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Is Roborock Owned by Xiaomi? | Is Xiaomi and Roborock the Same Company?

Xiaomi played a crucial role in the establishment of Roborock, but the question remains whether these two companies operate independently, or is Roborock owned by Xiaomi?

Roborock was founded in July 2014 by Richard Chang, and within a short period afterward, Xiaomi invested in the company. 

This investment led to Roborock becoming an enterprise member of the Xiaomi ecological chain. While the two companies work closely together, their robots are distinct from one another, each offering different features and price points.

It's essential to understand that although Xiaomi has a significant presence in Roborock, they are separate entities working collaboratively. 

Xiaomi does not manufacture robot vacuums themselves, instead outsourcing production to other companies, including Roborock, Dreame, Viomi, and others. 

Roborock and Xiaomi robots may share some technologies, but they are independent companies with distinct product lines.

Let's take a detailed look at the key differences between the two companies and what sets them apart.

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Is Roborock Owned by Xiaomi?

who founded roborock

No, Roborock, also known as Beijing Roborock Technology Co. Ltd., is a Chinese consumer goods brand that's known for its robotic sweeping and mopping devices and handheld cordless vacuums.

Xiaomi, a well-known Chinese electronics company, played a key role in Roborock's inception that has created a lasting connection between the two companies.

The relationship between Roborock and Xiaomi can best be described as an investment and ecological chain partnership.

Xiaomi is a significant shareholder in Roborock, owning approximately 25% of the company's shares according to their affiliation details. As an investor, Xiaomi contributes to Roborock's growth and development.

This partnership extends to product creation and branding as well. Roborock initially produced Xiaomi's first robotic vacuum cleaning devices, which were part of the Mi Home ecosystem.

Is Roborock Owned by Xiaomi?

Although Roborock now designs and manufactures its products under its own brand name, Xiaomi continues to be both an investor and collaborator in Roborock's product development efforts.

The connection between Roborock and Xiaomi can be likened to a large tech company partnering with a specialized firm, where each entity benefits from the collaboration.

In this case, Roborock gains the support of a well-established brand and financial backing, while Xiaomi expands its ecological chain with innovative smart home products developed by Roborock. This partnership has allowed both companies to thrive in the market and maintain a strong relationship in the tech ecosystem.

Is Xiaomi and Roborock the Same Company?

Xiaomi and Roborock are not the same company.

Though Xiaomi holds a significant investment in Roborock, possessing a 24.7% stake, it's crucial to note that Roborock functions as an autonomous enterprise with its own leadership and product development teams.

Are Roborock Vacuums made in China?

Are Roborock Vacuums made in China

Yes, Roborock vacuums are made in China. Roborock is a Chinese company headquartered in Beijing, with R&D and branch offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen. The company's manufacturing facilities are also located in China.

Roborock's vacuums are known for their high quality and innovative features. The company has won numerous awards for its products, including the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award.

While Roborock vacuums are made in China, they are sold all over the world. The company has a strong presence in the United States, Europe, and Australia. Roborock vacuums are also popular in Asia, including China, Japan, and South Korea.

What is Roborock's Market Presence?

are Roborock vacuums available around the world?

Xiaomi, a key player in the company's founding, owns approximately 25% of Roborock. As a result, Roborock has benefited from Xiaomi's extensive distribution network and market presence.

In the United States, Roborock products are available on popular online platforms such as Amazon. The company has managed to build a strong customer base due to its high-quality offerings and competitive pricing.

While Xiaomi itself faced certain roadblocks due to being blacklisted by the US Department of Defense, Roborock has seemingly continued to operate without interruption in the US market.

Roborock's Market growth

Roborock has also expanded its presence in other parts of the world, including the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. UK customers can easily find Roborock products on Amazon UK and other online retailers. In Hong Kong, the company's products are available through various authorized resellers and e-commerce platforms.

In China, the company's home base, Roborock has a significant market presence, especially in major cities like Shanghai and Shenzhen. The close association with Xiaomi has allowed Roborock to leverage Xiaomi's vast distribution network, which includes offline stores like Mi Home, as well as online platforms like and

As a rapidly growing company, Roborock is consistently looking to expand its global footprint. By maintaining a neutral and clear tone, they have successfully garnered the trust of customers worldwide, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of their high-quality and innovative products.

What is Roborock's Market Strategy?

