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The 10 Best Xiaomi Hair Dryer in 2024

Xiaomi has established itself as one of the best brands when it comes to hair dryers. Check out our curated list of the best Xiaomi hair dryer. They have been making hair dryers at the low end and the high end for quite some time now. 

Hair dryers are also growing a lot in popularity with how we have all been locked down in our homes. Hair dryers are also styling tools that aid in grooming your hair. 

With many hair dryers occupying different price categories, it can be hard to choose the right one for you. So this is a list of the best Xiaomi hair dryers you can buy right now. Choose the best Xiaomi hair dryer based on your budget and needs. 

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Best Xiaomi Hair Dryer

Best Xiaomi Hair Dryer Features Best For Price
Xiaomi Water Ionic Hair Dryer H500 2 heating modes with safety sensors
1800W peak power
Anion, Nanoe, Thermostatic, Hot/cold air, Diffuser functions
Everyday Use $41.03
Xiaomi Mijia SOOCAS H3 Large blades for powerful airflow
3 Temperature modes with safety sensors
1800W powerful motor
Ceramic heating element for hot and cool air
Household stylists $56.11
Xiaomi  Dreame Mijia Hair Dryer Air intake at the bottom for convenience and balance
Ionization of air for smooth and no frizz hair
Temperature control and protection
1400W powerful motor
High-End hair dryer for professionals  $178.29
Mi Ionic Hair Dryer Rotating magnetic nozzle for convenience
Smart temperature control for hot and cold hair
No frizz hair drying thanks to ionization of air
20,000 RPM 1600W motor
Budget hair dryer for everyone $23.72
Xiaomi Reepro Quick Hair Dryer EHD technology for warming and drying
1300W motor
Multiple modes for temperature and airspeed control
Ionization of air particles for scalp protection and no frizz hair
Everyday use, household hair dryer $21.43
Xiaomi Mijia Smate Hair Dryer Lightweight compa5ct and portable design
Multiple nozzles
Can be used for drying, curling, and styling
1600W powerful motor for quick drying
Best suited for people on the go $38.80
Xiaomi ZHIBAI Portable Anion HL3 Capable of producing millions of negative ions for smooth frizz-free hair
1900W powerful motor, one of the most powerful. 
Ceramic heating element for hot and cold hair
Household hair dryer for everyday use $35.50
Xiaomi Mijia Yueli 1200W Travel Hair Dryer  The most compact and lightweight hair dryer from Xiaomi
1200W motor for decent hair drying performance
200 hours rated motor life
Ionization of air for better hair and scalp health
Best suited for people on the go $33.77
Xiaomi ShowSee A2-W Hair Dryer Very good price-to-performance ratio
Ionization of air particles for smooth and damage-free hair
1600W motor capable of providing 7.4m/s wind speed for quick drying
Ceramic heating element
Multiple nozzles
Budget hair dryer for everyone $18.70

Xiaomi Water Ionic Hair Dryer H500

Best Xiaomi Hair Dryer 2024

The Xiaomi Water Ionic Hair Dryer H500 combines affordability with functionality in a sleek, minimalist design. Available in white or pink, its lightweight build ensures user comfort during extended use.

The H500 introduces Water Ion Deep Hydration Technology, using negative ions to hydrate hair and reduce frizz. Its Smart Hot/Cold Air Alternating Mode switches temperatures to prevent heat damage, while the 20m/s Ultra-High Airflow Speed ensures quick and efficient drying. Negative Ion Conditioning reduces frizz and static, and Overheat Protection enhances safety.

best ionic xiaomi hair dryer

The H500 delivers powerful and efficient drying, earning praise for reducing frizz and static. However, some users note the dryer's loud operation, and the effectiveness of the water ion technology varies.

The Xiaomi Water Ionic Hair Dryer H500 is an affordable mid-range option, offering a balance of performance and features.

While not the quietest, its smart functions and negative ion conditioning contribute to a positive user experience. The effectiveness of certain technologies may vary, but the H500 remains a compelling choice for those seeking value in the mid-range market.


  • Sleek and minimalist design
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Powerful airflow
  • Smart hot/cold air alternating mode
  • Negative ion conditioning
  • Overheat protection
  • Affordable


  • Can be loud
  • Water ion deep hydration technology may not be effective for everyone

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Xiaomi Mijia SOOCAS H3

Best Xiaomi Hair Dryer

The Mijia SOOCAS H3 is a mid-range hair dryer from Xiaomi. It features an aluminum body that looks and feels good. The SOOCAS H3 is very comfortable to use even for long periods as it doesn’t overheat. And the design is compact making it portable so you can carry it anywhere.

The Mijia SOOCAS H3 is designed to intake air from the back of the mouthpiece to increase the compressed air ratio. The fans are also designed to improve the amount of air that is displaced, the fans have large blades to do this. The DC motor is powerful to provide excellent drying capability. 

