Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet Review | Is It Still Worth Buying?

Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet Review | Is It Still Worth Buying?

This review dives into whether this budget-friendly Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet remains a relevant choice for note-taking, sketching, and everyday use in 2024.

We'll explore its strengths, like its pressure sensitivity and long battery life, alongside potential drawbacks such as the lack of partial erase functionality and the inability to directly save notes.

So, if you're looking for an eco-friendly and portable way to jot down ideas or keep track of reminders, this review will help you decide if the Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet is still worth adding to your digital arsenal.

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Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet Review

Highlights of the Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet

Eco-Friendly Design - Save trees by using the Mi LCD writing tablet to take notes and to cut down on the use of paper. The device does not require to be charged and helps reduce your carbon footprint in the long run.

Durable Build - The Mi LCD writing tablet is made from polymer and ABS, so it can take a bit of beating. We dropped the tablet a number of times and it did not get seriously damaged.

Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet Price and Review

Fast Fluid Writing - There is no lag or delay in the speed of writing on the Mi LCD tablet than writing on paper. In fact, the tablet feels responsive and faster in hand than actual writing on paper.

Heavy Duty Battery - With a CR2025 cell battery, the Mi LCD writing tablet lasts up to 365 days without having to be replaced. It’s quite efficient and offered more runtime than we bargained for.

Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet Review -- Design

The sleek design of the tablet is impressive. It's super thin and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. The black color gives it a sophisticated look, and the rounded corners make it look cute as well. The size is perfect, not too big and not too small, just the right size to jot down notes, doodles, or even use it as a digital planner.

Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet Price and Review

The Mi LCD Writing Tablet has thick bezels and at the bottom on the front is a large clear button that looks like a menu button, but all it does is clear the screen in case there’s no space left to write anymore.

At the bottom right flank is the lock switch that activates the clear button. If the lock switch is turned on then the clear button will not function as intended. 

Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet Price and Review

Also on the right flank is the magnetic strip where the stylus sits and it helps keep the stylus in place when not in use.

If the battery dies, Xiaomi has made it easy to replace the battery. The compartment sits under the back panel of the tablet and can easily be opened to change the CR2025 button cell.

Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet Review -- Display

First of all, the size of the display is just right. It's not too big or too small, which makes it easy to carry around and use wherever you go. The display is also very clear, making it easy to read whatever you've written or drawn on it.

I've been using it to jot down notes, and I've never had any trouble reading what I've written, even in low-light situations.

The LCD screen is also very responsive, so you don't have to press hard to write or draw on it. The stylus pen that comes with it is also very accurate, so you can create some pretty detailed drawings if you want to.

Another great thing about the display is that it's easy to erase whatever you've written or drawn. All you have to do is hit the clear button, and it's like you've got a brand new tablet to work with.

Unlike other LCD screens, the Mi LCD Writing Tablet comes with a special type of display called electrophoretic display which is generally made up of small capsules that contain pigment in electrolyte fluid. 

Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet Price and Review

As current passes through the screen, the particles activate and will change the color of the overall screen. As you write on the screen using the stylus the particles under that particular area light up and form words or images depending on what’s being done.

The display does not have any back light and thanks to the technology within the display, not many components are required, making the Mi LCD Writing Tablet rather thin and lightweight.

Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet Review -- Stylus

The stylus that accompanies the Mi LCD Writing Tablet is meant solely to be used on the Mi LCD Writing Tablet. 

The tip of the stylus is made from a soft and durable material that will not scratch or ruin the display and from personal experience, the pen is designed to be pressure sensitive like the Apple Pencil and will deliver thin lines or thick lines depending on the amount of pressure applied while writing or drawing.

Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet Price and Review

Since the stylus does not have a built-in battery or requires it to be charged, it’s super lightweight and you’d never have to worry about the pen running out of charge or ink at any point of time.

Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet Review -- Functions

The Mi LCD Writing Tablet is created to be used for any purpose. We were able to draw and write on the tablet and it’s one of the best ways we were able to note down points without wasting paper.

