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Mi 11 Ultra Price and Review | What does the Upcoming Xiaomi Flagship have to Offer?

Wondering if the Mi 11 Ultra is still a good deal? Check out our Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Price and Review to know if the phone is still good?

Xiaomi’s Mi 11 is an amazing phone, and a great deal at its price. Yet it is not what all Xiaomi can offer, it is not Xiaomi’s answer to the iPhone 12 Pro Max or Samsung’s S21 Ultra. The regular Mi 11 is constrained by having to fit a budget.

The Mi 11 Ultra will be the best of what Xiaomi can offer in a smartphone, with specs that maxed out and features that are uncompromised by budget. The Mi 11 Ultra is the answer to all other Ultra and Pro smartphones from other brands.  

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Being a smartphone enthusiast, this is the segment or category of smartphones I am most interested in, the best of the best. The Mi 10 Ultra was one of my favorite smartphones from last year and so I am very excited about the Mi 11 Ultra.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is priced at $1000 and it comes with two screens. One of the back, in addition to the 6.81" screen on the front. The Mi 11 Ultra will also feature the latest Snapdragon 888 chip and will also come with Bluetooth 5.2.


Mi 11 Ultra Price and Review

Mi 11 Ultra Price and Review

Mi 11 Ultra Specifications

Display 6.81″ QHD+ AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate
SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 888
Adreno 660
RAM & Storage Up to 16GB LPDDR5 + up to 512GB UFS 3.1
Battery & Charging 5,000mAh
67W wired fast charging
50W wireless fast charging
10W reverse wireless charging
Rear Camera 50MP Primary Lens
48MP Wide-angle Lens
48MP Periscope Telephoto
Front Camera 20 MP
Ports USB Type C
Connectivity NFC
Wi-Fi 6
IR Blaster
Software MIUI 12.5 Over Android 11

Mi 11 Ultra Design and Display

Xiaomi usually maintains a similar design across a single generation of its phones. So, in the past, the Mi 10 looked similar to its siblings Mi 10 Pro and Mi 10 Ultra. The only differences usually were, extra cameras on the back and different color options. Read to find out all you need to know about the Mi 11 Ultra Price and Release Date before its launch.

It is safe to assume that it will be the same this year too but you will be mistaken. Xiaomi’s plans for the Mi 11 Ultra are kind of extraordinary.  

Phones come with the main screen which is ordinary, but Xiaomi is equipping the Mi 11 Ultra with dual screens based on leaks of renders and pictures from some reputable leakers. Xiaomi’s implementation of dual screens is out of the ordinary, as it is not a foldable phone either. 

Xiaomi is placing a secondary screen at the back beside the cameras. This screen will be integrated into the camera island (hump). And guess what it is a chunky island, probably the largest camera island in recent years. 

The huge camera hump including the screen makes the design look awkward, at least from the back. But we can't conclude just leaks and rumors. Read to find out all you need to know about the Mi 11 Ultra Price and Release Date before its launch.

You might be wondering what is this secondary screen though and why is it there? I mean it is a screen with touch input so you can use it for anything you use a normal screen for. And it is there to improve convenience, as it will be able to display notifications and information when needed.

The specs of the second screen are not clear yet, but the specs of the primary display on the front are confirmed by leakers. The Mi 11 Ultra will come with the same screen as its older sibling Mi 11, a 6.81-inch QHD AMOLED display. 

I am happy that they are going with the same display, as the Mi 11’s screen was amazing. But in hindsight, Xiaomi should have gone for an LTPO panel, as these panels can adjust to the refresh rate of the content being shown, greatly improving battery life.

Mi 11 Ultra Battery

In my review of the Mi 11, I did say that the battery life of the Mi 11 was underwhelming, and a reason for this was the high-power draw of the screen. Hopefully, Xiaomi has worked on this issue, so that we can expect some really good battery life on the Mi 11 Ultra. And speaking of batteries.

The Mi 11 came was equipped with a 4600mah battery. The Mi 11 Ultra one-ups by including a 5000mah battery which will improve battery life a bit even though there is a small secondary screen to power now.

The big change to the Mi 11 Ultra’s battery is the charging speed. Mi 11 Ultra comes with 67.1W super-fast wired charging compared to the 55W found on the regular Mi 11. The wireless charging speed is the same at 50W and I am not complaining because those are crazy fast speeds.

Mi 11 Ultra Cameras

Cameras are what separate most phones from their regular, Pro, and Ultra models across a generation and it is not any different in the case of the Mi 11 lineup. Read to find out all you need to know about the Mi 11 Ultra Price and Review before its launch.

The camera upgrades for the Mi 11 Ultra are what make the camera island on the back so ridiculously large. The addition of the secondary screen is an afterthought because of the camera size.  

