24 of The Best Xiaomi Accessories from China in 2024 | Smart Toothbrushes, Wireless Speakers, Luggage and More..

24 of The Best Xiaomi Accessories from China in 2024 | Smart Toothbrushes, Wireless Speakers, Luggage and More..

Xiaomi phones are known for being feature-packed and budget-friendly. But to unlock their full potential, consider adding some Xiaomi accessories to the mix.

Whether you're a photography enthusiast, a fitness fanatic, or simply looking to enhance your daily phone use, there's a Xiaomi accessory out there to perfectly complement your device.

This curated list explores 24 of the best Xiaomi accessories you can get your hands on in 2024, all delivered straight from China.

We'll delve into a variety of categories, from power banks and wireless chargers to smartwatches and AI speakers.

Best Xiaomi Accessories from China Availability AliExpress / Xiaomi Average Price (USD)
Xiaomi Smart Toothbrush Both $30-40
Xiaomi Toothbrush Both $5-10
Xiaomi Shoes Both $40-50
Xiaomi Backpack 2 Both $20-30
Xiaomi Foldable Storage Bag Both $5-10
Xiaomi Powerbanks Both $10-20
Xiaomi Earphones Both $10-30
Xiaomi Chargers Both $3-5
Xiaomi Tripod Stand Both $10-20
Mi Luggage Both $40-70
Xiaomi Travel Pillow Both $10-20
Xiaomi Flask Both $10-20
Xiaomi VR Play 2 Both $15-30
Mi Portable Speaker Both $10-20
Xiaomi Pen Both $2-5
Xiaomi LED Light Both $5-10
Xiaomi Oakwood Mouse Pad Both $10-20
Xiaomi Smart Mouse Metal Pad Both $15-25
Xiaomi Slippers Both $5-15
Xiaomi Hagibis Laptop Cooling Both $20-30
Xiaomi Tire Pump Both $20-30
Xiaomi Zuodu Automatic Reverse Umbrella Both $15-25
Xiaomi Ratchet Screwdriver Kit Both $10-20
Xiaomi Casual Backpack Both $10-20

Top Xiaomi Accessories from China To Check Out in 2024

#1 - Xiaomi Smart Tooth Brush

Xiaomi has been making everything smart and now they’ve come with a smart toothbrush. This smart toothbrush is one of the most stylish smart toothbrushes out there. It comes with wireless charging, a charging stand, and apart from that here are its features.

  • 4 cleaning modes - Clean, sensitive, gum care, whitening
  • A one-time charge lasts about 25 days. Has a 1000 mah battery
  • The whole toothbrush is washable, not only the bristles.
  • Connects via Bluetooth to the phone that gives you information regarding your brushing habits

#2 - Xiaomi Toothbrush

Starting off with the Toothbrush. Xiaomi is not only a consumer electronics company, but it’s also a consumer goods company too. Xiaomi makes one of the best toothbrushes out there. They are high quality, sturdy and the bristles last for a long time. These are super popular in China and are used by most mainland Chinese people. Now it’s your opportunity to get your hand on this Xiaomi toothbrush! It's one of the best Xiaomi Accessories from China.

#3 - Xiaomi Shoes

Xiaomi under the name of Amazfit makes running shoes that are incredible. Now these shoes by themselves aren’t “smart” shoes. If you want to make these shoes, smart, you need to get the smart chip that is sold separately. The smart chip basically tracks your running, distance and provides all these important metrics on your app that help you improve your running.

#4 - Xiaomi Backpack 2

The Xiaomi Original backpack 10L is an everyday easy-to-carry backpack. If you’re traveling or you’re going to college, this is a perfect bag. It’s small, petite, stylish, and can carry up to 10L of capacity. Xiaomi knows its backpacks too!

#5 - Xiaomi Foldable Storage Bag

Xiaomi under its 90FUN brand makes foldable storage bags. When you are traveling abroad, you must optimize for space and make sure all your clothes and other things have been packed in separate sections. The foldable storage bag comes in handy in storing all your apparel separately. Useful and cheap!

#6 - Xiaomi Powerbanks

Xiaomi makes a lot of smartphones and it only makes sense they make awesome power banks to go along with them and they do! The Xiaomi 10,000 mAh power bank will make sure you never go charge less anywhere. Cheaper than other similar power banks, this is a must-have.

#7 - Xiaomi Earphones

We have covered earphones extensively in this article. Xiaomi makes awesome earphones, headphones, and wireless earbuds. This particular product is the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots. They are one of the most stylish noise cancellation earphones available. They fit snugly, they have an amazing sound, and look great! Z

#8 - Xiaomi Chargers

Xiaomi makes chargers for Android phones. If you have a Xiaomi phone or an Android phone, make sure to buy a few of these to keep around the house, the office, and the places you frequent. At $4 a pop, it’s a steal!

#9 - Xiaomi Tripod Stand

It’s the age of videos. Everybody shoots videos and these days the quality of videos is super important. Shooting birthday videos? Or a party or doing a professional shoot? Then you need the best of the best. These are the Xiaomi Tripod Stand.

