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Best Xiaomi Speakers 2024 | Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers Review

Xiaomi offers a range of Bluetooth speakers at different price points, with features to suit various needs.

Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly option for poolside tunes or a powerful party speaker, there's a Xiaomi speaker out there for you.

But with a few different models to choose from, picking the right one can be tricky.

This guide will break down the best Xiaomi speakers in 2024, helping you decide which one delivers the best sound, features, and value for your money.

We'll cover everything from compact and portable speakers to feature-rich smart speakers, so you can find the perfect Xiaomi speaker to take your audio experience to the next level.

Best Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers Key Features
Xiaomi Sound Move - Great sound with 1.75-inch speakers and passive radiators
- 21-hour battery life
- IPX66 rated, touch controls, supports Chromecast and AirPlay
- No NFC or AUX input
Xiaomi Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2 - Compact, 16W driver for clear audio
- 13-hour battery life with fast charging
- Splash-proof and built-in microphone
- NFC pairing
- Bass could be better, no AUX input
Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker - 20-hour battery, 5W power
- IPX5 splash-proof, voice assistance support, Bluetooth 5.0
- Designed for table-top mounting
Mi Soundbar with 8 Speaker Drivers (White) - 8 speaker drivers for enhanced audio
- Multiple connectivity options including AUX
- Simple, elegant design - Budget-friendly
MI Portable Bluetooth Speaker - 16W power, 13-hour battery life, dual EQ modes
- IPX7 rated, built-in mic, voice assistant support
- Type C charger, no stereo sound unless paired with another speaker
Mi Smart Speaker With Google Assistant - 12W power, 63.5 mm sound driver, DTS tuned
- Google Assistant, Far Field Mics
- Bluetooth and touch-sensitive controls
- Mic switch off for privacy
Xiaomi Mi AI Mini Speaker - AI-powered, can control smart appliances
- WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
- 1.5-inch, 2W speaker, 1.2 GHz quad-core processor
- Cobblestone shape, lightweight

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Best Xiaomi Speaker 

Xiaomi Sound Move

Best Xiaomi Speaker 2023

The Xiaomi Sound Move serves as a highly portable Bluetooth speaker that doesn't compromise on audio quality or battery endurance.

Crafted from a blend of metal and durable plastic, the speaker exudes a sense of sturdiness and meticulous construction. Its relatively petite dimensions make it highly convenient for on-the-go usage, allowing for easy transportation whether in a backpack or just carried by hand.

When it comes to audio performance, the Sound Move doesn't disappoint. It boasts a duo of 1.75-inch full-range speakers that are complemented by two passive radiators.

This combination of audio components results in a clear, well-rounded sonic output that also maintains impressive bass levels. Moreover, it offers a degree of customization, enabling you to tweak the sound profiles to align with your specific auditory tastes.

In terms of battery longevity, the Sound Move sets a high standard. It promises up to 21 hours of playback time on a fully charged battery. Not only does it have stamina, but it also supports fast charging. A brief 15-minute charging session can deliver up to three hours of listening time, which is an excellent feature for those who may find themselves frequently in a hurry.

Best Xiaomi Speaker - Mi Sound Move

The robust construction extends beyond mere aesthetics; it also offers resilience against environmental factors. With an IPX66 rating, the speaker is certified to be both dustproof and waterproof, making it an excellent companion for outdoor activities. Whether it's a beach day or a hike, you don't have to worry about the elements damaging the device.

The device offers a touch-sensitive control panel for ease of use, further enhancing its user-friendly nature. Additionally, for those who prefer hands-free control, it incorporates voice-command features, allowing you to interact with the speaker without the need to physically touch it.

For seamless streaming, the Sound Move comes with support for both Chromecast and AirPlay. This means you can effortlessly stream your favorite tunes from various gadgets you own, thus broadening its compatibility with multiple platforms.

To sum up, the Xiaomi Sound Move offers a compelling package for its price point. Its portability, excellent sound quality, exceptional battery life, and environmental resistance make it an ideal option for anyone in the market for a versatile, long-lasting, and high-quality portable speaker.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Xiaomi Sound Move:


  • Great sound quality
  • Long battery life
  • Compact and portable
  • IPX66 dustproof and waterproof
  • Touch controls
  • Support for voice commands
  • Chromecast and AirPlay support


  • No NFC pairing
  • No AUX input

Xiaomi Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2

Best Xiaomi Speaker 2022

The Xiaomi Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2 offers impressive sound in a small, mobile form factor. Constructed from hard-wearing plastic and coated with a rubberized finish, the speaker is designed to resist water splashes. It comes equipped with an integrated microphone, allowing for hands-free phone conversations.

This compact speaker is outfitted with a 16W driver, providing clear and well-rounded audio. While the bass may not be as robust as some competitors, it's adequate for the general listener. Its in-built echo-canceling feature ensures that voice calls are crisp and easy to understand.

In terms of battery longevity, this device can run for up to 13 hours, which is admirable for its size. It even features quick-charging capabilities, offering 3 hours of playtime from just a 10-minute charge.

