Best Xiaomi Gadgets for Your Home and Personal Needs

Best Xiaomi Gadgets for Your Home and Personal Needs

Xiaomi has become a major name in tech, offering a vast array of smart devices and innovative electronics. But with so many options, where do you begin?

Whether you're looking to revamp your home environment or simply upgrade your daily essentials, this guide explores the best Xiaomi gadgets to seamlessly integrate into your life.

We'll delve into smart home devices that boost convenience and security, alongside personal tech that enhances your health, entertainment, and productivity. So, get ready to discover how Xiaomi can elevate your living space and personal routines.

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Best Xiaomi Gadgets Key Attribute
Mi Band Larger display area, 11 sports modes
Xiaomi ZMI Powerbank PRO Sleek and compact design, 65W output
Xiaomi Yeelight Candela Bluetooth Mesh technology, 2100mAh battery
Xiaomi Infrared Faucet Automatic water flow, two modes of water output
Xiaomi Smart Trash Can Self-sealing trash bags, long battery life
Xiaomi Soap Dispenser Automatic soap dispensing, foam conversion system
Xiaomi Smart Camera Two-way communication, night vision
Xiaomi Smart Doorbell with Camera Motion detection, audio feature, photo capture
Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock Voice-controlled, internet radio, reminder feature
Xiaomi Mijia Projector Crystal clear 1080p clarity, Android support
Xiaomi Walking Pad Compact and portable, suitable for home use
Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush High-efficiency sonic motor, customizable modes
Xiaomi Pocket 2 Speaker Stylish design, powerful sound output
Mi Body Composition Scale Measures various body metrics accurately
Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mapping technology, mopping function
Xiaomi Action Camera 4K recording, wide-angle lens
Xiaomi Air Dots Truly wireless, impressive sound quality
Mi Air Purifier HEPA filter, effective air purification
Xiaomi Dash Cam 24-hour monitoring, night vision
Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos Sports tracking features, waterproof
Xiaomi Yeelight Lamp Energy-efficient, customizable lighting options

Mi Band

Xiaomi recently launched the Mi band 5. And to be Honest the fifth edition of the Mi Band series hasn't had a significant upgrade when compared to it's popular predecessor the Mi Band 4. However, you don't need to be too alarmed, It does have some worth while upgrades that the Mi Band 4 lacked. For example, it is equipped with 11 sports modes unlike the previous generation that had only 6 and it's equipped with super-accurate sensors that upgraded by almost 30%.

Check out our full review here.

  • The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has a display area that's larger by Mi Band 4 by 20% which allows for more information to be displayed. Its larger 1.1-inch screen is, of course, full touch-enabled with a dynamic dial display and a resolution of 126 x 296 p. This band lets you create a personalized experience as it comes with over 100 + customizable theme dials.
  • As fitness and health is the primary function of this fitness tracker, you'll find that the device is equipped with highly improved and accurate fitness/health sensors in addition to the 11 sports modes. These fitness modes will help you adapt to any environment with ease. These 11 Sports modes are: Outdoor running, Outdoor Cycling, Indoor Cycling, Walking, Swimming, Elliptical machine, Treadmill, Skipping rope, Yoga, Rowing machine, Free training.
  • Although the manufacturers haven't upgraded the 125 mAh battery they have improved the charging process. They've included a magnetic charging cable which easily connects to the device without having to remove the tracker from the band like the previous versions. Xiaomi seems to have introduced this magnetic charger across all its latest smartwatches. So it's definitely one of Latest Xiaomi Gadgets 2021.
  • Along with new features such as the PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence which tells you the specific body motion to follow to take control of your heart rate) Feature, you also get new everyday features such as remote camera control and improved daily apps.

Xiaomi ZMI Powerbank PRO

ZMI is one of Xiaomi's sub-brands that primarily focus on manufacturing portable battery chargers. These portable chargers are amazing to honest as they last much longer than other similar devices. And the Xiaomi ZMI Powerbank PRO happens to be one of the best 20000 mAh portable power banks in the market.

