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Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser Review

Now let me be honest, I’m super excited to be reviewing this product. The Xiaomi Mijia Soap dispenser is a sensor-controlled soap dispenser. Generally speaking, products like this don’t require much of a review, but the Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser is something I truly fell in love with. Check out the Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser Latest Price and Review for all the details.

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This Xiaomi soap dispenser is amazing as it delivers the perfect ratio of gas and liquid foam to deep clean your pores and massacre the bacteria and virus. The best part is this is a contactless dispenser, so there's no need to push and pump soap. if fact there no need to touch the Xiaomi soap dispenser. You just need to place your hands below the outlet. It's a must-have Xiaomi product in every home.

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Since you don't have to touch the Soap Dispenser, you can ensure complete hygiene. I honestly think this product should be installed in every public restroom, immediately. Here's the Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser Latest Price and Review.

Xiaomi Soap Dispenser


Inside the Box

Xiaomi soap dispenser automatic

The Xiaomi Soap Dispenser comes in a sturdy white cardboard packaging. You'll find the image of the dispenser on the surface of the package along with the technical specs on the sides. Inside the Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser Packaging you'll find:

  • An instruction manual,
  • The top of the Xiaomi dispenser
  • A bottle for the soap (It comes with its own soap).
  • And four batteries from Xiaomi's sub-brand ZMI

As you can see the Xiaomi Dispenser is split into two portions: A control unit and a soap unit. You have to attach both portions in order to use the device.


xiaomi mijia soap dispenser

The design of the Mijia soap dispenser is absolutely awesome. This Xiaomi dispenser continues the minimalist style of the Mi family products. It can easily blend into any environment be it the bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else for that matter. Check out the Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser Latest Price and Review for all the details.

  • The body is made with an ultrasonic welding for a seamless design making it look quite futuristic.
  • It’s 190mm in height, 98mm in top width, 99mm is the height of the bottle that stores the soap and 73mm is the width of the base. So it’s not too big. The bottle that holds the soap has a capacity of 320ml.
  • Although it's designed for contactless delivery of soap, It does have one power button on the head of the Xiaomi Dispenser.

This Xiaomi automatic soap dispenser is completely splash-proof and made from eco-friendly materials. The upper portion is only sold in a white color, which is perfect as it goes with almost any type of house. Xiaomi did a beautiful thing making the lower soap portion transparent. This helps you keep track of your usage.

Xiaomi Soap Dispenser Review - Function and Use

So how does the Xiaomi soap dispenser work? The white top portion of the soap dispenser has a battery slot on the inside. So you have to flip over the top of the dispenser and add the 4 AAA batteries they ship with the dispenser. Once you’ve added the batteries, you have to attach the top of the dispenser to the bottle of soap. And when you’ve fixed it properly, you are good to go. 

  • In order to use the Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser, you will have to press the power button on top of the device. Once the Mijia shield symbol lights up, you can use it as long as you require. It will require no other contact of any sort. Once your done using the device, you just need to hit the Mijia Button one more time. When the button emits an organge hue, the device will no longer eject soap.
  • When you bring your palm close to the nozzle, the sensor picks up movement and it immediately releases the soap. The Xiaomi soap dispenser will eject soap precisely 0.25 sec after you present your hand.
  • The soap does not come in liquid form, but in as a foam. Basically, in order to save the soap solution and effectively use it, the xiaomi dispenser combines a bit of air (around 1/12 of the solution) with the soap in order to form a foam.
  • The Xiaomi soap dispenser sends out enough to clean your hands thoroughly once. If you want more soap, you can always go for a second helping. Majority of the time, you'll find that a little bit od soap has accumulated at the nozzle after every use. So unless you don't want to use crusty soap that can cause blockages, use clean wipe napkin to wipe it clean every now and then.
  • But, if you think there's too much soap that is being dispensed, there’s nothing you can do about it as you cannot control the amount that is dispensed. You don't need to fret, The soap that the dispenser ejects is actually a highly calculated amount. It's the optimal amount required to thoroughly clean dirt and kill germs.

Based on preliminary tests, you can use the Xiaomi soap dispenser for up to 400 times from one bottle. The Xiaomi soap dispenser refill bottom part can last for about 20 to 30 days depending on the use.


I love the Xiaomi Soap Dispenser. I've really benefitted from this exceptional device during this pandemic. Coming to the performance, this automatic soap dispenser is absolutely brilliant and efficient. The first thing I did when the pandemic went out of control was to install this beauty at both my house and at the office.

  • And after using it for the past 8 months on a regular basis, the performance can be essentially broken down into two categories: the efficiency and the maintenance.
  • Coming to the efficiency, the Xiaomi Soap Dispenser is without a doubt one of the most economical soap dispensers in the market. That even when compared to other automatic soap dispensers. The biggest difference I noticed was that people tend to overuse the soap when it's a manual dispenser. Majority of the time these liquid soap dispensers pump 3-4 times and take a huge chunk of soap which isn't necessary when is overkill when it comes to maintaining hand hygiene.
  • The Xiaomi Soap Dispenser on the other hand shoots out the appropriate amount of soap. Not only does it limit the quantity but it also converts the liquid into a foam which improves both the longevity of the fill and the penetration power of the soap itself. I refilled the soap container a total of 3 times in the past 8 months and that with loads of people using it multiple times a day.
  • Next up is the maintenance. Obviously, the less amount of time you have to spend maintaining a device the better the performance of the said device. And with the Xiaomi Soap dispenser, it was virtually Nil. However, the biggest advantage of using this dispenser was that there's no residual gunk that needs cleaning. Unlike bar soap which leaves residual stains and regular dispensers that are prone to drips and spills, this one is extremely easy to maintain. Check out the Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser Latest Price and Review for all the details.

