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The 5 Best Xiaomi Dehumidifiers 2024 | Xiaomi Dehumidifiers Reviewed!

Xiaomi's innovative approach to home comfort has led to a lineup of dehumidifiers that stand out for their efficiency, design, and smart features.

Whether you're battling humidity in a small apartment or looking to protect your belongings in a large space, our thorough review will guide you to the best Xiaomi dehumidifier for your needs.

Discover which model offers the best balance of performance, energy consumption, and user-friendly controls to create a healthier, more comfortable environment in your home.

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Best Xiaomi Dehumidifiers

Best Xiaomi Dehumidifier Features
Xiaomi Mijia Smart Dehumidifier 22L Dehumidify 22 liters of moisture in a day
Low noise level of 35.5 dB
4.5L water tank for 8 hours of continuous use
Xiaomi Deerma DEM-DT16C dehumidifier Dehumidify 15 liters of moisture in a day
Indicate moisture in the air
Modern design with touch panel for controls
Xiaomi Deerma dehumidifier DEM-DT35C Dehumidify 35 liters of air in a day
Suits rooms of up to 20 sq.m. area
Intelligent remote control function
NEW WIDETECH Dehumidifier 30L White Dehumidify up to 30 liters of air in a day
7-liter capacity
Smart app control
Xiaomi WS1 Lexiu Smart Multi-mode Dry Dehumidifier Dehumidify up to an area of 10-30 m2
High-capacity storage tank
LCD touch interface for control

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Dehumidifier 22L

Best Xiaomi Dehumidifier 2024

The 22L Mijia Smart Dehumidifier from Xiaomi was presented. The apparatus can extract up to 22 L of water every day thanks to its many intelligent features. The dehumidifier is quiet, with noise levels as low as 35.5 dB, thanks to the design of the vertical air duct and a DC inverter motor with good energy efficiency.

The device has a 4.5 L water tank that can deliver dehumidification for up to 8 hours. When the water tank is full, the device will turn off automatically. For longer-term use, you can also attach the dehumidifier to an external drain.

According to Xiaomi, you might use the gadget to improve the quality of your sleep, dry your clothing indoors, safeguard your health, or prevent mildew or moisture from growing on goods stored away. With wheels on its base, the device, which has dimensions of 26.0 x 11.8-in (660 x 300 mm), is transportable.

The Mijia Smart Dehumidifier includes built-in sensors that can assess the humidity in space and modify its settings accordingly. On the gadget, you may choose a target humidity level or use pre-programmed settings like sleep and clothes drying.

The Mijia app and Xiao AI voice commands can also be used to control the gadget. The dehumidifier may be connected to other smart appliances so that you can integrate it into automated home routines.

Customers in China can place a pre-order for the Mijia Smart Dehumidifier 22L for 1,299 yuan (about $204). Following the initial term, the cost will rise to 1,499 yuan (about $235).

Xiaomi Deerma DEM-DT16C dehumidifier

The Xiaomi Deerma Smart Dehumidifier has the capacity of dehumidifying about 15 liters of moisture from the room air in 24 hours. This is a robust dehumidifier from the Chinese technology manufacturing giant featuring a large-sized smart screen on which the device displays the room temperature and humidity in real-time.

Depending on the humidity levels in the room, the screen glows in different colors letting you easily keep track of the humidity levels on your indoors. The device highlights air humidity over 70% in red and a comfortable level of humidity is indicated by blue light. The purple light is a sign of low humidity.

On top of the dehumidifier, you will see an in-built command screen on which you can select the functions based on your needs. The device also comes with an activated carbon filter that can absorb any odors, hair, and dust particles in the room where it is installed.

The top features of this dehumidifier from Xiaomi are a dual display smart screen, noise reduction compressor, 24 hours appointment, daily dehumidification capacity of 15 liters, intelligent humidity display, multipurpose for drying and purification, capacity to reduce the humidity by 53% within one hour of operation, touch screen operating panel, big screen humidity sensing, double activated carbon filter a highly effective indoor dehumidification. 

Xiaomi Deerma dehumidifier DEM-DT35C

Deerma dehumidifier DEM-DT35C is a versatile kind of remote-controlled dehumidifier and one of the smartest choices for dehumidifying your indoors. This device can be highly depended on to keep your room temperature and the levels of humidity in the internal air to the desired levels.

The ultimate uses of this device are to keep the interiors dry, free of odors, and prevent the growth of any mold inside. In this model, you can set the timer to start the device and switch it off during the required times. With the time automatically set, the device can start on itself during the scheduled time and keep the home interiors ready with the ideal temperature and humidity levels before you can arrive.

This device can dry up to 35 liters of air in a day and this is highly suitable for rooms with a width of 20 square meters. This device can be placed in the bedroom, basement, or even bathroom.

The best highlights of this dehumidifier model from Xiaomi are the top screen, intelligent remote control function, 20L/D dehumidification capacity per day, 3+3 condensers for evaporation, 12 major functions including dehumidification, purification and drying, and negative ion purification mode to refresh and purify the internal air.   

