Latest Xiaomi Smartwatches

Latest Xiaomi Smartwatches

Looking for a new smartwatch? Check out our list of the latest Xiaomi Smartwatches in 2024.

Xiaomi’s phones have been popular for quite some time, but in recent years they have become a force to be reckoned with in one more segment - Smartwatches. Xiaomi's smartwatches are truly remarkable and a true testament to innovation. Every single piece can easily compete with brands like Apple and Samsung.

In addition to the other cool Xiaomi products, Xiaomi under its brand name has created numerous smart bands and smartwatches and under the Huami brand, they have created some very popular smartwatches. Xiaomi also has budget smartwatches and premium smartwatches depending on your requirement.

If you are looking for the best Xiaomi smartwatches, you are in the right place! Here's the Latest Xiaomi Smartwatches 2024.

Best Xiaomi Smartwatches 2024 Key Feature
Xiaomi Watch S1 Active (2024) Who value style and functionality
Redmi Watch 3 Active Basic fitness tracking features
Xiaomi Band 7 Feature-rich fitness tracker
Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite Reliable and affordable smartwatch
Poco Watch Long battery life and fitness tracking features
Xiaomi Watch S1 Elegant and stylish smartwatch
Mi Band 6 Budget-friendly fitness tracker with essential features
Amazfit X Futuristic smartwatch with advanced features
Amazfit Bip U Accurate fitness tracking
Xiaomi Mi Watch Customizable options and accurate fitness tracking
Amazfit Band Advanced health tracking features
Redmi Band Budget-friendly fitness tracker with basic features
Amazfit T-Rex Rugged and durable smartwatch
Amazfit Stratos 3 Premium smartwatch with advanced sports modes
Amazfit Bip S Essential fitness tracking features
Mi Watch Lite Workout tracking capabilities
Amazfit Stratos Pace 2 Versatile smartwatch with ample storage
Amazfit Bip Youth GPS and long battery life
Amazfit GTR Advanced health tracking
Amazfit Verge Sports modes and calling capabilities
Amazfit GTS Stylish smartwatch with long battery life and GPS tracking

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Best Xiaomi Smartwatch

Known For Xiaomi Smartwatch Price Best For
Premium Xiaomi Smartwatch Amazfit T-Rex
Amazfit T- Rex - European Version
Check it out on Amazon
Outdoor Activities
Best Fashionable Xiaomi Smartwatch Amazfit Bip S
Amazfit Bip S - European Version
Check it out on Amazon
Casual Use
Best Budget Xiaomi Band Mi Band 7
Mi Band 7 - European Version
Check it out on Amazon
Sports Tracking
Best Budget Xiaomi Watch Redmi Watch 2 Lite
Check it out on Amazon
Office Use
Best Xiaomi Smartwatch Xiaomi Mi Watch
Check it out on Amazon
Best Xiaomi Sportswatch Amazfit Stratos 3
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Fitness and Health Tracking

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Best Xiaomi Smartwatch Review 2024

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active

Best Xiaomi Smartwatch 2024

If you're searching for the best Xiaomi smartwatch that combines style and functionality, the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active might just be what you need.

This watch boasts a premium design that catches the eye with its stylish 1.43-inch AMOLED display. Not only does it look good, but it's also lightweight and remarkably comfortable to wear, making it ideal for all-day use.

With dual-band GPS, 117 fitness modes, and 5 ATM water resistance, it's a powerhouse for fitness enthusiasts. The Xiaomi Watch S1 Active delivers up to 12 days of typical use and an impressive 24 days in power-saving mode, ensuring you stay connected without constantly searching for a charger.

Best Xiaomi Smartwatch of 2024

The Xiaomi Watch S1 Active stands out as one of the best Xiaomi smartwatches on the market, offering a winning combination of style, functionality, and seamless integration with the Xiaomi ecosystem.

While it may come with a higher price tag and occasional software quirks, its impressive feature set and long battery life make it a solid choice for fitness enthusiasts and Xiaomi fans alike.

Redmi Watch 3 Active

Latest Xiaomi Smartwatch 2024

Looking for a budget-friendly option without sacrificing essential features? The Redmi Watch 3 Active could be your answer to finding the best Xiaomi smartwatch on a budget.

The Redmi Watch 3 Active offers excellent value for money, providing an affordable price point compared to other smartwatches on the market. Despite its low cost, it doesn't compromise on comfort, with a lightweight design that's suitable for all-day wear.

