Xiaomi Hair Dryer vs Dyson 2024 | Xiaomi Mijia H900 vs Dyson Supersonic HD03 

Xiaomi Hair Dryer vs Dyson 2024 | Xiaomi Mijia H900 vs Dyson Supersonic HD03 

For many, the quest for the perfect hair dryer is a never-ending saga. Two brands consistently top the charts: Dyson, with its innovative technology and hefty price tag, and Xiaomi, offering a feature-packed option at a fraction of the cost.

But between the Xiaomi hair dryer vs Dyson, which reigns supreme in 2024? This article dives deep into the strengths and weaknesses of both the Xiaomi and Dyson hair dryers, helping you decide which one blows you away (literally).

We'll compare drying speed, temperature control, features, and of course, the all-important price tag, to help you find the perfect fit for your hair and budget.

So, grab your heat protectant spray and get ready to discover the best hair dryer for you!

Both the Xiaomi Mijia H900 and Dyson Supersonic HD03 are premium hair dryers, but they cater to different needs and budgets.

Dyson Supersonic HD03 boasts a powerful digital motor for faster drying and intelligent heat control to minimize heat damage. It's quieter and comes with various attachments for styling versatility, but it carries a hefty price tag.

Xiaomi Mijia H900 offers a powerful airflow and intelligent temperature control at a significantly lower cost. It features negative ion technology to reduce frizz and a unique airflow channel for efficient drying. However, it might be slightly louder than the Dyson and has fewer styling attachments.

Ultimately, the Dyson excels in performance, quietness, and versatility, but comes at a premium. The Xiaomi prioritizes affordability and efficiency, making it a good value option for those looking for a powerful and hair-friendly dryer.

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Xiaomi Hair Dryer vs Dyson

Xiaomi Mijia H900 vs Dyson Supersonic HD03 

xiaomi hair dryer 2021 review

Xiaomi has a number of different hair dryers priced strategically so that almost everyone can afford them, no matter the budget. Dyson on the other hand has only one hair dryer that they officially sell right now.  Check out our Xiaomi Hair Dryer vs Dyson guide for all the details.

I have chosen the Mijia H900 from Xiaomi to go up against the Dyson Supersonic HD03 because the H900 is Xiaomi’s best hair dryer as of writing. Most of Xiaomi’s hair dryers are also on the affordable end of the spectrum, while Dyson’s Supersonic falls on the other end.  

The Mijia H900 and Dyson Supersonic are both premium products aimed more towards professionals than the general consumer. But if you are looking for someone looking for a premium hair dryer, and want the best regardless of the cost, then these two are probably on top of your list. So, let's see how they compare and which one is the better hair dryer.  

Check out the Dyson Supersonic here

Check out the Xiaomi Mijia H900 here

Xiaomi Hair Dryer vs Dyson: Specifications

Xiaomi Mijia H900 Dyson Supersonic
Power 1,800 W 1,600 W
Modes 12 Modes 4 Heat and 3 Speed Modes
Weight 1.9 lbs 1.8 lbs
Sound 75 dBA 77 dBA
Cable Length 9 feet 9 feet
Attachments 2 included 8 included

Check out the Dyson Supersonic here

Check out the Xiaomi Mijia H900 here


dyson hair dryer

From just first impressions, both the Mijia H900 and the Supersonic HD03, look stunning. Both have this smooth matte textured feel making them feel premium. You won't complain about the build or design of either hair dryers, but some might prefer one over the other.

xiaomi dreame hair dryer

The Mijia H900 has a simple yet effective design, with the suction port placed at the bottom of the handle. Xiaomi says that this helps with ergonomics and is better suited for girls. We will know more after further testing.  

The Mijia H900 has its main motor that is capable of doing 106000 revolutions per minute (rpm) and blowing air out on the front. Since the suction port is at the bottom, the backside of the motor is sealed.

And on the back of the Mijia H900, there are two buttons. The handle gives you access to a switch and a button. More on the functions of these buttons later.  Check out our Xiaomi Hair Dryer vs Dyson guide for all the details.

While the Mijia H900 looks and feels premium, the design is not futuristic. Dyson’s Supersonic on the other hand is like something out of a science fiction book. 

