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Xiaomi Mijia Pen Price and Review | Is it Still a Good Buy?

Looking for a pen that combines smooth writing with a stylish design and affordable price? The Xiaomi Mijia Pen has been a popular choice for many, but is it still a worthy contender in today's market?

Let's explore its price point, user reviews, and overall performance of the Xiaomi Mijia pen to help you decide if it's the right fit for your writing needs.

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Mijia Pen Review in 2024

The Xiaomi Mijia pen can be a great choice if you're looking for a stylish and affordable everyday pen. Here's the lowdown to help you decide:

It's known for its smooth-writing, quick-drying ink that resists smudging. The minimalist design and comfortable grip are crowd-pleasers, and the pen itself is very affordable. Plus, the refills boast a long writing life.

However, refills can be tricky to find and aren't standard sized, so you might need to order them online. While some love the design, others find it a bit too minimalist.

Inside The Box

The MIJIA pen comes in a white box with MI and MIJIA logos at the top and the bottom. The MIJIA (MI Home Ecosystem) logo is a shield that might be new to a few of us. The box features the picture of the pen on the front and the product specifications on the back along with a serial number as a mark of authenticity.

Inside the box:

  • We get to see the matte finish pen enclosed in thin plastic. The first thing you notice is a unique clip with the MIJIA logo. The pen is housed in a polycarbonate body and is strongly built.

Mi Rollerball Pen Review - Design and appearance

The MIJIA pen is available in black and white and it looks and feels great. The pen has a premium feel to it with its matte finish and has a perfect height-to-weight ratio.

  • With a 9.5mm diameter, the pen has a nice grip and I like the build quality. The clip is well designed is and very durable. The polycarbonate body is tough but you might notice a few scratches with prolonged use. 

Mijia Mi Pen - Function and Use

The MIJIA pen comes with a twist-top action that reveals and hides the tip to write.

  • The 0.5mm precision tungsten carbide ball bead is meant for clear and consistent writing and will not disappoint you. 

The carbide ball’s strength can be compared to diamonds and is both reliable and durable and is fit for continuous use. The 0.5mm tip is smooth on paper and the black ink produced has a dark contrast to it. 

Mi Rollerball Pen - Performance

The MIJIA pen writes on all kinds of paper quality and has exceptional ink clarity. The pen made my handwriting, which is only average look better. I’m not kidding, the black color leaves a strong and consistent imprint and the words look clearer on paper. 

  • The 9.5mm diameter of the MIJIA pen has a comfortable grip and has superior control. Although the pen is quite light it doesn't slip away from your hand. This can be primarily attributed to the amazing grip.
  • The MIJIA pen comes with a SWISS refill that is smudge-proof, waterproof, and fade-proof.
  • The Japanese MIKUNI ink is smudge-proof, water-proof, and fade-proof which is commendable as it does not bleed on paper. I found that it dries almost immediately, and it didn't smudge even when I used an ink eraser. I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry but it certainly seems to be permanent.
  • The waterproof bit is pretty accurate. I tried everything from dripping droplets of water to plunging the paper into a bucket filled with warm water and it still managed to stay the same without even the slightest bleeding.
  • It has a handy retractable design that is easy to use. The rotary action reveals and hides the tip and has a 50,000 rotation life. 

The overall performance is excellent as I did not notice any lag or stutter and I used it to scribble, write notes, and used it for signing documents. The MIJIA pen is ideal for students and individuals who use pens over longer durations. The metal weighted copper moves the pen’s center of gravity making it easy to handle. 

Mijia Pen - Key features

  • The PREMEC refills from Switzerland allow a high ink flow that ensures clear writing
  • The refills have an in-built spring seal that prevents the drying of ink even when the pen is not used for an extended period. These refills are available for purchase separately too
  • The 0.5mm tungsten bead ensures consistent lines while writing. There are no breaks that are common among other ballpoint pens. It's consistent even if you rotate the tip.
  • The pen uses MIKUNI liquid gel-ink from Japan that has a strong and consistent impression and is water-proof and smudge-proof. This makes sure the ink does not bleed on any kind of paper. This feature is quite underrated.
  • The 120-degree retractable twist which reveals and hides the tip is easy to operate. The action is simple and looks elegant and can be operated even with one hand. 
  • The rotation piece is made of copper and has undergone 50,000 rotation service life tests. The use of metal connectors and rotating sleeves instead of plastic gives the MIJIA pen an increased lifespan. 
  • The MIJIA pen has all-metal precision parts that move the pen’s center of gravity forward making it comfortable to write for longer durations.

Mijia Pen Price and Review - Final Thoughts

The MIJIA pen functions like any other pen should but the build quality overall is worth every penny you pay. You can feel the difference when you use the pen for a longer duration. The comfort and grip make it a must-buy for students and professionals. 

