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Best Xiaomi Juicers | Xiaomi blenders at a budget!

A healthy lifestyle is something everyone should follow. And a healthy diet is essential to a healthy lifestyle. And a healthy diet should include fruits as fruits come with tons of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and more. The same goes true for vegetables.

Product Name Features Price
Xiaomi Mijia Viomi Blender Perfect for the gym
BPA free plastic
High 14500 RPM motor
Compact and feather light
Robust Motor and battery
Best quality material
Stainless steel blades assembly
One button mechanism and smart technology
Power Failure Protection
Enjoy portability
Fun blending
Safe to use and easy to clean
Xiaomi Mijia QCooker Premium build with Metallic finish
Easy to clean
Raw power
Powerful and portable
Long-lasting build
Omni role capability
Triple interlocking
An extra cup container

Xiaomi Youpin 17 Pin Blender
Metallic charging port
Extremely portable
Long-lasting material
Magnetic charging port
Easy to clean

Xiaomi Deerma Portable Juicer
Portable lightweight design
Fast silent blending
8 cups of juice on a single charge
USB charging
Powerful 140W motor
Easy to clean and wash
PCTG plastic

Apart from consuming the fruit or vegetable as a whole, blending them into juices is a great way to consume them too. Juices in some cases can be better as you can extract all the excess waste and skin after blending. Consuming juices is more exciting compared to eating salads. 

To blend the best juices, you need the best blenders and Xiaomi has you covered as they offer a few excellent blenders/mixers to choose from. This article is a round-up of the best Xiaomi Juicers you can buy right now.

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Best Xiaomi Juicer 2021

Xiaomi Mijia Viomi Blender

Lightweight and Portable 

best xiaomi blender

The Xiaomi Mijia Viomi Blender is one of the most compact blenders you can buy right now. In addition to being compact, it is also very lightweight at just 350 grams making it perfect for your workplace. 

You can also carry this every day if you want to as it is super compact. It also comes with a 350ml capacity cup which is decent for a portable juicer. With over 85% 5-star ratings, it is one of the best compact portable blenders you can buy right now. 

Sturdy Build Quality

The Xiaomi Mijia Viomi blender employs high-quality plastic to provide excellent build quality on the bottom console. The cup container is made from Tritan plastic which is sturdy and non-toxic to be consumed from.

Tritan plastic contains no BPA so anything you blend is safe for consumption. So apart from just blending juices, it is safe to make baby food too. All this makes the Xiaomi Mijia Viomi blender safe, sturdy, lightweight, and portable.

Motor and Battery

The Xiaomi Mijia Viomi Blender features a 2000 mAh battery that can prepare up to 15 cups of juice on a single charge which is very impressive given the size too. The motor is also very powerful making the Xiaomi Mijia Viomi blender very efficient. With 14500 RPMs, the Xiaomi Mijia Viomi blender can blend juices in just 45 seconds. The battery uses USB charging technology making it portable and convenient to carry around and charge from pretty much anywhere. You don’t need to go hunting for power sockets, you can recharge the blender using a battery bank or even from your car. 

Blade Assembly

The blade assembly of a blender matters a lot as it will make blending easy, fast, and efficient. So the Xiaomi Mijia Viomi blender uses a high-quality 304 stainless steel blade set which is not just great for blending but also safe. 

The 304 stainless steel blades are magnetically inactive, providing no interference to the motor, this allows them to run at full speed. The 4 leaf blade design can cut, chop, crush and blend almost any vegetable and fruit. 

Easy and Safe to Use

The Xiaomi Mijia Viomi blender comes with a single button which makes it simple and easy for anyone to use. The button also features a LED color ring that denotes power and safety status. The blender is also smart as the blender won’t run if the cup container is not locked correctly. And similarly, if the blender is dropped, then the motor will stop running to ensure safety. 

The Xiaomi Mijia Viomi blender is great as a portable lightweight blender, and at just 30$ it offers excellent value as well. 


  • Compact design.
  • 14500 RPM.
  • 2000 mAh battery.
  • Quiet blending.
  • Long-lasting material.
  • Tritan container cup.
  • Maximum safety.


  • Try to avoid filling a container with hot water.
  • Small capacity.

Xiaomi Mijia QCooker CD-BL01

Powerful Mixer/Blender Solution

Xiaomi Mijia QCooker is more than just a blender, it is a full mixer, yet it is not that big or heavy. It can use two different containers that are of different capacities, a 300ml one and a 600ml one. At 1.32 kgs, it’s not as portable as some other blenders on this list, but it is one of the most powerful. 

It features a powerful motor that can juice fruits, crush ice, and other tough ingredients. The Mijia QCooker can make juices from your fruits in less than 8 seconds when on turbo mode. This is impressive given the size and cost. 

Long-lasting Quality

The Xiaomi Mijia QCooker is one of the best quality mixers/blenders you can get right now. It also looks very modern and elegant. Xiaomi didn’t cheap out on the materials and used only the highest quality material for their Mijia QCooker. The Mijia QCooker has a stainless steel body which makes it look sleek and best of all it is not a fingerprint magnet, so even after use with dirty hands, it looks clean.

On the inside, Xioami has gone with a thick copper wind motor so that it can crush and blend juices efficiently. The blades are also of top quality as they are made from 304 stainless steel. The Mijia QCooker with its powerful motor and its 304 stainless steel blade can blend vegetables, juice fruits, and crush hard ingredients like pepper and ice all in just a few seconds. 

More than Just a Juicer

As I have noted before, the Xiaomi Mijia QCooker is not just a juicer but also a mixer. Most juicers in the market can only juice fruits, and make smoothies, and they will fail when it comes to blending/mixing other kitchen ingredients. 