NEW WIDETECH Dehumidifier 30L White

Xiaomi’s NEW WIDETECH air dehumidifier can be controlled with the Wi-Fi function that can be set to different working modes. You can control this device via the Mijia app, on which you can also monitor the humidity level readings. The strong compressor built-in in this device can help bring down the humidity levels in the room quickly.

Ideal for installation in any room including the bathroom, bedroom, basement, or kitchen, this device can suck up to 30 liters of water in just 24 hours. The ultimate purpose of this dehumidifier is to stop the growth of mold and keep the room interiors at the desired levels of humidity and temperature.

This device can also disinfect the air inside the room thanks to the silver ion filters that are made to kill pathogenic microorganisms. The excellent odor remover capabilities of this device can keep the room fresh smelling and hygienic. Once the device’s 7-liter capacity is full, it will shut down automatically, and hence there is no risk of water leaks. The noise levels are very low making its operation completely comfortable.

The most useful highlights of this model include an easy move to build, built-in Wi-Fi, and the ability to connect it to the Mijia App for multiple mode settings, three functions namely air supply, refrigeration and dehumidification, wide angel air supply capability, double filter, 24X7 scheduled appointment, high-quality compressor, and touch panel for easy management of the device.

Xiaomi WS1 Lexiu Smart Multi-mode Dry Dehumidifier

Known for its low maintenance and easy operation characteristics, Xiaomi WS1 Lexiu Smart Multi-mode Dry Dehumidifier is an easy-to-use device that has to be just plugged in for an operation. The device has a bright LED display to indicate the humidity levels and settings. The compact, but powerful device can fit comfortably within most spaces.

This model is effective to remove the humidity from an area of 10-30 m2 or 107-322 square feet. The innovatively rendered evaporation and filtration system can ensure that the internal air is fresh, safe, and pleasant. The device can be highly depended on for preventing the growth of mildew and mold and any structural cracks protecting your family from asthmatic agents, allergens, and mites. The ultimate results are relief from heat, pollution, and moisture.

The auto-shutoff feature can empty the high-capacity storage tank. The moisture levels can be effectively controlled with the smart Ivation design accompanying the LED interface. The interface makes functions like checking the humidistat, setting the ideal levels, adjusting the fan speed, timing the programs, and receiving alerts about the filter and reservoir.

The result is a hassle-free operation. This device features a compact but powerful design. The LCD accurately displays the current humidity levels in the interiors to help you set the ideal levels for controlling moisture automatically. Easily one of the b

The result is a hassle-free operation. This device features a compact but powerful design. The LCD accurately displays the current humidity levels in the interiors to help you set the ideal levels for controlling moisture automatically. Easily one of the best Xiaomi dehumidifiers.

How to choose the right dehumidifier for your home?

The prime purpose of a dehumidifier is to reduce the moisture levels in the home interiors and prevent water damage inside the home. The result is making it easy to breathe. Dehumidification helps in preventing mold and mildew and the spreading of dust mites throughout the home.

Dehumidifiers come in different sizes and specifications. The size of a dehumidifier can range from a portable one through single-room units to whole-house dehumidifying solutions that can be integrated with the home’s HVAC system. Most dehumidifiers are based on the same principle and work in the same way despite the variations in terms of quality and product design.

While you want to invest in a dehumidifier, you must pay attention to the important factors about the product you want to consider. Also, you must learn to decide on the right size that will suit your purpose. The types and efficiency levels are other features to focus on in dehumidifiers.

While several signs like fogging, excessive condensation, and water accumulation on the walls and ceiling can tell you about the excessive humidity levels in the home, you can measure the humidity levels with a humidity gauge also known as a hygrometer. The humidity levels approved for a home are between 30 and 60 percent, beyond which a dehumidifier is a must to reduce the moisture levels.

Decide on the scope of the problem and thereby figure out the size of the dehumidifier you want. The choice of the right dehumidifier in your home must take into account the pint capacity, collection tank size and control, hydrostat and humidistat, low-temperature operation, low noise operation, auto-restart feature, caster wheels, air filter, electronic or manual control, and others. For instance, a 500 square feet space will need a 50-pint dehumidifier.

Best Xiaomi Dehumidifier - FAQs

How does a Deerma dehumidifier work?

The Xiaomi Deerma dehumidifier is capable of dehumidifying up to 15 liters of moisture in a day. This is possible thanks to its activated carbon filter that can absorb moisture, odor, air, and dust particles too. It can also detect the amount of humidity in the air so that you know when to run it. Check out the best Xiaomi dehumidifier from our article.

Does Xiaomi have a dehumidifier?

Yes, Xiaomi has dehumidifiers. They have multiple models under different subbrands too. Their dehumidifiers are known to be quiet, efficient, and affordable. They have clean minimalistic designs too which makes them great for almost any household. Check out our list of the best Xiaomi dehumidifier above.

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