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What is Xiaomi Youpin? Everything You Need to Know

Ever stumbled upon a cool tech gadget or household item with the Xiaomi Youpin label and wondered what it meant? You're not alone.

Xiaomi Youpin has become a popular platform for discovering unique and often, very affordable products. But what exactly is it, and how can you benefit from it?

This guide covers everything related to Xiaomi Youpin, explaining its role within the Xiaomi ecosystem, the types of products you can find, and how to navigate the platform for the best shopping experience.

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What is Xiaomi Youpin?

Xiaomi Youpin, literally translating to "Xiaomi Fine Goods" in Chinese, is an e-commerce platform launched by the tech giant Xiaomi.

It functions as a key component of Xiaomi's "New Retail" strategy, aiming to expand their reach beyond smartphones and into the vast realm of lifestyle products.

Here's a breakdown of what Xiaomi Youpin offers:

  • Curated Selection: Youpin doesn't manufacture products itself. Instead, it acts as a platform to showcase and sell a wide variety of innovative and high-quality lifestyle items from brands within the Xiaomi ecological chain. This ecosystem consists of partner companies that design and manufacture products adhering to Xiaomi's design philosophy and quality standards.
  • Focus on Affordability: Just like Xiaomi's core products, Youpin emphasizes offering "Xiaomi-style value for money." You can expect to find well-designed and functional products at competitive prices.
  • Diverse Product Range: The platform boasts a vast array of categories, encompassing everything from smart home appliances and kitchenware to clothing, sporting equipment, and even pet supplies. This allows users to discover a treasure trove of interesting and potentially life-enhancing products under the Xiaomi umbrella.

From my experience with Xiaomi Youpin brands, I have been pleasantly surprised most of the time. I am a fan of products like the Yunmai massage gun, 1More Triple driver earphones, Viomi Juicer, and more. Similarly, there have been products that haven't really made a lasting impression on me like the Xiaomi broom, or some of the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners

What is Xiaomi's ecological chain?

Xiaomi owns, invests, and operates with many smaller brands that deal in different products. Instead of researching and developing various products from different categories, Xiaomi invests in independent companies and makes them follow the same business culture. 

This allows Xiaomi to create an ecosystem of products that range across varying categories. Xiaomi subbrands make drones, trimmers, clothing, and much more.

All of these brands and products follow the same values as Xiaomi offering high-quality products for affordable pricing.

Here are some of the Popular Brands under Xiaomi,

What is Xiaomi Youpin?

1MORE: One of my favorite Xiaomi subbrands. 1More are responsible for high-quality earphones and headphones that are praised by audiophiles for sound and build quality.

90fun: Practical and quality everyday accessories like backpacks, umbrellas, and suitcases.

Xiaomi Youpin Review

Aqara: The destination for all your Smart home needs from hubs, to sensors to switches and more.

Dr. Bei: Oral care products like traditional and electric toothbrushes.

Viomi: Kitchen appliances, accessories, and products like bottles, filters, dispensers, dishwashers, mixers, juicers, and more.


Yeelight: Smart lighting products including, smart LED bulbs, LED Strips, and more.

Yunmai: The Yunmai massage gun is super popular, and the brand has other health-focused products as well. 

There are many more subbrands under the Xiaomi ecosystem that are a part of Xiaomi’s Smartphone + AIoT Strategy.

6 Top Selling Xiaomi Youpin Products

#1 -- Xiaomi ENCHEN Razor

What is Xiaomi Youpin?

The Xiaomi Enchen Razor is probably the most popular Xiaomi Youpin product in the market. While most razors do the conventional job they can never really do an amazing job, can they? There's always some stubble here or a patch there. This is because the blades aren't sharp enough or they're just not capable of adapting to your facial contours. This is a problem that Xiaomi has managed to overcome with this Xiaomi Ecosystem product.

  • This hair clipper comes with three fantastic Japanese steel blades that are super flexible and capable of gliding over the jawline. These blades are self-grinding blades that keep themselves sharp and it's super easy to clean them. There you have it, Xiaomi has already beaten most of the conventional razors just with these features
  • Now, we'll look into what sets this device completely apart from the rest. This device is equipped with a powerful quick charging battery that lasts for about 90 minutes on a 60-minute charge. It also comes with a type-c cable which basically lets you charge it from any power bank, unlike other electric razors.
  • The Xiaomi Enchen Razor is super lightweight and portable. There are LED indicators. So, it is a very convenient product.

It has an intelligent anti-overcharge and circuit protection system which basically lets you shave even while the razor is charging without electrocuting yourself. It also has a very low decibel emission so you can shave in peace.

Key Features:

  • Japanese steel blades
  • Decent Battery life
  • Anti-overcharge
  • Low Noise

#2 -- Xiaomi EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

What is Xiaomi Youpin

The Xiaomi EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is frankly an amazing product. It's a device that cleans various items like glasses, watches, jewelry, razors, baby pacifier, and basically, anything tiny. This is super useful considering all of these things stain and become dirty over time. For example, glasses become laded with dust and oil stains on a daily basis. And whipping it with a cloth only makes it worse.