The Mi 11 Ultra is equipped with 3 camera sensors like the regular Mi 11. A new primary sensor and the addition of a new telephoto zoom lens is the difference. The Mi 11 Ultra will carry over the same wide-angle found on the Mi 11.

The primary sensor on the Mi 11 Ultra is expected to be a 50 MP Samsung ISOCELL GN2 sensor. Some may think it is a downgrade to the 108 MP sensor found on Mi 11, but it is not. The new ISOCELL GN2 sensor from Samsung is currently the largest sensor you can fit on a phone right now. This allows for more light to enter the sensor in turn improving detail and picture quality. 

Other technical specs of the primary sensor are that it is an f/1.9 sensor with Dual Pixel PDAF (Phase detection Auto Focus). This sensor also has laser autofocus to improve clarity and autofocus speed. There is also optical image stabilization to improve the quality, smoothness, and reduce jitter while video recording.

The addition of a zoom lens improves the versatility of the Mi 11 Ultra a lot in the camera department. This is the fourth lens on the back is a 48 MP periscope telephoto and it gives the Mi 11 Ultra the option to zoom in 120 times. This is by far the most powerful zoom lens in a smartphone and it makes capturing objects in the distance easy with more detail.

Last but not the least, Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Ultra features the same 20 MP selfie camera found on the regular Mi 11. I have no complaints here as the selfie camera is a good one with the ability to capture a lot of details.

The camera upgrades of the Mi 11 Ultra over the Mi 11 are impressive as I already praised the camera on the Mi 11. I can't that Xiaomi has improved this much and I love it.

Mi 11 Ultra Features 

I have mentioned all the upgrades for the Mi 11 Ultra. But there are still some details that you might like to know. The phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 888, the current fastest processor for Android phones.

The Mi 11 Ultra does not have an SD card slot, so keep that in mind before choosing a storage version. And there is no headphone jack which is a bummer.

Mi 11 Ultra also features an IR blaster like almost all Xiaomi phones. Like most flagships, the Mi Ultra also comes with dual speakers tuned by Harman/Kardon for stereo effect, this will make media consumption more immersive.

On the connectivity side of things, the Mi 11 Ultra features the latest and greatest options too. It will come with a Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, an NFC reader, GPS, and a USB Type-C port for the best speeds and reliability.

And finally on the software side of things, Mi 11 Ultra comes with Xiaomi's latest iteration of MIUI. MIUI 13 on top of Android 12 sorted out the bugs and issues found on the regular Mi 11 and ensures the best possible experience for anyone buying a Mi 11 Ultra.

Mi 11 Ultra Price

The Mi 11 Ultra launched at a base price of 1000 USD and it still retails at 989 USD now for the 8GB RAM 256 GB memory model. This means the phone is still quite expensive, given that the Mi 12 Ultra is around the corner.

When compared to other countries, there is not much price variation. The price of Mi 11 Ultra in Singapore is 1355 SGD, and Mi 11 UIltra price in Philipines is 52,000 PHP. 

I would suggest not going for the Mi 11 Ultra, for now, you can either wait for it to get discounted or invest in the Mi 12 Ultra later.

Final Thoughts

Xiaomi is back again with a new generation of smartphones for this year, the Mi 11 lineup. The regular Mi 11 has been launched and has got glowing reviews. But I am most excited about the Mi 11 Ultra and the leaks and rumors have only got me more excited. 

And I am sure, people reading this article will be just as excited as I am about the Mi 11 Ultra. I can't wait to get my hands on it and let you all know more about it soon.


Should I buy Mi 11 Ultra in 2022?

While the Mi 11 Ultra is an excellent smartphone, especially now that it is running Android 12 and MIUI 13, I would still suggest you to wait for now. The Mi 12 is out and it is only a matter of time before the Mi 12 Ultra hits the market.
The Mi 12 Ultra will bring upgrades across the board and even if you are not interested in it, you will be able to pick up a Mi 11 Ultra at a lower price then. So the Mi 11 Ultra is still a great phone for 2022, but wait before you buy one.

Is Mi 11 Ultra have good cameras?

The Mi 11 Ultra has one of the largest sensors ever in a smartphone. This means it can capture pictures in much more detail, especially in low light conditions. The photography performance of the Mi 11 Ultra is excellent, while Xiaomi could improve on video quality.
The camera hardware on the Mi 11 Ultra is second to none, but Apple, Google, and Samsung all rely on top-notch software to get the most out of their hardware, and this is where Xiaomi has to step up too.

Can I shoot 8K videos on Mi 11 Ultra?

Yes, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra can capture 8K footage at 24 fps. While I wouldn't recommend anyone to use this mode unless you are using gimbals. While the sharpness is excellent with 8K videos, it is still not as refined as shooting 4K videos. The Mi 11 Ultra can also record 4K videos at 60 fps, which is the sweet spot in my opinion.

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