  • Unlike the majority of the 20000 mAh power banks that are robust and bulky, this beauty is sleek and compact and can easily fit in your pocket without any discomfort. It also has an amazing texture and three USB outlets: 2 USB 2.0 outlets and one Type-C outlet.
  • These three USB ports can be used simultaneously to charge three devices at the same time. Additionality this Power bank also doubles as a USB hub. So, if you have a laptop or a PC with few ports, you can just connect this portable charger to your computer and connect the peripherals like Keyboards or USB thumb drivers to the charger and access the files.
  • This Xiaomi ZMI Powerbank PRO is capable of 65 W output which is can charge your devices super fast. Most importantly it also comes with a super-fast charge feature which can let you charge this power bank to 100% in 3 hours.
  • One of the mist amazing this about this power bank is its pure charging capabilities, it can not only charge an iPhone 11 7 times but it can also charge laptops like MacBook's to completion more than a few times.

Xiaomi Yeelight Candela 

yeelight candela

The Xiaomi Yeelight Candela is a nifty replacement for candle. It has the features of a candle with its light flickering feature. It'll surely help you elevate the ambience of a room. It's one of the Latest Xiaomi Gadgets.

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  • This simple device not only looks beautiful but it is the perfect device that can elevate the ambience and even create a romantic setting at home. This brilliant smart lamp uses the latest Bluetooth Mesh technology to connect with other candelas and communicate with each other.
  • For example, you can easily control the light intensity of all the lamps with the twist of just one candela. Of course, you can also set automated commands, timers and much more. This BLE mesh technology allows the user to sync up to 30000 Candelas. This is an ambient light device and its perfect for the aesthetics. If you are looking to beautify your house with lighting, this should be on your list! 
  • This lamp has an in-built 2100mAh battery that can last for 8 hours on a single charge. Since it doesn't weight more than 3-4 pound, you can also easily carry it to wherever you desire.

Xiaomi Infrared Faucet 


The Xiaomi Infrared Faucet is straight from the future. People waste a lot of water using faucets and if you are concerned about that or if there is a water crisis in your area then you can consider buying this nifty device. So, how does it work?

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  • Once you set this up, the sensor on the faucet picks up hand movement and then water flows for a brief few seconds and once you remove your hand, the water immediately stops. This is a perfect marriage of automation and water savings! 
  • Since it uses two IR sensors to determine the output of water, not only does it help conserve water and prevent pollution but it also helps maintain hygiene. It also has a simple minimalistic design that can easily blend into the environment, regardless of the house. You also get 6 sets of adapters to suit various types of taps.
  • This device has two modes of water output. In fact, the sensors actually determine the mode. The bottom sensor is for short term needs like washing your hands. It captures your hand within 10cm and shoots out a jet of water for about a minute. It automatically shuts off once you remove your hands.
  • The second side sensor is for water storage needs. For example, if you want to boil a pot of water for tea or pasts, this is the perfect mode. You simply have to swipe your hand near the side sensor and it will launch a jet of water for around three minutes. You can repeat the process till you have the required amount of water.

Xiaomi Smart Trash Can 

xiaomi smart trashcan

One of the most annoying chores is clearing out the garbage. If you hate doing it, then Xiaomi has a solution! The Xiaomi Smart Trash Can is a device for all automation lovers. This is one of the very few must-have Xiaomi products on this list that everyone needs.

  • This device is made from a thick material that makes it quite durable. I've been personally using mine for almost 2.5 years. So, it can last quite a while without any issues. It is also compact in design and white in color. So, it can easily blend into the background of any environment.
  • The Trash Can on the press of a button can wrap and close the trash bag and it can also set-up a new trash bag by itself. It comes with a thermoplastic sealing technology that can auto seal the bags and even replace it once you remove the old bag. Barring this action, you will never have to get your hands dirty again as it automatically opens the lid when it senses you.
  • You can definitely ensure that your hands are safe from germs as the sensing distance is around 0 to 35 cm, so you can throw your trash into the trash can without even bending over. Not only is it fast and convenient but it has a large capacity of 15L which is good enough for a day. Especially, for a house with two people.
  • Of course, like most Xiaomi devices, you can sync it to the Mi Home app. Through the app, you can get notifications about the trash can being full. This is a pretty nifty device that can seriously save you a lot of time. You also get removable garbage bag cartridges that can easily last for a month. It also happens to have an amazing battery life that can last for 35 days on a single charge.