It’s super simple to use and all it requires is for the battery to have charge. Simply touching the stylus to the display activated it and to erase the screen, all we had to do was press the clear button located beneath the display.

Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet Price and Review

While drawing we were able to get some nice broad strokes by pressing harder than normal on the screen and by applying minimal pressure the lines were crisp and thin.

The auto-lock function also proved beneficial and prevented us from accidentally losing out on our work. All we had to do was enable the auto-lock function by toggling the button on the side of the body.

Only the storage variant comes with built-in memory and can store more than one page of notes or doodles. The other three standard versions lacked this feature and could handle only a page at a time.

Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet Review -- Battery

The Mi LCD Writing Tablet comes with a CR2025 cell battery that sits in the battery compartment situated at the back of the tablet. 

The battery is designed for use and throw, so it can not be charged, probably why there wasn’t a charger included in the package.

Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet Price and Review

Each CR2025 cell lasts up to a year and to change the battery when it’s drained, simply pop open the back panel and replace the battery with a new one. 

Trust me, the battery looks small, but considering that the Mi LCD Writing Tablet does not have much under the hood, it packs quite a punch.

Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet Specifications

Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet
Announced 2019, April
Status Released
Type LCD, Pressure Sensitive Display
Size 10-inch / 13.5-inch / 20-inch
Material ABS, Polymer
Dimensions 12.5 * 8.8 * 0.27 inches
Weight 760g
Water Resistance No
Battery CR2025 Button Cell
Colors White
Storage Mijia LCD Writing Tablet Storage Version - 12 MB

Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet Pros and Cons


  • Portable: The Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet is super thin and lightweight, making it easy to carry around wherever you go. You can slip it into your bag or backpack and take it with you on the go.
  • Easy to use: The tablet is very user-friendly. You don't need any special skills or technical knowledge to use it. Just pick up the stylus pen and start writing or drawing.
  • Versatile: The tablet has many uses. You can use it to take notes, doodle, draw, or even use it as a digital planner.
  • Environmentally friendly: Since the tablet is reusable and erasable, you can save a lot of paper and do your bit for the environment.
  • Pressure-sensitive stylus: The stylus pen is pressure-sensitive, which means you can create different line widths by varying the pressure you apply. This feature is especially handy for creating detailed drawings.


  • Limited color options: The Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet only comes in black and white colors. So if you're looking for a tablet with more color options, this might not be the right choice for you.
  • Limited memory: The tablet doesn't have any internal memory, so you can't save your notes or drawings on the device. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing since it promotes erasable usage.
  • Not suitable for long-form writing: The tablet is great for taking quick notes, but it's not ideal for writing long-form content. The lack of a keyboard makes it difficult to type long documents.
  • Stylus pen can be easily misplaced: The stylus pen is small and can be easily misplaced. You have to make sure you keep it somewhere safe to avoid losing it.

Is the Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet Still Worth Buying in 2024?

This tablet shines if you're looking to ditch paper and notebooks. It allows you to write and doodle endlessly without wasting paper. Quick notes, shopping lists, or even creative brainstorming can all be done on the reusable surface.

The slim design and minimal weight make it perfect for tossing in your bag. Whether you're a student carrying notes to class or an artist needing a portable sketchpad, the tablet's compact size makes it a convenient choice.

Unlike tablets with backlit screens, the Xiaomi Mi uses an LCD display that doesn't emit light. This means you can use it for extended periods without worrying about eye strain.

The writing experience feels natural. The pressure you apply to the screen determines the thickness of the lines, similar to using a pen on paper.

Compared to full-fledged tablets, the Xiaomi Mi offers basic functionality. You cannot save your work, browse the internet, or run applications.

Due to the absence of backlight and the monochrome display, intricate drawings or detailed notes might not be suitable for this device.

While the battery lasts for a considerable amount of time, replacing it might require some effort depending on your location and technical expertise.

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