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Do Xiaomi Phones Work in USA? | 2024 Update

Considering a Xiaomi phone but unsure about its compatibility in the US?

This guide sheds light on the current situation (as of March 2024) regarding Xiaomi phone functionality in the American market.

We'll explore key factors like official availability, network compatibility, and potential considerations before you make your choice.

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Do Xiaomi Phones work in USA?

Yes, but with certain limitations. Xiaomi smartphones are popular for their feature-rich offerings at competitive prices, but when it comes to network compatibility in the US, things can get a bit complicated.

Generally, Xiaomi's flagship smartphones are compatible with the basic network bands in the US, including 2G (GSM 850, GSM 1900), 3G (UMTS 850, UMTS 1900, UMTS 1700, UMTS 2100), and 4G (LTE 700, LTE 1700, LTE 1900, LTE WCS 2300).

In terms of 5G compatibility, these devices may support 5G 2500 (41), 5G 39 (260), 5G 28 (260), and 5G 600 (71).

However, there is a difference between compatibility and full support. While Xiaomi smartphones can connect to US network bands, they might not fully support all the bands offered by specific carriers.

For instance, Xiaomi smartphones are generally more compatible with GSM carriers like T-Mobile and Mint Mobile as they support many of the bands used by these carriers.

On the other hand, CDMA-based carriers like Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular may not work with Xiaomi devices due to incompatible network bands. Xiaomi smartphones also do not fully support all the bands of AT&T and T-Mobile, which might lead to inconsistent coverage depending on the region.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy a Xiaomi smartphone for use in the US, it's important to first check if the device's bands align with those of your carrier. Ensure to check the coverage in your area since some carriers like AT&T use different bands in different locations.

About Xiaomi

Xiaomi has indeed consistently endeavored to provide users with high-quality electronics at reasonable rates.

Their value approach in regards to how they produce their commercial products is a significant factor in why they can sustain such great deals.

Some other justification for Xiaomi's bargain price is the company's long-term marketing strategy. Instead of just focusing on quick revenues from gear, they are more interested in long-term funding sources.

As a result, rather than charging a higher price for a product, they concentrate on integrating smartphones and IoT devices through establishing programs and services which include mobile applications, streaming entertainment, and customizations.

However, the conflict begins with the fact that Xiaomi phones are not suited for the American industry.

Both copyright and patent concerns are believed to be the reasons why they are not approved in the said country. Therefore, Xiaomi smartphones have become rarely interesting to clients in the United States.

Nevertheless, don’t get too flustered!

Because we got your back if you are a citizen whose hearts belong to Xiaomi Smartphones.

Which Xiaomi Model Can I Buy in United States?

It is essential to determine which Xiaomi phones operate well in the United States to avoid undergoing the same experience with others.

Once they saw the value, they made the purchase in haste, only for them to discover afterward that it is unsupported by their ordinary operator's bands.

No one wants to waste money, right? So, it is necessary that the first step you take is to be conscious of your choice.

Do Xiaomi Phones work in USA

If you have no idea how to filter Xiaomi’s phone, proceed with Mint Mobile because they will be a great help in providing you immediate assistance as to whether your Xiaomi phone will activate in the United States.

This program may also not be that efficient, but somehow it definitely works. In the United States, you can go with Mint Mobile or T-Mobile for Xiaomi mobiles. They similarly enable four of the six bands that Xiaomi phones employ.

It is contingent on the version that you will be considering. In conclusion, you must examine the phone's bands. Then, see if these bands are covered by T-Mobile or Mint.

On Mint Mobile and T-Mobile, several modern Xiaomi devices since the preceding number of seasons could function perfectly. The rationale for this is because Mint and T-Mobile both provide the 3G and 4G LTE frequencies used by current Xiaomi phones.

