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How to Use Xiaomi Clear Speaker Feature in 2024? Does HyperOS Comes with This Feature?

It might be due to dust or debris stuck in the speaker grills. Thankfully, many Xiaomi phones come with a built-in "Clear Speaker" feature that can help clear out those tiny nuisances and get your audio sounding crisp again.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps on how to use the Xiaomi Clear Speaker feature on your phone in 2024, even if your device is running the latest MIUI software updates.

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How to Use Xiaomi Clear Speaker Feature

How to use Xiaomi Clear Speaker Feature

The Xiaomi Clear Speaker feature is a convenient tool for cleaning the speakers on your Xiaomi phone. It utilizes a 30-second audio file to dislodge and remove dust accumulated in the speaker grille.

To use this feature, open the Settings app, go to Additional settings, and enable the Clean Speaker option. The feature will play the audio clip, resembling an alert siren.

Xiaomi recommends running it 2 to 5 times for heavily blocked speakers.

If your device doesn't have the feature, you can download the MIUI Downloader app to access hidden features, including Clear Speaker.

After using the feature, you'll notice improved loudness and clarity in your Xiaomi phone's audio output.

What is the Xiaomi Clear Speaker feature?

Xiaomi’s clear speaker feature is a simple feature that aids in cleaning your Xiaomi phone’s speakers. The Xiaomi Clear Speaker feature plays a 30-second audio file that can dislodge and clear any dust built up on the speaker grille. 

This feature works well, when there is a lot of dust built up, you can notice the increase in loudness and speaker quality after using the Clear Speaker feature.

So, it is good to use the feature every once in a while to have the best audio experience. Check out How to use Xiaomi’s Clear Speaker Feature below.

How to use Xiaomi Clear Speaker Feature

So now that you know what Xiaomi's Clear Speaker is, check out how to use Xiaomi’s Clear Speaker Feature. Just follow these steps,

How to use Xiaomi’s Clear Speaker Feature

Step 1 Open the Settings app on your Xiaomi phone.

Step 2 Scroll down and tap on Additional settings.

Step 3 Here, enable the Clean Speaker slider button.

A 30-second audio clip will be played that is similar to an alert siren. If your device does not have the feature available then, you will have to download the MIUI Downloader application to get the feature. The MIUI Downloader application enables all the hidden features of MIUI. 

clear speaker xiaomi

So, if you don't find the Clear Speaker feature on your Xiaomi phone, then just download and install the MIUI Downloader application on your phone.

To do this, follow these steps,

clear speaker miui 12

Step 1 Download the MIUI Downloader application from here.

Step 2 Now, open the application and then click on the Hidden Features option.

Step 3 Look for the Clear Speaker feature.

Step 4 Activate the Clear Speaker feature and wait for the audio file to play completely.

Once the audio file is played, you can check if your Xiaomi phone speaker is cleaned. You will also notice an increase in loudness and clarity of your Xiaomi phone. 

What should I do when using the MIUI Clear Speaker feature?

When utilizing the MIUI Clear Speaker feature, it is important to follow certain steps to ensure optimal results.

If you encounter a situation where the speaker is lightly obstructed by dust, it is recommended to activate the Clear Speaker feature once or twice.

This will help to dislodge any minor dust particles and improve the sound quality.

In cases where the speaker is significantly blocked by a substantial amount of dust, a different approach is required.

To address this issue effectively, it is advisable to run the Clear Speaker feature 2-5 times while simultaneously shaking the device. During this process, it is crucial to ensure that the speakers are facing downwards.

By combining the action of shaking the device and utilizing the Clear Speaker feature multiple times, the dust accumulation can be dislodged more effectively, leading to a clearer and enhanced sound experience.

Which MIUI Versions Support Clear Speaker Feature?

The Xiaomi Clear Speaker feature, which uses high-frequency sounds to potentially clear dust from the speaker, was officially available on MIUI 11 and MIUI 12. However, there are reports that it might be removed or hidden in some MIUI 12 versions and completely absent in MIUI 13.

Here's a summary:

  • Officially supported: MIUI 11, MIUI 12 (might be removed/hidden in some versions)
  • Not supported: MIUI 13

Does HyperOS Comes with This Feature?

No, HyperOS does not come with Xiaomi's Clear Speaker feature.

Here's why:

  • HyperOS is a custom ROM, not an official Xiaomi software: Custom ROMs are modified versions of the Android operating system that are not created or distributed by phone manufacturers like Xiaomi. They are built by independent developers and may offer different features and functionalities compared to the stock software.
  • Xiaomi's Clear Speaker feature is part of MIUI: MIUI is the official user interface developed by Xiaomi for their smartphones. It includes various features specific to Xiaomi devices, including the Clear Speaker function. Since HyperOS is not an official Xiaomi software, it wouldn't include features exclusive to MIUI.


If you can see visible dust built up on your phone speaker then use the Xiaomi Clear Speaker feature. Since the speaker grille area is small and not accessible by hand so it makes cleaning them hard. Speakers are also sensitive so the risk of damage is high.

To make cleaning easier, Xiaomi added the Clear Speaker feature on its smartphones. This feature can be used to clean your Xiaomi phone speaker with just a tap. We have explained everything regarding Xiaomi’s Clear Speaker feature in our How to use Xiaomi's Clear Speaker feature, hope it helped.

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