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Is 70mai Owned by Xiaomi? | Who owns 70mai?

This article dives into the ownership structure of 70mai, a prominent player in the smart car electronics market.

We'll address the common question: Is 70mai directly owned by the tech giant Xiaomi?

Additionally, we'll explore the involvement of other investors and delve into 70mai's unique position within the broader tech landscape.

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Is 70mai owned by Xiaomi?

Is 70mai owned by Xiaomi?

No, 70mai is not owned by Xiaomi. However, both brands established a strategic partnership in Jan 2018 and Xiaomi is now the authorized technology partner of 70mai and hence operates within the Xiaomi Mi ecosystem. 

This is why you may be able to see 70mai products listed on Xiaomi’s website and the Xiaomi Amazon store has 70mai dash cameras being marketed as Xiaomi products.

It was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China. 70mai specializes in the development and production of smart car electronics, including dash cameras, smart rear-view mirrors, and tire pressure monitoring systems.

70mai products are known for their high quality, affordable prices, and innovative features. The company has won numerous awards for its products, including the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award.

Who owns 70mai?

Who owns 70mai?
70mai Co. Ltd.

70mai is its own entity and the brand is registered as 70mai Co. Ltd. It was founded in 2016 in Shanghai, China and has since become one of the leading suppliers of dash cams and automobile security systems.

History of the Partnership between Xiaomi & 70mai

Partnership between Xiaomi & 70mai

The partnership between Xiaomi and 70mai began in January 2018, when the two companies announced a strategic collaboration. 

This collaboration means that 70mai products are sold through Xiaomi's official channels and are integrated with Xiaomi's smart home ecosystem. 

The partnership came to be as a result of a shared vision between the two companies. Xiaomi is a leading provider of smart home products, and 70mai is a leading provider of smart car electronics products. 

Both companies believe that the future of smart homes and smart cars is intertwined, and that the two technologies can be integrated to create a more seamless and convenient user experience. 

where is 70mai made?

Since the partnership began, 70mai has released a number of new products that are integrated with Xiaomi's smart home ecosystem

For example, the 70mai A800S dashcam can be controlled using the Mi Home app, and the 70mai smart rear view mirror can be used to display notifications from other Xiaomi smart home devices. 

In fact, the partnership between Xiaomi and 70mai has been beneficial for both companies. 

Xiaomi has gained access to a wide range of high-quality smart car electronics products, and 70mai has gained access to Xiaomi's large customer base and its smart home ecosystem.

How Xiaomi Integrates 70mai Products into its Smart Home Ecosystem?

how to conenct 70mai dashcam to mi home app

Xiaomi has seamlessly integrated 70mai products into its extensive smart home network, providing users with a host of practical functionalities. 

For example, you can sync your 70mai dashcam, smart rearview mirrors  and tire pressure monitoring system with the Mi Home app, allowing you to access live feeds, retrieve recorded footage, view your surroundings and even keep an eye on your car tires pressure.

Beyond the Mi Home app, 70mai products can also be integrated with other Xiaomi smart home devices, such as the Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker. 

how to conenct 70mai dashcam to mi home app

This means that you can use the Mi Smart Speaker to exert control over your 70mai dashcams, facilitating actions like deleting recording, or even accessing live feeds.

Xiaomi has devised multiple avenues to integrate 70mai products into its smart home ecosystem, offering users a centralized hub for managing and controlling their 70mai devices.

Here are specific instances of how Xiaomi facilitates the integration of 70mai products:

  • 70mai Dashcam: Through the Mi Home app, you can not only view live footage but also download recorded clips and administer dashcam settings remotely. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker further augments control, allowing you to start or stop recording, and even view live footage.
  • 70mai Smart Rearview Mirror: The Mi Home app affords you the ability to access real-time footage from the rearview mirror, adjust its settings, and receive notifications regarding potential hazards.
  • 70mai Tire Pressure Monitoring System: Within the Mi Home app, you can continually monitor your car's tire pressure in real time and promptly receive notifications if pressure levels dip too low.

Xiaomi is unwavering in its commitment to innovation, constantly seeking new avenues to integrate 70mai products into its smart home ecosystem. 