Best Xiaomi Speaker - Xiaomi Portable Speaker 2

Pairing is straightforward with Bluetooth connectivity, and it also offers the convenience of NFC pairing—simply tap your phone to the speaker for instant connection.

All in all, the Xiaomi Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2 is a solid choice for those in search of a small, travel-friendly speaker with respectable sound quality. It's also an attractive option for those who need a water-resistant audio device.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Xiaomi Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2:


  • Compact and portable
  • Good sound quality
  • Splash-proof
  • Built-in microphone
  • Fast charging
  • NFC pairing


  • Bass could be better
  • No AUX input

Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

The 5 watt Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker comes with 20 Hours of Battery Life. Some very useful features you will admire in this Xiaomi speaker are a dynamic sound output, IPX5 splash proof body case, voice assistance support and Bluetooth 5.0 dual mode.

This speaker features an outdoor Bluetooth connectivity and is designed for table top mounting.

The mini and light design looks compact and you will find it easy to carry it around for hours of unending music on the move. Long battery life lasting for 20 hours in one charge assures an uninterrupted music.

The sound qualities include crystal clear sound quality, impeccable treble and a punchy bass. The splash proof capabilities of the speaker ensures the device’s safety during outdoor uses.

Voice assistant support lets you control the device from your phone when you want to make calls or change the music played. The Bluetooth 5.0 dual mode lets you connect two devices at once for a seamless music experience. This speaker is compatible with iOS Android & Windows.

The diaphragm is made from long fiber pulp vibration film from Canada. The damping system is rendered perfect with capabilities to restrain vibrations for natural sound.

The passive radiator that is in-built in the device can significantly enhance the low frequency sound to make it effective thereby achieving the perfect sound texture and a great sound quality.

Mi Soundbar with 8 Speaker Drivers (White)

Offering 8 speaker drivers, this Xiaomi MI speakers have AUX and Bluetooth connectivity. The connectivity type is Soundbar with table top mounting build.

The manufacturer has delivered this product with 1.0_ speaker surround sound channel configuration. The presence of 8 sound drivers significantly enhance your gaming, music and movie viewing experience. 

You can use S/PDIF, Optical, Aux-in and Bluetooth connections on this speaker. The design is a simple one bestowing elegant looks and a hassle-free, easy to set up feature in less than 30 seconds. The minimalist design set in a grey tone can match with any kind of interior décor.

You can connect the device with your phone or laptop via Bluetooth 4.2 LE and play your favorite songs effortlessly.  ‎The product dimensions are 83 x 7.2 x 8.7 cm with the soundbar weighing just 1.92 Kilograms. 

Soundbars some in a wide price range from different brands. Why Xiaomi Mi Soundbar stands out is due to its budget price. Nevertheless, this equipment can add a big boost to any TV’s audio.

Despite its lower price tag, the Xiaomi soundbar has a number of features of the proper soundbars you can think of. The inputs and power switches are at the back and the rounded edges render a classic appearance.  

MI Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The 16 watt MI Portable Bluetooth Speaker delivered by Xiaomi MI is IPX7 rated and can work on dual EQ modes and TWS mode.

The charger is Type C and a single charge lets you play the speakers non-stop for 13 hours. The normal and deep bass modes are two equalizer modes you can play the sound in and so you can listen your favorite music the way you want. 

Long pressing the volume up and down buttons can switch to the next or previous track. Play and pause buttons make the operations easy.

When your smartphone is connected with the device and if you receive a call while listening to music, the speaker will automatically pause the track and give a ring tone. Play and pause button is used to answer or end calls.

The powerful 16 watt speaker supports a delightful sound experience. The design looks classic and trendy offering convenient loop strip for easy portability.

The device has built-in mic with voice assistant support for a hands-free calling experience. It is possible to access your voice assistant right from your phone. The device is IPX7 water proof certified letting you safely use this speaker during pool parties and outdoor events.

The maker has designed this speaker especially for long parties, hikes and trips. The 2600mAh high-capacity battery performance is never disappointing. By pairing two Mi speakers, you can get a stereo sound delivered. The two color variants are blue and black.

Mi Smart Speaker With Google Assistant

This 12 watt speaker is a very powerful front facing speaker fitted with 63.5 mm sound driver made to deliver a wide range of soundstage to assure a highly immersive sonic life.

This is a DTS tuned product delivering crystal clear sound of any volume to fill the entire room. The Bluetooth enabled speaker has a mono configuration and delivered in a black outfit.

While investing in this Mi smart speaker, you are preparing to enjoy the brilliant delivery of the 63.5mm audio driver.

The sound output is stunning and the device can also be paired with other similar equipment for a very powerful theater sound effect. The device can be controlled through English or Hindi voice commands. 

The delivery is 12 watt output with the device working on HiFi Texas Instruments TAS5805M Sound Processor, the manufacturer has rendered this speaker in a modern stainless steel casing.