  • However, the Xiaomi Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine uses a 45000HZ High-Frequency Vibration and 360 " Stereo Cleaning technology to effectively remove all dirt, stains, fingerprints, and even odor
  • It's extremely easy to use, you just fill it with water and the touch button on the surface of the device.

This high-frequency vibration separates the air in the water to form bubbles that expand and rupture. This rupture creates a force that continuously washes the surface of the object to a micron level, effectively removing oil, bacteria, and dust.


Key Features:

  • Cleans virtually all small objects
  • Uses ultrasonic high-frequency vibration
  • Removes stains, dust, and odor among other things
  • Easy to use

#3 -- Xiaomi Soocas IPX5 Waterproof Nose Eyebrow Hair Trimmer

Xiaomi Youpin English

This Xiaomi Youpin product has been a top-selling product for the past year. The Xiaomi Soocas IPX5 Waterproof Nose Eyebrow Hair Trimmer helps eliminate unwanted hair quickly and efficiently without any hassle. It's so good that you don't need to go to the salon for every minimal grooming.

  • This trimmer is lightweight and portable and works with 2W from AAA batteries which are perfect for trimming tiny hair. You also get a convenient carry pouch.
  • The blade is sharp and is similar to the Enchen Razor. Since it's small it excels in removing tiny hair safely without any bleeding or bruising. The blade also has a transparent cap to keep it safe.
  • It has an interesting eco-friendly power-saving mechanism. Basically, it turns off automatically if it's not in use for around ten minutes.

The Xiaomi Soocas IPX5 Waterproof Nose Eyebrow Hair Trimmer is designed in such a way that it cannot hold dust particles. This is a beautiful feature that improves the longevity of the device. Since it's waterproof you can easily clean it without worrying about damage.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Dust-proof design
  • Eco-friendly power saving mechanism

#4 -- Xiaomi Deerma Household Air Humidifier

The Xiaomi Deerma Air Humidifier is the best when it comes to size and portability. Unlike other bulky humidifiers, you can use this humidifier on countertops and desks. Its compact size lets you keep this on your bedside table. This is super useful when you have a stuffy nose. It's one of the best Xiaomi Youpin products.

  • This Humidifier is designed to look minimalistic and elegant like the majority of the Xiaomi Youpin Products. When turned on it creates a relaxing mist. You can control the density of the mist based on your requirements.
  • It has a 5-liter capacity water tank which can be used the entire day. This humidifier is extremely easy to use as it's equipped with highly sensitive and responsive touch control.
  • With advanced features such as temperature monitors, timing function, and adjustable fog output it's a truly useful product.

The Xiaomi Deerma Air Humidifier not only provides even humidification, but also is equipped with a filtration system that effectively filters out dirt, dust, and pollutants to produce cleaner, fresher air.

Key Features:

  • Filtration system
  • 5 Litre capacity
  • Responsive touch controls
  • Remarkable features

#5 -- Xiaomi Jotun Judy desktop led touch control vanity mirror

This vanity mirror from Xiaomi is absolutely fantastic and yes it's an electronic device. How could a mirror possibly be an electronic device? Well, Xiaomi has basically created a mirror that makes you look pretty every time. It emits the perfect light so you can see yourself as if under a spotlight.

  • If you are in the dark regarding skincare, this is the mirror for you. It can illuminate and let you see all blemishes so you can take the necessary steps.
  • This mirror is elegantly designed with an exterior ABS shell. It also has a decent mirror surface of 232 x 162 x 2mm which is more than enough to reflect every inch of your face. This mirror is quite lightweight only weighing around 370g.
  • It has a decent battery life and you can control the mirror through the responsive touch buttons.

It has a high color LED lamp and 33 lamp beads that evenly surround the rim which simulates natural light. This makes up for the lack of light, especially at night. The intensity of light of 525lux is clearer than that of an ordinary make-up mirror

Key Features:

  • Decent Battery life
  • Simulates natural light
  • Ultra-clear surface

#6 -- Xiaomi Zuodu Automatic Folding Umbrella

Every now and then you find some fantastic products on the Xiaomi Youpin Platform. And this Xiaomi Zuodu Automatic Folding Umbrella is just that, a fantastic product. This umbrella by Zuodu is not just amazing with regards to design but it also has some excellent features with make it one of the best umbrellas around.

  • For example, it is equipped with aluminum alloy umbilical bone. This bone structurally folds this umbrella twice, therefore making the surface area massive once open. Basically, it is both compact and large enough to easily fit three people.
  • As you can gather from the name this umbrella is automatic. So, you simply need to press a button to open and close the umbrella. This is one of the most useful features of this umbrella, as it even helps old people and children use it without issues.
  • The umbrella itself is made from high-quality fabric that is waterproof. So, it actually reflects the reflect the rain drops. making the umbrella perpetually dry. Most importantly, it also comes with an LED strip around the circumference of the umbrella to help illuminate your existence in complete darkness. This is extremely useful as it helps prevent accidents.

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