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Xiaomi Magnetic Cable Organizer Price and Review | The best way to organize cables on your desk

Looking for a cable manager to organize your desk? Check out our Xiaomi Magnetic Cable Organizer price and review.

Xiaomi has been on a product-producing spree. They want to be the go-to company when it comes to helping the users around their homes and outside. Xiaomi in recent years has strayed away from only manufacturing smartphones to including manufacturing other everyday products. This has reduced its reliance on their smartphones selling.

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Xiaomi has conquered the Chinese market and now they are making all sorts of products, that includes toothbrushes and other, day-to-day items.

In their bid to conquer all problems, Xiaomi has focused even on the small problems and that is the issue of organizing your cables.

Before you buy a cable organizer, it’s important to ask a question. Is it truly important to buy a cable organizer or is it one of those things that are just for show?

Xiaomi Magnetic Cable Organizer Review

The cables made by companies like Apple and other laptop makers are of inferior quality. One of the ways they make money is when your cables wear out and you have to buy a new one.

The fastest way to wear out a cable is to let it fall on the floor repeatedly and you step on it advertently or you run your chair over it. If you want to save $100 of your money, then get a cable organizer.

In this article, we cover the Xiaomi B-Case.

Xiaomi Magnetic Cable Organizer Price and Review

Features of the B-Case

Xiaomi has never skimped on the quality of their products in spite of their affordable prices and the same can be expected for the B-case.

The long case is made of plastic and the panel on top has a wooden finish. While the holders are made of rubber.

Materials used :

  • Magnets
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Wood

Types of Organizer

Each B-case ships with two types of the organizer - The first are the long-base and the second is an independent circular version.

Long Base

The Long-base is a classy-looking organizer, that is the size of your index finger. This can accommodate two holders and multiple cables. The organizer pad itself sticks to the base with the help of magnets.

They come in two finishes, which is a light-wood and a dark-wood. If you have many cables, this is the organizer to use.

There are three grooves for different sized cables. This can easily hold, your normal Mac cables, your thick USB cable, and your flat charging cables.

Use Cases

The long base’s strong adhesive base lets you place it anywhere. On the table, underneath the table, and on the wall if required. It’s all a possibility. If you want to keep your table clean, you can conceal it by placing it underneath your table.

Circular base

The circular base is an independent organizer that is circular and large. The magnets for the circular version are much stronger than the longer base. This is made of rubber and plastic. There are two grooves (large and small) for the circular base that is perfect for the different types of cables.

Use Cases

The circular base is truly multi-functional. You can stick them on the wall and use them for holding keys, apart from cable organizing.

Does the Xiaomi Cable Organizer actually work?

I know a lot of people who have bought cheap organizers that are more of a hassle to use and it doesn’t work. Some of the main issues they encounter are the adhesive is too weak, the cables don’t fit.

With the Xiaomi Cable Organizer, you get a variety of cable storing options such as

  • Flat cables
  • Thick cables
  • Normal Cables
  • Super-thick cables

The long-base organizer has grooves that can fit 3 sizes, but the circular one has grooves for really thin cables and thick cables.

So depending on your needs, you will need to use a variety of cables.

Xiaomi Magnetic Cable Organizer Price

Considering the cost is just $3.79, the Xiaomi Cable Organizer is available at a throwaway price. This won’t hurt the bank and you can use it for multiple purposes.

Price: $3.79

Xiaomi Magnetic Cable Organizer Price and Review - Final Thoughts

Xiaomi has done it again. They have created a product that is beautiful, affordable, and functional. Their mantra over the years has been about the above 3 principles. The Xiaomi Magnetic Cable organizer is functional, multi-purpose, and also ingenious.


  • Build quality
  • Strong Adhesive
  • Beautiful design options with a wood finish
  • Multiple groove sizes (Over 5 in total)
  • Two types of organizers
  • Can be used to hold keys as well
  • Can be stuck on walls
  • Affordably priced


  • Will take you time to figure out the right groove for the right cable
  • Sometimes the grooves are too big or too thin, in which case it is loose

So there you have it, that’s the review of the Xiaomi Magnetic Cable Organizer.

Price: $3.79


How does a magnetic cable organizer work?

A magnetic cable organizer like this Xiaomi Magnetic Cable Organizer has two parts, the base, and the organizer. The base and the organizer both feature magnets, while the organizers have stronger magnets. You can attach your cables to the organizer and then place them on any metallic surface or on the base to organize your desk space.

What are the benefits of using a cable organizer?

There are two benefits of using a cable organizer. One is to organize your workspace by managing cables and trouting them neatly. The other is to prevent damage to your cables as moving your cables and putting tension on the ends can cause fraying and breakage, organizing cables can significantly improve cable life.

How many cables can you organize with the Xiaomi Magnetic Cable Organizer?

The Xiaomi Magnetic Cable Organiser comes with 3 circular organizers and a single base. The base can fit 3 circular organizers, meaning you can organize up to 3 cables with the product. You can set two Xiaomi Magnetic Cabel Organizers next to each other to manage more cables if required.

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