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Top Yi Products 2024 | Cutting Edge Cameras For Your Home and Office

Yi Technology has become a trusted name in the realm of home and office security, offering a range of cameras designed to keep your spaces monitored and secure.

With a commitment to combining user-friendly design with advanced technology, Yi's home and office cameras are tailored to provide peace of mind.

Whether you're looking to keep an eye on your home while you're away or ensure that your office remains safe during off-hours, Yi has a camera solution to meet your needs.

In this article, we'll introduce you to the top Yi products that are specifically crafted for enhancing security in your personal and professional environments, showcasing their features, capabilities, and how they stand out in the competitive market of surveillance technology.

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Top Yi products Features Price
YI Home Camera 1080P IP Full HD recording.
Smart motion and sound detection.
Baby cry detection.
Two-way audio.
Enhanced night vision.
Secure Cloud Service.
YI Dome Guard Camera 360° coverage in full HD.
Enhanced Infrared night vision.
Flexible installation options.
Motion and human detection.
Baby crying detection.
Time-lapse imaging.
Local and Cloud storage.
Phone, PC, and Mac support.
YI Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Security Camera Wire-free.
140° viewing angle.
PIR motion detection.
Starlight night vision.
Kami Baby Smart Monitor Can track your baby's breathing patterns
Captures high-quality videos
Night mode
Record Voice option
YI 1080P PTZ Outdoor Camera 1080P Full HD Recording
Human Detection
Color Night Vision
2-Way Audio
Built-In Alarm
IP 66 Weather Resistant
Supports MicroSD Card Storage
YI Cloud Storage
Wi-Fi Connection
YI Dome U Pro Security Camera 2K video resolution
Smart surveillance features
360-degree rotating stand
The camera can swivel 90 degrees
Local and cloud storage
Secure and safe

What is Yi Technology?

Yi Technology is one such company that specializes in creating cutting-edge imaging solutions. All their products have excellent hardware and software making them one of the most reliable brands out there. They have amazing features that can make your life much safer.

For example, their home security cameras, dash cameras, and personal photography equipment are intelligent products that come with fantastic features like night vision, motion sensing, high definition video recording, and some of the latest technology in the industry.

Of course, The best part is that Yi products are not only equipped with a bunch of remarkable features but also super affordable. Check out our list of the Top Yi products for all the details:

Top Yi Products 2024

#1 -- YI Home Camera 1080P IP

This powerhouse of a home camera comes equipped with a 1080p HD resolution, 112° wide-angle lens, and f/2.0 aperture that provides complete round-the-clock coverage. 

  • The up to 4x zoom can help you focus on the minutest details with a simple tap of your finger. 
  • The YI 1080p Home Camera uses an advanced motion detection algorithm that ensures accurate detection at all times. 
  • With 8 individual 940nm infrared LEDs, the camera turns on infrared (IR) automatically in low light conditions giving you 24/7 Full HD, day or night. 
  • What’s truly commendable is the activity alert notifications that are sent to the YI app which can be accessed by up to 5 family members. So no matter wherever you are, you have the ability to keep a tab on your pets, or always monitor your house. 

What’s in it for you:

The YI 1080p Home Camera is a must-buy for new parents as it detects any sound made by your baby and sends you a 6-second video clip. The installation of the app can be done in three easy steps so you are connected instantly. With advanced motion detection, you are always aware as activity alerts are sent to the app automatically. Another added bonus is the responsive built-in microphone that allows you to have a two-way conversation. 

Key Features:

  • Full HD recording 
  • Smart motion and sound detection
  • Baby cry detection
  • Two-way audio
  • Enhanced night vision
  • Secure Cloud Service

#2 -- YI Dome Guard Camera

The cool-looking YI Dome Guard Camera 1080P is a feature-packed home security camera from YI. The camera is unlike any other with precise motion detection and enhanced night vision so you are alerted of any slight movements each time, every time. This definitely makes it one of the Top Yi Products in the market.

  • The Dome Guard Camera is equipped with a 355° horizontal and 84° vertical rotation range that creates a 360° HD coverage of your home. This allows you to take easily record videos with a 360° viewing angle.
  • The 1080 HD enhanced image quality provides you with 2 million pixels and offers up to 4x zoom so you don’t miss out on any details. Similarly, Xiaomi also has a camera that is equipped with more or less the same features.
  • The YI Dome Guard has high-end encryption with an easy-to-use interface so your data is not lost or tampered with. The Dome Guard camera also comes with a flexible local and cloud storage option designed for you.

What’s in it for you:

The YI Dome Camera has a unique feature that lets you place the camera on your wall, ceiling, or your table. You have an option of mounting your camera in multiple ways provides a 360° coverage of your house giving you the exact coverage you want so you can be stress-free.

Key Features:

  • 360° coverage in full HD
  • Enhanced Infrared night vision
  • Flexible installation options
  • Motion and human detection
  • Baby crying detection
  • Time-lapse imaging
  • Local and Cloud storage
  • Phone, PC and Mac support

#3 -- YI Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Security Camera

Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera by YI Technology is a 100% wire-free HD camera equipped with advanced motion detection. This cutting-edge outdoor camera doesn’t require an external base or hubs.

