Xiaomi Yeelight Lamp Review | The Best Affordable Smart Bulb?

Xiaomi Yeelight Lamp Review | The Best Affordable Smart Bulb?

Want to buy a new smart bulb but don't want to spend a ton? Check out our Xiaomi Yeelight Lamp Price and Review, it is one of the best affordable smart bulbs.

From the house of Xiaomi comes another incredible Xiaomi Smart Home product and that is the Yeelight Lamp. Xiaomi has made a string of incredibly useful products that benefit users. That includes cable organizers, smart lamps, massagers, and more. Today we go in-depth into the Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp. check out our Xiaomi Yeelight Lamp Price and Review for all the details.

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The Yeelight series of smart lights are fantastic. Not only are they IoT-enabled but they also come in a wide range of colors. A million colors to be precise. You can simply sync this lamp to your smartphone and control the different hues according to what best suits your mood.

You can also command your voice assistant like Alexa, Siri, or Xiaomi AI to change the color for you. The best part is that you can sync it with your entire smart home ecosystem and set automation commands. For Example, you can set this lamp to automatically turn on when you enter the room.

After having reviewed the Xiaomi Yeelight Lamp based on various factors like design, performance, features, function, price, and much more; my team and I found out that:

The Xiaomi Yeelight Lamp is one of the best smart lights in its price segment. The user can control this light remotely through a smartphone. Additionally, the user can also adjust the brightness and color temperature from warm to cool colors through the Yeelight mobile app. Most importantly, Smart home compatible.

Xiaomi Yeelight Lamp Review

Inside the Box

The Xiaomi Yeelight Lamp comes in a white cardboard box like the majority of the Xiaomi products. On the front portion of the box, you will find the image of the lamp along with some highlighted features. On the sides, you'll find some technical information and the specs. Now, In the box, you find:

  • The Yeelight Lamp itself.
  • And Instructiuon Manual.

Like a lot of users have mentioned, they would like Xiaomi to make instruction sheets in English, as well as their products, which aren’t restricted to the Chinese mainland, but the entire world uses Xiaomi Products.

The use of a USB cable and not a USB-C cable is a major concern as USB-C cables are the latest technology and that has not been incorporated in this device. There is no assembly required as it is a plug-and-play device.

Xiaomi Yeelight Lamp Specifications

Lumens: 800 Lumens

Rated Power: 10W

Base: E26 Base

Rated Input: 220V-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.05A (European region)

Color Temperature: 1700K-6500K

Color support: 16 Million colors

Modes: 8 Preset Modes

Connectivity: WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/b/n 2.4Ghz

Life Expectancy: ~ 25,000 hours

Size: 60x60x124mm


There is no doubt that the Yeelight is a good-looking product, if you happen to look at the Yeelight without knowing what brand it is, you’ll think it’s a Muji product from Japan, but much much cheaper.

  • The tall cylindrical design is pleasing to the eyes. It’s 8.7 inches in height and has a width of 3.9 inches, this means it can be added to the smallest of side tables near your bedside. It doesn’t take up too much space.
  • It weighs just below 500 grams, which means it’s not heavy at all. The base of this smart lamp is made of aluminium and the bottom of the lamp has rubber protection to protect from falls. But I have a small disagreement with this. A rubber base will help from small nudges and pushes, but it can still tip over, especially because it’s located near your bedside.
  • So while you are searching for your phone in the morning, you can tip the Yeelight over. But having said that it’s not prone to breaking because the dome is made of plastic that cannot break and the base is aluminium which can absorb some hits.
  • Coming to the dome, it is frosted white, which means, you know you are going to get light that is curtailed. On top of the dome is the button that is minimalist in look and does not seem like there is a button there. This is that sort of product that can be easily set-up in any room without affecting the design of the space.


Unlike many other Xiaomi Smart Home products, this one doesn’t have to be connected to the wi-fi in your home or office, it connects directly to your iOS app or Android app. It connects via Bluetooth and the only downside is it drains your battery.

The Light

The maximum light that can emanate from the Xiaomi Yeelight Lamp is 300 Lumens. This isn’t much at all. Considering it has 16 Million colors, the luminosity isn’t enough for reading or illuminating one side of your room. It is a light source that gives a little bit of light for nighttime moving around your home.

There is a glowing in the night feature which lightens up your room to a certain extent in the dark.

To summarize the light from the Yeelight lamp is Ambient light and not direct light that lets you perform functions that you intend to do.


The App functionality is pretty basic, you can connect it with your phone and it lets you turn your Yeelight on and off no matter where you are. There is also a timer feature that lets you switch the lamp off after 15 minutes

BUT, you have multiple connectivity options which take the use case to the next level. For example, you can connect it with Home Automation products such as Alexa and Google Home. You can also connect it to the Mi Band Smart Watch that lets you automate the device to switch off after a particular time, according to your choice.


Final Thoughts

The Yeelight is advertised as a smart lamp and priced at a range of smart lamps, but it doesn’t do justice to the name as it is an ambient light product. The design and aesthetics and quality of the materials are top class, but it fails to perform the basic functions you expect them to do. But on the contrary, there are numerous connectivity and automation options that you can perform with devices like the Mi Smart Band.


  • Aesthetic design and build quality
  • 16 million colours
  • Petite an Portable


  • Its more of an ambient light product and less of a direct light source


Is Yeelight a good brand?