Top Performing 70mai Products

Dash Cam 4K A810

Best Xiaomi 70mai dashcam Dash Cam 4K A810

The Dash Cam 4K A810 sets a new standard with its extreme clarity and top-tier security features. Boasting an impressive 4K UHD resolution, it captures every detail with unparalleled precision. 

Whether it's day or night, the HDR Dual-Channel Recording ensures optimal image quality even in challenging lighting conditions. The 70mai Night Owl Vision technology guarantees exceptional performance in low-light environments, making it a reliable companion during nighttime driving. 

Additionally, the AI Motion Detection feature adds an extra layer of security by discerning movement effectively. 

With the upgraded ADAS, advanced safety features are seamlessly integrated, making this dash cam a standout choice for those who prioritize clarity and security in their recordings.

Dash Cam Omni

 360 degree Dash Cam Omni

Revolutionizing the concept of dash cams, the Dash Cam Omni provides a complete 360° view of the surroundings. 

Its unique 360° Rotating Full View eliminates blind spots, ensuring comprehensive surveillance. Equipped with AI Motion Detection, it effectively discerns motion for enhanced security. 

The 70mai Night Owl Vision technology guarantees clear recordings even in low-light conditions, further bolstering its reliability. 

What's more, it offers 4G compatibility, enabling seamless connectivity and real-time monitoring. With Voice Control, operation becomes hands-free, contributing to safer driving. 

For those seeking a dash cam that provides an all-encompassing view and prioritizes security, the Dash Cam Omni stands as an unparalleled choice.

Dash Cam 4K A800S

Ultra HD 70mai Dash Cam 4K A800S

The Dash Cam 4K A800S is a testament to 70mai's commitment to providing the utmost in features and quality. 

Offering a 4K UHD resolution, it delivers video quality that sets a new standard for clarity and detail. With dual-channel recording, both front and rear views are captured, ensuring complete coverage. 

The built-in GPS, coupled with the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), adds an extra layer of safety by providing real-time data and alerts. Moreover, the 24-hour Smart Parking Surveillance feature ensures continuous monitoring, even when the vehicle is parked. 

The A800S is the ultimate choice for drivers seeking top-tier security and unmatched clarity in their recordings.

Dash Cam Pro Plus+

High security 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+

Building upon its predecessor's success, the Dash Cam Pro Plus+ takes excellence to new heights. 

With a resolution of 1944P, it provides high-definition video for clear and detailed footage. Dual-channel recording ensures both front and rear views are captured, offering comprehensive surveillance.

The inclusion of built-in GPS with ADAS enhances safety by providing real-time data and alerts to the driver. The 24-hour Smart Parking Surveillance feature ensures continuous monitoring, even when the vehicle is stationary. 

The Pro Plus+ is a reliable choice for drivers seeking top-notch security and advanced features.

Dash Cam Lite 2

reliable dashcam 70mai Dash Cam Lite 2

The Dash Cam Lite 2 strikes a perfect balance between functionality and simplicity, making it an excellent choice for those seeking essential features. 

With 1080P Full HD and a 2-inch screen, it offers high-definition video quality along with a convenient display. The 70mai Night Owl Vision technology ensures clear recordings in low-light conditions, significantly enhancing nighttime security. 

Time-lapse recording condenses long periods of footage into manageable clips, allowing for easy review. Additionally, the GPS-enabled route tracking provides valuable data for a comprehensive overview of the journey. 

The Dash Cam Lite 2 stands as a reliable choice for those seeking a no-nonsense, high-quality dash cam.


The question that often arises is, "Is 70mai owned by Xiaomi?" The answer is no, 70mai operates as its own entity. 

However, their strategic collaboration, established in January 2018, has led to Xiaomi becoming the authorized technology partner of 70mai. 

This integration places 70mai products within the Xiaomi Mi ecosystem, reflected in their presence on Xiaomi's official channels.

As technology continues to advance, Xiaomi's seamless integration of 70mai products into its smart home ecosystem stands as a testament to their commitment to innovation.

So, while 70mai is not owned by Xiaomi, their strategic partnership has created a mutually beneficial environment that fosters innovation and enhances the user experience in the realms of smart homes and smart cars.

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