What Do I Have To Consider Prior Purchasing Xiaomi Phones in US?

xiaomi phones in US

Rely on the following on what you have to consider for able to successfully enable and use your Xiaomi phone in the United States:

  • First and foremost, you need to meticulously contemplate what Xiaomi unit you want to own.
  • Do some research about your chosen one and know if it will be capable of operating on your carrier’s LTE frequencies because not most of them are able to function in your country with the 4G bands.
  • Try going to for a more precise and ultimate source for information on device compatibility.
  • Lastly, take this into consideration while finding a retailer to purchase a Xiaomi smartphone that Google Play Store is not readily available on some of their devices so whichever Xiaomi device you intend to procure to the United States must always be examined for the Global Version.

Are There Stores In The US Where I Can Purchase Xiaomi Phones?

No worries are needed because there are e-stores where you can buy your most-awaited Xiaomi phone with no hassle.

One of the most popular online sites in the United States is the Xiaomi page.

From either a drop-down option, selection of your delivery area, and exploring what gadgets and accessories are obtainable in your town are some of their marvelous offered features.

Their page additionally offers a comprehensive review of the phones. Appropriately, you can perform an analysis to discover which of which your mind says to purchase.

In addition, Xiaomi also established other sites for you

1. Xiaomi Global Store

Xiaomi Global ( will provide you with the prices of each product viewable on their British page.

When you've already decided what Xiaomi unit to purchase in the United States, the very next thing is to identify an online authorized merchant that distributes them.

2. Amazon US

You may indeed browse Amazon or eBay (link below) and see if there are any special offerings for your desired phone.

That being said, your quickest goal is to find a reputable dealer that would transport your Xiaomi smartphone to your country, which is the US.

3. eBay US

4. Other authentic sites are

  • Newegg is amongst the leading websites for buying Xiaomi products. Newegg is a fantastic e-commerce website that stocks a lot of Xiaomi devices and provides many great bargains.
  • Banggood has a well-designed English-language portal and distributes it to the United States. Banggood is however known for providing phones at reduced prices, particularly Xiaomi phones.
  • Geekbuying has a strong reputation and furthermore supplies Xiaomi phones for a discounted price.

Keep in mind that certain sellers charge a premium for transportation.

Which US Wireless Provider Is Best For Xiaomi Phones?

Choosing a wireless provider that works correspondingly on your mobile phone is truly a definition of happiness.

In order to know what is best for you try considering the following:

  • Availability - If you reside in a desolate area, availability is very crucial to address. High-speed cables and fiber connections may appear appealing, but if the operator does not cover your location, you may not be able to make use of these features.

Having this in mind, you might even want to commence your quest by utilizing an online zip code or postcode search to evaluate all of the broadband provider alternatives offered in your region.

  • Balance Speed and Cost - In order to do any course work on the internet with comfort, look for an internet package with enough connection rate speeds.
  • Reliability - Undependable web access can be highly impractical, particularly if you are self-employed and home-based or the application of the internet for other purposes such as social media, streaming, or gaming.

Telecommunications companies are in such tight rivalry, it is generally regarded that you weigh your choices to decide which one of those is the most valuable of your money.

In the US, Verizon's network is typically focused on Band 13, which Xiaomi phones do not operate.

It will make you unfortunate if you want to use a Xiaomi phone on Verizon Wireless because it probably wouldn't perform.

As Xfinity Mobile is powered by Verizon's network, this also implies Xiaomi phones will not function on it.

AT&T is marginally preferable since it handles two of the bands employed by Xiaomi phones, which is also not optimal because far more bands have always been recommendable.

Inside the United States, T-Mobile delivers the highest total scale band that supports Xiaomi phones.

T-Mobile will provide reliable data service on bands 2, 4, and 12, which would also have been enough to keep your phone operating smoothly.

Can You Run Xiaomi Phone on Verizon?

Nope, this is not possible since Verizon uses Band 13 for its network and Xiaomi doesn't support this band in its phones. Xiaomi phones won't work on Xfinity either which is powered by Verizon.

