How To Setup A Xiaomi Home Security Camera | The Best Security Camera

How To Setup A Xiaomi Home Security Camera | The Best Security Camera

Feeling secure in your own home is essential for peace of mind. Xiaomi home security cameras offer a feature-rich and potentially budget-friendly solution to monitor your living space remotely.

Whether you're looking for a reliable camera for indoor or outdoor use, understanding the setup process is crucial for getting the most out of your device.

This guide will walk you through the steps of setting up your Xiaomi home security camera, making sure it seamlessly integrates with your smart home ecosystem.

We'll also explore some of the features that might make this camera a strong contender for "best security camera in 2024," but it's important to remember that individual needs and priorities will ultimately determine the best choice for you.

Setting up a Xiaomi home security camera is a simple process that involves downloading the Mi Home App, switching on the camera, and connecting it to the app.

The cameras can be placed on a table or wall-mounted. Using the app, users can connect the camera to Wi-Fi by scanning a QR code.

The cameras feature an LED indicator light for status notifications and support MicroSD cards for video storage.

Additional features include shared remote viewing, automatic monitoring, video playback, infrared and night vision, and real-time monitoring with AI motion detection.

The Mi Home Security Camera 360° offers 360° vision, while the Basic 1080p version provides a cheaper alternative without the 360° surveillance capability.

Overall, setting up a Xiaomi home security camera is quick and hassle-free, offering peace of mind for everyday household security.

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How To Setup A Xiaomi Home Security Camera

Xiaomi claims that their home security cameras are extremely easy to set up and would comprise of just the basic 3 steps; Download the Mi Home App, Switch on the Camera, and Connect the Camera to the App.

Is it really that simple? The truth behind their claim is, Yes. It really is that simple, at least for the basic setup via the mobile phone.

Xiaomi Security Cameras can also be connected to your laptop/desktop for a more defined form of home security, unfortunately, there are no direct stand-alone applications from Xiaomi that are made for the PC so we’d have to resort to an Android emulator.

The Xiaomi Home Security Cameras can be kept vertically on a table/countertop or be wall-mounted by using the wall mounting kit provided in the box.

How To Setup A Xiaomi Home Security Camera via App

Step 1 Download the Mi Home Application from the Google PlayStore or App Store in order to use the Mi Home Security Camera.

mi home security camera 360 app

Step 2 Open the app and click on ‘Add Devices’ where you’d be able to see the option of Mi Home Security Camera (model number will change based on the camera you’re using).

mi home security camera 360 installation

Step 3 Select the device within the app to connect the camera to the WiFi. Your phone will generate a QR code, scan this with your security camera to connect them. 

mi home security camera 360 hard reset

Step 4 Hold your mobile phone with the QR code on the display in front of the camera to be scanned in order to complete the setup.

mi home security camera 360 not connecting

Xiaomi Security Camera - Functions and Use

Indicator Light

The Mi Homes Security Cameras come with an LED indicator light that displays if the device is connected or awaiting connection, the respective color indicators are:

  • Steady blue on - Connected/device status is normal.
  • Flashing blue - Network error.
  • Flashing orange rapidly - Waiting for connection.
  • Flashing orange slowly - System upgrade in progress.

Installing a MicroSD Card

To access the MicroSD slot, simply adjust the camera lens upward until the MicroSD slot is revealed, then insert a MicroSD card into the slot. It is best to turn off the camera while doing this so as not to damage the camera/microSD. The cameras support up to 64GB as an expandable memory option.

Shared Remote Viewing

The Mi Home Security Cameras have a feature that enables the user to share the camera with a family member or friend to be viewed remotely, with the help of the Mi Home App.

mi home security camera 360 manual

Within the App head to ‘General Settings’ and select ‘Device Sharing’ followed by share with ‘Mi Accounts’ 

Automatic Monitoring

How To Setup A Xiaomi Home Security Camera

Automatic Monitoring is a feature that can be configured via the Mi Home App. The current options available for automatic monitoring are 24-hour, daytime, and nighttime monitoring. The app also permits you to create custom schedules. 

Automatic monitoring works by detecting even the slightest movement within the camera's range and sends a notice to the user that movement was detected in the room. The device also automatically records a clip of the cause of the movement and sends that across to the user.

Video Playback

how to setup mi home security camera

The Video playback feature and recording of the live video are only enabled when a microSD card is inserted in the device. Turn on the Mi Home App and enter the UI of the playback feature and proceed to slide the timeline bar accordingly to pick the right time period you wish to view. 

Infrared and Night vision

mi home security camera 360 setup for pc

The Mi Home Security cameras come with infrared illuminators allowing the camera to view objects up to a distance of 29.5 feet /10 meters and can capture clear images in the dark. 

Real time monitoring with AI motion detection

AI motion detection

Using the Mi Home App, you’re able to view a connected camera on multiple devices in real-time with no delays, adjust the sharpness of the video and camera, change the viewing angles of the camera and even permit screen capture/record and act as a 2-way communicator. The camera comes pre-enabled with AI motion detection which alerts the owner of any movement within the room.

