Where to Buy Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner in Singapore?

Where to Buy Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner in Singapore?

Xiaomi handheld vacuum cleaners are a popular choice for their convenience, efficiency, and sleek design. So, where to buy a Xiaomi handheld vacuum cleaner in Singapore?

This guide will help you navigate the different options available and point you towards reputable retailers where you can purchase your ideal Xiaomi handheld vacuum cleaner in Singapore.

Whether you're looking for a lightweight option for quick cleanups or a feature-packed model for tackling tougher messes, this guide will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Where to buy Xiaomi vacuum cleaner in Singapore?

While you can head to a Mi or Mi Authorized retail store in Singapore, you won't be able to take advantages of discounts using coupons or codes. Which is why the best place to buy Xiaomi vacuum cleaner or any Xiaomi product would be the following three online E-commerce stores:

#1 -- Lazada Store

Lazada is definitely one of the most popular E-commerce platforms in South-East Asia, with a presence primarily in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines among others. This shopping platform which caters to 560 million users has over 3000 sellers one of which is a Xiaomi authorized store.

  • This highly dependable platform has one of the widest range of products in all categories ranging from consumer electronics to household goods and even groceries. Ever since the Alibaba group bought a major share of Lazada in 2016, the platform has upped its quality and service.
  • Now, Lazada is backed by a high-end infrastructure technology, brilliant logistics, customer service and most importantly highly secure transactions.
  • All of the above factors and it's amazing hassle-free returns make Lazada one of the best websites in Singapore to buy Xiaomi products. The Xiaomi store on Lazada has a high seller rating and primarily sells smart home appliances like vacuums among other things.

Check it out here on Lazada SG

#2 -- iPrice.sg

Southeast Asia is the E-commerce haven and online store keep popping up like mushrooms after a heavy rain shower. With such intense competition, iPrice has continued to offer shoppers the widest range of products. This platform has made the transaction as easy as possible for its consumers all the way from the relay of information to the actual delivery of the product. In fact, one of the most interesting things is that they also partner up with other E-commerce sites like Lazada and Shopee.

  • Like Shopee this company also specializes in coupons and discounts. However, one of the factors that set this site apart from the rest is the stringent selection process of sellers. So, essentially this company places a high level of importance on quality and reliability.
  • They also provide a great level of transparency with respect to the sellers and the products you're interested in. So, it's definitely a site that deserves a second glance.

The Xiaomi store on this site has clearly made it past the high vetting process and thus offers a stellar service. This Xiaomi store certainly has a huge range of products. You will be able to find almost all the Xiaomi Vacuums available in the market.

#3 -- Shopee Store

Shopee is a Singapore based E-commerce platform that is known for its easy, secure and fast transaction. The delivery time is also pretty stellar when compared to the others on this list. This is honestly one of the best online stores to Buy Xiaomi products. The company which launched 5 years ago has dominated the market due to it's coupons and codes.

  • If you were wondering Where to buy Xiaomi vacuum cleaner in Singapore? This is definitely the best online store. especially if you want to save some money. The only issue is that while Lazada for example, focuses on Xiaomi gadgets and appliances, Shopee is specific to Smartphone.
  • This doesn't mean that you won't find vacuum cleaners. Of course, you find a few with the best deals but it's just that you won't have a lot of options to choose from.
  • The Xiaomi Store on Shopee has a rating of 4.9 which is pretty amazing. This coupled with their reliable customer support makes it one of the best online stores. All Xiaomi products on the Shopee site are shipped directly from China with guaranteed International Shipping.

#4 -- Qoo10

Qoo10 is an E-commerce platform that's quite local to Singapore as they're headquartered there. Although they do cater to Indonesian and a few other markets, their excellent service really goes above and beyond in Singapore. The name "Qoo10" has an interesting origin. The Q in Qoo10 stands for quest, the oo (meant to be eyeballs) is search and 10 stands for perfection/completion.

  • The Xiaomi Authorized store on Qoo10 sells smart home appliances. Although sometimes you find the variety that Lazada offers. It's definitely one of the best places to buy a Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner. Especially since you get it at discounted prices.

Best Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners in Singapore

#1 -- Xiaomi Dreame V11 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

The Dreame V11 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner is currently the best Xiaomi Vacuum cleaner in the market. Not only is it one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners also has amazing functions and features that will save you a lot of time. In fact, this vacuum cleaner is far better than the popular Dyson series. Especially when it comes to the price.

