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Xiaomi Bladeless Fan Review

With summer closing in on us the ceiling fans just won't cut it. It circulates air in a wide area without being effective. Although AC's do a great job they are ridiculously expensive. Xiaomi has developed the perfect solution to this problem: A Portable Bladeless Fan. Check out our Xiaomi Bladeless Fan Review for all the details.

As the name implies, Bladeless Fans don't depend on huge metallic blades to generate air. These appliances use an interesting technology to produce air from a hollow dome/ring-like structure. The Xiaomi Bladeless Fan goes a step further. Not only does it have a fan feature it also works as a humidifier and desk lamp. In fact, it does a pretty great job as a humidifier.

However, is it worth it? Let's get to the review and find out. Here's our Xiaomi Bladeless Fan Review.

After having used this bladeless fan for 6 months and having put it through a series of stress tests, this bladeless fan is one of the best in terms of portability. We found that:

The Xiaomi Bladeless fan is above average in function, decent in performance and design. While the user may not benefit significantly from the fan function, the humidifier feature and lamp feature make up for its lack of power. Most importantly, it is extremely affordable at only $33.

Xiaomi Bladeless Fan Review 2021

Xiaomi Bladeless Fan - Inside The Box

The Xiaomi Happy Life 3 in 1 Mini Cooling Bladeless fan comes in a white cardboard box like most Xiaomi products. On the front portion of the box, you will find an illustration of the device and on the sides, you'll find some technical specifications. Inside the box, you will find:

  • The Xiaomi Happy Life 3 in 1 Bladeless fan itself
  • A small bottle to inject water into the Bladeless fan
  • An extra cap for the bottle
  • A wick for the humidifier portion
  • And instruction manual

Xiaomi Happy Life 3 in 1 Mini Cooling Bladeless Fan - Design

This Bladeless fan from Xiaomi is quite the device. It has a 3 in 1 function. It basically, works as a fan, an LED light and a humidifier. We'll get into the details in just a bit but first, let's get to the design. This fan happens to be quite compact in size with dimensions of 129 x 145 x 227 mm. It also is extremely lightweight so it can easily sit on a desk or your bedside table.

  • The Xiaomi Happy Life 3 in 1 Mini Cooling Bladeless Fan is a Xiaomi ecosystem device built by Happy life as you gather from the name. Like all Xiaomi devices, the design is minimal and seamless. It's completely white in color and doesn't stand out. So it easily blends into the background. Interestingly it's quite sturdy as its made from a combination of ABS, AS, PC, PP and Aluminium Alloy.
  • Although the device looks fairly simple it has multiple components to support the various functions. Basically, it can be broken down into two sections: the top Fan portion and the body. The fan portion is round and hollow with a hole big enough to fit your hand. Since it's a bladeless fan, you won't hurt yourself.
  • At the back end of the hollow fan portion, you'll find an LED ring. The light ring when turned on emits a soft light which is soothing to the eyes. In all honesty, it does a decent job as a desk lamp. The dome shape actually provides direction to the light.
  • The body is where the magic happens, on the front side of the Xiaomi 3 in 1 Bladeless Fan you'll find a button to control the various functions of the device. The button has a light blue backlight so you can access it in darkness.
  • At the back, you find an attached power cable attached to a metallic protection. The cable end is a USB-cable so you have to power it through through a power back or a socket that supports USB. Of course, you can also add a charging brick and make it work.

Also at the back is the mist generating device. This Ultrasonic device is a grey projection that basically attached to a base with contact pins. This base is connected to the base of the Xiaomi Bladeless Fan. The extended base is hollow and this is where you inject the water and the essential oil. This mist generating device is specially designed and consists of a hole in the middle to emit the mist and wick to soak up the water.


Xiaomi Bladeless Fan Review Specification
Material ABS, AS, PC, PP, Aluminium Alloy
Size 129 x 145 x 227mm
Power Supply USB
Input Voltage 5V/2A
Fan Power 8W
Light Power 1W
Humidifier Power 1.5W
Humidifying Time 3h
LED Color Temperature 3000K
Water Capacity 60ml
Mist Vent One
Adjustable Speed 0-3 Levels
Maximum DB 40db
Brand Happy Life

Mi Bladeless Fan Review - Function and Use

As mentioned earlier this Xiaomi Bladeless Fan is a 3 in 1 device. So it functions as a desk lamp, a humidifier and a fan. It does a decent job with regards to all these function but lets go into each and understand the science behind it.