You will also get different modes with which you can adjust temperature and speed. This allows you to use it in different conditions and seasons. And for safety, the Mijia SOOCAS H3 features sensors to detect sudden temperature changes to protect yourself and your air. 


  • Superb Design
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Multiple speed/temperature modes


  • Pricey

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Xiaomi Dreame Mijia Hair Dryer

Xiaomi Hair Dryer

The Xiaomi Dreame Mijia Hair Dryer is a high-end hair dryer model from Xiaomi. The hair dryer looks and feels premium with its soft-touch design and curved edges. YOu can use this hair dryer for prolonged periods as it comes with temperature sensors and is very comfortable to hold on to. It comes in two colors and both look great.

The reason why the Dreame Mijia costs so much is the technology that is implemented for hair drying. The Dreame Mijia hair dryer pulls in air from the bottom and exhausts at the head, this provides much better control and drying performance.

It is easy to hold on to when the air intake is at the bottom rather than at the head. Moving the motors into the stem also means that the head is considerably smaller and lighter, making it more convenient to use.

And finally, you get multiple modes to adjust temperature and airspeed for the best hair drying experience. It also features temperature sensors for safety. You’ll also get two extra nozzles that can be magnetically attached for varied drying and styling purposes. It is one of the best Xiaomi hair dryer you can get.


  • Multiple temperature/speed modes
  • Good drying performance
  • Suits men and women


  • Expensive

Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair Dryer

The most popular hair dryer from Xiaomi is the Mi Ionic  Hair Dryer, I think the popularity has to do with the inclusion of Mi in the name. Regardless of the popularity or the brand name, the Mi Ionic is one very competitive product, both in terms of spruce and features. It features a simple plastic body design but it’s got a cool design feature and that is the inclusion of a rotating magnetic nozzle.

The Mi Ioni intakes air from the back of its head and pushes it out through the front. While this is the inferior method, for the price I can’t complain. The motor is also powerful so that you can dry your hair quickly. Another feature is that the Mi Ionic hair dryer ionizes hair so that it reduces hair frizz and protects your scalp too. 

The Mi Ionic also has smart temperature control that can blow hot and cold air depending on your needs and weather condition. You can also control the airspeed. And there are temperature sensors for safety making it one of the best hair dryers on the market for the price. 


  • Affordable 
  • Powerful performance
  • Simple design


  • Not foldable

Xiaomi Reepro Quick Hair Dryer

The Xiaomi Reepro hair dryer is something that is supposed to offer a quick portable hair drying option without breaking the bank. It features a plastic body with a handle that is not the most comfortable to hold on to. But the Reepro Quick hair dryer can fold making it great for travel. 

The Xiaomi Reepro is similar to most cheap hair dryers as it intakes from the back and exhausts air all from its head. The Reepro hair dryer exhausts air evenly to dry hair in a smooth and less frizzy way.

The Xiaomi Reepro Quick hair dryer comes with an infrared heating element that heats air if needed. It has temperature sensors so that you can adjust the heat levels for safety.  


  • Foldable design 
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Small and lightweight


  • Not the most powerful

Xiaomi Mijia Smate Hair Dryer

The Xiaomi Mijia Smate is a unique-looking hair dryer as it features a rectangular design.  It also features a foldable design making it portable and easy to carry. The white plastic design looks and feels good to hold on to. 

The Xiaomi Mijia Smate hair dryer features a powerful motor that can blow at speeds of up to 15 m/s allowing for quick hair drying. This hair dryer can also ionize positive ions in the air so that your hair doesn’t get frizzy and it makes sure that your scalp is healthy. 

The Mijia Smate hair dryer won’t blow hot hair, which means you can only control the speed. But on the positive side, you get multiple speed modes and attachments that make it great for drying, curling, and styling your hair. It is one of the best Xiaomi hair dryer you can get.


  • Lightweight, potable and foldable design
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Good drying performance


  • None

Xiaomi ZHIBAI Portable Anion HL3

The Xiaomi ZHIBAI hair dryer is designed to offer salon-like hair drying and styling experience right at your home. It looks and feels exceptional for its price with tons of features. It can’t be folded so it is not the most portable of hair dryers, but it is a great household hair dryer. 

This model-like most reasonably priced hair dryer intakes air from the back and exhausts at the front. It uses a Mabuchi DC from Japan which is one of the most powerful motors in a hair dryer. It is suitable for all types and lengths of hair as it provides a stable yet powerful blowing experience.

You also get temperature settings for hot and cold air control along with different modes for airspeed control. This hair dryer like many in this list can ionize air to reduce static accumulation. And there are sensors for safety too. All this make it one of the best Xiaomi hair dryer you can get.


  • Top-notch drying performance
  • No static build-up
  • High power


  • Not foldable

Xiaomi Mijia Yueli 1200W Travel Hair Dryer

The Xiaomi Mijia Yueli hair dryer is one of the most portable hair dryers in the market. It is designed to be carried around. Despite its small size and lightweight build, it performs exceptionally well. 

