Xiaomi Home Security Camera Review 2024 | Should You Buy the Xiaomi 360 Home Security Camera?

Xiaomi Home Security Camera Review 2024 | Should You Buy the Xiaomi 360 Home Security Camera?

Looking to add a layer of security to your home in 2024?

Xiaomi offers a range of home security cameras, promising peace of mind at an affordable price. But are they all they're cracked up to be?

In this review, we'll delve deep into the features, performance, and user experience of the Xiaomi 360 home security camera, to help you decide whether it's the right one for you.

The Xiaomi 360 Home Security Camera offers a compelling blend of affordability and functionality. Its 360-degree rotation ensures broad coverage, while 1080p resolution delivers clear visuals.

Night vision is impressive, and AI features like human detection minimize false alarms. Two-way talk allows you to communicate remotely, and the camera integrates seamlessly with smart home ecosystems. While cloud storage requires a subscription, local microSD card storage keeps costs down.

Overall, the Xiaomi 360 Camera is a budget-friendly option for anyone seeking reliable home security monitoring.

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Xiaomi Home Security Camera Review

Inside the Box

xiaomi security camera

Like all Xiaomi products, the Xiaomi Security camera comes in a sturdy white box. On the white cardboard box, you will find an image of the camera with the tech specifications on the side. Inside the box you will find:

  • A 2 pin Chinese power adapter and USB-cable
  • A mount in case you way to attach it to the ceiling
  • And finally the Camera itself.

Of course, you also get an instruction manual. Inside the instruction manual, you find a QR code which you can use to download the Mi Home App.

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Mi Home Security Camera 1080p - Design

xiaomi 1080p security camera

As far as the design is concerned, it's petite and looks futuristic. The tiny size is a huge plus as it can blend into the background/ceiling without standing out which is ideal for a security camera.

  • The color scheme like almost all Xiaomi Products is a minimal White and Grey. which makes it look really beautiful.
  • This security camera can be split into two components in terms of design. The head of the camera which is the round ball-like portion and the base. This ball-like head houses the lens of the camera an is capable of panning and tilting. Basically, this portion can rotate and can capture everything around it in 360 degrees surrounding.
  • The head portion also houses a microphone (right underneath the lens) and a speaker at the back. This is for a two- way talk feature which we'll get to in a bit. On the front side of the base, you'll find the MI logo and at the back, you'll find a micro USB-port and a reset button.
  • Underneath the base is an indent for the mount. Basically, the mount is first attached to the base of the camera and then mounted onto the ceiling. Of course, it's up to the user, you can also place it on top of a counter.
  • Also at the base, you will find the device serial number and a QR code which basically allow you to download the Mijia App.

Interestingly, there is a slot for a micro SD card on the front portion of the head, right underneath the lens. The camera will automatically, store the recorded videos on the memory card once you set the said feature on the Mi Home App.

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Mi Security Camera Set-Up

Setting up the Xiaomi Security Camera is fairly simple. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • First things first, make sure you power the camera up by connecting it to a power source with the USB cable.
  • Once there juice running through the security camera it'll ask you to pair a device with it.
  • Make sure you're connected to the internet as this device is highly depended on a WiFi-network.
  • Download the Mi Home App on your smartphone and access the device catalogue.
  • You can either add the device manually or search for nearby devices
  • After your smartphone discovers the device you'll need to choose the Wifi connection.
  • Once, you've selected the router, A QR Code will be displayed on your smartphone screen.
  • Place this QR code in front of the Xiaomi Security camera and you'll hear a paired successfully message.
  • After the connection is completed, you're almost done.
  • Just select which part of your house the drive will be located from the list of options provided.
  • Give the Camera a name
  • Choose the Device you want to share the feed with and you're done.
  • You've successfully set-up your Xiaomi Security camera.

Make sure you update the firmware so as to not run into any lags or potential problems.

Mi Home Security Camera 360 Review - Key Features


#1 -- 360-degree protection

The first aspect is the 360-degree protection. This is a must need, otherwise there’s no point in getting a camera.

  • This camera goes above and beyond in this regard. If you keep the camera in a central place, the entire room can be covered, edge to edge. Even if it’s kept in the corner, all the angles can be covered by the Xiaomi security camera. You get a total panoramic view of the room.

#2 -- 1080p camera

The camera is so good that it can be used to shoot videos if required, but other than that, the 1080p camera can be used to pick up the finest of details.

  • This is important to capture faces, colors, shapes, and all the important things. So the high definition video capture is a huge plus.

#3 -- Night Vision

If a camera doesn’t work at night, it is really a security camera? The Xiaomi 360 security camera works splendidly at night because of the infrared vision.

  • The f2.1 aperture lets in more light at night and even captures color at the night making it one of the best security cameras. It's stuff like this that makes this one of the best Xiaomi products you must buy.

#4 -- AI Motion

This is a super important feature as the camera captures the moment some action happens, and you don’t have to go through hours of footage with no action.

  • The AI motion detection works with the help of the sensor and when it’s activated, a photo is captured and immediately sent to the user’s phone. Xiaomi also Introduced such features with their Sub-Brand Yi's line of cameras. However, This Xiaomi camera is comparatively inexpensive.

