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Top Xiaomi Shoes | For Fitness and Much More

While Xiaomi is one of the biggest players in the consumer tech space, they have diversified into various other areas such as smart home appliances and even lifestyle products like shoes. But, these aren't just regular shoes, most of them are created with unbelievable precision and accuracy. Some of these shoes come with an integrated smart chip that can even process your fitness data. Check out our list of the Top Xiaomi Shoes for all the details.

Xiaomi launched the first shoe in 2017 and since then they’ve developed amazing shoes with every generation.  These shoes are engineered to be compact and support you with your fitness goals. They are made with the finest grade materials and shaped to absorb shock and protect you from minor injuries. These Xiaomi products are honestly true value for money.

Although there are quite a few generations of shoes, we've compiled the list of the Top Xiaomi Shoes. Now, Lets get to the review, shall we?

Top Xiaomi Shoes

#1 -- Xiaomi Mijia Sneakers 3 

The third generation of the Xiaomi Mijia sneakers is available in three colors, namely dark black, black-red, and light gray. At first glance it might actually seem very similar to the second generation in terms of appearance, but if you pay closer attention you can really see the amazing upgrades that are packed into this amazing pair of shoes. 

  • Mijia sneakers 3 is created with an advanced weaving technology. The upper portion is made of multiple composite materials that provide not only breathability but also comfort.
  • The heel of this shoe comes with a larger support surface and helps with balance. I the heel of the shoe, it adopts embracing balance piece. The general structure of the shoe helps support intense explosive movements and is perfect for most sports.
  • The outer covering of the shoe is made from a breathable fabric, this design makes the shoes look very modern and fashionable.  This type of fabric material is great during the summer months as it provides air conditioning of sorts. But it is honestly, hell when it rains. The water seeps in through the fabric and makes your feet all mushy and it can even stink. Make sure you use this type of shoe only during dry months.
  • The sole is arc-shaped for better performance and is made of cushioning material on the inside that prevents knee damage as it can absorb energy. 
  • The Xiaomi Mijia Sneakers 3 has a star-shaped hollow pattern rubber outsole. This outsole has a very strong grip. You can really feel the amazing grip when climbing rough terrain or when walking on a slippery road. The overall surface area of this sole is larger than the previous generation.
  • These sneakers come with reflective strips on the back and sides. This can help illuminate night runners and keep them safe. It's because of features like these that these shoes are popular all over the world.
  • The insole is stitched to the sides, so you can be assured it won’t get dislodged easily. This soft woven insole is also made from a woven technology so it's very comfortable and your feet can breathe easily. This type of sole is perfect for long runs and high-intensity exercise. 
  • The most unique portion is the heel portion that stands out. Not only does it have the Mi logo it is also made of TPU a tuple of elastic material that protects your feet and relieves landing pressure.

The most useful feature or rather component of the Xiaomi Mijia 3 sports shoe is the 3D fish-bone locking structure. Although the previous generation had this, it has been vastly improved in the 3rd generation. The fish-bone structure forms a sturdy structure that wraps around your foot like a pair of skeletal fingers. This increases comfort and the movement of the foot.

Key Features

  • Comfortable with shock-absorbing cushioning.
  • Popcorn Cloud and FreeForce Composite midsole that provides a stable running, with non-wear properties.
  • Uni-Moulding 2.0 integrated moulding process.
  • Reduces injuries.
  • Full palm slip rubber outsole, non-slip wearable and easy to bend.
  • Star-shaped hollow sole that reduces weight
  • 3D moulded fishbone locking system
  • Breathable fabric
  • Machine washable.

#2 -- Xiaomi Mi Mijia Sports Shoe Sneaker 4 

The 4th Generation of the Xiaomi Mijia Sports Shoe is very similar to the previous generations in the lightweight aspect but very different in terms of other regards. It launched early this year and is pretty damn amazing if you ask me. I use it almost every day.

  • Xiaomi has upgraded the design by optimizing it, making it lighter than its predecessors.
  • Unlike the previous versions, this shoe is created through a Uni-Moulding 2.0 integrated moulding process. The Midsole is a popcorn midsole that is formed during the manufacturing process. This midsole basically has four parts of different materials in the same mould. This improves the overall comfort of the shoes.
  • This uni-moulding also places a TPU material that provides longevity to your shoes. It also provides stable support and reduces the chance of injuries.
  • These Mi shoes 4 also has the fishbone locking structure. This fishbone locking structure provides structure and sturdiness to the shoes and makes sure the foot is firmly locked in place. Basically, it reduces stress on your feet and supports you by providing stability.
  • The outer sole of the Mi shoes 4 is made from the same star-shaped hollow bottom flower design to reduce weight. The entire shoe structure is bendable for explosive movements and intense exercise.
  • Of course, these shoes are also machine washable and the outer fabric is made of a breathable fabric.

This Xiaomi Mijia 4 sports shoe has an amazing feature. It comes with a special Microban sole which has an antibacterial effect. This sole basically, prevents bacteria from maintaining life. Since the bacteria can't survive, there is no foul odor.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable with shock-absorbing cushioning.
  • Popcorn Cloud and FreeForce Composite midsole that provides a stable running, with non-wear properties.
  • Uni-Moulding 2.0 integrated moulding process.
  • Reduces injuries.
  • Full palm slip rubber outsole, non-slip wearable and easy to bend.
  • Star-shaped hollow sole that reduces weight
  • 3D moulded fishbone locking system
  • Breathable fabric
  • The Mi shoes 4 is Machine washable.
  • Microban Sole that prevents odor

#3 -- Xiaomi Mijia Amazfit Antelope Running Shoes

You might have heard of the Amazfit smartwatches. But now Xiaomi in collaboration with Huami (Amazfit Band manufacturer) have created smart wearable technology in the form of a shoe - Xiaomi Mijia Amazfit Antelope Running Shoes.

