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Xiaomi Backpacks and Bags Review | Fantastic Backpacks of Amazing Quality

Xiaomi has bagged (pun unintended) one of the top spots in the world for their top-notch products. Be it its smartphones or laptops, or other gadgets and devices, this big Chinese corporation has made a name for itself. Xiaomi’s range of bags and backpacks are quickly becoming a favourite amongst people, old and young. Check out the Xiaomi Backpacks and Bags Review for all the details.

Xiaomi 's backpacks and bags are smart, neat, minimalistic, made of excellent quality material and designed to keep it compact and light in weight without compromising on the space. They are also priced attractively. According to Gizmo China, it was priced at less than 4$ in China and under $10 in other countries.

Not only do these amazing backpacks a highly fashionable but they are also made with amazing functionalities that make it a must buy Xiaomi product. This is one Xiaomi Accessory you will appreciate investing in. Anyway, let’s take a look at some of the bags and backpacks by Xiaomi and pick our favourites, shall we? Here's the Xiaomi Backpacks and Bags Review.

Xiaomi Backpacks and Bags Review 2021

#1 -- Xiaomi Backpack 10L Bag Waterproof - Mi Travel Backpack

Mi Travel Backpack

Sometimes you just need a backpack that is not too big. Something that can carry just a couple of books, a water bottle and a snack box or a fruit. Xiaomi has a range of backpacks and bags suitable for any person and for any occasion. This backpack, the 10L one which is waterproof, is perfect for carrying just a few things when you are going out for a movie or to hang out with your friends. It is definitely one of the best bags on this Xiaomi Backpacks and Bags Review article.

  • This backpack measures around 13 inches in length and 9 inches in width, and weighs hardly 165 grams, making this one of the lightest bags you will ever carry, in a quality that is unbeatable.
  • This attractive backpack has seven vibrant colour options. Its compact size and its neat appearance make it look good. Like all Xiaomi products, this one has a very simple design with the logo stitched on the pocket in a way that is not too “in your face”.
  • Just because this bag is small doesn’t mean that it cannot hold all your stuff. It has a main compartment, a smaller pocket in front as well as two pockets on the sides. You can easily organise all the stuff you need without messing them up in one single compartment. The zippers are smooth and durable.
  • The shoulder straps are soft and contoured to reduce the pressure on the shoulders and the back. It is so popular, Xiaomi recently launched this bag in India and it's already dominating the Indian market.

This backpack is built out of strong polyester that is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your phone or iPad getting drenched in the rain! It is soft to touch and flexible, apt for all the youngsters out there. 

#2 -- Xiaomi Starry sky/Camouflage style Backpack - Mi Casual Backpack

mi casual backpack

This is similar to the previous backpack on our list, the plain backpacks in vibrant colours. Xiaomi decided to take it one step ahead and created some fun backpacks in two distinct designs, called the “Starry Sky style” and the “Camouflage style”. It’s quite difficult to choose one out of the two because they both look so interesting and we can immediately think of all the places we can carry these two to.

  • The Starry sky style is designed to look like the galaxy, with a black base and white spots arranged like the stars.
  • The Camouflage style is exactly like the name sounds.
  • They weigh the same as the plain coloured backpacks and are designed with anti-compression shoulder straps to reduce the fatigue on your shoulders.

These bags are also coated with a water-repellent to make them waterproof. 

#3 -- Xiaomi Fashion Backpack 15.6 Inch 20L College Style - Mi Urban Backpack

mi urban backpack

Moving on to the larger backpacks by Xiaomi, this 20 L College style backpack looks so good that you will want to carry this everywhere. This classy looking backpack with its vintage mini checks designs has a style that can be carried for both casual as well as formal occasions.

  • It is made of a 600D high-grade polyester and treated with a four-level water repellent material, making this water-resistant. This is large enough to hold all your stuff and can carry up to 20 kgs in weight.
  • The main compartment has a pocket inside to hold your laptop and other important papers. It can easily fit a large 15-inch laptop.
  • There is a smaller zippered pocket on the outside plus two pockets on the sides. This is available in three colors, a grey, a blue and a black. 

The shoulder straps are designed to sit on your shoulders comfortably without causing too much stress.

#4 -- Xiaomi Classic Business Backpack - Xiaomi Business Backpack

xiaomi business backpack

It is important to project the right image in business meetings or with your colleagues at work. And that image includes not only your attire, your hair and the accessories you wear, but also the accessories you carry. It always pays to have a smartly designed bag that looks great as well as accommodates all your important papers and gadgets. The Xiaomi Business backpack is a superb option for all those business and corporate people who want to make an impression.

  • The biggest issue most people who travel a lot for work face is the weight of the bags they need to carry, plus the large number of documents that add on to the burden. Xiaomi’s business backpack solves this problem as it has a three-strap design that effectively reduces the pressure on the back and the shoulders.
  • The bag is water-resistant and made of durable polyester that we’re sure will last a really long time. This bag also has a capacity of 17 litres which is perfect for a large 15.6-inch laptop, your notebooks and papers.
  • The Xiaomi Classic Business Backpack has a three-layer design of pockets. It has dedicated pockets for your stationery, smartphones, flash drive and your power bank, so you don’t have to worry about tangled cables and scratches on your devices.

The best thing that we like about this bag is that there is a dedicated, zippered space for important documents. You even have a water bottle holder pocket on the side. This compact bag is the perfect size for you. 

