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Xiaomi UV Sterilizer Lamp Review | Disinfect Your Home With Ease

With the mortality rate rising due to new harmful microbes, we must protect our families and ourselves from these hidden threats using every tool at our disposal. Unfortunately, the majority of these tools are expensive and most of can't live in complete seclusion either. So what can we do? Fortunately, Xiaomi launched a sterilizer lamp through their Youpin Crowdfunding platform to specific obliterate harmful microbes in a closed space like a bedroom. Check out our Xiaomi Sterilizer Lamp Review for more details.

The Xiaomi Five UV Sterilization Lamp is a brilliant product that kills harmful microbes by emitting a powerful UV light. The light from this lamp easily covers every corner of the room ensures complete sanitation. Since it's a Xiaomi product, it can also be controlled remotely through phone among other things.

However, is it effective? Is it Safe? Read our Xiaomi Sterilizer Lamp Review for all the details.

Xiaomi Sterilizer Lamp Review 2021

Inside the Box

The Xiaomi Sterilizer Lamp comes in a standard white cardboard box. The design of the box itself is quite reminiscent of Apple's products, it has the same minimal design with an image of the device on the front of the box. You can also find some technical specs on the sides. Inside the box, you'll find:

  • A user manual
  • And the Xiaomi UV Sterilization Lamp Itself.

Xiaomi UV Lamp - Design

The Xiaomi Five UV Sterilization Lamp is fairly large with dimensions of 245mm x 120mm x 120 mm. It can easily be placed on any flat surface without and issues and most importantly, this lamp is designed to be as effective as possible. Coming to the design.

  • The Xiaomi Five UV Sterilization lamp has a unique design when compared to other similar product. It Is a rectangular vertical structure that houses a curved H-Shaped Tube in the middle. The Four corner structures are quite flexible, which helps protect the Bulb if the lamp topples over.
  • As mentioned earlier, this Xiaomi UV Lamp has an H shaped tube in the center. This tube light is manufactured by Philips and is designed to provide 360-degree irradiation with its powerful UV light. The lamp is designed in such a way as to ensure there are no dead angles to the UV light ensuring complete sterilization.
  • The Lamp is ROHS compliant and is made from a UVC Resistant Protective Coating to protect itself. This black coating not only improves the quality and durability of the product but it also improves its beauty.
  • On the top portion of the device there a warning in Chinese. This warning states that the UV light is harmful to the Human body and eyes. Therefore it should only be used when there are no humans present in the room.

On the base of the device, you'll find the FIVE company logo and a Button. This is the only button on the device and all functions can be controlled through this button. It also has two LED indicators: one that indicates the On/Off of the UV light and another one that indicates WiFi connectivity. And Of course, you'll also find a power cord with a cable length of 1.5 meters.

Xiaomi Sterilization Lamp - Function and Use

This Xiaomi Sterilizer Lamp emits UV radiation that kills Bacteria and Viruses ensuring complete disinfection. This UV radiation uses a 250 nm wavelength to damage the RNA/DNA of the microbes, effectively killing them. The UV light which is equivalent to the sun can effectively kill 99.99% microbes in your home.

  • This UV light disinfection has a wide range of applications. It's commonly used in the medical community and since Xiaomi has made it accessible and portable. You can use in not only your home but also it to disinfect hotel rooms, schools, toilets, pet products, baby items and other sensitive environments.
  • It is also important to note that UV light is harmful to the human body and eyes. So you will need to evacuate the room before using the lamp and never look directly at the light source. Of course, it also has safety features which are in place to protect you. We'll get to it in a bit.

Using the Xiaomi Sterilizer Lamp

  • You just have to long-press the button for around 3 seconds to unlock it and short press it once more to activate it
  • After 10 seconds the machine will start to emit the light.
  • You need to vacate the premises during these 10 seconds as the light is harmful.
  • In case, people or pets approach the device when it's disinfecting a room. It will automatically turn off and sound an alarm.
  • After, the person leaves for about 30 seconds. The lamp will resume its function.

Xiaomi Sterilizer Lamp - Set Up

I honestly recommend you sync the device to your app as it will help you remotely control the device. Since, the UV light can harm you it's better if you set the device up in the room you want disinfected and then control the remotely from a different place to avoid any issues.

Syncing the Xiaomi Sterilizer Lamp to your phone is extremely easy. All you have to do is:

  • First, download the Mi Home App on your phone.
  • Next, connect the Xiaomi UV lamp to a power source and turn it on. (Don't press the button a second time)
  • On your smartphone search for new devices in the nearby devices section
  • Once you find the Five Germicidal Lamp. Click on it.
  • Next, You connect to the lamp over WiFi. Just follow the prompts.
  • And you can now control the device through the Interface.

Honestly, this device is pretty amazing. Although it only emits light. It takes into account the size of the room and offers you three different options based on time.