  • The matte finish and the durable clip are truly exceptional and make it stand apart. The ink used is a Japanese quick-dry ink and has a neutral tone, bright color, is water-proof, of stable quality, and will not fade with time.
  • The pen may come across as expensive when compared to the other popular pen brands which you and I might use regularly. But all in all, it is one of the must-have Xiaomi products.


  • Build quality
  • Superior control and comfort
  • 9.5mm contoured grip
  • 120 Degree retractable twist
  • PREMEC refills from Switzerland
  • MIKUNI fast-drying ink from Japan
  • Durable
  • Precision metal parts


  • The ink comes only in black color
  • The price may be steep for a gel pen
  • Simple in design as compared to popular brands
  • Might slip if you have oily or sweaty fingers
  • Refills are not available in physical stores and you might want to stock up
  • Scratches may appear with daily use, accidental drops.

Xiaomi Mijia Pen - Price

The Xiaomi Mijia Pen is priced between USD 1.45 and 3.54 and depends if you buy with or without the refills. The price may come across as a tad bit expensive for a simple ball pen. However, the MIJIA pen is a really good value for money. Especially since it comes with exceptional features like fast-drying Mikuni Ink and a polycarbonate body.

What’s in it for you?

If you are a connoisseur of pens, this pen does not compete with brands like Pierre Cardin, Montblanc, Cross, and the like. For a not-so-regular user of pens like me, the MIJIA pen is a perfect buy.

  • The fact that the ink comes only in black color maybe be a hindrance for a few of you. All things said and done, a pen from the Xiaomi stable is worth a look. They have created a one-of-a-kind accessory and it showcases the simple but effective product aesthetics they are known for.

However, The value for money and the quality of the product are truly commendable. The build quality is one the best I’ve seen in recent times and I would recommend it. The pricing is slightly higher than the gel pens you and I are used to buying but you will surely notice the difference.

Is the Mijia Pen Worth it?

For about $3 this Mijia Pen is worth it. It has a soft touch body that is comfortable to write with and a good center of gravity that ensures stability. So, you can comfortably write for long durations at a stretch without your hand cramping up.

The grip also happens to be quite decent as the good quality plastic ensures that the pen is easy on the fingers. Most importantly, it doesn't slip easily. It also has a copper tube that protects the refill which makes this pen quite durable.

The refill is from a Swiss company PREMAC which is one of the best in the world when it comes to making rollerball refills. Additionally, it has a 5.0mm nib which is standard. The Ink on the other hand is from a Japanese Company Mikuni. This ink is known to dry extremely fast.

As for longevity, it's known to last for a while. Even with constant use, my Mijia Pen lasted me about 4 months. Which is quite decent. So, all in all, this pen is definitely worth the money.

Technical specifications:

Material Polycarbonate + ABS
Dimensions 143x9.5mm
Net weight 19.8gms
Tip Specification: 0.5mm
Writing length >400m
Writing tip Tungsten carbide ball bead
Colors available Black and white
Ink MIKUNI ink from Japan

Does it come in Blue Ink?

No. If you love blue ink, then the MIJIA pen might not suit your color preference. The pen comes with MIKUNI fast-drying ink and is in black only. Check out the Mijia Pen Price and Review for all the details.

How long will the Xiaomi Mijia Pen last?

The MIJIA pen is built with a polycarbonate body and precision tools and the rotating piece is made of copper. According to the company, each pen goes through a 50,000 rotation life test ensuring the pen has a longer lifespan. You might encounter a few scratches with daily use.

Is there a refill available for the Xiaomi Mijia Pen?

Yes. You can buy imported PREMEC refills imported from Switzerland. These refills come with an in-built spring seal that prevents the drying of ink even when the pen is not used for an extended period. The refills may cost you anywhere between USD 1.47 and 3.59 depending on the quantity you order. The refills have the same tungsten carbide beads that come with the pen and so your writing has the same clarity at all times. Check out the entire Mijia Pen Price and Review for all the details.

User Reviews

Great working pen, high quality and looks very nice. It writes very smoothly and fits my hand nicely. Love it. But the white pen is easy to scratch and it's very visible when scratched.

Tommy Johnathan from USA

The pen looks and feels nice, but the ink cartridges run out quite quickly. While it's great and buttery smooth in the beginning, once it's almost over it stutters and feel gritty. I figured maybe I just got a bad cartridge in the pen itself, but after trying two refills, I still ran into the same problem. You should get as much as refills as you possibly can

Ena from USA

The grip is great! and the nip is very precise. Good quality just like the rest of xiaomi product line. But the only thing is that the pen is costly

Jonah from UK

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