Key Features

  • The Xiaomi soap dispenser has a contactless, more sanitary and effective antibacterial soap.
  • The gas to liquid bubble ratio is 12:1 Which forms a fine and dense foam that can better cover the skin epidermis, micron-grade foam will penetrate into pores and achieve deep cleansing.
  • It can effectively kill bacteria and viruses with an inhibition rate of up to 99.9 per cent. The Mi soap dispenser can take care of the health of the family by effectively inhibit E. Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Candida Albicans and other bacteria and viruses. In fact, Xiaomi recently launched a UV Sterilizer Lamp that can disinfect an entire room.
  • The Xiaomi dispenser uses a slightly acidic formula and a natural plant essence hand sanitizer which is close to the human skin's pH value. So, long term use will not result in damage. In fact, it actually makes the hands soft and smooth as it's added with a hydrating and moisturizing function. Basically, it has a mild texture that is very gentle and skin-friendly and forms no residue of any kind.
  • It can sense your hand from a distance of 60 to 90mm.
  • It can last till 400 shots of soap is up and then you will have to replace the entire thing or try the hack.
  • The Xiaomi mijia automatic soap dispenser is also waterproof. So, the device itself will not get dirty.
  • With its micro-high efficiency motor and rubber damping structure, there's virtually no noise with ow power consumption.

How effective is the Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser?

The Mijia Soap Dispenser is quite effective. As mentioned earlier this device functions based on a light sensor. Which is actually sensitive. While Xiaomi states that the soap is ejected in about 0.2 seconds, our tests indicated it to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 0.4.

Of course, this negligible number doesn't really affect the user experience. However, the sensor does tend to deteriorate with time. After a couple of years of usage, the sensor does tend to act finicky every now and then.

As this soap dispenser is powered by four AA batteries, it can last for up to 6 months. As for the soap tank, it can last for about 400 washes. It also is IPX4 certified. So, it won't be susceptible to water damage.

As for the most important bit of actually killing bacteria. The solution and the foam are both capable of 99.9% of microbes. However, it will take you around three pumps to get a good lather that can manage this. We also found that you will need to use this foam multiple times if you're trying to get rid of stains. Check out the Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser Latest Price and Review for all the details.

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Is Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser really worth it? 

The need for a contactless disperser like the Xiaomi Soap dispenser is pretty obvious, especially in the time we live in. Other than the contactless deliver of soap the ease of mind that comes with it is more than worthy of a buy. There is also the fact where it improves the aesthetic quality of your home and makes it a bit more automated. Home automation is Mijia's philosophy so you'll find amazing devices that can modernize your home like the Motion Sensor Faucet and the Smart Trash Can.

  • There’s one thing that can be a bit off-putting for most people and that's refilling the soap which is a serious pain in the ass. I don't know why Xiaomi would do something like this. The soap cannot be refilled using a normal store-bought soap.
  • As the knob on top of the bottle cannot be easily removed, only the soap that comes with the dispenser the first time can be used. Fortunately, Xiaomi sells these soap dispensers for cheap.

But there is an alternative hack, that a lot of users have figured out is using a screwdriver to remove the soap bottle’s top, where you can add liquid and then close it again. Also, you can choose from two different types of soap.

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xiaomi soap dispenser review

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser delivers.

  • You will love the automation bit when you actually start using it.
  • It obviously helps with hygiene.
  • The Xiaomi mijia soap dispenser's super convenient and especially if you have a sensor-based tap, it makes it much better. This is a big advantage while cooking as your hands get really greasy.
  • As you can use the dispenser for up to 400 times, it’s totally worth it and it can last for quite a bit.
  • The two soap options that come with the Xiaomi soap dispenser are - anti-bacterial, and Ph-neutral soap for people who have skin allergies.
  • The Xiaomi batteries last for almost a year, which makes it worth it. Check out the Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser Latest Price and Review for all the details.

Overall, the mijia soap dispenser is a pretty great addition to any home and if you love automation, then you will love this product. In my opinion, if you are buying a soap dispenser, you might as well buy the Xiaomi soap dispenser.


  • The Xiaomi Mijia soap dispenser makes it super convenient to wash your hands
  • The contactless deliver of the soap is an absolute gift in these trying times.
  • You can use one soap bottle for up to 400 times, which makes it easily usable for a month
  • There are two different soap types available 
  • Since there is no Xiaomi soap dispenser refill, the company sells the device for a cheap price.


  • Not easy to replace the soap the second time. Pretty big con, but since the Xiaomi hand soap dispenser lasts for around 30 days. it's still worth it. Check out the Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser Latest Price and Review for all the details.

Is the Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser good?

Yes, the Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser is pretty damn good. Other than the full contactless delivery of soap, The soap solution itself is made from completely organic ingredients that kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

  • The best part is that the soap dispenser ejects the soap solution in the form of foam after adding a bit of air. This foam not only helps save the soap solution but is also very gentle on the skin. Check out the Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser Latest Price and Review for all the details.

Other User Reviews

Great dispenser. The family is delighted. I hope the baby will wash his hands without reminder. The device is quite large and high-height slightly more than the standard dispenser. You will have to be careful, so as not to drop unintentionally-it is unlikely that the plastic will withstand the fall on the floor. Thanks to both the inventors, and the manufacturer.

Sasha from Russia

Very good, very modern and practical .. Not know durability battery nor the soap. Used liquid dilution 30% soap market and 70% water filtered to prevent accumulation of dirt in duct.

Joao from Brazil

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