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Xiaomi Mijia QiCycle Price and Review | EC1 vs EF1

Green transportation is a new trend across the world. As people choose to commute using electric bikes and cars, there are tons of these electric vehicles popping up everywhere. Xiaomi is contributing to this movement/ trend with its unique take on personal transport - The Xiaomi Qicycle. This cycle is brilliant and was first launched a few years ago under the monitor Qicycle EF1 and it was widely popular. After years of development, Xiaomi has released the latest version: the Qicycle TDP02Z moped. Check out the Xiaomi Mijia QiCycle Price and Review for all the details.

This latest Xiaomi Qicycle is quite superior to its predecessors in with respect to certain features. Like the light-sensitive LED display screen on the handlebar which displays real-time information, the 40Km of the assisted electric pedal and the three travel modes. It's features like this that make this bike a must-buy Xiaomi Product.

Let's move on and check out the bike, shall we?

Xiaomi Mijia QiCycle Price and Review

In the Box

The Xiaomi Mijia QiCycle comes in a sturdy brown box. This box is going to be quite big so you need to make some space for the unboxing. On the front portion of the box, you'll find an illustration of the bike and some technical specs all over the sides. Inside the box, you'll find:

  • The Xiaomi Mijia Electric Bike itself (The bike will be split into a few pieces to make room)
  • A Charger
  • A User Manual

Mi Electric Bike - Design

The QiCycle is designed quite interestingly as it looks like a fusion of a blunt spear and a BMX bike. Although it looks a little petite, it still has a rugged yet elegant design. It wouldn’t look out of place on the street or even on mountain trails. Xiaomi as always has done an amazing job with the design.

  • The Qicycle Weighs around 18 Kg and measures at 154 x 20.5 x 104 cm. This latest Qicycle is far lighter and sturdier compared to the previous models.
  • The electric bike’s frame is made from a high-quality aluminium alloy frame. This 6061 Aluminium alloy is commonly used in the aeronautical industry and provides amazing stability and resistance, whilst being lightweight. This alloy is highly resistant to corrosion so the Xiaomi Qicycle should ideally stay strong for a long time. 
  • The distance from the front and rear center distance is around 1.014 Meters and the load capacity of 100kg. This is an important aspect to note as this can prevent people of a certain height and weight from comfortably riding this bike.
  • This beauty also has wheels with a diameter of 20 inches. While they look good, I personally felt that the spokes should have been a bit thicker to really make the wheels pop. However, they do allow you to cruise around comfortably at low speeds so the function trumps the beauty.

Since it’s an electric bike, the Qicycle has an LED display in the front and a battery-powered headlight which is quite powerful and can illuminate up to quite a distance. The best part is that it doesn’t have a cheap rear reflector. It has a fully functionally tail light. Of course, It also has a start button, a horn, buttons to change the gears and brakes.

Xiaomi Mi Cycle - Qicycle EC1 vs EF1

Mi Electric Bike EC1 EF1
Top Speed 25 km/h 20 km/h
Front&Rear Center Distance 1014 mm 1000 mm
Wheel Size 20 inches 20 inches
Frame Aluminum frame Aluminum
Tire Pressure 40-65 psi 40 - 65 psi
Battery Type Lithium battery Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity 5.2 Ah 208.8W
Charging Time Less than 4 hours 4 hours
Charging Limit Voltage 42 V 42V
Power 180 W
Rated Voltage 36 V
Max Load 100 kg 100 KG
Product Weight 18kg 21.6kg
Product Size(L x W x H) 153 x 20.5 x 104cm 1000 X 450 X 650mm

Xiaomi Qicycle - Function and Usage

The Xiaomi Qicycle is different from most electric bikes. While most are only electric in nature, this bike can also allow the rider to pedal with electric assistance. This can be very important factor as most people don’t want to invest in more than one bike. So you can get both exercise and conveyance with this one. This bike basically integrates manpower and tech and reduces the rider’s stress.

  • This bike comes with modern tech that’s integrated into it. For example, the big LED screen in the front portion of the bike displays real-time driving information like speeds and modes. 
  • This display screen also allows you to sync the bike to the Mi Companion App using Bluetooth and utilise its various features.
  • Thankfully the display is light sensitive and the brightness is automatically adjusted. So you don’t have to fumble about and get into an accident. The LED display is perfectly visible during the night and even during noon. There is no glare.

As mentioned earlier the bike can be ridden manually or you can turn on the throttle to enter electric riding mode. 

  • The Xiaomi Qicycle 2021 has three modes to boost cycling. It basically helps reduce your stress with these three electric cycling assistance modes. This latest gadget from Xiaomi comes with amazing features that make your life much easier.
  • The Qicycle has 40 km of assisted cycling modes and a maximum speed of 25km/h which is decent if you want to ride in the city or on a good trail. You should ideally use the assisted cycling mode in bursts. Especially, when you're tired of peddling or if your knees are hurting.
  • This latest Xiaomi Qicycle has powerful calliper brakes on the front wheel that is capable of braking even within 3 meters of distance at a speed of 20km/h. This is super useful especially if it's raining. While the grips of the tires are good, the powerful breaks have saved me from sliding into objects more than once.
  • The rear tail light/ braking indicator is thankfully a high-intensity LED. This lets other people determine your existence from a distance and through a thin fog.
  • This electric bike has a lithium battery of 5.2 Ah that is fully integrated into its main chassis and perfectly protected from all external factors like rain. The battery is capable of providing up to 40Km with a speed of up to 25Km/h. Ideally, a 5.2 Ah should last for 20 hours if used conservatively. However, the battery does take about 3 hours to fully charge.