As part of its market strategy, the company focuses on producing a range of vacuum cleaner models to suit the needs of diverse consumers.

The company's offerings include both flagship products and budget models to cater to different customer segments. For instance, their high-end models provide superior performance and advanced features such as room cleaning and mapping functionalities.

On the other hand, budget models still offer reliable cleaning capabilities while remaining more accessible to a wider audience due to their lower price points.

A key aspect of Roborock's market strategy is its continual focus on research and development. This allows the company to introduce innovative and groundbreaking features in their vacuum cleaners, such as being among the quietest in the market.

By investing in technological advancements, Roborock makes a name for itself as a brand that offers efficient, cutting-edge cleaning solutions to its customers.

Though often associated with Xiaomi, Roborock operates independently. While Xiaomi played a pivotal role in Roborock's founding history and owns a stake in the company, Roborock is not a Xiaomi product line, rather a separate entity with its own production and marketing strategies.

This distinction is essential in understanding the competitive strategy and market positioning of Roborock.

Is Roborock better than Xiaomi?

Is Roborock better than Xiaomi?

Both companies produce high-quality robot vacuums with innovative features. However, there are some key differences between the two brands.

Roborock vacuums are generally more expensive than Xiaomi vacuums. However, they also tend to have more features, such as more powerful suction, longer battery life, and more advanced mapping and navigation capabilities.

Xiaomi vacuums are a good value for the money, and they offer many of the same features as Roborock vacuums. However, they may not be as powerful or as technologically advanced as Roborock vacuums.

Feature Roborock Xiaomi
Suction power 2500 Pa or higher 1800 Pa or higher
Battery life 180 minutes or higher 120 minutes or higher
Mapping and navigation Advanced mapping and navigation capabilities, including no-go zones and multi-floor mapping Basic mapping and navigation capabilities
Price More expensive Less expensive

Is Roborock Owned by Xiaomi : Frequently Asked Questions

How do Roborock and Xiaomi relate?

Roborock and Xiaomi are related through business investments. Xiaomi is one of the largest shareholders in Roborock, owning around 24.7% of the company. Roborock initially manufactured robot vacuums for Xiaomi before venturing into producing its own branded products.

What is the difference between Roborock and Xiaomi robot vacuums?

While both brands produce robot vacuums with various features, Roborock robot vacuums generally have better specifications. However, they also tend to cost more compared to Xiaomi robot vacuums. It is essential to consider individual models when making comparisons, as each model has its unique features and performance.

Which company manufactures Roborock vacuums?

Roborock vacuums are produced by the Roborock company itself. Initially, Roborock manufactured robot vacuums for Xiaomi, but they later launched their own line of robot vacuum cleaners.

Is there a difference between Roborock and Xiaomi apps?

Yes, there is a difference in the mobile apps. Roborock has its own dedicated app called the "Roborock Home App" for controlling and managing their robot vacuums. Xiaomi, on the other hand, uses the "Mi Home App" from which users can manage multiple Xiaomi and affiliated smart devices, including their robot vacuums.

How do Roborock models compare with Xiaomi's?

Comparing Roborock and Xiaomi robot vacuum models depends on specific features and performances. Both brands produce a range of models with varied capabilities and price points. Generally, Roborock models may offer higher specifications, more advanced features, and better performance than their Xiaomi counterparts but typically come at a higher price.

Who owns and operates Roborock?

Roborock is an independent company, with its largest shareholders being its founder, Richard chang, and two Xiaomi-related shareholders, Shunwei Ventures III (Hong Kong) Limited, controlled by XU DALAI, and Tianjin Jinmi Investment, controlled by LEI Jun. Combined, the Xiaomi-related shareholders own around 24.7% of the company.


In conclusion, the relationship between Roborock and Xiaomi is indeed noteworthy. 

While Roborock initially emerged as a subsidiary focusing on robotic vacuum technology, it's important to clarify that it is not directly owned by Xiaomi. 

Instead, they share a strategic partnership, allowing Roborock to benefit from Xiaomi's extensive expertise in smart home technology and distribution networks. 

This collaboration has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in Roborock's success and its ability to deliver cutting-edge robotic cleaning solutions to consumers worldwide. 

As both companies continue to innovate and advance in their respective fields, this synergistic relationship is poised to shape the future of smart home technology, providing consumers with even more sophisticated and efficient products.


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