These time settings are not just a random number. The Xiaomi sterilizer lamp has three-time settings based on the size of the room. For example, for a bedroom that 10 square meters you should ideally choose the 15-minute setting. Once, the timer is set, you will need to evacuate the room while the device disinfects your bedroom. It will automatically turn off after 15 minutes.

Size of Room Time Setting Example
10 Square Meters 15 minutes Bedroom
20 Square Meters 30 Minutes Garage
30 Square Meters 45 Minutes Living Room

Xiaomi UV Lamp Review - Features

  • The Xiaomi UV Lamp has a 99.99 effective UVC Sterilization rate. The emitted UV rays are powerful enough to destroy the DNA/RNA of Viruses and Bacteria. So it's ideal when it comes to sanitizing a room without the inconvenient of harmful chemicals. Xiaomi has recently launched a series of sterilizers with the same technology.
  • Since it's based on medical technology, it does have a relatively wide range of application. It can be used to disinfect hotel rooms, classrooms, toilets, pet products and baby supplies, and other sensitive environments like a pregnant woman's living space.
  • It's lightweight and compact. So you can easily store it and carry it around. This Xiaomi UV lamp is designed to reduce the occupied space and the H type tube is designed to perform 360-degree irradiation.
  • This Xiaomi UV Lamp is integrated with a UVC resistant protective cover which enhances the quality of the product and the ensures durability.
  • You can expect 9000 hours of lamp tube life and even then the light decay is only 20%. All in All, it's a brilliant device.
  • Since it emits a powerful UV light which is harmful to the human body, there are safety measures in place. For example, it is equipped with a motion sensor which intelligently detects the human body and automatically turns off. It also has a special child lock mechanism which prevents children from turning on the lamp. It has a been alarm system which reminds you to leave the room. Most importantly, it turns on only after 30 seconds which gives you enough time to leave the room.
  • Since it's a Xiaomi Device, You can control it remotely through your phone or even through voice assistants like Alexa and Xiaomi AI.


When it comes to performance the Xiaomi Sterilizer lamp is pretty damn amazing. Although it took me a while to get used to the remote usage. I can certainly say with complete confidence that it's probably one of the best UV lamps in the market when it comes to both real-time and long term performance. I've used it for almost 6 months now and the bulb or the device as a whole hasn't run into any problems.

Although the build has degraded bit, it has weathered all kinds of storms. I pretty much use it up to five times on an average every day. It is highly effective, using a standard voltage of 220B this lamp can obliterate all microbes in a 20-30 meter radius. Additionally, it can be used consecutively without any issues.

Overall, it's definitely a great device. However, the IoT tech can be a pro and con. If your your Mijia app isn't update of your hooked up to the lamp through an unstable connection. This lamp tends to lag. There was a time when I walked in thinking it wasn't working when it suddenly lit up. The sensors are not omnipotent. So, you should be quite careful.

Xiaomi Sterilizer Lamp Review - Final Thoughts

Xiaomi specifically launched this product through their crowdfunding platform to combat against the pandemic and harmful microbes in general. The Xiaomi Sterilizer lamp is powerful enough to kill microbes in all corners of a closed room like a toilet where there's no air circulation. By using this device, you can certainly protect yourself to a certain degree. It's at least better than doing nothing at all. So yes, the Xiaomi UV Lamp is well worth it.

Not only does the Xiaomi Sterilization Lamp help disinfect microbes effectively it's also extremely affordable. It is simple in its functionality. It only emits UV light. However, since it's a Xiaomi product, it can be hooked up to the IoT ecosystem and control via your phone. This basically means that you can control the device from a different room. With all the features and the current state of affairs, it's a product that not just worth it but it's a Xiaomi product that's a must-have.

Does the Xiaomi Steilizer Lamp Emit Ozone?

Since the Xiaomi Sterilizer is a UV lamp it does emit a bit of ozone. So, much so that you can occasionally smell it. Now, this tough. The emission of ozone basically, means it is effective and it's actually disinfecting the room. However, it is quite harmful to the environment and the human body.

I would honestly recommend using this device as and when you actually need. For example, after a bunch of people visit your house for example. And I would also recommend you leave the room for about an hour after you disinfect it. Don't enter the room immediately after you disinfect it. So, be as careful and as responsible as possible. It is an extremely useful product that can potentially save you from harm. check out our Xiaomi Sterilizer Lamp Review for more details.

Xiaomi UV Sterilizer Lamp vs Xiaomi UV Sterilizer Box

Although both these products seem to cater to the same problem, it's quite different. The Sterilizer box is meant to sterilize small objects such as smart phones, makeup kits and other small items. This is good for sanitizing the products in your house.

The Xiaomi Sterilizer Lamp on the other hand is meant to sterilize the environment. During the Covid-19 crisis, hospitals across the world used UV Robot sterilisers to kill the bacteria in the rooms. With a sterilizer lamp, the room gets clean. It's best to keep the sterilizer lamp at the entrance to kill the bacteria in the air around it.

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