AT&T and T-Mobile support 2 and 3 bands that Xiaomi phones use, so if you are interested in buying a Xiaomi phone in the US, then you will have to choose T-Mobile or AT&T as your carriers. 

Which Xiaomi Phones Work In The USA?

All Xiaomi phones should work in the USA but not all Xiaomi phones will support US carriers. So, you can use Xiaomi phones with Wi-Fi and selected carriers in the USA. 

Carriers like Mint, T-Mobile, and AT&T work with all Xiaomi phones as they both support 4 out of the 6 bands used in Xiaomi phones. On the other hand, carriers like Verizon, Sprint, and Boost don't support Xiaomi phones. 

So, if you are in the US and want to buy a Xiaomi phone, then you need to get Mint or T-Mobile as your carrier. This applies to phones that you are interested in importing to the US as well. They will work as long as you use them with a supported carrier. 

Operator UL operating band, MHz DL operating band, MHz LTE mode Band №
1 AT&T 710 - 716; 704 - 710 740 - 746; 734 - 740 FDD Band 17
2 AT&T 1720 - 1730; 1730 - 1735; 1710 - 1720; 1740 - 1745 2120 - 2130; 2130 - 2135; 2110 - 2120; 2140 - 2145 FDD Band 4
3 AT&T 1870 - 1885; 1850 - 1865; 1885 - 1890; 1895 - 1910; 1890 - 1895; 1865 - 1870 1950 - 1965; 1930 - 1945; 1965 - 1970; 1975 - 1990; 1970 - 1975; 1945 - 1950 FDD Band 2
4 AT&T 824 - 835; 835 - 845 869 - 880; 880 - 890 FDD Band 5
5 AT&T 2310 - 2315; 2305 - 2310; 2315 - 2320 2355 - 2360; 2350 - 2355; 2345 - 2350 FDD Band 30
6 Verizon 776 - 787 746 - 757 FDD Band 13
7 Verizon 1710 - 1720; 1720 - 1730; 1730 - 1735; 1735 - 1740; 1740 - 1745; 1745 - 1755 2110 - 2120; 2120 - 2130; 2130 - 2135; 2135 - 2140; 2140 - 2145; 2145 - 2155 FDD Band 4
8 Verizon 1885 - 1890; 1890 - 1895; 1865 - 1870; 1895 - 1910; 1850 - 1865; 1870 - 1885 1965 - 1970; 1970 - 1975; 1945 - 1950; 1975 - 1990; 1930 - 1945; 1950 - 1965 FDD Band 2
9 Verizon 835 - 845; 824 - 835 880 - 890; 869 - 880 FDD Band 5
10 T-Mobile 1740 - 1745; 1745 - 1755; 1730 - 1735; 1710 - 1720; 1720 - 1730; 1735 - 1740 2140 - 2145; 2145 - 2155; 2130 - 2135; 2110 - 2120; 2120 - 2130; 2135 - 2140 FDD Band 4
11 T-Mobile 1865 - 1870; 1895 - 1910; 1870 - 1885; 1850 - 1865; 1885 - 1890; 1890 - 1895 1945 - 1950; 1975 - 1990; 1950 - 1965; 1930 - 1945; 1965 - 1970; 1970 - 1975 FDD Band 2
12 T-Mobile 698 - 704 728 - 734 FDD Band 12
13 T-Mobile 824 - 835 869 - 880 FDD Band 5
14 Sprint 2496 - 2690 2496 - 2690 TDD Band 41
15 Sprint 1895 - 1910; 1890 - 1895; 1885 - 1890; 1850 - 1865; 1910 - 1915; 1870 - 1885; 1865 - 1870 1975 - 1990; 1970 - 1975; 1965 - 1970; 1930 - 1945; 1990 - 1995; 1950 - 1965; 1945 - 1950 FDD Band 25
16 Sprint 2310 - 2315; 2305 - 2310 2355 - 2360; 2350 - 2355 FDD Band 30

How To Check Which Xiaomi Phone Will Work In The USA?

