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Redmi 8A Latest Price and Review | The Budget Xiaomi Phone That Will Blow Your Mind!

Along with all the latest Xiaomi releases especially in the phone department. Most of the attention has gone towards the Redmi 8, the Redmi Note 8, the Redmi Note 8 Pro, which we have reviewed. But along with that release, there was a quiet release of the Redmi Note 8A.

Xiaomi don’t spend too much time advertising about the Redmi 8A because its a super-budget phone. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth reviewing. Here is our review of the Redmi 8A. 

The Redmi 8A is not new. It’s an upgrade on the super popular Redmi 5A that sold millions of units worldwide.

Xiaomi Redmi 8A Review

Design and Display 

The Redmi 8A at the outset is a good looking phone. For being a super-budget phone, it looks great. In fact, the back of the phone can put some competition to shame. It has a 6.22-inch HD+ resolution. It has a Gorilla Glass 5 which is the standard for high quality phones and you can be sure that your phone won’t break easy. 

It also comes with P2i coating which is definitely a new addition for phones of this type. The display has a water drop notch and a thick bezel at the bottom. 

The back of the phone is curved and has a solid colour which looks enticing. 

Best Price - $129.95

Features and Specifications 

The phone runs a Snapdragon 439 Processor that is powerful enough to run your games. Although it comes with 2GB RAM, it has an SD card slot that can be expanded up to 512GB. The chipset stood firm against some serious multitasking and task switching. 

Although it doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner, it does have a face recognition tool. 


For all the talk of dual cameras and quad cameras, the Redmi 8A has a single camera on the back that is a 12-megapixel shooter. The front camera is a 8-megapixel shooter. Now this is the downside of the Redmi 8A. It’s the camera. 

The camera of this phone to put it nicely is bad. The selfies come out bad. There’s distortion, and sometimes its overexposed.


The Redmi 8A has a 5000 mAh battery which is very generous for a budget smartphone. It also can be charged with a 18W charger, but that doesn’t come shipped with the box. You get a standard USB-C 10W charger. 

Best Price - $129.95

Final Thoughts 

The Redmi 8A is by no means perfect. But if you see it for what it is, then you’ll know that this is more than an average phone. This isn’t your mid-range phone, this is a highly budgeted phone. Around the $100 price range, you can’t expect much, but the Redmi 8A still delivers with aplomb. 

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