With 110 sports modes and 5 ATM water resistance, the Redmi Watch 3 Active is ready to accompany you on various activities, from workouts to swimming sessions.

Latest Xiaomi Smartwatch 2024

Basic health tracking features, including heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and SpO2 measurement, provide valuable insights into your overall well-being.

Battery life won't be a concern with this smartwatch, as it delivers up to 12 days of typical use, ensuring you stay connected without constantly needing to recharge.

The Redmi Watch 3 Active is an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers seeking a reliable smartwatch with basic fitness tracking features. While it may lack some advanced functionalities and customization options, its affordability, long battery life, and essential health tracking capabilities make it a solid option for casual users.

Xiaomi Band 7

Xiaomi Band 7

The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is the latest fitness tracker from Xiaomi. The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 improves on the hugely popular Mi Band 6 by offering a slightly bigger, brighter screen, along with better internals and a larger battery. 

This meant that there is a noticeable difference between the two generations though not always visible to the naked eye. The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 like all other Xiaomi Bands, is popular and successful in all the markets it has launched.

Highlights of the Xiaomi Band 7

Xiaomi Band 7 Performance

A Bright Large AMOLED Screen - The new Mi Band 7 features a 1.62-inch screen which is slightly larger and brighter at 500 nits than the previous version. 

Long Battery Life - The Mi Band 7 has a bigger battery that offers up to 14 days of battery life which is outstanding for a device so small.

Tons of Sensors - The Mi Band 7 has all the sensors you will ever need and want in a fitness tracker along with notifications for health metrics.

Smart features - The Mi Band 7 has tons of fitness modes with automatic activity detection that make it a good fitness tracker.

Water Resistant - With a 5ATM rating, the Mi Band 7 can be submerged for up to 50 meters in water.  

Overall, there are few fitness trackers that come close to offering the same specs as the Xiaomi Mi Band 7. And there are no bands that tick all the boxes that Mi Band 7 does in its price category. Easily one of the best fitness trackers you can buy right now. 


  • A bright, colorful AMOLED screen is great for outdoor use.
  • Takes under two hours to charge fully.
  • Excellent smart features.
  • Lots of sensors including heart rate and SpO2 sensors.
  • Automatic activity tracking.


  • Not launched in India yet.
  • Will be more expensive than the previous version.
  • Tracking is not accurate always.
  • No NFC for the International version.

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite

Redmi Watch 2 Lite

The Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite is Xiaomi’s latest budget smartwatch. It improves upon the previous Redmi Watch by offering a larger screen, better battery life, and more workout modes.

The Mi Redmi Watch 2 Lite is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The Watch is also great as a fitness tracker, as you get an accelerometer, heart rate sensor, and SpO2 sensor. Overall, for the price, the Redmi Watch 2 Lite, checks all the important boxes. 

Highlights of the Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite Tracking

A Large Screen - The Redmi Watch 2 Lite features a large 1.55-inch LCD screen. 

Long Battery Life - The Redmi Watch 2 Lite has a battery life of 10 days.

Water Resistant - With a 5ATM rating, the Redmi Watch 2 Lite can be submerged for up to 50 meters in water.  

App Compatibility - The Redmi Watch 2 Lite is compatible with popular fitness apps like Strava, Apple Health, and Xiaomi Wear. 

Tracking features - The Redmi Watch 2 Lite can track sleep, heart rate, measure blood oxygen, and more, all of which are extremely useful. 

The Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite is an excellent budget smartwatch. It looks and feels good, has good features, and has an affordable price tag. Go for it, if you want something reliable and affordable. 


  • Large screen with good brightness.
  • 10 days of battery life is good.
  • 100+ workout modes for tracking.
  • 5ATM water resistance is excellent.
  • Automatic activity tracking with good accuracy.


  • The LCD screen is not as good as AMOLED.
  • Large bezels around the screen.
  • Can be sluggish sometimes.
  • Tracking accuracy is not the best.

Poco Watch

The Xiaomi sub-brand Poco is the source of the Poco Watch. This watch has an always-on display (AOD) and a 1.6-inch AMOLED touch screen with 320 x 360px resolution. This should be plenty to convince Redmi Watch 2 Lite users. Particularly on very little devices, AMOLED outperforms LCD every time.

Similar to the Redmi Watch 2 Lite, this Xiaomi watch has a non-standard 125-205 mm soft silicone watch strap with a buckle and clasp for a snug fit.

The Xiaomi-developed software, which is also used by the Poco Watch, is not as feature-rich as Wear OS but is nonetheless serviceable. Third-party app compatibility is not available, however the advantage is excellent battery life. Poco claims that it should last you for about two weeks on a charge, but in theory, one week would be a more accurate projection.

