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i200 TWS Price and Review | $20 Apple Airpod Clone That Will Blow Your Mind!

Want a quality AirPods fake? Check out our i200 TWS Price and Review for all the details.

I've always loved the TWS series of Airpod Clones. Not just because they happen to be dirt cheap but mostly because it's a true testament of innovation. The manufacturers have replicated the Airpods and have refined both the design and technology with each subsequent generation. It's mind-blowing, to be honest.

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Although there are tons out there, the i200 stands out because it was a milestone and it still happens to be one of the more popular TWS earbuds.

There’s always doubt in the buyer’s mind regarding the best Airpod Clone in the market. There are so many options to choose from and you might have already seen the i60 TWS, i80 TWS, i100 TWS, i1000 TWS, and so on. Today we cover the i1200 TWS Airpod Clone. So, what makes the i200 TWS special? Let's get to it, shall we?

i200 TWS Price and Review

Inside the Box

Inside the box, you have two i200 TWS Bluetooth earphones, a white-colored charging box, a USB-C type cable, and a User Manual. The User Manual might not be particularly helpful in troubleshooting, you can check out the guide below! For this review, we reviewed the black versions!

i200 TWS Design

The initial set of Airpod replicas that were released in the market were not true copies, which meant they weren’t the same size as the original Airpods. But the i200 is a true copy and it's a 1:1 replica.

i200 TWS Price and Review
  • So you could use Airpod cases on the i200 and it will fit in perfectly. The i200 is a solid device. The charging box has a metallic, magnetic hinge that shuts quickly and with a pop. So you know it’s good! The quality of the hinge is good and should last you for years.
  • There is a single light sensor in the front that indicates charging and also there is a USB-C port at the bottom that lets you charge using a USB-C type cable. 

The earbuds themselves look exactly like the Airpods. It has a metallic tip at the bottom that has a mic and there is a sensor on the top that lets you control the music with a single touch. 

i200 TWS Features and Function

How to connect the i200 TWS with a Phone

For iPhones, it’s a pretty standard affair. You keep your Bluetooth turned on and open the charging box of the earphones and you will get the pop-up interface on your iPhone and then you can click on ‘Connect’. For Android devices, you need to manually go into Bluetooth settings and then pair your device with the i200. 

Once you’ve paired your phone with the earphones, once, it automatically connects with your phone every time you open the charging box. Works like clockwork, every-time I tested it during this review. 

i200 TWS Touch Sensor 

The best part about the Airpods is the touch sensor that lets you control your music without having to take your phone out and it’s the same case with the i200 TWS Touch Sensor. To pause and play the music, you need to touch the earbuds once. 

  • To change the music, you need to double touch. Double touch on the right earbud for the next song and double touch on the left earbud for the previous song! 
  • When you touch the earbuds thrice, then Siri gets activated or in the case of an Android phone, then Google Assistant is activated. 
  • When you long press either of the earbud, then your earbuds gets turned off! 

i200 TWS In-Ear Sensor - Is it there?

This is a feature that most people experienced in the latest AirPods. When you remove the earbuds from your ear, then the music would stop automatically and when you put it back in your ear, the music started again. The i200 TWS does not have this feature. But you won’t miss this feature is you can pause and play with a single touch without any fuss. 

i200 TWS Wireless Charging - Is it there? 

Yes. The i200 TWS does have wireless charging capabilities. You just need to place it on a Qi-enabled Wireless charger. So if you are looking for a compatible wireless charger for your i200 TWS, make sure to buy a ‘Qi’ wireless charger. Is it a better experience? 

Using a wireless charger is much easier because using another cable for another device is a major pain in the wrong places! 

i200 TWS Sound 

The most important aspect of the Airpod copy is the sound. Does the i200 TWS cut? It might seem weird to say it, but the i200 TWS sound may be equal to the sound quality of the Airpods if not better. In one case, where I tested the song “Bye Bye Macadam” by Rone, the sound was a bit too sharp in high volume and I had to reduce the volume. 

But other than that the sound quality is perfect. You can hear the treble, bass, and all the lesser sounds without any fuss. Sure it wasn’t as great as headphones, but for TWS earphones, it was great! 