Xiaomi Soap Dispenser 

xiaomi mijia soap dispenser review

Another nifty gadget that you place in your house is the Xiaomi Soap Dispenser. I cannot stress enough on the importance of this product especially in this day and age with the virus wreaking havoc everywhere. It's one of the best Xiaomi Gadgets and this device would need to be installed in every home if not in every public washroom. Period. Why?

Check out our full review here.

  • Because this is brilliant device automatically dispenses soap the moment you point your hand underneath the sensor. Not only does it give you the perfect amount of soap but it also ejects a foam that is highly effective.
  • This Xiaomi Soap dispenser comes with a replaceable soap solution. However, the real brilliance is that the Xiaomi has maximized the usage. They created a system where the solution is converted to foam. This provides close to three months of longevity.
  • This automatically gives out soap to wash your hands. So, you never have to touch it with our bare hands or press on it and get cross-contaminated. This is a useful device and a must-have Xiaomi product. There is also no leaks or spills. So, you don't have to be concerned about keeping the place clean.
  • Also, this is perfect if you don’t want to mess your dispenser. This dispenser is waterproof, so it will not get dirty or stain very easily.

Xiaomi Smart Camera 



A lot of times you will need to keep an eye out on your house. Especially, If you have children, elders or pets in the house. Of course, security is the most important thing to consider. This gadget is really useful and can even save lives.

Check out our full review here.

  • Now, imagine this. What if you had to go on a business trip leaving your family or pet behind at home? Wouldn't you be concerned and check on them? You'd call them but it wouldn't be the same as actually keep an eye out for them. Well, this gadget allows you to stay connected and see your family through your phone.
  • Most importantly, this Xiaomi security camera actually provides two-way communication. You can be in a meeting in the other side of town and still soothe your child. The camera itself comes with an in-built speaker. So, although they won't be able to see you they can still hear you. All you have to do is talk into the Mi Home APP on your phone.
  • The Xiaomi smart camera plays the perfect role of being a communication device mixed with a camera. It's one of the Latest Xiaomi Gadgets 2021 and It can record and play videos in real-time through the app and also.
  • It also has a night vision feature that gives you a super clear of people in complete darkness. view of All in all a super useful device. A true value for money device, right there.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

xiaomi mi band 4

The Mi Band 4 is one of the most popular fitness bands out there. It is a massive improvement on the Xiaomi Mi Band 3.

  • It has a 0.95-inch AMOLED colour display.
  • The 135 mAh battery is an improvement on the 110 mAh of the Mi Band 3. It runs on Bluetooth 5.0 and has 16MB of flash storage.
  • It has one of the most accurate heart rate monitors among fitness bands.
  • And it has all the standard stock android smartwatch tech along with tons of face watches.
  • It's a very cool Xiaomi gadget and its super cheap to boot.

Xiaomi Smart Doorbell with Camera

xiaomi smart doorbell zero ai camera review

Do you know one of the most popular Shark Tank rejections was that of the smart doorbell Ring? That smart doorbell camera was legendary. But, Xiaomi went ahead and made its own version of the smart doorbell camera that is pretty awesome and does not lose out to Ring one bit. This is definitely one of the best Xiaomi products.

Check out our full review here.

  • It has numerous features like a motion detection sensor and a recording feature and also an audio feature where you can speak to the person outside the door through the speaker.
  • The camera also can take photographs of the person outside.
  • If you are in an unsafe neighbourhood or apartment, you should get a Xiaomi smart doorbell camera immediately.

Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock 

xiaomi smart alarm clock

The Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock is a pretty nifty gadget that could be your perfect companion at home and even during travels. This is a full-fledged smart alarm clock. What so smart about it? well, you can literally scream at the alarm clock to turn off the lights in the room and it would. Yup. Of course, the only catch is that all the lights are Xiaomi smart lights.

