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Xiaomi Mijia Scishare Coffee Maker Latest Price and Review

Xiaomi has always known for creating smartphones and simple electronic gadgets. They weren't synonymous with high-tech gadgets and home appliances, until now at least. With their new range of smart radiators, kettles, television sets, Xiaomi has gone to the next level. Today we are going to cover an incredibly new Xiaomi product that is different and awesome. It’s a Coffee Maker. Oh, this isn't just a regular coffee maker, check out the Xiaomi Mijia Scishare Coffee Maker Latest Price and Review for all the details.

If you love coffee and I mean coffeehouse level blends, then you in for a treat. With the Xiaomi coffee machine, you can brew seriously top quality coffee at home while saving money. There wouldn't be a need to blow so much money on Starbucks.

Yup, this coffee maker is absolutely amazing and if you're a coffee enthusiast you should know that this beauty has a 19-bar pump pressure to extract the full flavor locked in every ready-to-use capsule and can prepare premium grade coffee in under one minute. It is a must-have product that should be in every home.

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Can it compete with the big coffee machine manufacturers? Let’s find out in this review of the Xiaomi Mijia Scischare Coffee Maker. 

Xiaomi Scishare Review

Xiaomi Coffee Machine

After Using This Xiaomi Mijia Scishare Coffee Maker for the past few months, I can say with complete confidence that it's one of the best performing Xiaomi products I've reviewed in years. Although it seems small it packs a tremendous punch and is definitely worth the money. Most importantly, the

Xiaomi Mijia Scishare Coffee Maker is designed to take up very little space and elevate the ambience. Not only is it extremely easy to use but it is also equipped with various functions to provide the user with a range of coffee in terms of both flavor profile and strength. This coffee machine is priced at USD 160.

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Inside the Box 

The Xiaomi Mijia Scishare Coffee Maker comes in a standard white cardboard box with the image of the kitchen appliance on the front portion. You can find some technical specifications on the side of the box. However, it's all in Chinese.

In this box, you’ll find:

  • Coffee capsules with which you can make around 20 cups of coffee
  • An instruction manual
  • The Xiaomi coffee maker itself
  • And a leak tray
  • It also comes with a 3-pin plug for charging

Xiaomi coffee machine - Design

The first thing you notice about the coffee machine is its size and design. The design, in terms of looks, is absolutely beautiful and it is sure to make your kitchen look modern.

  • It is 34cm by 26cm and 10cms in width, which is pretty small. So It's perfect for the Kitchen or Dining room.
  • All the components of this coffee machine are imported from Europe, so Xiaomi can vouch for the quality and durability of this product.
  • The sleek White body looks modern and elegant, There is a tray that can be fixed to the bottom right below the nozzle and of course the buttons and pressure bar on the backside.

Coming to the capacity.

  • On the back, there is a water container with a capacity of 580ml.
  • But there’s one downside to the design and that’s the weight. It weighs 3.2 kilograms, which is pretty heavy for a coffee machine.
  • And right at the top, there are quite a few buttons and notification lights.

Let’s get into that one by one. 

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Mi Coffee Machine -Function and Use 

This amazing machine uses the latest technology that lets you choose the coffee capacity, flavor, and even your favorite coffee style. The most brilliant bit is that allows you to control all these various features through your phone.

Let's start this segment of the Xiaomi Scishare review by getting to the first step: The installation.

Thanks to the new wifi option in the Scishare Coffee Maker, you can connect pretty seamlessly with the Mi Home App, which wasn’t possible with the first generation coffee maker. It’s pretty easy to set up.

  • Open the Mi Home App
  • Find the Scishare Coffee Maker
  • Add the device
  • Connect to the Wifi
  • You can rename the Xiaomi Scishare coffee machine if you want
  • You can also choose the location to place the device in

Once it’s set up, it’s time to make some coffee! 

  • Before you get started on making your favourite beverage, there’s an option to ‘Clean the device’. In this case, the water from the water container is used and it goes through the device and flushes anything out.

This is a good thing to do, especially when you are using it for the first time. But I surely love this option to clean the device. 

When you unbox the device, you get coffee packed with the coffee maker.

  • There are two different coffee flavours.
  • To use the machine, you need to take the coffee flavour, open the top hatch, place the coffee flavour inside and then choose the drink of your choice through the Mi Home app and then it automatically starts making your cup of coffee. 

With the help of the App, you can choose to do the following:

  • You can command the machine to make you a cup of espresso, an americano or hot water.
  • When you are in the process of making your espresso, you can choose the amount of coffee you want to use and the temperature you want it at. Of course, you might not be able to gauge the quantities, at least initially. It will take time getting used to as your prefered settings will come to you only after you keep experimenting with the machine.

The app also can be used to clean the machine, you have a log history of all the coffees you have made. There are also a few automation rules you could set up. 

  • When it comes to the coffee capsules, the size used by Xiaomi is the industry standard. This means you can buy capsules from any other coffee company such as Nespresso and Nescafe and more.
  • The use case for the Wifi app is pretty awesome. When you wake up, you can simply instruct your Xiaomi Scishare coffee machine to make coffee of your choice, provided there are a cup and capsule in place. 
  • At night, there is a LED light that is turned on, which brings a bit of illumination to the coffee machine. So if you’re pulling an all-nighter and you don’t want to wake the house up, then the LED light will guide you through the process. 