So the sound quality is fantastic on the i200 TWS! 

i200 TWS Binaural Sound - Individual Ear Pieces

The i200 TWS Earpieces have individual functions which means you can use only the left earpiece or the right earpiece. This is perfect for taking calls and you want to pay attention to your surroundings. If you don’t want to use an earpiece, you put it in the charging box and shut the box and it won’t connect to your phone while the other will. 

i200 TWS Battery Life 

People have been debating and discussing the battery life of TWS devices. They look at some of the Bluetooth headphone devices and expect the device to last for 10 hours plus. But if you’ve seen the size of the headphones, then you’ll know they can pack a much bigger battery. For such a small device and a small battery, the music playtime for the i200 TWS is a respectable 3.5 - 4 hours. 

You can always improve the battery life by reducing the volume a little. I was able to power the i200 TWS with a very small power bank and the quality of the charge was still good! 

How long does it take to charge fully? In my estimates, a 30-minute charge can give at least 70% of the charge and that will last you for a few hours. I end up not charging my device for days because there is always a battery left! 

Is the battery safe to carry? A lot of you might have seen at Airports that lithium-ion batteries shouldn’t be carried around and I’ve taken easily 15 to 20 flights locally and internationally and I’ve faced no problems with security or the device. These are tested and safe to carry around! 

i200 TWS  Vs i100 TWS

A super popular question amongst TWS earbud aficionados is the difference between the i200 TWS and i100 TWS. Why is the i200 TWS an upgrade on the i100 TWS? Two aspects make the i200 TWS better than the i100 TWS. Check out our i200 TWS Price and Review for all the details.

Sound - i200 TWS is better

The sound quality on the i200 TWS is a tad better than the i100 TWS. When it comes to the bass and the quality of the sound. Check out our i200 TWS Price and Review for all the details.

Battery Level - i200 TWS is better 

The i200 TWS is better than the i100 TWS when it comes to battery life. So if the i100 lasted for 2.5 hours - 3 hours, then the i200 lasts for 3.5hours - 4 hours. The i200 TWS is worth it for the price it comes at! Check out our i200 TWS Price and Review for all the details.

i200 TWS Specifications 

The i200 TWS has some features that will look into right now

Features Specifications
The exact size of Apple Airpods Yes
Charging Type USB-C
Battery Life 3.5 Hours - 4 Hours
Wireless Charging Yes, Qi-enabled charger
Charging Box and Earbuds Colour White with Glossy Finish
Charging Box Notification Yes
Pop-up Interface Yes, only on iOS
Bluetooth Type 5.0

Binaural Earphones

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i200 TWS Price

The i200 TWS costs 20 USD. For the price, the AirPods clone is a steal deal. It has a clean design, a premium feel, and all the features you need. The i200 TWS is a good pair for fakes for its price and is definitely worth the money. 


What is i200 TWS?

The i200 TWS is a pair of AirPods fakes that are sold on AliExpress. They are affordable earbuds that look like AirPods and offer subpar sound quality. But they are aimed at budget buyers so the sound quality and features are not the talking point.

Is i200 TWS good?

The i200 TWS is one of the most popular fake AirPods you can buy. They are popular because they are good-quality earbuds that look and feel like original AirPods. They don't sound as good as original AirPods, but for the price, you can’t complain.

Is i200 TWS fake?

Yes, the i200 TWS are AirPods fakes that look exactly like AirPods. They are also cheap and don't sound as good as real AirPods.

User Reviews

The sound quality is unbelievable for such a cheap Bluetooth earphone. I tried to compare the sound quality between those and the wired earphone from Apple and honestly the i200 is even better. The sensor works nice, one tap the music pause few taps volume up, few taps on the other earphone lower the volume. To conclude. I rate it 5 stars because the product is pretty unbelievable for the ridiculous price. This review has been made after few hours of test. We will see if it last long.

Rico From USA

Just got these and they work great! Thought the qi wireless case was a dud but when I left it face down for a few min the red light started began to charge!! All tap functions are working for me (I use Android, even tap for hey Google! ) Tried them on kids iPhone and it all worke to take both out of your ear for music pause. There not super loud but I like them!

Marla From Canada

These are excellent iPhone earbuds, almost an exact copy of the more expensive ones directly from Apple. The phone recognized them as airpods, except with the i200 name. My wife's been using them for a few weeks now, battery life is still great. One complaint: the metal ring at the bottom of one of the ear pieces came off and is now gone but it doesn't seem to affect them

Bateson from USA

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