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Does Xiaomi Work with Alexa in 2024?

The convenience of smart home integration is undeniable. But what if you have Xiaomi devices and an Alexa speaker? Can they work together?

The answer, in 2024, is a qualified yes. While there are some limitations and workarounds to consider, this article will guide you through everything you need to know about using Xiaomi smart devices with Alexa in 2024.

Does Xiaomi Work with Alexa?

Yes, Xiaomi devices work with Amazon Alexa. You can easily integrate your Xiaomi IoT devices with Alexa using the "My Home" skill through the Mi Home app. 

Once connected, Alexa will recognize and allow you to control various Xiaomi devices, including smart lamps, bulbs, plugs, air purifiers, surveillance cameras, and more using just your voice. 

Enjoy the convenience of voice control and create personalized routines for automation, enhancing your smart living experience. 

If you encounter any issues during setup, refer to the troubleshooting tips to ensure a seamless connection between your Xiaomi and Alexa devices.

Xiaomi and its Integration with Alexa

Does Xiaomi Work with Alexa

Xiaomi's product catalog extends beyond just smartphones, encompassing an extensive range of IoT or connected home devices. 

While their devices can be managed via the Mi Home app, Xiaomi products also support Google Assistant, Alexa, and, in some cases, Apple's HomeKit for Siri control. 

Which Xiaomi Devices Support Alexa?

Does Xiaomi Work with Alexa
  • Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360 °
  • Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H
  • Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S
  • Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H
  • Xiaomi Mi Smart Power Plug
  • Xiaomi Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S
  • Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1
  • Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1S
  • Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1C
  • Xiaomi Mi Bedside Lamp 2
  • Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb
  • Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb Essential
  • Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2

How to Connect Xiaomi Devices with Alexa

Does Xiaomi Work with Alexa

Integrating Xiaomi devices with Alexa is made possible through cloud-based connectivity, simplifying the process of linking the two platforms. 

To connect your Xiaomi devices with Alexa, follow these steps:

  • Open the Mi Home application on your iOS or Android device.
  • If not already done, configure your devices within the app.
  • Launch the Alexa app on your mobile device or access the web interface.
  • Navigate to the Devices section.
  • Activate Digital Home Skills.
  • Search for and install the My Home Skill.
  • Follow the instructions to log in with your Mi Home account credentials and grant permission.

Upon activation and permission, Alexa will detect all your connected Xiaomi devices, allowing you to choose which devices to add to the Alexa app for voice control.

How to Take Advantage of Mi Home Integration with Alexa

Does Xiaomi Work with Alexa

After successfully connecting your Xiaomi devices to Alexa, you can control them through voice commands. 

However, the real power lies in creating custom routines, automating tasks based on specific conditions or triggers. 

Routines can be personalized to suit various scenarios, such as turning on lights, activating fans, or triggering actions when sensors detect movement.

To create your custom routines:

  • Open the Alexa app on your mobile device.
  • Navigate to 'More' in the bottom left corner.
  • Enter 'Routines'.
  • Tap on the '+' in the upper right corner.
  • Give your routine a name for easy identification.
  • Choose a trigger for the action (voice command, sensor data, time, etc.).
  • Add the action for your Xiaomi device within 'Digital Home', or use a custom command.
  • Save your changes.

Experiment with different routines to create a comfortable and efficient smart home ecosystem.

What Else Can I Do with Xiaomi and Alexa Devices?

The possibilities of using Xiaomi devices with Alexa are vast and depend on the variety of devices you have and your willingness to explore. 

Some of the Xiaomi devices compatible with Alexa include:

Category Features
Smart Lamps Automatic on/off based on time, sunrise, or sunset, Configurable quick actions for different lighting scenarios
Smart Bulbs Voice control for on/off, intensity, and color, Routines to simulate presence when away
Smart Plugs Transform regular devices into voice-activated smart ones, Create power-saving routines for chargers and appliances
Humidifiers and Air Purifiers Automated operation with routines at specific times, Voice commands to control humidity and air quality
Surveillance Cameras Customized surveillance system with sensors, Remote access and control of camera feeds through voice commands
Greenhouses and Shadehouses Temperature sensors for automatic heater activation, Voice control for ensuring safety with dangerous devices
Automatic Vacuum Cleaners Scheduled routines for unattended vacuuming, Tank status check and preparation before running
Sensors (Temperature, Humidity, Movement...) Complex workflows creation with other Xiaomi devices, Motion detection triggers actions like turning on lights

Troubleshooting Tips for Xiaomi Smart Home Devices Not Connecting to Alexa

Compatibility Check - Ensure that your Xiaomi smart home device is compatible with Alexa. Look for the "Works with Alexa" badge, which certifies the device's compatibility.

Connect to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi - Connect your Xiaomi smart home Wi-Fi devices to the 2.4 GHz bands, as Alexa works best with this frequency.

Restart Devices - Restart both your Alexa device and the Xiaomi smart home device by unplugging them and then plugging them back in.

Check Internet Connectivity - Verify that your home internet is working and your Alexa device is responding. Ask Alexa, "Are you online?"

Confirm Device Connection - If you see a "No new devices found" message in the Alexa app, your Xiaomi device might have connected automatically using Amazon's Frustration-Free Setup technology. Double-check the device's connection status in the Alexa app under Devices.

Does Xiaomi Work with Alexa

Set Up Xiaomi Smart Devices - Download the Xiaomi Mi Home app and complete the device setup process for your Xiaomi smart home devices. Alexa will connect to your Xiaomi devices through the Mi Home skill. During setup, you may link your Alexa account with the Mi Home app to activate the relevant skill for Alexa integration. If the relevant skill isn't active after setup, manually activate it in the Alexa app.

Update Firmware - Check for any available firmware updates for your Xiaomi smart devices and install them to ensure optimal performance.

Enter Pairing Mode - If your Xiaomi smart home device uses pairing mode (e.g., Bluetooth), follow the instructions in the Xiaomi device's manual to activate pairing mode.

Device Stops Working - If your Xiaomi smart home device stops working after successfully connecting to Alexa: Disconnect the Xiaomi smart home device in the Alexa app and then reactivate it. For Xiaomi devices using a skill, try controlling the device in the Xiaomi Mi Home app to ensure it functions properly there. If the Xiaomi device works with the Mi Home app but not with Alexa, reactivate the skill in the Alexa app. Check your internet connection in the Xiaomi Mi Home app to rule out connectivity issues.


In conclusion, the integration of Xiaomi smart home devices with Amazon Alexa offers a seamless and enhanced smart living experience.

By connecting Xiaomi devices to Alexa, you can enjoy the convenience of controlling their smart lamps, bulbs, plugs, humidifiers, air purifiers, surveillance cameras, greenhouses, automatic vacuum cleaners, and various sensors through simple voice commands. 

The process of setting up the integration is straightforward, and custom routines allow for personalized automation, making daily tasks more efficient and enjoyable.


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