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Xiaomi Smart Faucet Motion Sensor Review in 2024 | An Important Gadget for Every Household

Imagine a world where you can effortlessly control your faucet with a simple wave of your hand. No more fumbling for handles with soapy fingers, and no worries about accidentally leaving the water running.

This is the promise of the Xiaomi Smart Faucet Motion Sensor, a kitchen and bathroom gadget aiming to bring hygiene and convenience to your daily routine.

But does it live up to the hype? This review dives deep into the Xiaomi Smart Faucet Motion Sensor, exploring its features, installation process, and everyday functionality to help you decide if it's an important addition to your home.

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Xiaomi Smart Faucet Review


Inside The Box 

Xiaomi Smart Faucet Motion Sensor Review

The Xiaomi Infrared Faucet comes in a standard white cardboard box packaging. On the box, you'll find the image of the product and some technical specs on the sides. Inside the beautiful box, You will find:

  • The Main Body of the infrared faucet with motion sensor
  • 6 different mounts that vary in size
  • An Instruction manual
  • And 3 rubber rings of various sizes 

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Xiaomi Smart Faucet Sensor - Specifications

  • Brand: Xiaomi
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight: 105 grams
  • Water Pressure: 0.05 MPa to 0.8 MPa
  • Water Resistance: IPX6 rated
  • Sensor type: Infrared
  • Sensor activation time: 0.25 seconds
  • Included adapters: 6
  • Battery: 550 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Battery life: Up to 6 months
  • Charging Time: 3 hours

Xiaomi Faucet Sensor - Design 

Coming to the design of the Xiaomi touchless faucet sensor.

The Xiaomi faucet is pretty tiny and delicate and half a palm-size. The Xiaomi tap is made of white plastic but it doesn't look cheap. in fact, it can suit pretty much any type of home as it's very visually appealing.

  • The Xiaomi tap Sensor has an opening at the bottom for the water to flow out. It has many perforations for a good flow of water.
  • It has two sensors: one on the side and one at the bottom. These sensors look like tiny black strips. It’s small, petite, and can be easily removed. It is 60mm in length, 34mm in breadth, and a height of 49mm. 

On the side of the unit is a cap that houses a micro-USB port. You basically, use this port to charge the device. The good thing is it runs for 3 months on a single charge.

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Xiaomi Faucet - Function and Use 

Firstly, let’s get to the installation.

No matter, which tap you have, you probably have a top hat. A tap has is basically the screw-up portion of your tap that also acts as a filter. You need to remove your top hat from your existing faucet.

  • Now when it comes to installing the infrared motion sensor faucet, you’ll need to make sure it fits.
  • The first step is to take the right size rubber and the right size mount, place them together and make sure it fits on your tap.
  • Once you’ve found the right size, make sure to screw it in tightly.
  • After that, you will have the mount the sensor unit to the mount and you are good to go. 

The whole installation process should take you less than two minutes. 

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Xiaomi Tap - Usage

As mentioned earlier there are two motion sensors, one on the side which detections motion from about 10cms away and one at the bottom which detects motion from 15cms away.

  • The side sensor is for long water flows, that is if you want the water running for longer. Ex when collecting water or filling a saucepan etc. To turn it off, you need to trigger the sensor again by running your hand next to it. If you forget to trigger the sensor to turn it off, it automatically turns off within 3 minutes, which in my opinion is a ridiculous amount of time. It should have been closer to a minute or two. 
  • The bottom sensor is for a quick wash. The bottom sensor can be quite tricky to use, as your hands need to be pretty close to the sensor. When you are washing your hands, you need to make sure the sensor is getting triggered repeatedly for continuous water flow. The second you take your hands off, the water stops immediately. 

So, how do you charge the Xiaomi Smart Tap?

Xiaomi Smart Faucet Motion Sensor Review wouldn't be accurate without mentioning the battery life of this device. This motion sensor tap has a small USB port to the side of the device with a cap on top of it. It can be used to charge the device.

Now, most kitchens have a plug point somewhere and if yours is far away, then it’s a hassle. A lot of people would have preferred a AAA battery instead of a charging feature considering you need to charge it next to the water, but this is what Xiaomi has gone with. 