There is the only way to check if your Xiaomi phone will work in the USA or not. And that is by checking if the bands available in the Xiaomi phone are compatible with any carriers in the US. 

You can check any Xiaomi phones supported band list from the Mi Global website. Go to the specs section of any smartphone and scroll down to Network & Connectivity section and check if the Network bands available are compatible with your carrier. Here is the band list supported by T-Mobile.

Understanding the network compatibility of Xiaomi smartphones in the USA is crucial as certain network bands such as 4, 12, and 17, crucial to AT&T and T-Mobile, are often not supported.

Before buying a Xiaomi smartphone, ensure to check network coverage in your area, especially since AT&T utilizes bands 2, 4, and 5 in some locations.


Being a resident of the United States does not mean that you will not be able to purchase a Xiaomi phone on your own.

There may be instances that it will be kind of a hassle to properly go through the entire process just to make sure that your money is being put to good use, but guaranteed that everything stated above is reliable and will make you enjoy your most-awaited Xiaomi smartphone even if you live in the US.

To summarize the thought of this article, Xiaomi is worth the price and is very recommendable. Set your panic aside and follow your desire because smartphones are now a portion of our necessities, so invest in the one that you think will be the best for you!

Why Xiaomi doesn't sell phones in the US?

Xiaomi officially doesn't sell smartphones in the US. You can buy Xiaomi smartphones in the US but only through resellers on Amazon and other e-commerce sites. Though Xiaomi is the 3rd largest smartphone brand, it is mindblowing that they haven't sold a single phone in the US officially. 

Xiaomi only sells their ecosystem products like power banks, Air Purifiers, earbuds, projectors, and more. The reason why Xiaomi doesn't sell its smartphones in the US is that they have very low-profit margins. 

Xiaomi only makes around 5% profit from smartphone hardware sales, and this allows them to offer excellent value-for-money smartphones. This strategy has worked for Xiaomi in Asian countries like India and China where the customers want the most value for their money. 

In a market like the US, which is dominated by carriers and carrier integration into smartphones, Xiaomi will have increased its investment a lot. This along with what happened to Huawei, I don't think Xiaomi or any other Chinese smartphone manufacturer will be comfortable investing heavily in the US.

So for now you can buy Xiaomi ecosystem products in the US from Xiaomi themselves, while you won't be able to buy smartphones. YOu will need to go with resellers if you want to have a Xiaomi phone in the US. Here is a list of the best Xiaomi smartphones in the US and where to buy them. 

Do Xiaomi Phones work in USA - FAQs

Can Xiaomi be used in the US?

Yes, Xiaomi phones and products can be used in the US. However, Xiaomi doesn't officially sell any phones in the US, because of carrier restrictions and low-profit margins. You can still purchase Xiaomi phones from resellers on Amazon, eBay, Newegg, etc, or you can import from other countries. But keep in mind that, the Xiaomi phone will only work on AT&T, T-Mobile, and their sub-networks like Mint.

Will Xiaomi phones work on AT&T?

Yes, Xiaomi phones will work on AT&T as they support bands 2 and 3. So, if you are an AT&T user, then you can safely buy any recent Xiaomi phone without having to change carriers. Check our full guide to know about Do Xiaomi Phones work in USA.

Can Redmi phones work in the USA?

Yes, Redmi Phone will work in the USA. Redmi is a sub-brand of Xiaomi and they use the same bands that are included in Xiaomi phones. Since, Xiaomi devices can work with carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Mint, Redmi devices will also work with them. Learn more about Do Xiaomi Phones work in USA in this guide.

Are Xiaomi phones region locked?

No, Xiaomi doesn't lock their phones by region, but it doesn't officially sell devices in countries like the USA. This is due to carrier restrictions and low profit margins. But if you really want a Xiaomi phone, you can import it or buy them from resellers on Amazon, eBay, Newegg, etc.

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