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Types of Xiaomi Power Banks

I've had countless instances when my phone's run out of charge when I was outside. This would have been fine if I didn't need to call an Uber or pay for something. There was one time, where I actually had to walk 3 miles to my friend's house in heels to borrow her charger. It was after that incident that I decided to invest in a portable charger. While I have used various portable chargers over the years, I tend to gravitate towards Xiaomi's little beasts cause they not only have a large capacity but they are also relatively compact and easy to carry. Check out our guide on the Types of Xiaomi Power Bank for more details.

I'm actually not being biased when I state that Xiaomi's power banks are on a league of its own. Xiaomi power banks are compact enough to fit in your pocket without making you feel uncomfortable. Even the most basic device is at least 10,000mAh and can easily charge your device 4 times. It also happens to be really fast when it comes to charging as the output is 2.1A. However, what really set's the Xiaomi Powerbank is not the design, power or the capacity, its the unbelievably cheap prices.

Xiaomi even has a sub-brand called ZMI that's dedicated to power banks and other charging devices. ZMI has been in the game for just four years and it's won multiple awards. They have chargers that range from your basic 10,000mAh charger with 65W to 20,000mah beasts that can charge not only your phone but also your laptop or even your Nintendo DS.

However, in the ocean of power banks some really do stand out. So, here are the best Types of Xiaomi Power Bank in the market.

After reviewing close to 50 Xiaomi power banks based on various factors like design, size, capacity, performance and price, my team and I zeroed in on 4 that really stood out. These 4 were further put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best type of Xiaomi power bank is the 10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro. It has a slim, sleek and lightweight design that can easily fit in the user's pants or carry bag. This power bank is also extremely durable and is equipped with high-density lithium polymer batteries that can efficiently charge your device up to 4 times. Additionally, it also comes with various features that include an 18W two-way fast charging and low charging mode. Most importantly, it is extremely affordable at only $30.

Types of Xiaomi Power Bank

10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro

The 10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro is one of the best Types of Xiaomi Power Bank. It is one of the slimmest 10000mAh power banks in the market. However, it's not the compact design that makes this one of the best. This power bank is absolutely brilliant when it comes to performance. With an 18W fast charging technology, it can power up a smartphone with 3000mAh battery in under two hours. That's makes it 25% faster than other power banks.

  • Not only is it slim, but it is also ergonomically curved and easy to grip. Even the buttons are indented and can be controlled with a simple touch. Furthermore, the texture of this power bank is expectational. The matte polish finish is smooth to the touch. Most importantly, it has a double anodized aluminum case that's resistant to discolouration, scratches and it can easily survive a fall without harming the sensitive components.
  • This power bank comes with a USB Type-C charging and has a wide range of charging options. You can charge all kinds of smartphones, laptops or other devices. It is also compatible with the lightning cable for Apple Devices.
  • There is always some loss of electricity when charging devices. However, this efficient power bank can convert up to 93% of it's power. This brilliant function can be primarily attributed to it's chip and high quality internal components. Since, the chip is pretty much the brain, it has nine safety precautions to protect it from being fried.

You can also power devices that require low power like fitness bands or TWS earbuds by double-tapping the power button. It also supports 18W two-way charge. So, you can charge the power bank using your phone if you wish.

ZMI PowerPack 20K

Featuring a compact design and three ports that can charge three devices simultaneously, the ZMI Power Pack 20K is one of the best Xiaomi power banks in the market. This super powerful beast of a machine can charge pretty much all device that uses a USB port. It can even charge the latest laptops that use a Type-C or a lightning port. This 20000mAh power bank is equipped with features that will blow your mind.

  • What truly surprising is the size of the device. This 20K power bank can easily fit on your palm which means that it can easily fit in your pocket without looking out of place. It also happens to weigh only 400 grams. It also has a sandwiched design with the outer portion being made of a heat resistant aluminum casing and the PC+ABS central portion that protects the sensitive components.
  • This Xiaomi power bank 20000mah uses IC chips that not only improve efficiency and speed but it also offers safety features. For example, it prevents the device from overheating and other voltage related issues.
  • Since it is a 20K power bank, the manufacturer improved the charging time of the device itself. You can charge it from 0 to 100% in 3.8 hours. It also offers two-way charging which can be extremely useful if you're trying to share power with your friends or family.

The ZMI PowerPack 20K has a unique hub feature. You can connect the laptop to one port and use the other two ports for thumb drives or other computer peripherals like a mouse.

20,000 mAh Redmi Fast Charge Power Bank

If your looking for a high capacity traditional power bank then the 20,000 mAh Redmi Fast Charge Power Bank is one of the best. This power bank comes with 4 ports, a two-way charging function and fast charging functions. While it doesn't have cool features like the ZMI's hub system, it is relatively much cheaper. It is one of the best Types of Xiaomi Power Bank in the market.

  • Unlike the other power banks on this list, this one doesn't come with a sleek or compact design. In fact, it probably one of the bulkiest power banks in its segment.
  • Out of the 4 ports, two are input ports and two are output ports. So, you can only charge two devices at the same time. You can charge the power bank itself at different speeds using either the Type-A or Type-C input ports. I recommend the Type-C port as it comes with an 18W fast charging function.

It supports low power charging. All you have to do is tap on the power button twice and it will switch to a 2 hour low power mode which is perfect for fitness bands. It is also equipped with a lithium polymer ion battery which is perfect for various types of devices.

ZMI PowerPack Aura 20K

This ZMI PowerPack Aura 20K is another highly robust and traditional power bank without any fancy features. However, it is extremely fast when it comes to it's charging capabilities. It uses 27W fast charging feature to charge smartphones, tablets and other devices. It also does have a low power mode for fitness trackers and TWS airpods.

  • Although it is relatively large it's still slim when compared to the Redmi power bank. The rectangular-shaped design is reminiscent of the first-ever power banks. With the only latest addition being a LED display with a digital battery level gauge

It comes with its own protective carry bag and is compatible with all the latest devices. However, Apple users might want to skip this one as you will have to get an official MFi certified USB-C to Lightning cable to charge your apple devices. Which as it turns out has a considerably higher charging time than other devices

Which Mi power bank is best?

The best Mi power bank in the market in the 10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro. Not only does it have a slim and sleek design but this power bank is extremely durable and resistant to the wear and tear of everyday life. It can efficiently charge your device 4 times. Additionally, it also comes with various safety features that protect both the user and the important components of the power bank like the chip.

It also makes use of USB Type-C charging and is also capable of 18 W two-way fast charging. Most importantly, it has amazing features like a low charging mode that improves battery life and overall user experience. Check out our guide on the Types of Xiaomi Power Bank in the market for more details.

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