  • The Xiaomi Mijia Amazfit shoes are honestly a fantastic pair of shoes. It is super comfortable and non-slip. So it can be used on smooth surfaces and you get a good grip on uneven terrain. The iconic non-slip feature is due to the "relief sole" that adheres to the surface.
  • The shoes are also made from wear-resistant material. For example, it has a breathable mesh-like jacquard fabric that is water-resistant. It is pretty amazing compared to the Xiaomi Mijia speakers 3 in this regard alone. At least you can use this throughout the year, regardless of the rain or terrain.
  • These shoes come with special inserts that are made from innovative ERC-material. This provides a cushioning effect and absorbs shock.
  • Amazingly the outer soles are made from Goodyear rubber (Yes, the tire company). This amazing sole is lightweight and can handle a variety of terrains. Of course, it also provides anti-wear and anti-slip properties to the shoes.
  • Xiaomi Mijia Amazifit shoes come with a Footbird breathable cushioning insole. These soles are made from foam and sweat absorbing fleece fabric. It is also very elastic and comfortable. The best part is that it disperses pressure when running. so you can keep going during intensive bouts.

Now for the most amazing part. Under the insole is a removable module Mijia Smart Core 2. This module tracks your steps, even the calories you've consumed and various other parameters. You can sync it with your mi home app and get access to various sports modes. This is useful for anyone who needs very detailed control over their exercise regimen. All in all, it's an amazing pair of shoes. And definitely worth the money.

Key Features:

  • Non-Slip, Non-wear and Comfortable
  • Water-resistant
  • Breathable fabric and shock-absorbing cushions
  • lightweight sole made from Goodyear Rubber.
  • A smart chip that tracks your fitness

Buy the smart chip here!

#4 -- Xiaomi FREETIE Sports Shoes

FREETIE is Xiaomi's Sub-brand that specializes in manufacturing running shoes. These shoes are not only elegant and good looking but they also are designed to help your feet during those long runs. These shoes are built to support your sole and even help reduce sweat and discomfort. It's one of the Top Xiaomi Shoes of 2021.

  • These trendy shoes look great, they are designed with the latest technology. The exterior is a mesh-like material that promotes air permeability. This air permeability ensures that your feet won't get stuffy or uncomfortable during those summer runs. The only drawback is that it does allow a bit of air to seep through which can get super irritating. Especially, if it's raining.
  • The vamp of the shoe is made from a high bounce knitting technology of stereoscopic molding. This entire vamp portion is made of only one seam which reduces the surface area of the shoe, making it more compact and perfect to your feet size. Unlike bulky running shoes, this improves aerodynamics when running.
  • On the sides it has two stripes of synthetic leather with the FREETIE branding. The in-sole is made from EVA. This rubber like material is extremely flexible and absorbs shock and pressure of your feet improving comfort and stability.
  • The sole of the shoe is made from an anti slip material with improves overall balance. These shoes ares also machine washable which is a huge plus.

Overall, these lightweight shoes, absorb shock and improves overall stability. The thick sponge-like breathable material on the inside reduces sweat and discomfort. You also get a reflective ring on the heel which makes running at night relatively safer.

Key Features:

  • These shoes are wear-resistant, anti-slip, and lightweight.
  • They absorb shock, promote balance and air permeability.
  • The vamp is made by a seamless high-bounce knitting technology of stereoscopic moulding.
  • Machine washable

Are Mi shoes good?

Honestly, Xiaomi's Mi shoes are pretty good. In fact, Xiaomi makes amazing quality products at affordable prices. Being a tech company, there is an unbelievable level of precision that has gone into creating every aspect of these shoes. For example, The Xiaomi Mijia Amazfit Antelope Running Shoes is made in collaboration with Huami (Manufacturer of Amazfit bands) and Goodyear(The tire company). These smart shoes are fantastic, they are non-slip, water-resistant and wear-resistant.

These amazing lightweight shoes also come with a smart chip that tracks your steps and provides you with detailed data on the Mi Companion App. Check out our list of the Top Xiaomi Shoes for all the details.

What are MI smart shoes?

In recent years, Xiaomi has launched a line smart wearable technology in the lifestyle space: the MI smart shoes. These shoes can be integrated with a smart chip that tracks steps, calories burn and multiple other fitness parameters. It is marketed towards those who are extremely serious with their fitness and need constant and reliable data. These smart shoes also provide various sports modes that you can follow to achieve your fitness-related goals. Check out our list of the Top Xiaomi Shoes for all the details.

What to look for when buying Xiaomi Shoes?

Although Xiaomi shoes are pretty good, there are certain things you need to consider before getting a pair. This is because each pair of Xiaomi shoes are extremely different and are meant for different activities. For example, if you decide to run with the first generation Xiaomi sneakers, you can pretty much expect it last for no more than half a year. Instead, you would have been better off if you decided to get a pair of Amazfit shoes that are extremely durable. So, here are some important factors that should be considered before you buy Xiaomi shoes.


  • More often than not, people seem to get the wrong size. This is primarily due to the fact that Xiaomi sells their stuff online and your only go-to guide is an online pamphlet. Unfortunately, since most Xiaomi authorized sellers are situated in China, they tend to get the size wrong. Although it may seem like its not that big of a deal. It has caused hardship to the shoes if your feet are too large. And you can also be affected by the lack of blood flow, nerve disorders and discomfort. So, it's important to contact the seller and have a back and forth with them regarding the size.


  • If your planning on running then get running shoes. Don't get the sneaker just cause they look cool and decide to run with it. The fabric on the shoe is not built to tale extreme stress and will soon rip if subjected to intense running. So, you should Ideally go through the features of the shoes and buy it based on your requirements.

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