Here are the key specs.

  • SpO2 and 24-hour heart rate tracking
  • Over 100 different fitness modes tracking
  • Support for GPS and GLONASS
  • 1.6″ AMOLED display
  • 5ATM water-resistant

Unfortunately, this watch hasn't been widely available. The Poco Watch costs £79.99 (about $100/AU$140) in a few areas and markets. Go for it if this is offered in your area. It has a bigger display than prior models and a better display than the Redmi Watch 2 Lite.

Xiaomi Watch S1

This Xiaomi smartwatch has a circular shape that is both elegant and stylish and can be worn by both men and women. 46.5*46.5*11 mm in size and 46.5g in weight.

The right side of the casing has two physical buttons. It controls the turning on and running back processes. A heart rate sensor and magnetic contacts for charging were placed on the device's backside in a standard layout.

The body of the Xiaomi Watch S1 is constructed from 316L stainless steel, while the strap is detachable and offered in both silicone and leather.

The 1.43-inch full round AMOLED screen on this new Xiaomi smartWatch sports a sapphire glass mirror covering and a 466 x 466 pixel resolution. The wearable comes in black, blue, and brown colours and includes a variety of watch faces.

Mi Band 6

Mi Band 6

The Mi Band Series needs no introduction. It's the number one selling fitness band brand in the world from Xiaomi. It's got some big upgrades compared to the earlier model. So let's see what the latest Mi Band 6 has in store.

Mi Band 6
  • A 1.56-inch AMOLED screen with 486 X 152-pixel resolution and about 450 nits of brightness, which is pretty great.
  • The Mi Band 6 has a battery life of 14 days, because of its 125 mAh battery.
  • It's waterproof, which means it can be used for a swim up to 30 meters.
  • The 30 different sports modes ensure that you can figure your workout of the day directly from the band itself
  • The Band 6 got a software upgrade that added the SpO2 feature which tracks blood oxygen levels.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is the latest version of India’s favorite budget fitness tracker. The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 improves on the hugely popular Mi Band 5 by offering a bigger screen, along with better internals. 

This meant that you could notice the difference between the two generations particularly because of the screen. The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 like all other Xiaomi Bands, is popular and successful even now. 

Highlights of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 include

A Large AMOLED Screen - The new Mi Band 6 features a 1.56-inch screen which is 46% larger than the previous version. 

Long Battery Life - The Mi Band 6 offers 14 days of battery life which is outstanding for a device so small.

Tons of Sensors - The Mi Band 6 has all the sensors you will ever need and want in a fitness tracker. 

Smart features - The Mi Band 6 has tons of smart features that make it a good smartwatch alternative.

Water Resistant - With a 5ATM rating, the Mi Band 6 can be submerged for up to 50 meters in water.  

Overall, there are few fitness trackers that come close to offering the same specs as the Xiaomi Mi Band 6. And there are no bands that tick all the boxes that Mi Band 6 does in its price category. Easily one of the best fitness trackers you can buy right now. 

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Amazfit X

Amazfit X

The Amazfit X is a next-generation smartwatch for Amazfit. This futuristic beast is stunning. It comes with a curved AMOLED screen and body. Most importantly, this concept watch represents the latest breakthrough in wearable technology. It's filled with amazing features and functionality. It is also one of the Latest Xiaomi Smartwatches.

  • This curved body and screen make complete use of the space to rest comfortably on your wrist. Additionally, the 92-degree curvature and the brilliant high-definition screen provide for more display room and an amazing visual experience. This is one of the few fitness bands that comes with a 2.07-inch screen, making it one of the few watches that provide room for information.
  • In fact, the information is prioritized by the device's UI. It basically, balances relevant information and aesthetics to provide a beautiful experience every time. It's one of the most good-looking. It is also extremely sturdy with 3D curved glass to protect it from scratches. The whole body is made from a sturdy titanium metal that ensures unprecedented durability.
  • One of the more technological innovations that comes with this watch is one of the world's first curved lithium-ion batteries. It can last for 7 days on a single charge. The Amazfit X is equipped with nine built-in sports modes and supports automatic identification of four types of sports such as walking, treadmill activity, outdoor running, and outdoor cycling.

It also comes with the latest BioTracker 2 that accurately monitor's your heart health, heart rate distribution, and even blood oxygen level. Most importantly, it also tracks sleep, stress, and overall body health in the form of a PAI score.