#5 -- Xiaomi Geek Backpack with Geometric Splicing - Xiaomi Geometric Bag

xiaomi geometric bag

If you want a backpack that is really different, out of the box and something that will make you stand out in a crowd of regular backpacks, go for the Xiaomi Geek Backpack with geometric splicing. This is indeed a unique backpack that will appeal to virtual gamers for its design. It has a geometric A-plane structure in black colour.

  • The material it is made out of is leather with a matte finish. Even though it looks tough, the bag is actually soft to touch and doesn’t feel uncomfortable against the skin.
  • The geometric splicing has reflective material embedded in it that glows in the dark, keeping you safe if you are walking alone in the night. It has an irregular zipper design.
  • The shoulder straps are padded well and designed to reduce the pressure on your body. The back of the bag is cushioned and covered with mesh to allow your back to breathe while softening the pressure.
  • The bag itself has a huge capacity and properly partitioned compartments to carry your laptop, mouse, SD cards, headphones, adaptors, smartphones, gaming CDs and other accessories securely fastened.

There are pockets on the side as well that are zippered if you want to store something important. It has a secure flannel glasses pocket to store your glasses protected from scratches. And it has a separate hidden handle on the side which can be used to mount this on a suitcase when you are travelling. This cool bag is definitely one of Xiaomi’s best, designed for gaming enthusiasts across the world. 

#6 -- Xiaomi Three-dimensional leisure backpack

Xiaomi Kids Backpack

While there are plenty of backpacks out there in the market for adults, college students and older people, there aren’t many backpacks that are specifically designed to appeal to children. 

  • These leisure backpacks by Xiaomi are made for children and early teens. Whether they choose to carry them everyday or reserve them for their vacation and holidays, this is sure to become their favourite partner.
  • With patterns of stars and clouds, in beautiful colors like red, blue, pink and yellow, these are too attractive to ignore.
  • This 14-litre bag is just the right size for children to put in a couple of clothes, some games, a notebook and maybe a snack and water bottle.
  • There is one main compartment and one smaller pocket which is zippered. The main compartment is spacious while the smaller pocket in front is perfect for things they want to access in a jiffy.
  • These are rough and tough sturdy bags that are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your child damaging the bag during play.

The shoulder straps are designed to be comfortable for a child’s tender limbs and backs, easing out the pressure of carrying this for long hours. There are also pockets on the sides for water bottles. The zippers are smooth and made of excellent quality material.  

#7 -- Youpin Beaborn Backpack

The Youpin Beaborn Backpack is technical a Xiaomi Backpack as it's made by one of Xiaomi's sub-brands Beaborn. It is primarily sold through Xiaomi's Youpin platform. This laptop bag not only looks amazing but it also has unbelievable functionalities that make this one of the best Xiaomi Backpacks and Bags.

  • The body of the bag can be opened in a 180-degree form which makes it perfect when carrying luggage.
  • The shoulder straps are made from a three-layer of material which is flexible and breathable. These straps have an S-shaped curved design that fits the human body perfectly and takes the pressure of your shoulder and back.
  • It has a handle at the top made from the same three-layer material. This ergonomic handle provides a fantastic grip and lets your lift the bag comfortably.
  • Not only is the bag waterproof even the zipper an its lining is made from water proof material. This layer prevents water from seeping inside and damaging your precious electronics.
  • The inside houses compartments for various things like mobile phones, laptops, books, and even specialized compartments for other stuff like pencils and wallets.

The inside of the bag is treated with a velvet fabric that protects your digital devices. It also has a detachable button which creates a 60 degree tilted pouch. This pouch helps store your extra books and even a secondary laptop or tablet.

Xiaomi Bange multifunctional lightweight Backpack

The Xiaomi Bange multifunctional lightweight Backpack is one of the latest backpacks from Xiaomi's Subsidiary Bange. This company is known for its bags and other accessories and primarily sells its stuff on Xiaomi Youpin. Although this a Xiaomi product it, unfortunately, doesn't come with the branding.

  • This bag looks like a hiking bag. Especially with the multiple internal compartments. Additionally, it also comes with compartments on the exterior for water bottles, umbrella and other tiny gadgets. It also comes with a separate miniature bag that can be detached from the bag and used as a pouch.

Most importantly, it has breathable shoulder straps that are designed to reduce stress. The bag is also made from some high-density Nylon and waterproof fabric.

Are Mi backpacks good?

Finding the perfect backpack is like finding the perfect soulmate. It might sound like it’s the easiest thing to shop for a backpack, but it’s just the opposite. 

The perfect bag shouldn’t be too big, not too small. It should reflect your personality, be a part of you. The bag should mould into you. It should be able to carry all the things you need and better still, it should have the right number of pockets. And it must be durable and last a long time. With Xiaomi, there seems to be the perfect bag for everybody.

And yes, Mi backpacks are pretty damn good be it the quality or the features. Check out the Xiaomi Backpacks and Bags Review for all the details.

Is Mi backpack waterproof?

Most Mi backpacks are generally water-resistant. But it does vary across the various models. some are splash-proof, while some are water-resistant.

For example, the Xiaomi Backpack 10L Bag Waterproof or commonly known as the Mi Travel Backpack is completely waterproof. Your iPads and laptops will definitely be safe even in the rain. Check out the Xiaomi Backpacks and Bags Review for all the details.

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