The Xiaomi Mijia Yueli also comes with a 1200-watt DC motor that can run for up to 200 hours. You can also control the speed of the motor. This hair dryer uses EHD heating technology to blow hot and cold hair. You can control the temperature too based on conditions around you for the most comfortable drying experience. 

This is one of the best portable hair dryers you can get, if you are always on the move you will love the Xiaomi Mijia Yueli hair dryer. 


  • Compact and foldable design 
  • Dual speed modes
  • Removable intake and dust filter


  • Not the most powerful

Xiaomi ShowSee A2-W Hair Dryer

The Xiaomi ShowSee A2-W is one of my favorite hair dryers because of its affordable price tag but powerful performance. It comes in an all-white design that looks similar to the Mi Ionic hair dryer, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

It comes with two buttons which can control blow modes and temperature settings too. This allows you to style and dry your hair efficiently regardless of the climate. The Xiaomi ShowSee A2-W hair dryer can also ionize hair so that your hair is smooth and safe. 

For the price tag, the Xiaomi ShowSee A2-W is one of the best Xiaomi hair dryers you can get, it is safe, powerful, and affordable. 


  • Lightweight Portable
  • Multiple speed modes
  • Excellent drying Performace


  • Not foldable

Xiaomi Mijia H700 Hair Dryer

After receiving the Mijia high-speed hairdryer H700, my initial thought was that it was large. Cool renderings were used for the outer packaging. I discovered the Mijia high-speed hairdryer H700 and a nozzle after removing the outer packing. I discovered a storage bag and instructions after taking out all the accessories.

I wasn't expecting the storage bag. It has a watertight design and a great feel.

After all, the hairdryer can occasionally be found in the restroom. It is simple to harm the internal components in the future, posing potential safety risks, in order to avoid the hairdryer from being drenched by the water in the bathroom.

I am more worried about the hairdryer's hold. I have a very large hand for a boy like myself, but I can still grip the fast Xiaomi Mijia H700 with ease. This answers all of my concerns, and I won't unintentionally touch the handle switch's back. The high-speed hairdryer H700 from Mijia weighs less than 500g. 

To blow my hair, I usually just need two to three minutes. It takes 6-7 minutes to blow dry my mother's long hair. Both my mum and I believe that holding it for only 10 minutes won't make us feel exhausted.

The LCD high-definition monitor next; it will show the temperature and wind speed right now. The first gear's wind speed is 50 m/s, whereas the second gear's wind speed is 70 m/s. Room temperature will be shown by default, and it will seem blue. 

Since the wind is typically cool, summer is the best time to activate this mode. Additionally, it has two temperature settings: medium and high. 

Typically, when it's not too cold outside, the medium temperature can be set indoors. The air outlet temperature will briefly be higher when the high temperature is activated.

The fact that the temperature control may be changed instantaneously and without any delay is something I find to be quite wonderful. 

The Xiaomi Mijia H700 also includes a built-in NTC thermal detector. The hairdryer won't become too hot and scorch the hair because it can sense the wind's temperature and speed.

Best Xiaomi Hair Dryer - Specifications Table

Here is the specs list of our Xiaomi hair dryer comparison.

Best Xiaomi Hair Dryer Xiaomi Mijia SOOCAS H3 Xiaomi Dreame Mijia Hair Dryer Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair Dryer Xiaomi Reepro Quick Hair Dryer Xiaomi Mijia Smate Hair Dryer Xiaomi ZHIBAI Portable Anion HL3 Xiaomi Mijia Yueli 1200W Travel Hair Dryer 
Brand SOOCAS  Dreame  Mi  Reepro  Mijia  ZHIBAI  Mijia 
Dimensions 243 x 158 x 75 290 x 98 x 80 215 x 160 x 77 183 x 150 x 65 115 x 76 x 252 231 x 170 x 75 207 x 67 x 126
Weight 600 605 547 400 600 454 340
Power 1800W 1400 1800 1300 1400 1900 1200
Foldable No No No Yes Yes No Yes
Speed  3 2 2 12
Mode 3 3 2 2 2 2

Should you buy Xiaomi Hair Dryer?

There are tons of hair dryers in the market right now, thanks to their rise in popularity, but you can’t trust all these hair dryers because many are unknown brands. Established brands like Dyson demand a lot of money for their hair dryers. 

On the other hand, there are many Xiaomi hairdryers available on the market right now, and these hair dryers range from as cheap as $18 to 180$. This makes Xiaomi an excellent choice for households, people on the move, and professionals. And this article features our choice of the best Xiaomi hair dryer.

There are many options to choose from and it can be hard for people to choose the best one for their needs. The above list features the best hair dryers from Xiaomi and you won’t go wrong with any as they are all excellent options. Choose the one you need based on your preferences and budget. 

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