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Amazfit Bip U

Amazfit Bip u

The Bip U is the latest smartwatch from the popular smart wearable manufacturer Amazfit. Priced at an unbelievably low price of $60, this smartwatch is one of the best when it comes to both design and performance. Although it is designed to look similar to the Apple Watch, it comes with its unique range of fitness features. Most importantly, it is equipped with the latest accurate sensors on the market. It is one of the Latest Xiaomi Smartwatches.

Amazfit BIP U
  • It is equipped with a 1.43" large color screen with a 320 x 302-pixel resolution. The high visual quality results in extremely sharp and clean images. This smartwatch is also quite trendy as it comes with amazing color bands and over 50 watch faces. You can customize and personalize the watch to suit your mood or outfit. Additionally, the device also comes with animated watch faces that elevate the user experience.
  • You can customize the watch and set the parameters or apps you want access to on the main screen. You can prioritize apps like weather, time, and date if you're using it as a regular watch or you can set fitness apps.
  • When it comes to performance, this watch is one of the best. It weighs only 31 grams. So, not only is it extremely comfortable, it even helps you stay in your peak condition every time. It also happens to be waterproof up to 50 meters.

This smartwatch is equipped with over 60 sports modes. So, you can choose between cardiopulmonary strengthening modes and fat-burning modes. After having used it for a while, I love these sports modes. They're extremely accurate. Especially, with the sensors determining the Blood oxygen level and other factors. The overall fitness data works as a great guide.

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Xiaomi Mi Watch

Xiaomi Mi Watch

Featuring a brilliant 1.39" Display, a 420 mAh battery, and over 110+ personalized watch faces, the Xiaomi Mi Watch is currently one of the best smartwatches on the market. Additionally, it has a bunch of different strap options as well. What sets it apart from typical smartwatches is the amazing internal customizable options and the ultra-accurate fitness tracking capabilities. It's one of the Latest and Best Xiaomi Smartwatch in 2024.

Xiaomi Mi Watch
  • The 1.39" dial display isn't just brilliant because it's larger than the average smartwatch that can display more information but primarily because its AMOLED screen elevates the quality of the interface making it look extremely sharp and beautiful. This screen really brings the 110+ watch faces giving this smartwatch an overall appearance of a futuristic device. It is light and weighs about 32 g so you don’t have to worry about it weighing you down at workouts.
  • When it comes to performance, the Xiaomi Mi Watch is off the chain. The processing speed is quite fast which results in smooth usage without any stutters or lags. Even the battery life is quite decent as it can last for 14 days on a single charge and can easily last for 22 days on standby mode.
  • Unfortunately, while it is waterproof, it cannot be used if you planning taking it to a sauna or if you planning on diving. The 5ATM waterproof design ensures it's safe only to 50M level. So, swimming with it is not an issue.
  • As mentioned earlier it comes with 10 sports modes like outdoor running, riding, cross country, mountain climbing, walking, swimming, free training, indoor cycling, and indoor running.
  • High-end GPS: The GPS in the watch supports 4 modes and it accurately records your movements. It has a built-in 12 nm high-end Airoha GPS that makes synchronous position possible. The 4 modes that are supported are GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BDS.  The use of these systems makes your fitness data more precise. 

The Xiaomi Mi Watch Color is equipped with an accurate fitness tracker to meet all your daily health needs. From a simple 24-hour heart rate detection to various parameters like stress, energy, and sleep. This watch can help you keep a track of various important factors to health. Its Firstbeat algorithm can analyze more than 30 data points during and after exercise to help you improve your health.

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Amazfit Band

Amazfit band

The Band 5 is Amazfit's response to Xiaomi's Mi Band 5. Although they are essentially related since Xiaomi owns both companies, this is a result of some healthy internal competition. Amazfit has done a considerably better job at creating a good fitness tracker. It is one of the Latest Xiaomi Smartwatches 2024.

  • With two in-built watches faces and more than forty to choose from, the 1.1” full-touch color AMOLED display ensures a cleaner, bright and amazing visual experience.
  • It comes with amazing battery life. It can easily last for 15-25 days on a single charge. The range is dependent on the battery saver modes. One of the things I loved about this fitness tracker is that you can go on a short camping trip without having to worry about the charge.
  • Amazfit also incorporated a women's health tracking feature with the majority of the latest phones. This of course includes Band 5. It has a female menstrual cycle tracking feature and is designed to send smart notifications.
  • This Amazfit Band 5 also is equipped with a Blood Oxygen saturation monitor. It can measure your SPO2 and keep a track of your physical state with its proprietary OxygenBeats technology. It of course also can easily track heart rate, sleeping patterns, steps, distance, calories among various other important health metrics.