  • A truly wireless design, the camera is equipped with rechargeable batteries and can be used anywhere around the house. It's highly portable and can be taken when you travel making it a complete package.
  • The Kami Wire-Free camera is also IP65 certified and is all weatherproof and dustproof. It can operate at temperatures ranging from -10° to 50° C/14°F to 122°F providing 24/7 operation. 

What’s in it for you:

Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera is powered by a PIR motion sensor that reduces “false positives” that are caused by vehicles at a distance, trees moving, flags, and similar movements. This camera also comes with a 140° viewing angle with a wide lens and enhanced night vision which allows you to see more with clarity.

Key Features:

#4 -- Kami Baby Smart Monitor

EThe Kami Baby Smart Monitor is more than just a simple baby monitor. In addition to being equipped with the latest AI technology, this gadget also comes with the edge computational process that makes your user experience smoother and your overall parenting experience much easier.

  • Not only do you get peace of mind as you can keep a track of your baby but this baby monitor can also notify you regarding the temperature and humidity of the baby's room.
  • When it comes to the basics, this monitor is absolutely solid. It captures high-resolution images and then some. It even detects your baby's cries and notifies you. Additionally, it can even capture the baby at night and even gives your the night summary of the baby's movements.
  • Like most Yi cameras, you can record your voice and play it through the camera to soothe your baby. You can even Livestream it with your friends and family. Most importantly, it Comes with a feature that lets you keep track of your baby's breathing.

Key Features

  • Can track your baby's breathing patterns
  • Captures high-quality videos
  • Night mode
  • Record Voice option
  • Notifications

#5 -- YI 1080P PTZ Outdoor Camera

YI 1080P PTZ Outdoor Camera

The YI 1080p PTZ Outdoor Camera is an excellent option for security outside your home. It is loaded with features that make it one of the top Yi products to buy.

  • The YI 1080p PTZ Outdoor Camera can detect humans, has colored night vision and 2-way audio for exceptional recording and surveillance.
  • The camera also comes with a built-in alarm, supports a microSD card, cloud storage, and connects using Wi-Fi.

And finally, the IP66 rating means that the Yi 1080p PTZ Outdoor Camera can function in any weather condition. It also features a clean design that would make it look good when mounted.

Key Features

  • 1080P Full HD Recording
  • Human Detection
  • Color Night Vision
  • 2-Way Audio
  • Built-In Alarm
  • IP 66 Weather Resistant
  • Supports MicroSD Card Storage
  • YI Cloud Storage
  • Wi-Fi Connection

#6 -- YI Dome U Pro Security Camera

If you liked the Yi Dome Guard Camera, then you will love the YI Dome U Pro Security Camera. This is basically a pro version of the YI Dome Guard Camera, and it is better in every way. 

YI Dome U Pro Security Camera
  • The YI Dome U Pro Security Camera has a more practical design that lets it capture videos in almost all the angles you'll need thanks to the 360-degree rotating stand and 90-degree camera swivel.
  • The camera also has tons of smart features like face detection, sound detection, motion tracking, and more. 

Overall, the YI Dome U Pro Security Camera is easily one of the best security cameras you can get. It is feature-rich, has excellent image quality, and doesn't cost a ton, making it one of the top Yi products. 

Key Features

  • 2K video resolution
  • Smart surveillance features
  • 360-degree rotating stand
  • Camera can swivel 90 degrees
  • Local and cloud storage
  • Secure and safe

Yi Products: FAQs

Are Yi cameras good?

With many brands vying for the top spot in this competitive industry, the ability to give attention to detail is what sets YI Technology apart! The company has been exemplary in providing solutions that are smart, easy to use, accessible, and secure. Features like Night Vision, Motion sensing, collision detection, emergency recording, and Wi-Fi sharing really set these cameras apart from the rest.
All of their products are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology. Majority of which IOT- based. Basically, you can control the cameras through your smart devices and access all the features remotely. Check out our list of Top Yi Products for all the details.
They use 128bit end-to-end encryption (similar to the banking industry) to protect your passwords and accounts details.
YI Technology not only provides smart AI-driven solutions that make life simpler for you and me but they truly value the privacy of their users by ensuring an extra layer of security in handling data. Now that’s something I look forward to when it comes to trusting a company or a brand. Check out our list of the Top Yi products for all the details.

Are Xiaomi and Yi the same?

No Xiaomi and Yi are not the same entity. It would be accurate to say not anymore. Yi Technologies was originally backed and funded by Xiaomi. But the companies pulled out of the partnership in 2016 and Yi has dropped the "Xiaomi Yi" brand name.
Now, Yi Technology is a company that specializes in manufacturing state-of-the-art imaging solutions while Xiaomi is a consumer electronics giant that has various products underneath its umbrella.
Yi technology recently partnered with Google to produce the Yi Horizon VR180 camera. Yi technology has made some of the best cameras in the world. Check out our list of the Top Yi Products for all the details.

Is Yi a Chinese company?

YI Technology is a Mainland China company which is also known as Xiaoyi. YI manufactures cameras and surveillance-related products for home and office needs. The company was backed by Xiaomi till 2016 and then split up.

Are Kami and Yi the same?

Yes, both brands are part of YI Technology. Both brands even share the same products and features.

Can YI cameras be hacked?

All cameras and electronic devices can be hacked. I have seen some online reviews of customers stating that their YI cameras are hacked, but I haven't faced any such issues. The key is to maintain good security measures for your Wi-Fi network.

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