  • This Xiaomi vacuum cleaner definitely looks the part. It's sleek, beautiful and futuristic. You can definitely leave it out and not feel embarrassed. Although the design is out of this world the color is rather minimalistic like all Xiaomi products. The handle, trigger and body are well balanced and ergonomic. So, you won't feel any stress on your wrists or even find it remotely uncomfortable.
  • The attachments, on the other hand, are varied and is tailored to different situations. A roller brush to mop and clean both stains and dirt and shorter wand-like attachment to target the crevice between the couch, you pretty much have an attachment for everything, even microbes.
  • On the handle is an OLED screen that makes life extremely convenient. It shows you the battery life and various modes among other useful information. It also has a pretty amazing battery life of 90 minutes. Yes, on a single charge. That's almost 30 minutes more than a Dyson vacuum cleaner's battery life. It also has 10 cleaning modes that you can cycle between.

The motor which is the heart of this device was specially designed by outstanding engineers from the aerospace field. It has around 26 patents and provides a speed of 125,000 rpm which is pretty insane for a vacuum cleaner. This generates a powerful suction that can provide 100% cleaning efficiency.

#2 -- Xiaomi Deerma Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Xiaomi Deerma Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a basically the lite version of the above beast. It's quite inexpensive and yet impressively enough has quite a bit of power. Controlling this cordless Vacuum cleaner is a breeze. You can manoeuvre it as you see fit and the function will make your job a lot simple.

  • This vacuum cleaner is pretty lightweight and is designed to be efficient in different environments. Like all Xiaomi products, it has a simple exterior and color scheme. You also get an array of cleaning heads that can meet your various needs. You can also place it vertically and it won't fall. This is a pretty useful design function.
  • It has a decent rechargeable battery with a strong endurance and long service life.
  • This vacuum has a two-tiered internal filtration system. A HEPA filter for nanoparticles and a microcellular tower to separate dust and air. The dust tank itself is actually pretty large. So, you don't have to stop your cleaning halfway to empty the tank.

Due to the various attachments, this vacuum cleaner can be used in all corners of your home and even your car. It also has a smart battery management system that keeps it going for a decent amount of time.

#3 -- Xiaomi Mijia Shunzao Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This compact vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi was designed to be used in compact areas like the interiors of cars and the crevice between the couch. Interestingly, the Xiaomi Mijia Shunzao Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is not only tiny but its also pretty powerful.

  • It has a sleek telescopic body with a wide fish mouth like the opening to absorb as much as dirt as it can. This mouth is suitable for narrow gaps and it also protects the fabric and surface on which the dirt is located. After using it for close to 6 months, I've found that it has a fairly sturdy body even though it is extremely lightweight. It's managed to last through some pretty rough use.
  • The rear centre of gravity and the weight of the device is stable enough to not put any pressure on your wrist or hands. this allows you to manoeuvre the vacuum as you see fit. Most importantly, the ergonomic handle really helps you manoeuvre the device. Additionally, it has a unique design that ensures that it dissipates heat which taking in air. So, it never overheats.
  • The efficient battery ensures that this vacuum cleaner can last for a pretty long time. Since it can also be charged using a USB cable, it is extremely convenient to carry it around in your car.
  • It has a double-layered filtering system with a 200 mesh washable primary filter and HEPA f7 grade membrane-like filter that can effectively filter dust and allergens.

This vacuum cleaner is pretty powerful with a 60,000 rpm and a suction power of 155500 pa, which can easily remove anything from food debris, hair, micro-allergen, dirt, and even pet dander. You can also charge this device through a USB port making it highly portable.

Which Xiaomi vacuum is best?

The Xiaomi Dreame V11 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner is hands down the best Xiaomi Vacuum cleaner. Although it's relatively expensive it's still cheaper than a Dyson.

And ironically, the Xiaomi vacuum actually does a much better job. Not only is it designed to as ergonomic as possible but it also has brilliant cleaning modes and a powerful motor.

This motor was designed by aerospace engineers to it provides an unbelievable suction power due to its 125,000 rpm speed. Check out our "Where to buy Xiaomi vacuum cleaner in Singapore?' article for all the details.

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