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Xiaomi UV Sterilizer Box Review | Sanitize Your Phone, Watch and Jewellery

Did you know that the phone that you're using right now is a Petri-Dish of various germs? According to various surveys, a seemingly clean phone can actually contain bacteria that's 18 times more than the average toilet. So, it becomes imperative we cleanse everyday items like our phone on a regular basis. Especially, during these trying times. However, it can get tedious to clean your smartphone on a regular basis. Check out our Xiaomi UV Sterilizer Box Review for more details.

Not only is manually cleaning your phone tedious it is also time-consuming. It's precisely because of this problem that Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi UV Sterilizer Box. This device can thoroughly kill all the germs on your smartphone in 15 minutes flat. That's fifteen minutes you can spend with your family. This Xiaomi gadget is a must-have in every home.

You also don't need to be concerned about water or chemical damage as this device only uses powerful UV lights to sterilize your precious gadget. Let's get to the review to find out more, shall we? Here's the Xiaomi UV Sterilizer Box Review.

Xiaomi UV Sterilizer Box Review

Inside the Box

The Xiaomi YouPin FIVE UV Multifunctional Disinfection Box comes in a standard minimalistic white cardboard packaging like all Xiaomi products. One front portion of the box you will find the image of the product and some technical information on the sides. Inside the box, you'll find:

  • A Type-C Cable
  • The Xiaomi Sterilizer Box itself


The Xiaomi Sterilizer Box has an extremely simple design to complement its simple function. Like the majority of Xiaomi's products, this one also has a minimal white and light grey color scheme.

  • This Xiaomi UV Sterilizer Box isn't as small as it seems. It has a dimension of 189 x 105 x 38 mm which is big enough to fit most phones and everyday items that need sterilizing like watches, jewellery and brushes, etc. This device is also extremely light, only weighing about 0.27Kg. So you can carry it around with ease.
  • This Box can essentially be broken down into two parts: the lid and the base. The lid is light grey in color and has the Five company Logo on top of the lid. It also has an elevated edge on all four sides to prevent objects from falling off the box. I'll elaborate further on this in the function segment.
  • The base of the Xiaomi Youpin Sterilizer is a hollow structure that's completely white in color. On the exterior of the base, you can find a power button and an LED indicator light and a USB port on the left-hand side. Inside the box, you'll find two ridged to keep the content elevated and two symmetrical outlets for UV lights.
  • It has four rubber anti-slip feet at the bottom to prevent the device from sliding or falling off counters easily.
  • The edge of the base on which the lid sits on contains golden projections. These projections transmit electrical charge from the base to the lid. More on this in the function segment.

All in all, the Xiaomi Sterilizer Box is designed to make your life as easy as possible. It has an easy to grasp contoured structure with a smooth and comfortable texture that feels great to the touch.

Function and Use

This Xiaomi Sterilizer Box is extremely simple when it comes to both usage and function. All you need to do is:

  • Place the object you want to sterilize inside the box
  • Close the lid
  • Press the power button
  • And wait for fifteen minutes for the device to effectively clean the object.
  • Yup, that's it.

It's important to note that the device won't turn on if you don't secure the lid tightly before pressing the Power button. The device has an LED indicator that will be on for 15 minutes, after which it will automatically turn off. This indicated that the sterilization is thorough and complete.


  • The Xiaomi UV Sterilizer Box makes use of a new type of deep Ultra-Violet light source to kill bacteria and other microbes effectively. This advanced UVC-LED technology generates an Ultra-Violet light with a wavelength of 260-280nm that can directly destroy the DNA/RNA of Bacteria and Viruses, thereby killing it.
  • Unlike traditional sanitation methods that use Hot Water or Chemical, the Xiaomi UV Sanitizer box causes no damage to the device itself. Xiaomi recently launched a UV lamp with the same technology that can disinfect an entire room!
  • The light emitted from the UVC-LED light beads is reflected to all corners using a mirror reflection technology. This creates 360-degree irradiation without any dead corners and ensures a thorough sanitization. The elevated ridges inside elevate the object so that the bottom portion of the device is also sanitized.
  • These LED Light beads have a life span of 10,000 hours. With 15 minutes, you can use this device up to 40,000 without any issues. This level of durability and longevity is exceptional for a Sterilizer with a price of 20$.