The Xiaomi QiCycle is one of the best performing e-bikes in the market. What I really love is that it uses its technology to support's pedalling rather than taking it over completely. This makes it quite easy for me. So, this still technically allows me to pedal and burn calories, without the stress. The transition from manual to electric is seamless. This and various other factors like battery time make this electric bike one of the best performing bikes in the market.

  • When it comes to real-time performance, this QiCycle performs like any other high-end e-bike. However, it's long term performance has a few issues, which I'll get to in a bit. The handlebar, the seat and the overall design make for a comfortable ride. It also can achieve speed up to 15kM/h. Which is quite fast for a bike if I'm being honest. It's perfect when commuting to place within a 5-7 mile radius.
  • It does gather a lot of real-time road data and makes your life much more simple. The LED screen is bright and clear even when riding for long durations during noon. Using this bike in tandem with the Mi Home app is the best way to use this e-Bike efficiently. You can choose between 3 modes to efficiently ride when commuting beyond 5 miles. I personally switch to the 2 gear balance mode when travelling on roads and mostly use the 3-speed boost mode when travelling uphill.
  • Battery life is decent which is one of the things I love about this bike. It can last a stretch of 30 miles easily and can last a week if your only commuting to close by places on a daily basis. Even the charging time of 3 hours is decent. The only issue I have with the bike is that the chain wears easily. I had to get it serviced twice in the past 6 months.

Key Features

  • The high-quality frame made from an aluminium alloy that is commonly used in the aeronautics field. This alloy provides strength and stability while being super lightweight.
  • The Xiaomi Qicycle has both electric power and human power support. It comes with three-switchable riding modes. The three modes can help any sort of commute from daily city commutes to riding on mountain trails. The 20-inch wheels offer a comfortable and pleasant ride.
  • The light-sensitive LED screen on the handlebar displays all real-time information and is super useful when paired with the Mi companion app on your smartphone.
  • The handlebar integrates left and right power-off brake signal lines, meter head data communication lines, throttle lines, and control buses into one
  • She headlights and warning lights are all battery-powered and are of high intensity. So, people can easily notice you and keep a distance.
  • When the speed exceeds 15km/h, a regular beep sound will be issued to remind the rider. This beep sound is so you can gauge the speed and control the bike appropriately. Unfortunately, it can get annoying sometimes and it cannot be turned off.

Xiaomi Mijia QiCycle Price and Review - Final Thoughts

All in all the Xiaomi QiCYCLE TDP02Z is an amazing electric bike. The positive outweigh the negatives and the features that are integrated with this bike alone make it worth the money.

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  • The Xiaomi QiCYCLE TDP02Z is definitely an improvement from the EF1 but the only problem is that it's not foldable. However, this improved version has a brilliant LED panel, a sturdy frame and autonomy of up to 40Km of distance. A features like the three travel modes will be what makes this purchase worth it.
  • It has a decent battery life which can last up to 20 hours of conservative use or 40Km of travel. But the charging time is mind-bogglingly slow. Its three hours and if your commute daily using a bike you'll probably have to charge it the night before or early in the morning.


  • The Build
  • The LED Display
  • The three travel modes
  • The assisted electric pedal feature
  • Battery life


  • Takes a considerable amount of time to charge
  • Not foldable unlike its predecessor.
  • It can be tiny and uncomfortable for people taller than 6ft and people who weigh more than 200lbs

Mi Electric Cycle Price

The Qicycle is priced at around US $988.00

Xiaomi Mi Cycle

What is the best electric bicycle?

After riding on these for so many years, I honestly think that the best electric bicycle is the Xiaomi Qicycle. It's the best if you want an electrical pedal-assist bike. This is an important factor. at the end of the day, the best electric bike should take the load off your knees when you need it but it still needs to be a bike.
If it's completely electrical then its a not really a bicycle, is it?
The reason I consider the Xiaomi Qicycle to the best is because it offers three travel modes of varying intensity that are perfect for your daily commute and because the bike itself is quite sturdy and lightweight.
Check out the Xiaomi Mijia QiCycle Price and Review for all the details.

What is the cost of electric cycle?

Electric bikes can range from the 500$ all the way up to 10000$. But the 10000$ bikes are not meant for daily commute, instead there are used for sports like mountain biking. The best daily commute bike would hit that sweet spot of 1000. All those electric bikes in that range are reliable and will give you a decent lifespan.
Of course even in that range there are a ton. Some are customized and are packed with completely unnecessary features.
The Xiaomi QiCycle is one of the best out there and it cost around $980. This bike is nearly perfect especially if you want an electric bike for your daily commute.

User Reviews

It does everything well, battery life is good (so far), light weight and really nice to ride.
You need to keep in mind that there are certain modifications you might want to make including replacing the rear break system etc.. but all in all it is ok as is especially considering the price.
I hate the menu system and its unfriendly navigation and I hate the fact that this international model does not support Bluetooth (although the cheaper China version does)

Ayman From Australia

It's an excellent bike. Very lightweight yet strong and durable. The foldable feature makes it very compact, it easily fit in my car boot with plenty of space left.
The dashboard controls are also in English, which helps.
I had an amazing experience in riding this bike, drove it as far as possible and returned back on boost + mode. product has no defects, everything is downright awesome.

Mark From USA

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