The suction port is at the bottom of the handle, similar to the Mijia H900. It can also suck in air from the backside. But the best part is that you can put your finger through the blowing area of the Supersonic HD03 as it is just a hole.

dyson hair dryer vs xiaomi

The Supersonic HD03 also features a dual-tone design, which gives the option of many color choices. There is also a 23.75K gold variant which costs a bit more but will suffice for anyone who loves bling. 

The Dyson Supersonic has a button layout that is similar to the Mijia H900, with two on the back of the blowing port, a switch on the handle followed by another button below it.

Both hair dryers are good to hold on to and are ergonomically designed to make sure you have a good hair drying experience.

To be honest, both hair dryers look simple yet elegant. They are minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing but I would give the edge to the Dyson. It stands out more for possessing a futuristic vibe and multiple color options. 

Check out the Dyson Supersonic here

Check out the Xiaomi Mijia H900 here


which xiaomi hair dryer is best

The Mijia H900 and the Dyson Supersonic are premium hair dryers and so you expect them to perform very well. But how do they stack up against each other? Check out our Xiaomi Hair Dryer vs Dyson guide for all the details.

The Mijia H900 houses a powerful 13 blade fan that can run at up to 106000 rpm, which is extremely fast. This allows you to dry your hair in seconds compared to minutes from lower-end hair dryers. The Mijia H900 can move air at around 60m/s making it very quick to dry your hair. 

There are also 12 different modes so that you have the option to dry your hair in the most suitable way for you. And the metallic design helps a lot with ergonomics making it easy to handle. 

The Dyson Supersonic on the other hand is famous for being the best hair dryer on the market for a long time now. And it shows in its performance.  

The Dyson Supersonic is equipped with a powerful 1600-Watt motor to displace air at very high speeds allowing you to dry your hair faster than almost all hair dryers. It also offers 4 heat settings and 3-speed settings to make sure you get the best hair drying experience.  

xiaomi ionic hair dryer vs dyson

Both hair dryers are great to dry your hair quickly, and the different modes also help to get the most suitable experience for you. I would place them equally in terms of performance. 

Check out the Dyson Supersonic here

Check out the Xiaomi Mijia H900 here

Xiaomi Hair Dryer vs Dyson - Experience

We had high hopes for the Xiaomi Dreame hair dryer because it resembles an expensive Dyson equivalent and because we expected it to feature sophisticated drying settings with a variety of heat and speed options.

The Xiaomi Dreame hair dryer simply has one control button, but you may choose between two settings with it. You are not given the choice to adjust the speed or temperature separately. As a result, the airflow and velocity are limited to "high and low," much like on a typical travel hair dryer.

Fortunately, if you turn the speed setting all the way up, the Xiaomi Dreame hair dryer can rival Dyson in terms of power. Additionally, it doesn't make a lot of noise. A functioning Xiaomi Dreame hair dryer has a slightly lower pitch than the Dyson Supersonic, but it makes almost as much noise.

The attachments on the Xiaomi Dreame hair drier are magnetic as well, which is somewhat comparable to Dyson. It surprises me a lot that their attachments are interchangeable. Even though their connectors might not be exactly the same, you can still attach their nozzles to both dryers.


xiaomi mi ionic hair dryer vs dyson

Xiaomi’s Mijia H900 and the Dyson Supersonic HD03 support attachments. And these attachments have different functions to suit different needs. 

The Mijia H900 comes with two attachments inside the box, a diffuser, and an air nozzle.


  • The diffuser on the H900 disperses air evenly around an area, this is closer to the natural drying. This makes it easy on your hair and reduces frizz. 

Air Nozzle

  • This nozzle allows you to dry and style your hair, it is a gentle low-flow nozzle.

Styling concentrator

  • This allows you to style your hair one section at a time with precise, controlled airflow - without disturbing the rest.

Smoothing nozzle

  • You can dry and style your hair at the same time with this gentle, low-velocity airflow nozzle.


  • A diffuser lets you disperse air evenly around each of your ringlets. It simulates natural drying, reducing frizzing of hair.

Gentle Air Attachment

  • This attachment is engineered to be kinder to fine hair and sensitive scalps, it diffuses the air, creating a gentle, cooler airflow - while still drying hair fast.