Amazfit went ahead and decided to equip the Band 5 with a built-in Alexa. So, you can pretty much talk to it, ask questions, set alarms among other things like control various other smart home devices right from your wrist.

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Redmi Band

Remi band

A few months ago Xiaomi launched another fitness tracker under their Redmi sub-brand. The Redmi band was meant to be a cheaper alternative to the Mi Band and it's exactly that. Although the user interface is similar to the Mi Band, the display, functionality, and even the features are limited. So, if you're looking specifically, for a cheaper Mi Band 4 Alternative then go for the Redmi Band.

  • The Redmi Band is quite different from the Mi Band in terms of design. It adopts a rectangular-shaped 0.95-inch color AMOLED display, unlike the Mi Band's curved design scheme. Although it looks bulky and solid, you actually have more contact with the screen due to the flat surface of the screen. However, the touch sensitivity isn't all that great which is quite the bummer.
  • It also has 2.5 D tempered glass on top to prevent the screen from scratches and abrasions.
  • This fitness tracker pairs over Bluetooth 5.0 Which ensure a fast and stable connection. It also comes with the usual features such as a heart rate monitor, pedometer, sedentary alerts, notifications, and access to other basic apps such as alarms. Pretty basic overall.
  • It does, however, have 5 sports modes. Which is dismal when compared to the Mi Band but certainly not bad for a 15 buck band.

The Redmi Band, interestingly, does not have a charging cable. This Redmi Fitness Tracker has an integrated USB port. All you have to do is remove the band and plug the main body into a charging port. Although this is quite an unusual feature, it is super convenient. This Band Lats for 14 days on a single charge.

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Amazfit T-Rex

The Amazfit T-Rex hit the markets recently and boy is it a beast. This Xiaomi smartwatch is tailor-made for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. It's designed to be rugged, tough, and solid with distinctive edges. It can withstand almost all extreme environments. Most importantly, every inch of this watch was meant to be as practical as possible. It's definitely at the top of the Latest Xiaomi Smartwatches 2024 list.

Amazfit T-Rex
  • This Xiaomi Smartwatch has a 1.3 inch AMOLED display that supports an always-on display. This is useful when you're in a position where you can't touch the screen or button. It also comes with a variety of face watches.
  • The Amazfit T-Rex is an extremely practical smartwatch. For example, it is equipped with large metal buttons that allow you to find the buttons easily and it has a silicone band that's sweat resistant.
  • With this latest Xiaomi smartwatch, you can expect water resistance up to 50 m and a battery life of 20 days. It also has 14 sports modes and fitness and health trackers. This watch is also equipped with a high-precision GPS Dual-Satellite Positioning which can let somebody keep a track of you if you decide to venture into a jungle.

The most impressive thing about the Amazfit T-Rex is the fact that it has 12 Military Certifications. For example, 70 degrees Heat Resistance, -40 degrees Cold Resistance, 240h Humidity Resistance, 96h Salt Spray Resistance and much more.

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Amazfit Stratos 3

Till very recent this beauty was Xiaomi's flagship dominator. It's a fantastic watch with remarkable functionality. This watch comes with a dual operating system which is powered by two different chips - one chip is for daily life applications and the other is for sports modes. It is one of the best Xiaomi Watch.

  • Yup, it has a separate chip that powers the sports modes. If you curious as to why? This is because this little monster has over 80 sports modes!
  • It has a simple yet elegant design that combines stainless steel with reinforced plastic. It's super lightweight considering the size. This smartwatch comes with a Firstbeat Algorithm that works as a professional sports assistant. It essentially keeps a track of your workout and provides insights to improve your fitness and health.
  • It comes with 70 hours of GPS, this can be paired with endurance mode. This feature is extremely useful when you are doing cross country and any other outdoor activity.
  • The Amazfit Stratos 3 also comes with a full-touch 1.34" transflective display. That you can use to access various smartwatch apps. It also has 4 buttons in case of your swimming and can use the touch screen.
  • One of the most amazing things about this smartwatch is its storage feature. It comes with 2GB of internal memory that can store close to 400 songs. So, you can essentially hook up your earbuds to the phone and control your music. It's much better than carrying your phone when working out.

As a watch that was specifically meant for sports, it is an absolute monster. It has 14 days of battery life. And it can not only track your fitness and health but It also comes with 80 sports modes.

