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Best Lock For Xiaomi Scooter | Are they really safe?

Scooters are easy to steal and investing in a good scooter lock is an easy way to protect your scooter from theft. There are quite a many scooter lock models for Xiaomi scooters that can do a decent job. However, this guide is meant to simplify your search for the best lock for Xiaomi scooter while shopping for them online. Here I have researched through a number of Xiaomi scooter lock models and listed the best picks that are reliable for their anti-theft capabilities and can give the best value for your money.

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Best Lock For Xiaomi Scooter

WELLSTRONG Anti-Theft Steel Wire Lock Disc Brake

A great option to secure your Xiaomi scooter, the Wellstrong lock set is easy to use product. You just have to press the lock without a key to lock it. The reminder rope is made of hard steel and environment protection material for durability and sturdiness. It can be used along with the lock for more safety. The professional disc brake lock is made of high quality zinc alloy and can be easily fastened to the lock box in front of the scooter with a screw. This lock is easily storable in your bag or pocket. Installation is easy as you will need only a screw driver to fix the lock on your scooter.

The package consists of 1 disc brake wheel lock, 1 reminder rope, 2 keys, 1 lock box and 1 screw. You get them in two colors namely red and black. The reminder rope has 120 cm extension and it is made of durable PVC known for its anti-shear property and hence you land on more reliable additional security for your Xiaomi scooter.

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Homgee Anti-Theft Steel Wire Lock Disc Brakes

Best suited for Xiaomi Mijia M365 Electric Scooter, the Homgee scooter lock system can be universally used for all bikes, scooters and bicycles. You can lock it either on the disc or anywhere you find convenient. The package consists of 1 disc brake lock set. This lock system is made of high quality metal that is not easy to corrode or damage. This compact and light weight lock weighing just 190 grams is easy to carry. This lock is available in two colors namely red and black and you cannot choose the color since the product is shipped in a random picked fashion. The lock set comes with 2 keys. 

The reminder rope is very useful to bestow an additional protection. The lock can be fixed with just a simple press even without the keys. The reminder rope is made of flexible but strong and durable PVC material to ensure ease of use, strength and durability at the same time.

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SPEDWHEL Metal Lock for Bicycle Electric Bike Xiaomi

This is a mini-ring lock type of scooter lock from Spedwhel. This metal lock is specially designed for use on Xiaomi M365 but can go well with any scooter, bike or bicycle thanks to its universal design. The controller in this lock is a ring and the materials used in the making of the lock are metal, polyvinylchloride and zinc. The lock weighs 238 grams and hence it is easy to carry and easy to store due to its compact size.

The portability of this lock makes it a better option than chain locks. With regard to security features, this lock is not easy to break due to the strength of the materials and hence you land on a reliable protection for your scooter. You can’t keep the lock on the scooter after unlocking it. However, the size and weight facilitates easy carrying and you can just store it in your bag or pocket.

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Layfuz Anti-Theft Steel Wire Lock Disc Brakes

A Layfux product, this steel wire lock and disc brakes wheels locker set provides a reliable locking protection for Xiaomi scooters. Made especially for Xiaomi Mijia M365 electric scooter, this is a universal scooter lock that can suit any bike, scooter or bicycle. This is a combo type of lock assuring a twin protection for your scooter. Made of high quality material, the lock set is strong, non-corrosive and difficult to damage. Fixing the lock is easy due to the innovative design. You can lock it on the disc or anywhere else on the scooter you find convenient. The compact size and light weight of the lock makes it easy to store and carry with you on the move.

The lock is accompanied by 2 keys and the product weighs only 190 grams. You can expect to get the product either in black or red and you cannot choose the color as the lock is dispatched randomly.

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Maxmoral Electric Scooter Folding Metal Hook

This Maxmoral product is a folding metal hook blot screw lock type with a shaft pin. Especially promoted for use on Xiaomi Mijia M365 electric scooter, this is a versatile lock that can go well with any scooter, bike or bicycle assuring the most reliable protection from theft. Made of high quality material known for its sturdiness, the lock is not easy to deform and is known for its durability and non-corrosive capabilities under harsh weather conditions. This lock can make the perfect replacement for a Xiaomi M 365 lock. The package consists of one scooter folding buckle and a screw locking shaft pin. You can depend on this lock if you need to upgrade the parts of Xiaomi scooter and for an excellent protection as a shaft lock. 

The product weighs just 58 grams and so it is easy to store and carry. Since you just have to fix this lock in the shaft, it makes for a convenient use and you can easily store it in your pocket or bag while not in use.

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AllExtreme EXHDBL1 Heavy Duty Disc Brake Lock

An offering by AllExtreme, this is a heavy duty disc brake lock known for its excellent anti-theft capabilities. The pinwheel locking security lock is rendered in chrome painted finish and the lock can be easily fixed to any disc brake with holes to lock the wheel movement. The product is offered with 2 keys and the lock has to be just pushed into the disc brake without key for locking. The unique core design feature facilitates a smooth opening and closing for a secure and reliable kind of locking protection. Easy to fix on any kind of wheel with holes, this lock can be used to secure any type of motorcycle, bike, sports bikes, bicycles and other two wheelers. 

Made of high grade stainless steel, this is a durable locking system that is hard to cut or hammer. The product weighs just 132 grams and so it is easy to store and carry around on the move when the scooter is not locked.

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Mistique Disc brake lock for Xiaomi M365, M365 Pro, Essential, 1S and Pro 2 Scooter     

Mistique disc brake lock is made of solid cast of steel, zinc alloy and iron and hence can provide a dependable protection against theft. The simple design and light weight of the product makes it easy to store and carry anywhere. The locking pin is made of hardened steel and hence the device is impossible to drill, cut, saw or hammer. Therefore you are assured of the best theft protection for your scooter. This product is priced in the economical range when compared with its competitors and hence it is one of the bestselling locks online.

Easy to fix onto the scooter wheel, this anti-theft locking system is based on an innovative design for ease of use and a reliable protection. You can use it on any scooter, motorcycle, bicycle or other two wheelers having a disc brake system. The product is delivered in an assorted color range and hence you can choose it to match with the color of your scooter.

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How to lock your xiaomi scooter?

While parking your scooter, make sure to lock the scooter’s frame with a U-lock or chain lock and lock the wheels with a cable lock. Never leave the lock on to the ground which will give an easy way for the thieves to pick it or break it. It is important that the object to which you are locking your scooter to, is stronger than the lock and that it is not possible to hoist the scooter. If you use a chain lock, leave as much less room as possible by circling the chain around the locking object more than once. Lock the scooter in such a way to prevent it from being moved. Avoid locking only on the wheels since it is easy to remove. 

What are the different types of locks available for scooters?

Depending on the features, strength and security levels, there are different types of scooter locks you can think of. Some of the most common scooter lock types are chain locks, cuff locks, U-locks, wearable chain locks, folding locks, cable locks and security ties, disc locks, grip locks, and ring locks.

How to choose the right lock for your scooter?

A scooter lock has the important function of protecting your valuable investment and hence you must exercise great care to choose the right one. The best scooter lock needs to satisfy the following parameters.

The efficiency of a scooter lock depends on the budget and while investing in pricey ones from the best brands, you can stay at peace having secured your scooter.

Evaluate the risks of theft connected to your scooter and the parking situation. In high risk situations, you must invest in the most secure locks. Also, it is a good idea to go for two different types of locks in combination to make it difficult for the thieves to break them at once. U-locks last for long and are sturdy locking solutions that are easily portable and easy to operate. Hence they have a huge following among scooter owners.

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