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When it comes to the performance all I can really say is that this coffee machine is absolutely brilliant. Initially, I was a little sceptical about this coffee machine as it was tiny and looked unreliable. However, this tiny thing is a beast.

It has a 580ml clear water tank at the back that I really appreciate as it let me fill the water easily without having to do any guesswork or clean up any spills. Once, I popped in the capsule, this machine prepared a cup in almost a minute. Using the machine was quite easy and the maintenance was even easier. After extracting out the contents of the capsule it is thrown into a trash container that can be removed.

What I really love about the Xiaomi coffee machine is the 9-level systems. I love my coffee strong and these 9 levels and the 19 bar pressure can really produce some strong coffee with amazing flavours. Most of the time I tend to gravitate towards the highest strength and flavour. However, I also do recommend low strength and high flavour as it has a refreshing vibe to it.

Overall the performance of this coffee machine is stellar. Even the cup holder can be adjusted to accommodate bigger cups, making this one of the best coffee machines in terms of performance.

Scishare Coffee Machine - Key Features

With this Xiaomi Coffee Machines you have complete control over your coffee needs. It's extremely simple to use and definitely worth the Price. Most importantly, the features are quite amazing. For example:

  • It comes with essential and highly useful features like coffee flow control. This would prevent not only spills, but you can control the amount of coffee you consume. Additionally, you can also customize your caffeinated drink.
  • It also happens to very user friendly. Even older people can use it easily as it comes with supportive LED lights to indicate various actions. Quick and easy operation. You can simply turn and press the button to enjoy the sweet and smooth coffee. This Xiaomi coffee machine has the ability to prepare coffee in under a minute.
  • Even when it comes to the coffee extraction bit, it comes with 8 scales of cup selection which can be set between 15-85ml. It can even process the coffee beans in different concentration amount based on individual preferences. So, you can literally control the strength of the coffee at a fundamental level.
  • With rapid heating and stable extraction, the Mi coffee machine has a high-pressure pump with a superior extraction system which delivers up to 19 bar pressure.
  • You can customize every cup with the innovative 9-level system that lets you customize the flavor and strength to suit a variety of taste buds.
  • It conserves energy with its 15min automatic shutoff feature. Basically, it can automatically switch off after 15 minutes of inactivity. So, you don't need to be worried if you mistakenly leave it on when you've left your home. This safety feature also happens to save a lot of energy.
  • It is also easy to maintain. The effluent flume and the bin that stores the disposed capsule are both detachable.
  • As mentioned in the design bit, this Xiaomi Scishare coffee machine has an adjustable drip tray that fits all cup sizes. Since the machine itself is pretty compact, it can be used in the kitchen, dining room or even on the office table.
  • Compatible with multi-brand coffee capsules. As mentioned earlier, It comes with LED lights for directional guidance along with a lever to control flow.
  • The mi coffee machine uses a European coffee extraction technology. You can set 8 different cup sizes from 15-85ml and the 9th is the 180ml maximum preset feature.

Since this is a capsule coffee machine it follows industry standards. Which basically means that although you get coffee capsules with the machine. you don't need to worry once you run out as you can pretty much use all industry grade capsules like Nespresso.

Xiaomi Mijia Scishare Coffee Maker Latest Price and Review - Final Thoughts 

The Xiaomi Mijia Scishare Coffee Machine is definitely a product for coffee lovers. If you don’t enjoy coffee as much, then I’d suggest you skip this. But if you love your coffee, then this device is amazing.

  • You can make espresso or an americano, which are the two most popular ways of making coffee.
  • It’s petite in size, but the weight is around 3.2kgs and that is a problem.
  • The Wifi feature is an added bonus as you can remotely make your coffee without any fuss.
  • The fact that you can control the water levels, coffee levels and the temperature makes this an amazing coffee machine.
  • When I make my coffee at home, I generally add some coffee powder or drip coffee to water and then I bring it to a boil. I can avoid all of that, by just placing a capsule and then pressing a button and boom I get my coffee the way I want it! 


  • The perfect machine for coffee lovers
  • Petite in dimensions
  • Can control all the aspects of your beverage 
  • Can control the device through an app 
  • Amazing quality coffee 


  • It’s too heavy 
  • The options for drinks are limited to just two 
  • A little pricey

Xiaomi Scishare Review - Price

The Xiaomi Scishare coffee machine is priced at around US $167.27. It is comparatively more expensive than most capsule coffee machines by at least 20$ but with the pressure setting and the various other features, it's worthy of the price.

Is the Xiaomi Scishare Coffee Machine Good?

The Xiaomi Coffee Machine is a really good device. It comes with amazing features like a 19 bar pressure system and rapid coffee extraction which produces premium grade coffee within 1 minute. Although it is a bit pricey., it only by a few dollars and it's true value for money. And you don't have to worry too much as it has an option to clean itself.. So, literally no hassle.
It also has unique features where you can control the machine through your phone and even energy conservation features where it automatically shuts off after 15 mins.
Check out the Xiaomi Mijia Scishare Coffee Maker Latest Price and Review for more details

Can you use other capsules in the Xiaomi Coffee Machine?

Yes, you can. When you buy this machine you get around 10 capsules of premium grade coffee for free with the machine. But once it runs out. You can use any coffee capsule as long as its industry standard. For example, you can use Nespresso capsules in the Mi Coffee Machine and it'll work without any hassle.

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