfit Watches Track different types of Sleep?

Amazfit Watches can detect different types of sleep like light sleep, deep sleep, and more. Read on to know more,

How does Amazfit Watch detect Light Sleep? 

Amazfit watches can track light sleep-like naps with the help of its heart rate sensor and accelerometer. Humans have a low-normal heartbeat along with less movement when sleeping lightly.

So, if your heartbeat is stable, low, and has less movement for at least 20 mins, then the watch will detect it as light sleep. 

How does Amazfit Watch detect Deep Sleep?

When in deep sleep, heart rate is reduced significantly and there is very little body movement, Amazfit watches use this info to detect if a user is in deep sleep or not. The watch also learns the patterns of the user’s individual sleep cycle to detect deep sleep better over time. 

How does Amazfit Watch detect REM sleep and Lucid dreaming?

Before a human goes into REM sleep, they go through a Light Sleep stage, and during this, the difference in heart rate and body movement during this period allows Amazfit Watches to detect the REM sleep stage of a user. The same thing happens when lucid dreaming as well and Amazfit Watches are able to detect it. 

How accurate is Amazfit sleep feature?

The accuracy of Amazfit’s sleep tracking is not perfect, but it is in line with other smartwatches and fitness trackers. The reason for iffy accuracy is because of the method that it uses to judge sleep based on wrist and body movement. 

So, if you woke up early and stayed still, the watch would think you are still sleeping, similarly, if you were moving a lot in your sleep, then the watch would consider that you were awake drawing that period.

This is how other smartwatches track sleep too, so they are all not perfectly accurate, but get the job done. 

So, to be honest, the sleep tracking data that Amazfit smartwatches provide is more of an estimate or an approximate value. You can't get really accurate data without having electrodes hooked up to your head. However, this estimate is fairly accurate which is what's important to understand.

It's better than nothing and you still can plan accordingly using this approximate data. The latest Amazfit watches like T-Rex are even more accurate as they can detect Spo2 and REM sleep

Is it safe to wear the Amazfit Watch at night?

Yes, it is safe and comfortable to wear an Amazfit Watch and sleep. Make sure to wear the Watch just right and not too tight or loose. Also, clean the watch and its band regularly for hygiene. Any radiation from the watch is also safe for humans to be around.

What specific sleep data does the Amazfit watch collect?

A3: The Amazfit watch collects a range of sleep data, including:

  • Total sleep duration: The overall amount of time you've spent sleeping.
  • Sleep stages: This includes light sleep, deep sleep, REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, and awake times. The device identifies these stages based on movement and heart rate patterns.
  • Sleep efficiency: This is a calculation of the percentage of time spent asleep while in bed.
  • Bedtime and wake-up time: When you fell asleep and woke up.
  • Nap times: If you take naps during the day, the watch also tracks this.

Does wearing the Amazfit watch at night affect its battery life?

A9: Yes, using the sleep tracking feature overnight will consume battery power.

However, the Amazfit watches are designed to have robust battery life and should be able to handle several days of use, including sleep tracking, before needing a recharge.

Battery performance can vary depending on the specific model and the number and nature of functions being used.

Is the data collected by the Amazfit watch secure?

A10: The Amazfit watch is designed with privacy and security in mind.

Data syncs between the watch and the Zepp app on your phone, where it is stored. You can control who has access to this data through the privacy settings on your device and in the app.

Huami states that they comply with data protection regulations in the jurisdictions they operate, but it is always advisable to read through their privacy policy for full understanding.

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