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360 1080P

The Mi Home Security Camera 360° is a low-budget security camera from Xiaomi that has per-enabled AI Motion Detection. The home security camera 360° is available at $39.99 on Amazon

  • The Mi 360° features a 1080p FHD Camera with an Integrated Talkback feature that allows 2-way audio. The camera as the name suggests provides 360° vision making sure the whole room is secured. 
  • With Infrared Night Vision, the Mi 360° covers even the darkest of rooms in the middle of the night for a complete secure home. 
Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080P

The Mi 360° is designed to be simple to look at with a glossy finish on the exterior and an inbuilt speaker and microphone located at the back of the device to communicate with whoever is in the room you’re monitoring. The device can be installed either vertically, or it can be inverted and positioned in the center of the ceiling in the room.

Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p

Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p

The Basic Home Security camera from Xiaomi is cheaper in terms of price but delivers an excellent user experience. The device is available on Amazon for $36.75 and comes loaded with all the features of the Mi 360° except the 360° surveillance. 

  • The Mi Home Security Camera Basic records in 1080p and uses an ultra-wide 130° angle lens for broader coverage of the room. Using AI Motion Detection and superior algorithms, the device will not alert you if a curtain moves or there’s an insect in the room. 
  • The camera also has infrared night vision which enables the camera to record in the darkness for constant and continuous security. The device is relatively small and compact making it easy to move and not be visible when positioned accordingly. 

The Mi Home Security Camera has a talkback feature that allows you to listen to and converse with the person in the room you’re monitoring.

How do I set up my Mi camera?

The Xiaomi Home Security Camera is easy to set-up device that literally can be done in 3 easy steps or roughly 5 minutes. The device when paired with the App delivers so much more and makes it all the more beneficial to the user. 

The Mi Home Security Cameras have proven time and again that it is a basic requirement in your everyday household, giving you the peace of mind you truly deserve.

To set up your Mi Camera all you have to do is download the mi home app, switch on your camera, connect it to the app and follow the prompts. Check out our article on How To Setup A Xiaomi Home Security Camera for specific details.

Can I mount the Xiaomi Home Security Camera on a wall?

Yes, the Xiaomi Home Security Cameras can be wall-mounted using the wall mounting kit provided in the box. Alternatively, they can also be kept vertically on a table or countertop.

How can I access the video recordings on the Xiaomi Home Security Camera?

Video playback and recording are enabled when a microSD card is inserted into the camera. Turn on the Mi Home App, enter the playback feature, and slide the timeline bar to select the desired time period for viewing.

Does the Xiaomi Home Security Camera support night vision?

Yes, the Xiaomi Home Security Cameras come with infrared illuminators that enable night vision. They can capture clear images in the dark and view objects up to a distance of 29.5 feet/10 meters.

Can I share the Xiaomi Home Security Camera with others for remote viewing?

Yes, the Mi Home Security Cameras have a feature called shared remote viewing. You can share the camera with family members or friends through the Mi Home App by accessing 'General Settings' and selecting 'Device Sharing' followed by sharing with 'Mi Accounts.'

User Reviews

When I'm not at home. I used to use WiFi camera to check if my cat is okay at home. My old camera is a bigger and slower one. When I remote it, I often can not catch my cat because he running too fast. After I got this new camera, its fanatic, it move very fast and smooth and my cat will never know i'm watching him (the old one has voice when i remote it).

I also very recommend the palyback function. If you want find something, you can easily find what you need in it, because all the video you can see in the storage is a picture not word. I'm so happy to have it, and prepare buy another one put in my bedroom.

Carrol from USA

I bought this product to use as a baby monitor. When I was doing my research, I was looking for a monitor which is affordable, easy to use and has a decent night vision. This monitor satisfies all the above.

Let's start with the look. It looks sleek yet functional. The camera can move 360 degrees to cover all the angles.

The installation is very simple. I installed the Mi home app from the app store and it took me about 2 minutes to pair the monitor with my phone. The platform of the app is pretty straight forward as well.

The quality of the pictures is beyond my expectations. The high-resolution monitor captures all the motions of my baby. You can also take a picture or record the video while monitoring what's going on.

The night vision is very clear. I thought that I need to at least keep a night light on to support the night vision. But you don't need any light other than the monitor itself. The picture quality of the night vision is very good. I can know exactly what's going on in the nursery room.

The only concern that I have is the safety issue. I read about some other people's review that saying these kinds of affordable monitors are at risk of leaking the information. So far I have not encountered any issue yet and I hope it keeps this way. I am not sure how others can hack in the network via the camera since my home wifi is password protected. However, I am still cautious about the potential of leaking privacy.

On the bottom line, yes I would recommend this product.

T.B. from USA

I like to wait until I've fully tested before giving some feedback. After 3 weeks of use, I'm impressed by both its video quality and motion detection ability. I can't say it's the best on the market in terms of quality and fuction, but it's definitely one of the most satisfying items from my baby registry.

It's well designed and packaged, I can tell it's a great monitor once on opening it. And after the app been installed, I can easily set it up and have access to all the functions. With 360 degree rotation and tilt up/down control, I can watch the baby and its surroundings. Night vision is beyond my expectations. It's so clear! Motion detection was a little bit delay. That's the only drawback. So far I'm very satisfied with this camera.

Ray from USA

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