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Mitu Watches Price and Review | Is the Xiaomi Mitu Watch 4 Pro the Best for Kids?

Watches have ceased to be meant only to display the time ever since the invention of smartwatches. Now, in less than a decade, smartwatch manufacturers have moved past the heath/fitness trend and into the education sector. Tech giants like Xiaomi are now making smartwatches for Kids that can help educate them. Yeah, you read that right. Check out the Mitu Watches Price and Review for all the details.

Xiaomi's Mitu Series of smartwatches have been popular for a few years now. These watches have drastically improved with every generation. Today we're going to cover the latest and best Xiaomi Mitu Rabbit 4 Pro smartwatch. It's one of the best smartwatches for kids as it allows then to learn and it also allows you as parents to keep a track of their whereabouts at all times. It's a must-have Xiaomi product for every household.

If you want to understand how good the Mitu watch is, you have landed at the right page. Let's get to the Mitu Watches Price and Review, shall we?

After having reviewed the Xiaomi Mitu Watch based on a lot of factors like design, performance, features, function, price and much more; my team and I found that:

The Xiaomi Mitu 4 Pro is one of the best in it's price segment. Not only is it affordable at only $190 but this smartwatch is perfect for kids. It comes with various features like voice and video call options in addition to texting. It also comes with educational apps and even a camera. Most importantly, it has a GPS features that lets you keep a track of your child 24/7.

Mitu Watches Price and Review

Xiaomi Mitu Rabbit 4 Pro Smartwatch - Overview

Xiaomi Mitu Rabbit 4 has redefined watches for children; this watch does not only show time but also promises to add much more to it.

  • You could say this is almost an educational watch as it comes with lots of learning applications that help children in improving their knowledge about a lot of things.
  • This watch comes with XiaoAI assistant, which enables the adaptive learning experience for children in diversified educational disciplines like Math, English, logical reasoning and many more subjects and areas of interest.
  • It does not stop there though. The watch is also equipped to help master the correct pronunciation of English words and also provide new practice pronunciation exercises where it corrects the errors. 

And that’s not all of it. The Mitu smartwatch is a blessing for parents as well, not just for the children. With the help of the Mitu Rabbit 4 pro, parents can track where their child is and ensure their safety.

Lets now jump into the watch’s features, design and performance in detail. 

Mi Bunny Watch 4 - Inside the Box

This device comes packed in a small, sturdy, red coloured box with a transparent upper side, which allows for a quick sneak peek of the device itself. The instructions are inscribed on the back panel of the box.

  • Inside the box, there is a charging cable, a needle sim ejector and the instruction manual. Like all products typical of Xiaomi, this comes in minimalistic packaging but it does a good job of keeping the device secure.

For now, the watch is available only in two colours of straps: blue and pink, but I guess we can overlook that since this watch is more than just a trendsetter. 

Xiaomi Mi Watch - Design and Appearance

The watch looks quite simple, to be honest. The watch is made specifically for children so the device is quite sturdy. Parents don’t have to worry about having to replace these watches every now and then as they seem to be built to handle the regular wear and tear of their children using them.

  • The watch has a square full touch display. It has a Gorilla Glass so you don’t have to worry every time your child drops the watch to the floor or bangs the watch to the wall. On the right-hand side is the power button for the watch.
  • Cameras on the watch: The top side of the watch has a small main camera and there is a tear-shaped front camera on the screen. 
  • Microphone on the watch: At the bottom of the display there is a microphone hole for carrying out telephonic conversations. 
  • The left side of the watch is where the SIM card slot is provided and the watch supports both 4G and 5G connectivity. This is a futuristic feature that we see in many of Xiaomi products. 
  • The back panel of the watch is where the main speaker is placed and also the 4 pin connector for charging the watch. No need to worry about the speaker placed on the back panel, one might think that this might muffle down the sound, but in reality, the sound is very detailed and quite loud. 
  • Safety for the child: The strap of the watch is made of safe silicone material so as to not cause any irritation and allergies on the child’s skin. 
  • Waterproof feature: As you might have guessed the watch has protection against water and can sustain when immersed up to under 20 meters depth. However, we don’t recommend it to be worn during swimming. 

The watch looks very elegant when worn and looks minimalistic but very classy and neat. 

Xiaomi Rabbit - Display

Let’s talk a bit about the display now.  

This Mitu smartwatch's display is actually quite brilliant. I was surprised to see it has The 1.75” AMOLED touch display is very bright and has good colour depth. It has a 326 PPI of pixel density which furthers the amazing colour reproduction and quality of the display.

  • The touch screen is extremely responsive and you find that the navigation is very easy on the watch. A child can definitely use this watch easily, the brightness settings make sure the screen isn't to harmful on the eyes and ultra sensitive screen ensures your child doesn't break the screen in frustration.
  • And even if your child is rough with the watch, the sturdy ectangular display with the corning gorilla glass will protect it from scratches and knicks.
  • It might be a well-known fact that children these days are wizards when it comes to technology, but it’s nice to see that this watch has tried to keep it simple since it is for kids. 
  • And of course, you can also find a waterdrop notch camera on the display along with some microphone for when the child has to call you. Yes, your child can communicate with you using the two-way call feature. You can even video call your child.

There are many different faces of the watch that the child can choose from. One thing we appreciate is the bright display which is sure to add to the joy of wearing these watches. The transflective display can clearly show your child important information even under direct sunlight.


Now, let's check out the performance of the Mitu smartwatch, Shall we?