#10 - Mi Luggage

xiaomi list accessories

Xiaomi makes Mi Luggage that competes with the best brands out there. Xiaomi Luggage is stylish, sturdy, spacious, and has four wheels, which makes it super easy to move around. They also cost a tad less compared to other brands making the same products. If you want Xiaomi quality in your luggage, here is your opportunity.

#11 - Xiaomi Travel Pillow

One of the best accessories made by Xiaomi is the travel pillow. This travel pillow is a multi-purpose device. It doubles up as a pillow, a neck pillow, and a neck massager. It has a small button on the side that initiates the massaging process.

#12 - Xiaomi Flask

The Xiaomi Flask is made of stainless steel thermos vacuum. It has a 500ML capacity and can hold all sorts of liquids in the super-tight vacuum-sealed tank. It keeps the contents hot or cold depending on what you want. The best part? The outside is insulated from the temperature inside. This means you won’t burn your hands or your hands won’t get cold.

#13 - Xiaomi VR Play 2

There are many VR headsets out there, some are super expensive and some are super cheap like the Google Cardboard. But the VR Play 2 from Xiaomi is a different beast altogether. It has the feature set of a premium VR Headset while it costs very less. Want a brilliant VR experience at a good price? This is your gadget.

#14 - Mi Portable Speaker

xiaomi china list

The Mi Portable speaker is a truly unique speaker that is super small, can be carried around in your pocket. This 1200 mAh battery has 7 hours of continuous playback. The volume rocker is an innovative design that can be turned from side to side.

#15 - Xiaomi Pen

You might be genuinely surprised by this. As part of their consumer goods offerings, Xiaomi makes pens also. Xiaomi pens have become super popular because of their amazing design and workability. They look similar to Muji’s products but at half the price and that’s why Xiaomi pens are popular.

#16 - Xiaomi LED Light

One of the coolest and simplest tools from Xiaomi is the Xiaomi LED Light. This is a LED light that can be used as a small light source when you’re working on your computer, or when you’re reading a book.

#17 - Xiaomi Oakwood Mouse Pad

The Xiaomi Oakwood Mouse Pad is one of a kind mousepad that is made from Oakwood. It’s super stylish and it’s also anti-grip. Perfect for gaming!

#18 - Xiaomi Smart Mouse Metal Pad

This is a super sleek mouse pad made from metal. It’s pretty big and the mouse flows like butter on top of this mouse pad.

#19 - Xiaomi Slippers

Best Xiaomi Accessories from China

The Xiaomi slippers are perfect for those who wanted soft and comfy slippers to wear around the house, that is cheap, durable, and looks stylish!

#20 - Xiaomi Hagibis Laptop Cooling

Xiaomi in collaboration with Hagibis has made a very useful and cool product. Laptops get heated up all the time and due to this, they slow down and have problems. The Hagibis Stand acts as a grip-proof stand and also raises your laptop to keep them cool.

#21 - Xiaomi Tire Pump

The Xiaomi tire pump is one of the best Xiaomi car accessories on the market. This device is extremely popular in China. It looks like a robust power bank and has an LED screen on the front portion. Additionally, it comes with dial-shaped buttons and a tube to fill the tire. It can pretty much fill all types of tires ranging from car tires and bikes to even soccer balls. What's even more interesting is that it can fill up to 5 car tires on a single charge. Most importantly, it can also check the tire pressure.

#22 - Xiaomi Zuodu Automatic Reverse Umbrella

Featuring a unique umbilical aluminum frame, this Xiaomi Zuodu umbrella has a reversible body that not only offers enough room for three people but it also becomes extremely compact when folded. Additionally, this umbrella is equipped with waterproof fabric, so the rain just bounces off without making a mess. It also has a LED strip around the rim to alert others of your presence in the dark.

#23 - Xiaomi Ratchet Screwdriver Kit

The Xiaomi Ratchet Screwdriver is an amazing tool for its price. This high-quality screwdriver kit features 16 high-precision bits that get the job done perfectly. With 3 gears and magnetic suction, fastening and loosening screws have never been easier. The crew bits are also resistant to wear and tear offering long life. 

#24 - Xiaomi Casual Backpack

Some of the most underrated Xiaomi products are its backpacks. Xiaomi’s backpacks are incredibly good-looking and very useful. This Xiaomi backpack is made of 600D polyester and can fit up to a 15.6-inch laptop. Stylish, elegant, and useful, and at a super price! They are also lightweight at just 400g.


Are Xiaomi products high quality?

Yes, Xiaomi makes some of the best quality products across all the categories it deals in. From smartphones to electric scooters to household products, Xiaomi has high-quality affordable products for sale. You can find them on Amazon and AliExpress.

Does Xiaomi have subbrands?

Xiaomi has many subbrands that work under it. Xiaomi’s subbrands deal in different categories of products. Some of the most popular Xiaomi subbrands are Redmi (smartphones), SOOCAS (body care), Amazfit (smartwatches), Yeelight (lighting). There are plenty of other subbrands that you can find on Amazon and AliExpress.

How can I buy Xiaomi products from China?

Xiaomi has products across a wide range of categories. These products are high quality and come at affordable prices but the only problem is finding them globally. You can buy Mi products that are exclusive to China from AliExpress. You can even find some resellers selling new Chinese Xiaomi products on Amazon.

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