#5 -- Talkback feature

This is more than just a camera. This is also a communication tool. With this, you can speak to your family members with the help of the app.

  • There is an audio receiver and a transmitter as well, which means a person can listen to audio and send audio. This makes it a notch above just a security camera app.

Xiaomi Home Security Camera Price and Review

#6 -- Video Storage and Playback

There is video storage of 64GB built into the camera itself. With the help of the NAS Storage technology, videos stored in the SD card are automatically stored in the network freeing up precious space.

  • All the recorded videos can be watched directly on a tablet or phone. You don’t have to get the file on a pen drive and plug it into a computer. This is hassle-free and easy.

#7 -- Hibernate Feature

Say there is the entire family at home and every room is occupied.

  • At this point in time, you wouldn’t need to use the security camera. You can set the hibernate feature on and save disk space and give your camera a break. And of course, doing this will save your battery's life span.

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The Xiaomi Home security camera is hands down one of the best budget home security solutions. Not only does it have amazing features that can intimidate trespassers but it is also amazing when it comes to performance. I've used this camera for almost 15 months without any issues. In fact, it's absolutely stellar when it comes to long term performance. However, there are some practical issues when it comes to real-time performance.

This Xiaomi home security camera is connected to a power outlet and theoretically can run forever. However, if you're like me and live with constant power outages, you're in for a hell of an irritating ride. The Xiaomi home security camera does not have emergency power back up and this really affects the real-time performance.

While the battery has issues, the features on the other hand are actually quite brilliant. For example, this camera is equipped with 8 infrared illuminators that assist the camera capture images like it's daylight even in complete darkness. Not a lot of cameras are capable of offering such clarity. It also automatically switches to night vision when there's no light.

As mentioned earlier, the long term performance of this camera is stellar. Other than the regular wear and tear of life, it is also more than capable of taking a few falls. It is made of a sturdy body and high-quality materials.

Xiaomi Home Security Camera Price and Review - App

  • Easy to navigate
  • Integration with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Lacks motion zones

The Xiaomi Home app is simple to use: simply choose the camera from the list of Xiaomi products in your home to view a live feed and remotely pan and tilt the lens to see the full room where the camera is placed.

If you're watching the live feed in full-screen mode, a timeline will be visible at the bottom of the screen that you may scroll through to get a fast rundown of the day's events.

If a microSD card has been installed, the camera will store video clips that may be watched from the Monitoring page along with information about whether the motion was caused by a person or another source.

The camera's sensitivity to detecting motion and when it monitors activity may both be adjusted, among other customization choices. We were unhappy, though, that the Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360 1080p does not allow you to set up motion zones; as a result, you only receive notifications when motion is detected in particular parts of the camera's field of view. The camera does interface with Alexa and Google Assistant, which is a plus.

Xiaomi Security Camera Price and Review - Final Thoughts

Is it worth it? Yes and Yes. No camera in the same price range comes even remotely close to this device. Even if it does, it'll still be lacking in one or two features.

The Xiaomi security camera does everything a camera is supposed to do and still, one ups any other security camera with its 1080p recording, night vision, two-way talk feature, hibernate feature, and motion sensor. Honestly, you wouldn't expect all of this from a camera that is less than 40$.

At this price point, this is one of the best cameras money can buy. Our recommendation is a resounding yes!


  • Excellent value for money
  • Ability to pan and tilt
  • Offline video recording


  • Poor video quality
  • Not many motion detection controls
  • No ‘home’ position for the camera

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Should you buy the Xiaomi Mi Security Camera?

Yes,  allows you to glance around a room if all you want to do is keep an eye on your house and see what's happening on inside.

No, if you want better video look elsewhere, more sophisticated motion detection, or a camera that can record to the cloud.

Is the Mi camera safe?

Yes, the Mi Camera is absolutely safe both in terms of privacy and it terms of performance. As far as data is concerned, you have complete control over recording and the settings.

  • The device itself is stunningly reliable, you can expect crystal clear video capture both day and night. It also detects motion and even lets you talk to the inhabitants of your home when you are away. So, yes it's pretty safe.
  • Now, will it protect you from danger? Obviously not. But it can still provide a certain level of security. Also, be sure to protect your system passwords and such so that you don't get hacked into. Other than that pretty solid device. Check out our Xiaomi Security Camera Price and Review for all the details.

Can Mi security camera work without wifi?

It's debatable. In case the WiFi isn't working, the camera stores all the recordings in the SD card instead of transmitting the feed directly to your device. If there you have no internet at all you still don't need to worry about it. You can just access the contents of the Sd card later. However, the initial set-up of the camera will require a Wifi connection.

  • Basically, you will need a WiFi connection for the smooth operation of the device. And in case of emergencies like a power outage with results in the disruption of your WiFi your Mi security camera has features in place to function without issues. However, if you have no WiFi at all then it would be extremely difficult for the Device to function smoothly. Check out our Xiaomi Security Camera Price and Review for all the details.

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