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Xiaomi Touch Screen Smart Speaker Review

Xiaomi has been in the speaker business for quite a long time, almost a decade. Year after year they’ve made numerous speakers in the past that perform a single function. However, with the Touch Screen Smart Speaker, Xiaomi has changed the game. It's a remarkable device with amazing functionality. Check out our Xiaomi Touch Screen Smart Speaker Latest Price and Review for all the details.

This Xiaomi smart speaker is equipped with so many features that it actually can't be categorized as a simple speaker. For example, you can do some really amazing things with this device like control your smart lights, watch tv, call other people inside your hours through the Mi app and of course listen to music.

Unlike other Bluetooth speakers, this device is very multipurpose with a bunch of features. Here's the Xiaomi Touch Screen Smart Speaker Latest Price and Review. Let’s find out if it’s worth it or not. 

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Xiaomi Touch Screen Smart Speaker
Model AI Touch Screen Version (FJ02MLWJ)
Color White
Weight 272g
Microphone Yes
Battery AA LR6 1.5V
Connectivity Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, 433MHz RF/ Bluetooth 5.0
Transmission distance 10 metres
OS Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 or above version
Working temperature 0 to 45℃
Resolution 1280x720p
Lens angle 105°
Aperture F2.0
IR light 4pcs 850nm
Executive standard GB/T 31070
Dimensions 113mm×68mm×81.5mm
Price US $36.53

XiaoAI Touch Screen Speaker Box

Inside the Box 

Like most of Xiaomi's products, the Xiaomi Smart Speaker comes in a sturdy white cardboard box. On the box, you'll find a photograph of the Xiaomi Touch Screen Smart Speaker. Immediately after opening the box, you'll find:

  • The Xiaomi smart speaker
  • Charging adapter
  • Instruction manual 

The charging adapter is a Chinese two-pin power adapter. So, you will ideally need to use it with a converter. Fortunately, this device works pretty well with any micro-USB cable. So, powering it up shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

Design and Specs

The Xiaomi smart speaker is pretty tiny and very cute, it can fit anywhere without any hassles. And it is definitely compact enough to carry around the house.

  • It's completely white in color barring the touch screen of course. The minimalistic design and color scheme is similar to all products in the Xiaomi Ecosystem. Like all Xiaomi products, you'll notice that this smart speaker easily blends into any environment without standing out.
  • The Xiaomi Touch Screen Smart Speaker has dimensions of 8.2 cms in height, 11.3 cms in width and 7 cms in breadth. So, it's actually smaller in size than you'd think. However, you don't need to be concerned as the size doesn't affect the quality of the sound and touch screen is big enough to provide a decent user experience.
  • The front of the Xiaomi smart speaker has a 3.9-inch display which is a multi-touch display, which has an 800 X 480-pixel resolution. 
  • At the bottom, you'll find the speaker and a speaker grille. On top of the device, you will find the volume controls and the power button as well. 

The back of the device has a micro-USB port. As mentioned earlier, you can pretty much use any micro-USB cable in case you're located in an area where the Chinese 2-pin adapter isn't supported.

Important specs:

  • It weighs 272 grams, which is super light
  • The audio is a 1.5-inch full-range speaker
  • It can be connected through Wifi 2.4Ghz
  • It also supports Bluetooth 5.0

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Function and Use 

The question that arises in everybody’s mind is what does the Xiaomi Smart Speaker do? Before we get to that, here are the steps to set up the device:

  • You can set it up using the Mi Home App but using the Xiaomi AI app is recommended.
  • Once you turn on the device, you get to see a video of the capabilities of the Xiaomi Smart Screen Speaker.
  • You can change the clock face on the screen.
  • There are different designs.
  • You can also add your own photos to the smart speaker to use as a background. 

Now let’s get to the main use.