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Amazfit Bip S

Amazfit bip s

The Amazfit Bip S is a designer smartwatch from Xiaomi. If fashion is your thing, this is the smartwatch for you. This watch is made from a two-tone color technology that blends two colors to create a beautiful and premium look.

  • This watch is quite lightweight weighing about 31 grams. The wristband of the watch is dust and water-resistant and it also adds to the beauty of the watch. It comes with a transflective display which allows you to see the display clearly under direct sunlight.
  • You have access to over 40 watch faces and of course, make calls, use various apps, and even play music. It is equipped with 10 sports modes that track various things.
  • This watch has impressive battery life. It can last for 40 days on a single charge.

The Amazfit Bip is equipped with super revolutionary Bio-tracking software. This Bio tracker accurately tracks your health and fitness levels.

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Mi Watch Lite

Mi watch lite
  • Unique design: The watch lite comes with face function customizable designs that reflect your own unique personality. The watch case comes in 3 colors while the strap comes in 5 unique colors. The Mi watch is designed to be your companion through which you can show off your style. One of the best Xiaomi Watch.
  • Workout Trainer: It does not matter whether you work indoors or outdoors, the Mi watch customizes your workout routine to provide optimal results. The watch always keeps track of your moments and helps you improve your performance. It is equipped with 11 workout modes, some of which include: outdoor running, trekking, swimming, cricket, and walking. The watch is also water-resistant up to 50 m.
  • Body function monitoring: The watch tracks your heart rate, Sleep, and breathing. It comes equipped with a PPG sensor that tracks your heart rate whenever you wear it. It can tell if your heart rate is abnormal and helps measure long-term heart rate changes. The watch analyses your sleep quality and records when you are in light sleep, deep sleep, and sleep duration to optimize your sleeping schedules. As a stress buster, you can do some guided breathing exercises programmed on the watch to make you feel better.

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Amazfit Stratos Pace 2

Amazfit Stratos Pace 2

The Amazfit Stratos / Pace 2 is one of the premium smartwatch offerings from Xiaomi. There has been a new trend in the market, where the smartwatches do not look like the ones Apple made early on. The smartwatches these days look like traditional watches and the same applies to the Stratos / Pace 2 from Xiaomi. The Amazfit Stratos Pace 2 is an excellent Xiaomi smartwatch.

  • Coming to the design, the Stratos is quite a good-looking gadget and it has won the Reddot design award in 2018.
  • The 1.34-inch display is more than sufficient in size and it’s an LCD screen that is reinforced with Corning glass.
amazfit pace 2
Real-life picture from the review
  • It has 512MB RAM and 4GB internal memory. 2GB is available only for music. The battery life lasts for 5 days and if you run the GPS and heart rate monitor, it has 35 hours of battery life.

This is a watch that is built for casual wear and also as a sports watch. It works underwater and has a 5ATM water resistance. The battery is 290 mAh Li-ion. Personally, this is one of my favorite smartwatches out there as it's cheaper than Samsung's smartwatch competitor easily by $100.

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Amazfit Bip Youth

amazfit bip youth

Amazfit Bip Youth Edition is different from other Amazfit versions. The first difference is the shape of the watch face. The Bip Youth has a square watch face, whereas the Amazfit Pace has a round watch face.

  • It has an IP68 rating that lets you use it underwater and use it for sporting purposes. It has the GPS feature that lets you track your runs and follow the location and so on.
  • The color is black and it’s named obsidian, it’s pretty stylish. The battery is around 200 mAh.

What makes this product super stand out is the 45-day run-time. The screen is a 1.28-inch, 2.5D gorilla glass that has a touch screen.

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Amazfit GTR

Amazfit GTR

The Amazfit GTR is an upgrade on the Xiaomi Stratos. It’s an exclusive edition that is known for a few defining traits. While it looks like a posh smartwatch with its leather strap and Bluetooth music, it's one of the best sports-oriented smartwatches on the market.

  • With a Ceramic Bezel and a 2.5D Sapphire Watch Crystal, this is one of the toughest watches out there. It definitely supports your workout regimen regardless of the environment. For example, you can hit the waves or deep dive as this beauty is 5ATM water-resistant.
  • For people who take their numbers seriously, it also provides data on Oxygen Consumption, Training Loads, Recovery Time, and more. It can last for 5 days on a single charge.
  • This ensures that no matter what exercise you do, you can track your performance with the Amazfit GTR.
  • If you are concerned about how your watch is going to look, fear not as you can customize your watch face based on your requirement. Since It's one of the Latest Xiaomi Smartwatches it easily works with the Amazfit Watch App 2.0.