Like most other Xiaomi products in the market, this smartwatch lives up to the expectations. 

  • The watch is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500 with a 1 GB RAM and 8 GB of internal storage. 
  • The watch runs on Android version 8.1. The interface does seem to be very simple and the bright minds can easily decipher the settings and functionality very quickly. Kids don’t take much time to explore the watch for too long before they can start using it.
  • The software and user interface is cute and interactive. This helps keep the child's attention. With the Android 8.1 and the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500 processor working speedily, the child can quickly execute tasks and much more. The comfortable watch runs applications without and lags, obstruction or delays. The navigation is smooth and makes using this watch fun and fascinating.
  • This watch comes with a 1GB RAM and an Unbelievable 8 GB of internal storage. You'd be confused as to why a kids watch would have such overwhelming storage space. But it's important to note that most of the kids apps actually take up a lot of space as they come with interactive content and animations. And of course, you child can also use it to store other types of data such as photos.
  • Both Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity are smooth and easy. This is one of the most essential features we require in smartwatches today and the Mitu does not disappoint.
  • The signal strength is strong and I noticed that it also remains stable during GPS connectivity. 
  • The steady GPS lends a helping hand to the parents. With the MiTU application installed on their phones, parents can easily track the whereabouts of their children. 

The Cameras do an excellent job and truly deserve a mention. The main camera is an 8-megapixel wide front angle HD camera and the pictures come out beautifully. It is easy to use this camera. 

The second camera is a front-facing selfie camera. In today’s day of Instagram and blogging, this comes in very handy for clicking pictures, recording videos and enabling video calling. This camera also has a good resolution.

Xiaomi Mitu Rabbit 4 - The Mitu application

One of the most important aspects of being able to use this smartwatch is the use of the Mitu application. I would say it is really important that for any device that we buy, the application is smooth and has enough decent features to give the user a good experience. 

  • The default play store also has a lot of applications which covers a variety of topics. For example, learning spellings and pronunciations of English words are made so much fun through some of these applications.
  • Math, which is usually a dreaded subject to a lot of children, is also made fun learning through these applications. Now that is really something!
  • It also comes with an AI voice Assistant XiaoAi which is basically a talking encyclopedia. Your child can ask it for details and learn as they grow up.

The MiTu application does a good job of impressing us first shot. It has a whole collection of games and tasks for children. Parents don’t have to worry about children whiling away or wasting their time because most of these games are inclined towards the educational categories. They are very interesting and catchy which makes learning enjoyable for the kids. 

Mitu Watches Price and Review - The Battery performance

All these fancy features become useless if the watch doesn’t have good battery life. We don’t want those interesting interactive sessions to go incomplete or stop midway because of low battery.

  • So Xiaomi has backed this up with a 920 mAh battery. This device also has a low power chip and an AI energy-saving algorithm thereby giving a battery life in standby mode up to 5 days.  This 5-day battery life is really an impressive feature. Especially since this watch runs high spec-dependant apps.

The other thing that we like about this smartwatch is that charging this device is easy and quick. Simply plug into the 4 pins charger at the back of the watch and it takes only 2 hours for the watch to be completely charged.

Key Features

  • The latest Mitu Watch 4 Pro now comes with some additional new features such as WeChat app support to help kids social more.
  • In fact, this watch also allows kids to make voice and video calls. It also allows them to share photos as it comes with an in-built camera.
  • Taking into account that kids are quite rough with their gadgets, Xiaomi has ensured that this watch is covered by a layer of 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3 that has a hardness of 9H. It has a diamond-like coating process that makes it resistant to scratches and drops.
  • It also has a dual frequency GPS positioning that can help you keep a track of your child 24/7. Of course, it also comes with 4G LTE connectivity and NFC that also for a payment option.
  • This smartwatch is also pretty powerful as it comes with 1GB of RAM, 8GB internal storage and Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500 SoC. It also runs on Android 8.1 and the UI is customized for kids.
  • Your child can also access the Voice Assistant XiaoAI and access a whole variety of high-quality learning apps.

Mi Bunny Watch - Price

Xiaomi has always had the reputation of being pocket friendly and priced at a point where it can be afforded by most people.

  • Their products still pack quite a lot of features for the price they are offered at. The same thing can be said to be true for the Mitu smartwatch. This watch is priced affordably and is worth every penny spent. 

The Xiaomi Mitu Rabbit 4 watch is priced at around US $77.86.


I still remember the first watch my parents bought for me at the age of 10, it certainly looked real fancy back then, with a colourful silicone strap and a round dial showcasing the dials. But, all that that simple watch did was show the time. Now when I look at a Xiaomi Mitu watch, I am awestruck and wish I was a child again simply so that I could experience wearing one of these… because believe me, The Xiaomi Mitu smartwatch is truly an experience! Check out the Mitu Watches Price and Review for all the details.

Are Smartwatches good for kids?

Smartwatches have drastically changed over time. These days smartwatches are tailored to benefit the user. Especially smartwatches for kids. It's true that they might get distracted but it depends on what kinds of smartwatch you buy them.

  • For example, the Xiaomi Mitu Rabbit 4 Pro is tailor to educate children. They've taken into consideration that children are curious and installed a play store full of educational games. so, even if they decide to play games, it'll end up benefiting them.
  • Not to mention, the safety features that come pre-installed with this watch. You can track your child's location and talk to them over the two-way communication feature.

Of course, it is also equipped with fitness trackers and sports modes to help your child with his/her health. Check out the Mitu Watches Price and Review for all the details.

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