  • Once you set it up, the device will play a video of all the things it can do. So, be sure to pay attention to it. Generally, this Xiaomi smart speaker has multiple screens that it can display. The initial screen is a clock which comes with a bunch of different layouts.
  • You can also send multiple photos to the device and set it as a background. And the cool part its that the device will rotate through the background photos.
  • In order to access the main menu all you need to do is swipe down from the top of the screen. You'll find an interface that will allow you to not only control display settings but also access device settings such as microphone settings and most importantly it'll allow you to access the Home screen.
  • With the Xiaomi Smart Speaker, you have access to various videos through iTV a popular streaming service. Of course, you can also play music and access the internet.
  • Since, this is AI equipped smart speaker. You can control all the functions and features buy giving the device voice commands.

Now, what really sets this speaker apart from the rest is that you can use this device to control the various smart home devices in the Xiaomi ecosystem. Basically, if you have a Xiaomi enabled house, then you can literally tell this device to control your lights, fans, turn on the AC, monitor the video camera, control the Xiaomi Doorbell and so on.

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The mi smart display is 4-inches and has space for a custom digital clock. The resolution is 720p and of course touch-enabled. The display can be used to select music and watch videos and a variety of apps can be installed on the device.

  • As mentioned earlier, the Xiaomi Xiao Ai Touch Screen Speaker has a touch-enabled 3.7-inch screen that elevates the user interaction and experience. The Touch controls simplify the usage so that even kids and seniors can use it with ease.
  • This Touch Screen design makes it very suitable for it to be placed on a kitchen counter, to view the time or watch a recipe video or countdown.


This is ultimately a speaker and the truth be told, the speaker is not as good as it can be. Older Xiaomi speakers that have focused only on the speaker aspect and not the display aspect have performed much better in terms of sound. The Xiaomi Smart Speaker is a bit sub-par when it comes to sound.

  • But, it does have some unique feature such as a music library. So you will have a decent collection of music and of course, you can always connect to internet radio stations. And an important feature is the fact that it also functions as an alarm clock.

Voice Control 

This is a bit of a bummer for non-Chinese speakers. For those who speak Mandarin, you can control the device with the voice feature that lets you play music among other things. 

  • You can choose the various music options through the mi speaker app. You always have the option to mute the microphone, if you don't want the device to listen to you. This Xiaomi touch screen is not only one of the best gadgets of 2021 but it is also one of the best Xiaomi Accessories of all time.

Use Case 

For people who have a lot of Xiaomi gateway devices, then the Xiaomi smart speaker is a fantastic addition. You can easily control various devices through the Xiaomi Smart Speaker. I especially love the display and the speaker which adds a new dimension to the device.

  • Instead of having just a one-dimensional product like a speaker, you can have a clock, speaker, and display device, all built into one.  For a lot of people, I understand, this might not be a great value addition to their lives and that is where it gets difficult to talk about the benefits of it. 

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  • AI Face Identification.
  • Motion Detection and SMS Video Push.
  • Infrared Night Vision.
  • Free Cloud Video Storage.
  • The Mi smart display has 720P HD Resolution.
  • Real-time Talking.
  • Support up to 4 users connect at the same time.
  • Transmitter range is more than 50 meters.
  • Can be connected to a universal Bluetooth speaker as a receiver.
  • The mi speaker app is multipurpose allowing you to control all Xiaomi smart devices.


When it comes to performance the Xiaomi touch screen smart speaker is amazing when it comes to both real-time and long term. I've used it for almost 2 years now and haven't run into any issues whatsoever. In fact, the quality or build has degraded one bit. And it's certainly been through a tremendous amount of rough use.

The touch screen is quite sensitive and has virtually zero latency or lags. Even the response time between voice commands and execution of said command is virtually zero. This is one of the most useful features to be honest. For example, it really comes in handy when your need some information on cooking a dish and both your hands are messy. Other than this aspect this touch screen speaker also functions as a decent alarm clock and music player.