In terms of attachments, the Supersonic is the clear winner as it offers two more different attachments in the box. The Mijia H900 comes with the essential attachments but the Supersonic offers more variety. 

Function and Use

Modes determine how fast or how hot the air blowing out of the hair dryer should be. Both the hair dryers in comparison support multiple modes. And these modes are controlled by the buttons on the back of the hair dryer. 

The Xiaomi Mijia H900 comes with 12 different modes that allow you to dry your hair in any specific way you want. You can keep the temperature and airspeed in control with these buttons. 

Similarly, the Supersonic offers different modes that allow you to control airspeed and temperature. It comes with 4 different temperature modes going up to as high as 305.6F. It also has 3 different airspeed modes offering a good balance for all three modes.   

Both hair dryers offer all the modes you will ever need, making them equally competitive in this category. And they are easily accessible too, so you will never feel left out and always be in control.  

Check out the Dyson Supersonic here

Check out the Xiaomi Mijia H900 here


Pricing is where both hair dryers vary a lot. Both hair dryers cost quite a bit and are premium products, but the Xiaomi Mijia H900 is still considerably cheaper.  

The Xiaomi Mijia H900 comes in at just under 200$ while the Dyson Supersonic costs 2 two times more at 400$. This price difference is where Xiaomi shines. It is a lot cheaper and offers a similar performance to Dyson.  

Dyson has a trick up its sleeve though as it offers 2 years warranty compared to the 1-year warranty offered by Xiaomi for the Mijia H900. Even with the shorter warranty period, I feel that the Mijia H900 offers much more in terms of value.  

Check out the Dyson Supersonic here

Check out the Xiaomi Mijia H900 here

Xiaomi Hair Dryer vs Dyson - Final Thoughts

Xiaomi’s Mijia H900 and Dyson’s Supersonic HD03 are excellent products. 

The Dyson is the better product of the two, offering more modes, and attachments, subjectively a better design, and a longer warranty. But it also costs two times more making it a terrible value when compared to the Mijia H900. 

The Mijia H900 in comparison offers similar drying performance but with fewer modes, fewer attachments, and a shorter warranty period. But it also costs only half the price making it undoubtedly the better product for people tight on budget. 

So, if money is no object and you want the best of the best, go for the Dyson Supersonic. But if you have a smaller budget and yet want the best hair-drying experience, the Mijia H900 is a great choice. You won't feel lacking with either product as both hair dryers are amazing. 

I would choose the Mijia H900 as I don’t require the extra modes or attachments and the value Xiaomi offers is just out of the world. Check out our Xiaomi Hair Dryer vs Dyson guide for all the details.

Check out the Dyson Supersonic here

Check out the Xiaomi Mijia H900 here

Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair Dryer vs Dyson HD01 Supersonic 

Xiaomi vs Dyson Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair dryer Dyson HD01 Supersonic Case
Power 1800 Wt 1600 Wt
Number of temperature modes 3 4
AC motor No No
Number of airflow speeds 2 3
Functions and features
Independent control of heating and airflow No Yes
Cold air supply Yes Yes
Ionization No No
Overheating protection Yes No
Attachments included
Nozzle-diffuser No Yes
Hub attachment Yes Yes
The rotation of the cord No No
Folding handle No No
Loop for hanging No No
Power cord length 1.7 m 2.7 m
Weight 547 g 630 g

Xiaomi Hair Dryer vs Dyson - FAQs

Is Xiaomi Ionic hair dryer good?

Yes, the Xiaomi Ionic Hair Dryer is good for budget shoppers. It offers excellent drying performance and multiple modes that allow customers to dry their hair quickly and easily. If you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a hair dryer, then the Mi Ionic hair dryer is an excellent choice. Check out our Xiaomi Hair Dryer vs Dyson comparison.

Is ShowSee under Xiaomi?

Yes, ShowSee is a Xiaomi brand. Xiaomi bought ShowSee a few years back. And now, Xiaomi uses its expertise to create hair dryers under the Xiaomi brand too.

Is Xiaomi hair dryer good?

The Xiaomi Hair Dryer is not bad but it's certainly not the best. The only thing it has going for it is the affordable price. When it comes to performance, function, and features, Dyson is a much better option. Check out our Xiaomi Hair Dryer vs Dyson guide for all the details.

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