Looking at these specifications, it’s clear that the Amazfit GTR is one of the finest smartwatches out there. It not only looks good in a casual setting, but it also has a feature that is loved by sportspeople. It has 16 sports modes that are Running, Walking, Cycling, Swimming, Triathlon, Compound Exercises, Skiing, Tennis, and more.

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Amazfit Verge

Amazfit Verge

The Amazfit Verge is one of the most successful smartwatches and was considered the best Xiaomi watch in the market until Amazfit T-Rex kicked it down. It’s a sporty-looking device that looks cool. It has a 1.3-inch AMOLED screen with different watch faces that can make your watch look sporty as well as classy. 

  • It’s loaded with features where you can easily make calls, answer calls, and more. Let me get to that one by one. 
  • Make no mistake that this watch is a perfect fit for a fitness enthusiast. You have 12 sports modes for activities such as running, cycling, hiking, and sports activities such as tennis, football, and more. 
  • When you have a watch that is packed with features, the battery life generally takes a big hit. In this case, it has a 5-day battery life which is brilliant. 

It has 4GB built-in flash memory with 2GB available for users. The 390 mAh battery takes 2.5 hours to fully charge that will give you 5-day battery life. 

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Amazfit GTS

Amazfit GTS

The Amazfit GTS is a budget Apple Watch Alternative from Xiaomi. It has a design like the Apple Watch and it’s so much cheaper. It has a 341 PPI AMOLED display. It has an amazing battery life of 14 days and you can swim up to 50 meters underwater. 

  • The display widgets are editable and you can move things around based on what you want. It comes in six attractive watch colors. You can either have a classic finish or a sporty finish.  The user interface is one of the things you'll be paying for and it happens to be quite amazing. You can customize 7 out of the 17 essential widgets and tailor them to suit your needs.
  • This watch is also meant to be a fashionable watch not in the generic sense. But it's one of the few from Amazfit that is more elegant than rugged. It comes with an amazing finish that goes well with the more exclusive clothes in your closet. Even the band is meant to be more of an accessory.
  • It has 12 sports modes that include running, treadmill, cycling, walking, indoor cycling, pool swimming, climbing, and even weights exercise among others.
  • The GPS can continuously work for 25 hours. 

It’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that is super powerful. The basic watch mode lasts for 46 days. The Amazfit GTS is the best Xiaomi Smartwatch in 2024.

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How to Choose Xiaomi Smartwatch?

To choose the best Xiaomi smartwatch, you need to check if the watch has all the features you need. Here are things you have to consider before choosing a Xiaomi smartwatch,

Sensors - Smartwatches nowadays pack a lot of sensors that allow them to track your activities and health. Most smartwatches will come with an accelerometer, GPS, and proximity sensor. 

But sensors like heart rate sensors to measure heart activity, SpO2 to measure oxygen levels, and ECG sensors give your Smartwatches more capabilities. 

So make sure the watch you are buying has all the sensors you need.

Build Quality - Since smartwatches have become more focused on fitness tracking, they are required to be built well. They have to handle sweat, dirt, and pressure from the sports and activities they take part in. 

For this, make sure the watch you choose has at least an IP68 rating for dust and waterproofing. If the watches are made from premium materials, then paying extra for them will be worth it. 

New Versions - Xiaomi releases newer versions of their popular smartwatches all the time, and these versions will be better than outgoing models. 

New versions will have better sensors that are more accurate, better screens, and better software too. So make sure to choose the latest Xiaomi smartwatch.

Price - Price varies on many factors, but the more you play the more you get. Higher-priced models will have better sensors and more features too. 

But the best value-for-money watches are always midrange models. So be sure to strike a balance between price and features which is what I would do.

Xiaomi Smartwatch Comparison

Amazfit Verge Vs Amazfit Stratos

Amazfit’s watches are so awesome that it's hard to decide which is better. So I’ve created a simple comparison table to help you decide. 

Features Amazfit Verge Amazfit Stratos
Display Size 1.3-inch AMOLED 1.34-inch LCD
Battery Life 5 days 5 days
Watch Style Sporty Professional
Available storage for users 2GB 4GB
Water Resistance IP68 IP67
Battery Capacity 390 mAh 290 mAh
Colour Options White, Grey, Blue Black


Which Xiaomi Watch is best?