The Xiaomi Mijia QCooker can pretty much handle all the kitchen ingredients and blend anything you need. And Xiaomi has managed to achieve all this in a portable and lightweight package compared to other mixers on the market. And the 2 cup capacities give you versatility. You can use the small container for grinding spices and chopping vegetables. 

Triple Interlocking Technology

The Xiaomi Mijia QCooker uses a triple interlocking technology that ensures leak-free locking making it clean and safe to use. This interlocking technology is also smart in the way that the motor won’t run if not locked correctly in place. This makes the mixer safe for anyone to use.

And the Xiaomi Mijia QCooker won’t run if the cup container is not placed properly or if it is removed when in operation. The locking mechanism between the cup and the mixer is tight to make sure the blades spin at the highest speeds. 

xiaomi juicer

Along with the motor console, you get two different cup containers, two jar lids for each cup. There are extra lids so that you can use the cup containers as bottles too. You will also get a user manual in the box. The Xiaomi Mijia QCooker is one of the most complete blender/mixers on this list. The Mijia QCooker mixer comes with over 91 percent 5-star reviews, making it one of the best-rated Mixers in the market.


  • Smart design.
  • Premium build, anti-slip metal finishing.
  • 2x cup containers.
  • BPA-free plastic containers.
  • One key switch design.
  • Easy to wash and clean.
  • 1.2 m long cable.


  • Narrow cup containers.
  • We need to cut ingredients into small pieces due to narrowness.

Xiaomi Youpin 17 Pin Star Fruit Cup Portable Blender

Portable Excellence

The Xiaomi Youpin 17 Pin Blender is a unique product from Xiaomi which is aimed to provide the best possible portable juicing experience. The design is unique, sleek, compact, and lightweight. You can easily carry this anywhere, by just sticking it in your backpack pocket. 

The Xiaomi Youpin 17 Pin mixer also features a magnetic charging port, making it feel futuristic and adds convenience too. 

Compact yet Powerful 

The Xiaomi Youpin 17 Pin blender is a cool product as it is very compact yet powerful. It comes with a 400ml cup that’s more than enough for one person. It can make 15 cups of juice on a single charge making it very efficient. And it is powerful enough to make fruit juices in just under 30 seconds. So, you can serve an entire party on a single charge in the span of a few minutes. The best part of all this is that it is lightweight at just under 500 grams, 495 grams to be precise. 

Design and Build 

The design of any portable device is crucial, and the Youpin 17 Pin has a very cool design. It is just 7.39 inches tall and 3.36 inches wide, this means it can fit into most backpacks so you can carry it to work or on trips. 

While the outside is impressive, the insides are better, with a hidden blade design. This ensures safety while cleaning too. Another excellent choice is the use of a magnetic charging port which makes it convenient and the port will also last longer. 

Overall this is one of the best designed portable blenders both in the market and in the Xiaomi lineup. 

Easy, Convenient, and Safe to Use

The Xiaomi Youpin 17 Pin is one of the best products I have come across. It is almost perfect in every way. It uses high-quality non-stick plastic which makes it easy to clean. The hidden blade design also makes it safe and easy to clean. There is an automatic power-off feature that ensures protection and safety, the motor stops running when the cup is not secured into place or if the blender tips over and has a fall. 


  • Compact and casual design.
  • Long-lasting quality.
  • Easy to wash and clean.
  • Magnetic charging.
  • Quiet blending.
  • One key switch design.


  • Small capacity.
  • Unfit for heavy-duty usage.

Xiaomi Deerma Portable Juicer

Lightweight and Portable

xiaomi deerma portable juicer

The Xiaomi Deerma Portable Juicer as the name suggests is one of the most portable blenders you can buy right now. In addition to being portable, it is also very lightweight at just a few hundred grams making it perfect for carrying around. 

Even with such a small footprint, it offers a 400ml capacity cup which is more than enough for a single person. It is one of the best compact portable blenders you can buy right now, thanks to its form and performance. 

Powerful Performance

The Xiaomi Deerma Juicer features a 140W motor and decent battery capacity. This motor can run at upwards of 20,000 RPM, which is good enough to blend any fruit or vegetable. The battery life is also good as it can blend up to 8 cups of juice on a single charge. The juicer also takes less than 3 hours to get fully charged using a USB cable.

Easy, Convenient, and Safe to Use

The Xiaomi Deerma Portable Juice is designed in a way that is easy and safe to use at the same time. It is almost perfect in every way. It uses high-quality non-stick PCTG plastic which makes it safe to consume from and easy to clean. 

There is an automatic clean function. There is an automatic power-off feature that ensures protection and safety. The motor will stop running if the cup is not secured or if the blender tips over and has a fall. 


  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • High-Quality materials used.
  • Easy to wash and clean.
  • USB charging.
  • Quiet blending.
  • One key switch design.
  • Decent Capacity.


  • Long Charging time
  • Unfit for heavy-duty usage.
  • Battery life could have been better.


A healthy diet is important for long and healthy life. Juices should be a part of everyone’s diet as they provide a lot of essential nutrients. Juices are also easy to make, consume and digest. But to make juices you need juicers/blenders, and Xiaomi, one of the most trusted brands, have you covered. 

Xiaomi has multiple juicers and the above list covers their most popular juicers. These juicers offer excellent performance, portability and come in at affordable prices too. And you can expect them to perform and last well because it is from Xiaomi. There are portable juicers and all-purpose mixers on this list so choose the type you need based on your preferences, but regardless of what you choose, you will be satisfied.

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