  • The LED display is visibly bright and that can be dimmed on demand.
  • You can also set up a reminder for various chores where the Alarm clock uses the AI speaker to read out the reminders. This is the most valuable feature on the Xiaomi Smart Alarm clock
  • You can also tune into over hundreds and hundreds of internet radio stations, listen to music and get the news. the only problem is that it's in Chinese, but there is a hack. If your curious we've actually done a full in-depth review of the drive which you would find on our website.

Xiaomi Mijia Projector

I’ve always loved projectors. For some reason, I’ve preferred them over television for watching movies. The Xiaomi Mijia Projector is the best of its kind. It's one of the Latest Xiaomi Gadgets 2021.

  • It’s super cheap and it’s super awesome. Yes for what it offers and what it's capable off it's actually cheap.
  • It can project comfortably over a distance with crystal clear 1080p clarity. It’s easy to carry and super portable as well. 
  • Its has Keystone adjustments,
  • It comes with android support with the MIUI skin. Xiaomi's OS, which is pretty badass.
  • You can literally play games using this as a substitute for a monitor and end up in an immersive environment.
  • The output of this is really unbelievable as it increases the original video or photo by 5-6%, that's actually a pretty good increase as it makes the visual experience is brilliant.

Xiaomi Walking Pad 


Fitness is a very important thing and for a lot of people they don’t have the time to go to the gym or the commute is a deterrent or even paying a monthly membership is ridiculous. Xiaomi has a simple solution for this with the Xiaomi walking pad.

  • The Xiaomi walking pad is an awesome device that lets you walk in your house.
  • It’s not as big as a treadmill and can be easily stored under a bed.
  • If you can’t do much, but want to try in terms of fitness, then the Xiaomi walking pad should be on your list.

Check out our full review on Walking pad HERE.

Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush

Everything has gone electric and recently we’ve seen a spate of new electric toothbrushes in the market. A lot of people have said that an electric toothbrush doesn’t do much. But if you look at advice from dentists there are movements we need to make while brushing our teeth that we don’t do. This is where the Xiaomi electric toothbrush comes in.

  • The Xiaomi electric toothbrush has various settings for pressure and tooth sensitivity
  • It has a high-efficiency magnetic levitation sonic motor that vibrates over 31,000 times/minute and has a torque of over, this helps clean your teeth with amazing precision and power.
  • The Xiaomi toothbrush comes with a high-density, anti-corrosion, and metal-free brush head. So you don't have to be worried about the brush head giving out in the near or distant future.
  • It has multiple customized brush modes such as standard, gentle and even customized modes that can help you clean your teeth with a personal touch.

Xiaomi Pocket 2 Speaker 

pocket 2 speaker review

The Xiaomi Pocket 2 speaker is one of my favourite Xiaomi devices that are going around. If you are ever looking for a good portable speaker, then the Xiaomi Pocket 2 speaker will be the perfect companion.

  • The speaker looks amazing as it comes with a minimalist look. With an anodized oxide citing over aluminium, it looks super classy.
  • As for the sound, it's absolutely brilliant as these Tymphany speakers come with a peerless bass and treble.
  • It's super easy to use and comes with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity.
  • This portable speaker comes with a battery life of 7 hours on a single charge. Although it's not a lot, it does come with a microphone so you can answer calls on the speaker. The possibilities on that application are endless. For example, it can work wonders during meetings. Which I personally done by the way.

Mi Body Composition Scale 


If you are on your fitness journey and are looking for even the tiniest of details like your you body fat, then the Mi Body Composition Scale will actually overachieve in terms of your expectations. This is one of the very few must have Xiaomi products on this list that everyone needs.

  • Og the Mi Body Composition Scale is more than just being a weighing machine, it also checks your body fat percentage, water content, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass, height, basal metabolism, water content and more. Yes, seriously.
  • The meaning of high precision is taken to a whole new level with this Xiaomi Gadget.
  • You can utilize the gadget to its utmost with the Mi fit app.
  • Seriously worth it if you're finicky about your fitness and health.
  • It's so inexpensive that its true value for money and more.

Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

xiaomi home appliances

One of the most loved devices in the world is the ever timeless Roomba. For those of you who weren't born in the 80s or the 90s the robot vacuum cleaner that looks like a compilation of a Star Wars robot and a hockey puck. This cute gadget goes around the house and automatically cleans it. Xiaomi, however, took this concept to another level and created a super-smart version called the Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

  • It goes through the length and breadth of the entire house by mapping the landscape of the house and uses advanced AI techniques to clean the entire house.  All this is done very meticulously.
  • This robot cleaner not only vacuums the floor but even mops it after.
  • And it comes with a battery of 5400mAh. So, it can definitely maintain a mid-sized apartment.

Xiaomi Action Camera

xiaomi action camera

The demand for action cameras have skyrocketed after the arrival of Go Pro. Xiaomi has joined the bandwagon with awesome action cameras that look great and work amazingly.

  • The Xiaomi Action Camera records in $k with 30fps. It has a 145° super wide-angle lens and 6-axis electronic image stabilization, So you can tear up that motocross bike and still get amazing visuals.
  • This action camera has a 2.4" touch screen which isn't bad and can work for 3 to 4 hours continuously.
  • It comes with a time-lapse mode, slow-motion mode, exposure delay mode and a high-speed burst mode
  • If you are looking for a camera to capture your images during your adventures, you can totally rely on the Xiaomi action camera. Its a super cheaper but quality replacement for a Go Pro.

Xiaomi Air Dots

xiaomi airdots

One of the biggest competitors to the Apple Airpods is the Xiaomi Airdots. Seriously it's not even the Samsung. People are losing their mind over these little things. A true testament to Xiaomi's innovation. This nifty little device is a truly wireless earphone that can compete with the best. It's one of the Latest Xiaomi Gadgets 2021.

  • The Xiaomi Airdots have a certain sense of class to them. It comes with a cool black charging box and the Airdots fit in the ear snugly.
  • These buds are truly pain-free when it comes to connectivity.No hassle and although it can last for a modest four hours without the charging case, it is decent enough for the price especially with the sound quality.
  • It has an impressive bass, clear mids and is one of the best Xiaomi gadgets 2021. 

Mi Air Purifier 


Our cities are getting polluted and the air we breathe is getting more polluted. The only safe space is your home and that too is affected by dust, debris and other pollutants. The only way to keep the air around you clean is with an Air Purifier and Xiaomi makes some pretty amazing Air Purifiers that clear out all the pollutants from the air. 

  • This air purifier comes with a HEPA filter so it purifies the air to such an extent you wouldn't be affected by allergens, dust or even dust mite excrement.
  • Definitely worth it if you live in a polluted city.
  • The only gripe is that you need to change the filter very often. But the good news is that those filters are easy on the wallet.

Xiaomi Dash Cam



One of the best selling Xiaomi devices of all time is the Xiaomi dashcam. This is a pretty simple device that does a lot of work. The Xiaomi Dash Cam is an awesome device that works both as a driving help device as well as an insurance device in case accidents happen.

  • This device has 24-hour monitoring and night vision. That alone is pretty amazing. It can definitely protect you if get into argument with an insurance scammer and of course, help you keep your mind at peace.
  • You can do much more with this device by finding where you have parked and also remotely checking up on your car and seeing what’s in front of it.
  • The device also takes a photo of the front when your car is hit when it’s stationary and parked. 
  • This is definitely one of those must need Xiaomi products that we keep mentioning. Cause frankly this actually can save you a whole lot of headache.

Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos 

amazfit stratos review

If there is one thing that Xiaomi has really got good at, it's smartwatches. Leading the way is the Amazfit Stratos.

  • It has a circular dial with a 1.3-inch screen.
  • This watch works with both iOS and Android devices.
  • It has a lot of sports tracking features such as running, cycling, elliptical and others.
  • This smartwatch can also be used underwater and the battery life is about 5 days, which is pretty good!

Xiaomi Yeelight Lamp 

The Yeelight Lamp is a truly awesome product. This smart light from Xiaomi is super energy efficient.

  • You can illuminate your house in any colour you want with a wide range of options and over 16 million colours.
  • It can provide a really good ambient light in your house.
  • And it can also let you access the light through the app and control the various options.

What is the latest version of MI band?

The latest version of the Mi Band is the Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

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