Amazfit watches have taken the smartwatch world by storm. Amazfit is Xiaomi’s brand and they’ve made some pretty amazing watches. But like me, there are a lot of people who have had issues with finding the best Amafit watch, and here is a simple comparison chart to help you figure out the best Amazfit smartwatch in the market. 

Are Xiaomi watches good?

Amazfit watches are GREAT. They are a dedicated offering from Xiaomi, focused on the smart fitness band and smartwatch category. They have already made a range of products such as the Amazfit Bip, Amazfit Stratos, Amazfit Bip Lite, Amazfit GTS, Amazfit Vege, and more. These watches are the best budget smartwatches on the market and are worth every penny you pay for them.

Yes, it is! The budget-friendliness of a Xiaomi smartwatch coupled with the features it provides is an absolute steal. It comes with a variety of fitness modes and body measurement trackers allowing you to take your health into your hands. It’s great for answering phone calls as well.

Is Xiaomi Smartwatches Safe?

There are concerns among a few people that smartwatches emit radiation and they are dangerous. I'd like to point out that your microwave emits more radiation than your watch ever will. Having said that, the radiation emitted by a smartwatch like the Mi Band 3 is so little and negligible that it shouldn't even be considered a threat.

Is Amazfit owned by Xiaomi?

Amazfit is owned by Xiaomi's subsidiary, Huami. But most of the decisions in terms of design, style, and features are controlled by Xiaomi. It's a dedicated offering from Xiaomi to focus on the smartwatch industry.

Are Amazfit watches waterproof?

Most Amazfit smartwatches are waterproof. They are sports-focused smartwatches and that means they can be used at least 50 meters underwater and you can bathe with them and they can be submerged underwater for up to 30 minutes.

What is Xiaomi's latest watch?

The latest Xiaomi smartwatch is the Mi smart band 6. The sleek design packs a ton of features that include 30 fitness modes, Heart rate monitoring, Magnetic charging, and a Sleep quality tracker. You can easily check your messages and calls at a glance with the  MI  smart band. 

Can Xiaomi Mi watch answer phone calls?

The watch has a built-in speaker and microphone that allows you to answer phone calls. When you get an incoming phone call on your phone, the Mi watch alerts you and you can choose to answer the call on your watch. It also lets you reject or mute a phone call.

Is Mi watch worth buying?

Yes, the Xiaomi Mi watch is worth buying. It has over 100 watch face styles and 3 watch straps that you can select from. It is lightweight and lasts for up to 16 days on a full charge. It has 117 sports modes to track your fitness progress. You can test your blood oxygen, heart rate, and sleep quality with the watch.

Does Mi watch work without a phone?

The Mi watch comes with a built-in GPS. This allows you to work out the outdoors without your phone as your watch can get location data. There is a do not disturb option as well that prevents you from receiving messages and calls from your phone on your watch.

Does the Xiaomi watch have an ECG?

An ECG is a test that checks your heart's electrical activity and rhythm. The Mi watch does not capture an ECG. It does however track your heart rate as well as the blood oxygen saturation levels. However, the blood oxygen measurement is measured manually.

Can I use the Xiaomi watch with an iPhone?

The new Xiaomi watch supports iOs 10.0 and above devices based on Bluetooth 4.0. Therefore you don’t have to worry if your watch is incompatible with your iPhone as long as it fulfills the basic requirement above. You have to download the app corresponding to your watch on the app store.

Are Xiaomi and Amazfit the same?

Amazfit is owned by Huami, so you might think that Xiaomi and Amazfit are not the same but Huami is backed by Xiaomi. So, Xiaomi owns Amazfit meaning they are the same thing. 

Both Xiaomi and Amazfit smartwatches share features and design, so you might find the same smartwatch under two names sometimes. That is the reason why you find both Xiaomi and Amazfit smartwatches in this list of the latest Xiaomi smartwatches.

Can Xiaomi smartwatch make calls?

Yes, Mi Watch can make calls as it has a microphone and speaker built-in. You will need your Mi Watch to be connected to your smartphone for this feature to work. 

Which is better Amazfit or Xiaomi?

Amazfit is better as the company wholly focuses on smartwatches (they have started other accessories as well). Amazfit has many smartwatch models, while Xiaomi just features a few. You can also notice that most Xiaomi watches will feature similar designs and features that are found on Amazfit models. This is because Xiaomi owns Amazfit and both companies share info and technology.

Is Amazfit under Xiaomi?

Yes, Amazfit is a subsidiary of Xiaomi. They share a lot of technology and so you will notice that watches from Xiaomi and Amazfit will have similar designs and features.

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