Yeelight is an internationally recognized brand that comes under the Xiaomi ecosystem. They are known for high-quality affordable products just like Xiaomi. Yeelight is the recipient of numerous awards like the iF design award, Reddot Award, iF Gold Design, and IDEA design awards. They offer good customer support too which is important for customer satisfaction.

Can Yeelight light up a room?

The Yeelight 1S is rated for 10W of output with a max brightness of 800 Lumens. This is approximately equal to the brightness of a 60W incandescent bulb. While it won't light up large rooms, it is perfectly fine for smaller or medium-sized rooms. The Yeelight 1S is better suited for bedrooms rather than living rooms or halls.

What is the difference between Yeelight 1S and 1SE?

The new Yeelight 1SE is a lite version of the popular Yeelight 1S. The 1SE model consumes less power, as a result, it is not as bright as the 1S. The Yeelight 1SE can consume up to 6W of power while outputting 650 Lumens. The new model is also cheaper, so if you want a smart bulb for a small room, then the Yeelight 1SE will be a better fit.

User Reviews

I've already purchased (2) bulbs purchased from Yeelight because of my positive experience with them. Each light bulb I have purchased worked very well and was both easy to install. I'll talk about the paring process, the functionalities, and customization. I understand it's been difficult for some people so allow me to shed some light:(Good pun yes?)

Initial Setup:
The setup process begins by downloading the "Yeelight" smartphone app. Ensure you have a good wireless network connection and remain in close range as your pairing your smart lightbulb. Know how to read and follow the instructions, because it's very important you follow the instructions according to the app. Note:
You cannot set this up without first: Registering for an account with Yeelight. 2. Downloading their app.

Once you've registered for an account with Yeelight, launch the Yeelight app, and find the bulb you've purchased. (For me, this was the RGB Color2") Select your bulb, and allow the application to discover your current network. (This would YOUR default network; not the newly created "yeelight_wifi") ** I made this mistake.

After the Yeelight app has found your default wireless network, you can then proceed to connect your smartphone's default wireless network, to the Yeelight_wifi" wireless network. This will be a new network coming from the smart bulb for pairing purposes. The Yeelight_wifi (smart-bulb) has to successfully pair with your wireless network, so I recommend you keep the app running, do not close out of it until it's finished.

Customization:(Yeelight app)

The lighting effects on the Yeelight smart-bulb are done through the Yeelight smartphone application. There are many cool and easy to use color settings. Yeelight's application has tons of color options and you can use with custom light settings called "Scenes" These scenes on the Yeelight app, are pre-defined lighting settings you can configure on the Yeelight app.

On Yeelight's app, you'll find pre-installed color settings such as Sunrise, Sunset, Movie night, etc.
The common lighting settings on the Yeelight app, such as on and off, can also be triggered by a push of a button or an iPhone 3D touch gesture from the app for quicker access.


You can also connect Yeelight to IFTTT. for even customization in your lights scheduling, and triggering when paired together. Using the scenes on the app allows quick access to change a lighting scene. Yeelight's application even allows you to take your lighting scenes and use them in IFTTT.

Initially, you must give IFTTT permission to connect to Yeelight.IFTTT and add some IFTTT "applets". These color scenes and lighting effects are triggered by services on IFTTT, such as Google Assitant, Cortana, Outlook Email, predefined date/time schedules, or other custom actions you define on IFTTT,

The IFTTT application will help your personal assistants to trigger specific lightings effects on your Yeelight's lightbulb, from a third-party service like Alexa, by receiving input from the user. From activating color scenes, to changing color flows and setting a certain schedule.

Many smart home assistants such as Google Assistant,(**and Google Home) Cortana, or Alexa, **(Yes it works with Cortana!) All of these virtual can receive a new applet/ or phrase from scratch when created by IFTTT. The virtual smart assistants will be what's considered an "IF" (For example), "IF I say, "Hey Cortana, dim the lights. Cortana will first, respond with my predefined response, "Ok, I've triggered that for you." Cortana will then proceed to perform the "THEN THAT" action (which I set to be the trigger for activating the "Night" setting on my Yeelight Smart-bulb)

Once you've defined what service you want to use, Type what phrase you want to say. Your smart assistant will need this specific phrase defined, to connect to Yeelight, directly from the IFTTT application.
Make sure signed into IFTTT, you have connected iFTTT, to your newly created Yeelight account and grant IFTTT permission to IFTTT to connect to Yeelight.

What I've been able to do:

I have set up Yeelight with Google Home, Alexa & Cortana with the help of IFTTT. They all are compatible and work fine. If you prefer not the mess with IFTTT, I can verify Alexa will connect directly to Yeelight without the use of IFTTT. SImply go your Alexa app and choose Yeelight from the "Smart Home" section on your Alexa app.

It's really cool to have predefined phrases for Cortana, Alexa AND, Google Home when paired with IFTTT. I can use my smartphone app, or ask an assistant to set a scene, turn off or on the light easily.

These light bulbs from Yeelight are truly awesome, as there's a lot you can do. If you need any assistance, I'd be happy to offer further troubleshooting. I'd call myself an expert, as I really enjoy all the configuration Yeelight's smart but has to offer. I would highly recommend these bulb. With such a great price and awesome customization; you seriously can't go wrong. Fantastic product.

Ryker from USA

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