  • First up is the lamp, which is probably something Xiaomi added on a gimmick. However, it actually does a good job lighting up a limited area. It uses a minuscule 1 W to power up the light. The light itself is a soft light with a light temperature of 3000K. This along with the dome shape of the device results in a wide directional light that is perfect for a bedside or a office desk.
  • Next up is the fan, the fan is unfortunately quite disappointing considering this is a fan in the first place. Don't get me wrong, it works but the intensity is dismal. The fastest speed can be considered as barely alright. However, don't expect this thing to keep you cool in the summer.
  • Since it is a bladeless fan, it doesn't have huge metallic pieces rotating to generate air. It basically has a tiny fan inside the body that generates air with the help of an air compressor. This burst of air is ejected out of a tiny opening above and the dome shape gives the air direction.
  • Finally, it works as a humidifier. Which is honestly, the best function when it comes to this device. It uses the ultrasonic method to generate mist. Most importantly, the humidification process is given direction with the help of the fan which makes this humidifier extremely effective. Yes, you can turn both functions on at the same time. In fact, you can turn on all three at the same time. It's features that make this a must-buy Xiaomi product.
  • You can use water or a combination of water and air like most humidifiers. The amount of mist generate at any given moment is good enough to alleviate any nasal issues you might have. The only issue is that the humidifier function will automatically turn on every three hours if it's filled with water. This is a safety feature as the wick might burn out if not in use. So, be careful.

Next up is the usage. Although the functions are varied the usage is extremely simple.


Button Functions

To start off make sure its connect to a portable charger or any power outlet. It needs to have power flowing through it all the time so make sure it's constant connected.

  • Short press on the top portion of the button to turn the device on. This will automatically turn the light on. It will also turn on the first air speed.
  • Short press the top portion a second time to switch the air flow to to a higher speed and another short press to change it to the fastest speed. If you click once more it goes back to the first speed.
  • Long press the top Portion to turn the fan off.
  • Short press the bottom portion to turn the light off/on
  • Long press the bottom portion to turn on the humidifier

Steps To Fill Water

Before filling in the water make sure you turn off the humidifier and place it on a stable surface.

  • Fill the injector with water. This injector will look like a tiny baby bottle.
  • Open the top portion of the metallic projection that is located behind the device.
  • Use the injector and squirt the water inside in bursts to make sure it doesn't overflow.
  • Make sure the edges of the opening is clean and close the cap.
  • The metallic cap portion needs to sit on the contact pins.
  • Once this is done the process is complete.

Key Features

  • This Xiaomi Bladeless Fan has three functions. It works as a fan, a desk lamp and as a humidifier. It's extremely portable and easy to use.
  • It has no blades to it won't hurt you or your kids. The fan also uses modern technology so it doesn't emit much noise. Of course, the fan also has multiple speed settings.
  • The LED light emits a soft light with a temperature of 3000 K which works as a decent desk lamp.
  • This device is powered through a USB cable which makes it very easy and convenient to use. This makes it portable as long as you have a power bank.
  • It works as a highly effective humidifier. The combination of the fan and the humidifier make can help alleviate your clogged nasal passages.


When it comes to the performance this bladeless fan has it's ups and downs. After having used it for half a year, I've found the fan feature to be completely useless. As mentioned earlier, the fastest setting is barely alright and yet it still not as effective as a regular fan. The most unfortunate bit is that while this fan is highly directional and is equipped with a dome that improves the accuracy of the airflow. However, the power is completely disappointing.

As a humidifier, it's not bad. It's relatively easy to inject water and essential oils without causing a mess. The fan gives direction to the humidifier. And the emission is potent enough to easily unclog nasal passages. It's especially useful if you're feeling stuffy while working. The only issue is that the emission only lasts for a maximum of 45 minutes. So, it can get annoying when you have to refill it multiple times throughout the day.

I've primarily benefited from the lamp aspect of this device. The brightness settings have a terrific range and is easy on the eyes.

Xiaomi Bladeless Fan Review - Final Thoughts

This Xiaomi Happy Life 3 in 1 Bladeless Fan is a decent device but not the best. Since it's a Bladeless Fan it doesn't have metallic blades. So you or your child won't get hurt. This fan is quiet but unfortunately, it doesn't have the speed. It definitely won't keep you cool during the summer.

While it does have a crappy fan function it does work as a decent humidifier. The humidifier function works well especially since it works in tandem with the fan so the mist is projected towards you. It also has a LED function which projects warm light that is great for a desk or a bedside lamp.

Is the Xiaomi Bladeless Fan worth it?

Yes, the Xiaomi Bladeless fan is worth it. However, it's only a smart investment if your in the market for a good humidifier. The fan function is quite dismal. The speed of the fan isn't effective even on the highest setting. You can definitely find better portable bladeless fans out there for the same price that is way better.

The Humidifier function is highly effective especially when paired with the fan. The desk lamp feature, on the other hand, is like an add on. All in all, it's worth it if you already have a portable fan. Check out Xiaomi Bladeless Fan Review for more details.

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