However, when it comes to sound quality of the speaker it is quite mediocre. Is extremely evident Xiaomi has cut corners on the hardware to save money. For example, the mids and highs are decent. The bass on the other hand is bad and the lows are almost too low. So, while the overall performance of this device is decent, you might need to invest in a different speaker if you are primarily interested in music.

Xiaomi Touch Screen Smart Speaker Latest Price and Review - Final Thoughts 

The first thing that jumps at you is the lack of English language support. This is the biggest problem of Xiaomi, that they need to rectify quickly. They have all these international users who are dying to get Xiaomi products in their hands, only to find out that the device works only with Mandarin. Not only is touch screen text in Mandarin, even the Xiaomi speaker's Ai cannot understand a lick of English.

There might be a firmware update for English users in the near future.

Coming to the device itself.

  • It's a pretty cool device that has multipurpose features: display cum speakers and a clock, all built-in one.
  • It’s pretty petite and it’s easy to use as well.
  • I wouldn’t consider this product an absolute must buy, but at least it follows up on the services it claims it provides. 
  • The most important feature is the fact you would be able to connect to all of your Mi smart home gadgets with this device. So, if somebody rings your bell you can just tap on the screen and look at the person ringing the bell provided you have the smart doorbell. It's a pretty cool and convenient feature.

With this device, you can watch the news, weather, read books and listen to music. You can of course also control your smart house from your bed with this device. Although not super great when it comes to music and sound its still an unbelievably convenient product to have. The multi-purpose nature alone is worth the buy.


  • The Mi smart display is fantastic and is one of the most innovative speakers there
  • The sound system is pretty reasonable
  • It’s small and it’s very easy to use
  • It connects with a variety of Xiaomi devices and makes it a hub to control these devices


  • The use case for this device isn’t clear
  • Does not support the English Language

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Do I need the Xiaomi Touch Screen? 

To be honest, the average person wouldn’t need a Xiaomi touch screen. It does a little bit of everything, but not one thing completely and that’s the biggest problem. However, the touch screen does make your life a whole easier. everything is just a tap away. You watch tv, play music, read books and the touch screen makes this very simple. Check out our Xiaomi Touch Screen Smart Speaker Latest Price and Review for more details.

If I had to use the Xiaomi touch screen for something, what would it be? 

Ultimately it can be a small device with which you can put your child to sleep without a tablet to distract them. This is the biggest use case I see, apart from watching videos and listening to music. Check out our Xiaomi Touch Screen Smart Speaker Latest Price and Review for more details.

How do I turn on my Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker?

Press and hold the middle button/ start button for around 2 seconds till the screen brightens up. Charging the device before you do it for the first time wouldn't hurt. The Xiaomi's smart speaker's can automatically connect to your device through Bluetooth. So turn it on. And you can sync it to the Mi Home app and control ist features.

What is the purpose of smart speakers?

The smart features of these speakers exist primarily to make your life easier. There are convenient and are extremely useful. For example, with the Xiaomi smart speaker, you can watch the news, read books, play music and control all the other Xiaomi smart devices in your house. So, you could tell the speaker to dim your lights as you go to sleep.

User Reviews

Works well , can monitor cams & see home system, local new-york timezones, happy good value , in Chinese language but easy to figure out

John From Canada

The Speaker itself is pretty good but the problem is it's in full Chinese. The worst thing is, you can't use Netflix or Spotify if you don't have to use Chinese services. Also ideal is to have a Xiaomi mobile because with my Samsung s9 plus I had problems. I finally made it work with a one plus

Ricardo From Spain

I bought it to use with my video doorbell from Xiaomi, and that works great. For now, the rest of the device is only in Chinese, but I managed to get some photographs on it, and I also managed to put my temperature sensors from the Xiaomi home app on it. In the future, I expect to see English support for it. But as it is I like it, great screen, good sound, and cool as a desk clock. I mostly use it in my kitchen, to see recipes on it. And i am also looking forward to completely integrate it in the home app. It would be nice to control the rice cooker and other devices from it.

Allarick from USA

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