  • But having said that, the 550 mAh battery lasts for a very very long time. Some tests suggest that the battery on the Xiaomi faucet can last for 3 months even with constant use. That makes it pretty awesome! 
  • It has a weight of 105 grams, so that doesn’t put pressure on your fixtures. The water pressure for those of you who are interested is around 0.05-0.8mpa.
  • It takes a good 3 hours to charge the battery completely that lasts for 3 months, which is not a bad return! 
  • The water resistance is an IPX6. 

There is one caveat though. You will need to keep your tap open at all times.

  • I know a lot of you might not be comfortable with this, but this is what is required to use the product.
  • You need to be careful while installing the mount and the rubber to make sure it's tight and there are no leaks. 
  • This works seamlessly with the Xiaomi Mijia soap dispenser. You don’t need to touch the dispenser for getting soap and you don’t need to touch the tap for the water.
  • A pretty seamless and cool automation setup at home! 
  • This also means it works only with cold or hot water and not both at the same time.
  • If you want to change, you have to turn the knob of your faucet for whichever temperature you wish. 


When it comes to the performance all I can really say about the Xiaomi Infrared faucet sensor is that it's amazing. The performance both in the real-time and long term is absolutely fantastic, even when compared to faucet sensors from other legacy brands.

  • After having used multiple faucet sensors for the past 9 months due to the pandemic, I'm confident that the Xiaomi Faucet is one of the best of the best. This is because of its two modes. Specifically, it's because of the existence of the water storage mode.
  • Most of the faucet sensors just have one mode where the sensor catches your hands and shoots out small bursts of water. This is extremely impractical when you want to fill water in a container or even if you simply want to wash your hands for a long duration.
  • The Xiaomi Faucet sensor of the other hand has a separate sensor on the side that is meant for the water storage mode which shoots out a continuous jet of water. The fact that this faucet sensor has this mode alone makes it much better performing infrared faucet sensor than majority of its competitors.
  • Additionality the sensors themselves are pretty sensitive. So, it can capture your existence and shoot out water in around 0.25 seconds. This is surprising because most of these faucet sensors actually take annoyingly long to sense you.
  • The battery life is absolutely fantastic. Even with moderate to high use this faucet sensor can last for 4 months on a single charge. With low use, you can expect it to last for 6 months. The unit itself also helps save both water and conserves energy which makes this device true value for money. It'll actually end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Xiaomi Faucet - Key Features

  • Simply reach your hand out to use the faucet. The IR sensors will detect your motion and release water. So, there is no need to manually operate the tap. This is very valuable if preventing cross-contamination.
  • The Xiaomi Faucet comes with a double sensor with basically two sets of sensing areas. It also has two water modes and a 0.25-second fast induction.
  • The Xiaomi tap is pretty good when it comes to water efficiency. It saves a lot more water compared to manual taps that are just left open unnecessarily. It also saves energy since you only need to charge it once in every few months
  • It has 6 sets of adapters that meet your needs.

Other Features:

  • It's very convenient to assemble and use.
  • The Xiaomi Smart tap has an unbelievable battery life of at least 3-4 months. Some of my colleagues even say its 6.
  • It prevents water from overflowing and seriously contributes to the environment.
  • Of course, the Xiaomi tap itself is IPX6 Waterproof.

Xiaomi Infrared Faucet - Two Water Outlet Mode

Instant mode Water storage mode
1) Instant mode is perfect for your short-term water needs like washing hands and hands or even filling up a glass of water.

2) In order to use this mode you basically have to hover below the faucet near the bottom IR sensor.

3) The water shoots out once the sensor picks you up within a 10cm distance. And the water stops once the sensor can't detect you or if you let the water flow for more than 20 seconds.
1) Water storage mode is super useful when you have to fill pots and pans full of water. Basically, it's used for cooking and cleaning purposes.

2) In order to use this mode, you basically have to hover near the side of the faucet near the side IR sensor.