The other interesting additions include Google Assistant support, Far Field Mics, Smart Devices, daily organizer, media, and wireless music streaming via Bluetooth.

With hands-free comfort on your Mi Smart Speaker, you can play music, control the volume, look for the information about the songs you are playing, plan your day and set alarms.

You can control the speaker from anywhere in the room. The buttons are touch sensitive and account for easy accessibility. As a privacy feature, the device comes with the mic switch off option whenever needed.   

Xiaomi Mi AI Mini Speaker 

A high performance speaker based on Artificial Intelligence technology, the Xiaomi Mi AI Mini Speaker can listen and talk to you like your dear companion.

This device can also help control smart electric appliance, do voice memos, schedule the management tasks and check the message. You can set this either as a network speaker or a Bluetooth speaker. With its very interesting features, this speaker can add spice to your life.

The manufacturer has rendered this device with built-in audio content and it can tell stories to kids and answer your questions. The design is a cobblestone shape and the body is rendered in an integrated molding case. 

This Xiaomi speaker is compatible with mobile phones and the connectivity features include WiFi and Bluetooth. The wireless speaker can supports micro USB interface.

The mini, multifunctional sound device weighs just 0.21 kg with the product dimensions measured at (L x W x H): 9.00 x 9.00 x 5.00 cm / 3.54 x 3.54 x 1.97 inches. Featuring a 1.5 inch 2 watt speaker, this model is powered by 1.2 GHz quad core processor.

In addition to the WiFi connectivity, you can also connect the device on Bluetooth 4.1with other devices for audio streaming.

It is possible to teach the device new skills through the app and being able to use the device to control air purifiers, smart bulbs, TVs, vacuum cleaners and air conditioner is a very interesting feature you will love to use.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker

Xiaomi offers a variety of Bluetooth speakers, so picking the right one depends on your needs and priorities. Here's a detailed breakdown of what to consider:

Sound Quality

  • Sound Signature: Xiaomi speakers generally lean towards a balanced sound profile. However, some prioritize bass for parties ([YouTube Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W)]). If you crave clear highs or rich mids for specific genres, research reviews or listen to demos if possible.
  • Driver Size and Number: Larger drivers typically produce fuller sound, while smaller ones might prioritize clarity. Xiaomi offers speakers with single drivers or dual drivers with a passive subwoofer for enhanced bass.

Battery Life

  • Playback Time: Xiaomi speakers boast varying battery lives. Smaller speakers might last 4-6 hours, while larger ones can reach 10 hours or more. Consider how long you typically need uninterrupted playback.
  • Charging Time: Faster charging is always a plus. Look for speakers with USB-C charging for quicker top-ups.


  • Size and Weight: Xiaomi offers ultra-portable speakers perfect for tossing in a bag to speakers best suited for home use. Think about where you'll use the speaker most and choose accordingly.
  • Durability: Consider the speaker's build quality. If you'll be taking it outdoors or around rough environments, a rugged design with water resistance is ideal.

Additional Features

  • Microphone: A built-in microphone allows for hands-free calling, which can be useful for taking calls while connected to your phone.
  • Multi-connection: Some speakers can connect to two devices simultaneously, letting you switch between them easily.
  • Voice Assistant Support: If you use a virtual assistant like Google Assistant, look for a speaker that supports voice commands for playback control.
  • IP Rating: An IP rating indicates a speaker's dust and water resistance. For outdoor use, consider a speaker with a higher IP rating.


Xiaomi is known for good value. Determine your budget and prioritize the features most important to you. You can find a Xiaomi speaker with a good balance of features and sound quality at a competitive price point.

Best Xiaomi Speaker FAQs

Which Xiaomi speaker is best?

The Sound Move speaker from Xiaomi is rated the best because of its small build and a high volume output. It's easily portable and call also be used a sa speaker in the house.

Is MI soundbar good?

The Mi soundbar is good for the price, but it's not as good as the B&O sound bars or JBL sound bars. The Xiaomi sound bar is a budget sound bar.

Does Mi smart speaker have battery?

The Mi speakers have an in-built battery that can't be removed.

Are xiaomi speakers good?

Xiaomi speakers are worth their price because they have a sound and quality that is on par with the other speaker manufacturers. They are also quite reasonably priced and makes them cost effective.


Some of the common features of Xiaomi speakers include high power, HiFi sound output, low distortion audio, and an immersive kind of sound experience.

With a number of options to choose from the galaxy of Xiaomi speakers, you are never in for a disappointment while choosing one because in each of its offerigns int his segment, Xiaomi has taken enough care to give the best you can expect for the price you pay.

While infusing the latest technology in each of its offering, Xiaomi has ensured that the design is up to the mark matching with the best in the industry sporting compactness, style and comfort in the making.

Each of the models discussed above are crafted beautifully and can be banked on for delivering a crisp and dynamic music at any volume. 

The models discussed above are available in a broad range of price categories and hence the choice of the best Xiaomi speaker for your situation will depend on your budget, how you want to use the speakers and the setting in which you will want to use them.   


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