This Xiaomi Youpin Sterilizer also has an intelligent Human Body Detection Sensor that automatically stops the UV light if the lid is opened mid way. This is to ensure the UV light causes zero damage to the Human body and eyes.

Charging Function

This device is quite multi-functional as it is designed to also be a charger. And a wireless charger at that. All you have to do is place your phone of the lid of the box and the Xiaomi sanitizer box will automatically charge your device.

  • It supports 10W wireless fast charging and Qi Fast charging for Xiaomi Devices. This is absolutely brilliant as it can charge your phone to completion in 30 minutes flat. It's a useful function when you're not sanitizing your phone. This makes it one of the best Xiaomi Accessories of 2021.
  • The elevated edges on the phone ensures that your phone does not fall off the sides.

Xiaomi UV Sterilizer Box - Performance


When it comes to the performance all i can really say is that this UV sterilizer is decent. Decent because, the effectiveness isn't all that cracked up to be as the manufacturers claim. Sure it's better than nothing. However, still take it with a pich of salt when using it.

  • The sterilizer has to be plugged in all the time. So, for those with a socket located in an unfortunately low or high place, you'll have to get a longer Type-c cable or use your power bank. I ran into this issue early on. While it's great that a power bank can make it truly portable, it's really saps the juice. So, you'll end up charging the power bank more than you'd like.
  • As for the effectiveness, it's again decent. The Ultraviolet sterilizer does actually work. So, you are getting what you pay for. However, I did see that the UV box only thoroughly cleans an object if it fits two criteria: it has to be quite small and it has to be relatively clean. Yes, that's the main issue. It does clean an object with 99% effectiveness as long as these two are satisfied.
  • If it's a large object, even if it's a relatively larger object like a watch that can fit inside the box. It doesn't clean the entire thing as some portions just don't get the necessary amount of UV light. While there are ridges in place it doesn't prevent certain portions of a larger watch from falling to the base. This portion doesn't get any UV light. So, you either have to remove the bands: that is if you have a removable option or you'll have to to flip it and wait for another 15 minutes.
  • The second case where I've seen an issue is if the object it really filthy. Yeah, if this is the case it's safe to say you'll have to put it through this machine at least thrice. This does get irritating as most people actually wait for it to get that filthy before cleaning it. So, you'll have to be quite disciplined and sterilize the object very often, is all i can say.
  • The performance when it comes to tiny object is pretty damn good and exactly as advertised. So, this this is kinda perfect for stuff like jewelry. The two UV lamps and the reflective interiors do an amazing job killing microbes. So, in these testing times, you'll can actually be glad you have something like this to kill the damn virus.
  • Although the sterilizer function is helpful, the wireless charging function on the other hand really made me wonder. Wonder why the hell Xiaomi decided to incorporate a wireless charging function that can only be used when the phone is placed on top of the Xiaomi Five Sterilizer Box. So to say, this device can't charge your phone when it's inside the box. That honestly would have saved a whole lot of time.

Key Features

  • This Sterilizer box releases a powerful 260-280 nm wavelength of deep UV light that can quickly and directly destroy the DNA/RNA of Bacteria and Viruses. This UV light is safer than the majority of the sanitation processes as it does zero damage to the object of sterilization.
  • By using a brilliant Reflective Mirror Technology the Object inside the box is subjected to 360-degree thorough sterilization with no dead corners.
  • It takes about 15 minutes for a thorough cleanse. This is actually quite fast when compared to other sanitizers and methods that take up to 30+ minutes.
  • The Xiaomi UV Sterilizer Box is environmentally friendly and safe as it generates zero pollution or residue after disinfection.
  • It has an intelligent human sensor that ensures safe disinfection. Basically, the UV serialization will automatically stop if you lift the lid mid-process. This prevents the UV light from harming your body and eyes.
  • This device has a wide application as it can sanitize pretty much anything that fits inside it. However, it is ideal for smartphones, smartwatches, earbuds, keys, pens, makeup brushes and such items.
  • You can use the Xiaomi Sterilizer Box as a wireless charger. It supports 10 W wireless fast charging which can charge your device in less than 30 minutes.