3) The water starts to flow once the side sensor picks you up within the sensing distance of 5cm. The water will continue to flow even if the object moves away from the sensor. The water flow lasts for 3 minutes before it automatically shuts off.

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Xiaomi Faucet Sensor - Final Thoughts 

This is a product that is more of a fancy thing to have than a necessity. Do you need to survive? Definitely not? Is it cool when friends are around, yes!

  • Overall, rating this faucet based on how it works. It works pretty well for an automatic faucet.
  • You surely save a lot more water than when you have the tap running.
  • It’s a perfect companion when your hands are full when you are cooking.
  • The sensors work really well, the battery life is pretty amazing, and lasts for over 3 months. 

All in all the Xiaomi Faucet Infrared Motion Sensor is a super useful product. It can save you a lot of water and money while helping you stay clean without any cross-contamination of viruses or bacteria.


  • Cheap and reliable. Does not leak 
  • Has multiple mount options for the perfect size
  • Two sensors for a short wash and long wash 
  • Good water pressure 
  • Charge once for 3 hours and it lasts for 3 months


  • Need to keep your tap open
  • If you need to alternate between hot and cold, you need to do it manually 

While the Xiaomi Faucet is useful it also happens to be super affordable. The Xiaomi Faucet is priced at $14.33.

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How much is a smart faucet?

A smart faucet can range anywhere from 5$ to 875$. The lower ends are basic faucets fitted with an IR sensor that does the job and the most expensive ones can be controlled through your phone and even through Alexa or Google. However, the Xiaomi Faucet is a smart tap with two sensors, two water modes, and 6 different adapters. This beauty only costs about $14.33 and is super worth it. Sure it might not give you voice-activated water control but it is perfect for your daily needs. Check out our Xiaomi Faucet Infrared Motion Sensor Latest Price and Review for all the details. Check out our Xiaomi Faucet Infrared Motion Sensor Latest Price and Review for more details.

What are some common problems with smart faucets?

Water pressure cannot be controlled without changing the adapter. Limited spare parts. Cleaning the faucet is hard, as you have to remove and attach it again.

Are touchless kitchen faucets reliable?

Touchless Kitchen faucets can not only be super reliable they can also be extremely useful But obviously, this depends on the brand. For example, the Xiaomi Faucet sensor has two sensors one and the bottom and one to the side. They have their own uses. The one at the bottom can detect you up to 10 cm and is useful when you need an instant burst of water to drink or clean your hands. It automatically shuts off after 20 seconds. The side sensor detects you up to 5 cm and is commonly used for cooking purposes and the flow of water lasts longer. So, as you can see this faucet is absolutely reliable in terms of usage and in terms of saving water. The best part is you only need to charge it for three hours and the charge will last for at least three months which is pretty amazing. Check out our Xiaomi Faucet Infrared Motion Sensor Latest Price and Review for more details.

What are the benefits of using a smart faucet?

Smart faucets can help in reducing water wastage. They are only activated when you need them so you don't have to worry about unnecessary wastage of water. Smart faucets also help you keep the tap clean as you don't have to touch the tap head with dirty hands.

What are some disadvantages of using a smart faucet?

You can control the amount of water released without changing the adapter. You need to charge it once in a while. And if you don't attach it properly, there will be water leakage.

User Reviews

This is my second purchase of this product. Only the pics are different, these are from the current order, but the text can't be different because it's the same product. So, it's an absolutely great device. I tried it and it really works without any issues. The sensors are surprisingly fast and accurate.

Actually I solved two problems with Xiaomi ZAJIA because my faucet used to sprinkle small water drops everywhere and when I replaced it with this device, things came to its place. Took no more than 10 minutes to install it. All the necessary tools are provided in the box and the most convenient part is that literally all the faucet types are ensured with the 6 different adapters. 3 seal rings provided are also nice. Totally recommending this thing.

George From USA

The Xiaomi auto water saver tap is a marvelous product which is a breeze to install and saves bucket loads of water. the product includes the plumbing tool and various adapters to match up your existing tap. as usual Xiaomi has impressed and this product is a boon to planet earth. I hope maximum people install this and do their bit for the planet.

Ron From UK

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