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i1000 TWS Price and Review | i800 TWS vs i2000 TWS vs i1000 TWS

I've been a fan of the TWS series of Airpod Clones. They always seem to punch above their weight with each generation. The i1000 is one of the few TWS models that has managed to make it more than a year in this competitive space. So, that actually speaks volumes about the quality and performance of the device. It’s a perfect Apple Airpod clone that will blow your mind away. Check out our i1000 TWS Price and Review for all the details.

You might have seen all of our TWS earphone reviews. If you haven’t, make sure to check them out here - i200 TWS review, i500 TWS review, i800 TWS review. If you’ve seen them all and still can’t make up your mind, then let me do you a little favour.

If you not sure what are TWS earbuds, check out Best China Products article here.

i1000 TWS Price and Review

i1000 TWS vs Airpods

Features i1000 TWS Apple Airpods
Pop-up Feature Yes Yes
Bluetooth Connectivity 5.0 5.0
Battery Life 3.5 - 4 hours 5  - 6 hours
Independent Earphones Yes Yes

Based on this i1000 TWS vs Apple Airpods comparison, there is no separating both the devices. The i1000 TWS is a perfect Airpod 2 replica. It deserves its own standing in the TWS earbuds category. So let’s see how it fares.

Price - $18

Inside the Box

The i1000 TWS earbuds come in a standard white cardboard packaging. Depending on the seller, you might get it in a premium packaging with the image of the device of the front portion of the cardboard box. You will also find some technical specs on the sides. Inside the box, you'll find:

  • The i1000 TWS earbuds themselves
  • A charging case
  • And a hook

i1000 TWS vs i800 TWS - Design

The i1000 TWS is a true replica of the Apple Airpods. It’s a perfect Apple Airpods 2 Clone. A layperson wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Even in terms of the light notifications, it’s the exact same. So how is the build quality?

  • The build quality is much better than your younger versions such as the i60 TWS, i80 TWS and i100 TWS. If you have those versions, then I would suggest you upgrade your TWS earbuds. You can definitely tell that the manufacturers have refined the design over generation to make it look like a super copy. It comes extremely close to a 1:1 ratio copy
  • As for the build material, that where the makers fumbled. They obviously didn't use premium materials when constructing this device which is one of the reasons for the throwaway prices. However, it does feel like cheap plastic.
  • The speakers are situated on the sides of the earbuds and the sensors on the other side. It also houses the battery and other integral components.
  • The pop-up cap is sturdier, the magnets that pull your earbuds into the case have better magnetism. In terms of product quality, this is unparalleled.

The i1000 TWS earbuds in also super similar in design with the i800 TWS and the i2000 TWS. There are no differences between these models in terms of design.

i1000 TWS vs i2000 - Features and Functions

So how does the i1000 TWS fare compared to the i800 TWS, i2000 TWS and Apple Airpods. 

Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity with Pop-up Feature

The most sought after feature is the pop-up feature and the i1000 TWS’ pop-up feature works beautifully well. You can connect with any iOS device with a single touch of the connect button. Android devices still have to go to the settings to connect with the i1000 TWS.

Touch Sensor

The i1000 TWS has touch capabilities to control the music. You can use a single touch to pause and play the music. You can use the double touch button to change the music. Double touch on the right to play the next song and double touch on the left sensor to go to the previous song. You can also use voice activation to activate Siri or Google Assistant. 

Mic for Hands Free Calls

The Mic you use to summon Siri can also be used to pick up calls and have seamless, clear conversations. The best part of these earphones is that you can choose to use them independently. So you can have conversations only through one ear piece and keep the other in the box and it won’t be a problem. 

Automatic Start and Shutdown

This was one of the most sought after features in TWS earbuds and the i1000 TWS has it. When you pop-open your charging box, the earbuds automatically connect to your device without your intervention. It also automatically shuts off when not in use for a considerable period of time. This conserves the battery and is a massive improvement on the older TWS versions. 

Voice Assistant

Unlike it's predecessors the i1000 comes with a Voice assistant feature. So, now you can access Siri at the touch of button and get her to make calls and play music. You won't have to take your phone out ever again.

i1000 TWS vs i800 TWS - Sound

I personally love the sound on the i1000 TWS. When you compare it to the Airpods 2 replica, you might see a slight difference with the Airpods being slightly better, of course. But remember you are paying 8x the price for the Airpods.

The i1000 TWS AirPods have a decent set of bass speakers that give you the boom that most audiophiles cherish. Is it as good as headphones? Definitely not. But it’s surely got it.

The sound is also a tad better than the i800 TWS and the i2000 TWS. Would you be able to hear the music in really loud surroundings?

I’ve tested these in areas with high ambient sound and I should say the highest volume in the i1000 TWS can surely drown out the external noise. 

Price - $18

i1000 TWS vs i2000 TWS - Battery Life 

The i1000 TWS as mentioned above has a battery life of 3.5 hours to 4 hours. If you are using these TWS earbuds to primarily talk, then you can see the battery life increase by 30 mins more. For people with long commutes, you might have to charge these everyday. But if you do use it for working out and on average ise it for an hour daily, you can easily make it last for a week.

My earbuds last for a week, that’s because I use headphones too. For the best music experience, you need a pair of headphones along with the i1000 TWS. It’s the best pairing. 

i1000 TWS vs i2000 TWS vs i800 TWS

The i1000 TWS has a bit of competition from the likes of i800 TWS and the i2000 TWS. So how does each of them fare? Let’s find out! 

i1000 TWS vs i800 TWS 

Features i1000 TWS  i800 TWS
Bluetooth Version 5.0 5.0
True Airpod Replica Size Yes, 1:1 Yes, 1:1
Wireless Charging Yes Yes
Battery Life 3.5 to 4 hours 3 - 3.5 hours
Bluetooth Distance 30 metres 30 metres
Independent Earphones Yes Yes

If you compare the i800 TWS to the i1000 TWS, the differences might not seem large, but in fact, the i1000 TWS has a slight edge over the i800 TWS in a few departments. 

The sound for the i1000 TWS is definitely better. The sound is crisp and it doesn’t have that stark shrill noise that you experience sometimes with the i800 TWS.

The second aspect is the battery life. The i1000 TWS’ battery life is better by about 30 minutes. If these aspects are a deciding factor, then the i1000 TWS Airpod clone is a winner. 

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i1000 TWS vs i2000 TWS

Features i1000 TWS i2000 TWS
Bluetooth Version 5.0 5.0
Wireless Charging Yes Yes
Battery Life 3.5 - 4 hours 3.5 - 4 hours
Independent Earphones Yes Yes
True Copy Yes Yes

At the outset, it seems like the i1000 TWS and i2000 TWS might have differences and that the i2000 TWS might be an upgraded version. In comparison, we’ve realized, both are exactly the same. There are no differences at all. 

So why do they have different names? Many manufacturers give out a different name to their products just to show people that it’s an upgraded version. Whereas it’s not. 

i1000 TWS Price and Review - Final Thoughts

The i1000 TWS might go down as one of the best Apple Airpod clones of the year. It has a certain elegance to it, it looks great, exactly as the Apple Airpods. The sound is fantastic, the battery life is pretty decent.

When you are buying Apple Airpod replicas, you need to always factor in the price. It’s so cheap for so much value. I’ve mentioned it in the past, I’ve purchased two of the TWS earbuds and given them different covers and kept one at home and one at work. It works splendidly for me.

I would definitely recommend the i1000 TWS for those who are looking for super valuable TWS earbuds. Check out our i1000 TWS Price and Review for all the details.

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