Xiaomi UV Sterilizer Box Review - Final Thoughts

Honestly, it's a brilliant product. Especially, since you get fast and convenient sterilizer for 20$. Personally, I think the wide range of application alone is worth the buy. I use it every day to sterilize my everyday nick-nacks.

  • This device is ideal for smartphones, watches, keys, and even jewellery. The Xiaomi Sanitizer Box only takes about fifteen minutes, which isn't long compared to most sanitizers. If you're concerned about your invest meant and think that alcohol-based wipes can do the trick, you're not wrong. However, alcohol-based wipes or any other chemical wipes can damage your phones. So a device like this which uses UV radiation is actually a great substitute.

You also get to use it as a wireless charger which is a double whammy. Although it is a little weird they incorporated wireless charging technology into this device, you can't really complain either as your essentially paying 20$ for a sterilizer/wireless charger.


  • Sanitizes your phone in 15 minutes
  • Uses UV light and reflective mirror to thoroughly clean your phone
  • Wide application
  • Durable
  • It has safety features to protect both you and your phone
  • Also serves a wireless charger


  • You can't charge your phone when it's inside the box.

Is the Xiaomi Sterilizer Worth it?

Yes, the Xiaomi Sterilizer is well worth the money. Not only do you get an effective and safe sterilizer but you also get a wireless charging feature with this device. Basically, the Xiaomi sterilizer also doubles as a wireless charger which you can use when you're not using the sterilizing function.

  • As for the sterilizing function itself, the Xiaomi UV Sterilizer Box does an amazing job. It uses an advanced UVC-LED light to directly destroy the DNA/RNA of bacteria and viruses without harming the object or you. This sterilization takes place within 15 minutes which is pretty good when compared to other sterilizers out there. Check out our Xiaomi UV Sterilizer Box Review for more details.

User Reviews

I received this sterilizer box as a gift, which I would definitely recommend as a must have for any household due to the COVID-19. Everyday when I get home, the stuff I have been taken outside like keys, phone, glasses, bank cards, lipsticks etc can all go straight into this box. It takes only 5 mins to sterilize all of them. The design is super simple too - just plug and go. It is very convenient and works great, most importantly, it brings the peace of mind that there are no funky germs on my stuff. I am very happy with it!

Jan from USA

Decently sized UV sterilizer box can handle several items at the same time. I keep right near my home entrance and drop in my keys, phone, watch, and mask when I get home. I usually do a 15 minute for my electronics and keys, and a full 30 for the masks.

Don’t know if it kills everything like it states but it doesn’t hurt anyone by at least making me believe it. I still take precautions in wiping stuff down with disinfectant every chance I get, so an extra layer of protection is always good.

My only complaint is the lid. It has the little blue “open” tab in front but it’s not hinged so the lid has to be pulled off entirely and it’s not an easy thing to do. It’s actually kinda of annoying and perhaps the next iteration should consider a hinge type set up.

Joe V. from USA

Obviously I don't have a way of knowing whether it eradicates my phone of any germs, but it does have a particular smell after using the light, which prompts me to think it works or it's at least doing something. It's big enough to fit my phone, glasses, and keys all at once, but I usually just put in my phone alone. I've also put in 2 phones at once before, there's enough room for both to be in there without touching. The little pamphlet that came in the box claims it sanitizes all around even though the light is on the top.

Kimi from USA

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